2nd time in public

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2nd time in publicGoing into work following my first time in a porn cinema, my mind was anything but on the job I was supposed to be doing, all I could think of was sitting in the cinema and wanking. The day dragged on and on, and with no one in the office who could speak much English, I was so relieved when I finished what I needed to do and headed back to the hotel. As it was I had finished earlier than expected and after a quick change I ventured out.Unbeknown to me the hotel we situated on the edge of the Pigalle district which at the time was the Soho of Paris – loads of sex shops, cinemas and a fair few ladies of the night walking round even though it was 4 in the afternoon.Going round I couldn’t help but think how seedy it all was, but hey, what a hypocrite coming from someone who was wanking in public only the night before!After a while I got bored and went back to the hotel, but it wasn’t long before my mind wandered back to the previous night, the only question that needed to be answered was how soon would it be before I returned to the cinema? A quick beer and something to eat later I headed out. Once again my nerves started jangling and my dick stiffened.I opened the door and was greeted at the ticket kiosk by someone who would be called a MILF today, a stunning smile, ample cleavage and as it turned out buca escort a desire to please.Because I was considerably earlier than the previous night there were no usherettes on duty, so after I paid, this vision of loveliness escorted me all way to my seat. This time there was only one other person in the theatre, who was sitting rather impassively starting at the screen whilst two lesbians were locked together eating each others’ cunts. Me – my dick was already straining to burst forth from my trousers.Despite the events of the previous evening I was still feeling as nervous as hell, but sitting back in my seat my inhibitions vanished, so I loosened my trousers, took out my dick and slowly started to stroke it up and down. The action continued on screen with the two gorgeous girls kissing each other passionately and finger fucking each other. I find lesbians kissing one of the greatest turn on’s and it was as much as I could do to stop myself from cumming.Sitting there with my dick exposed – and not wanking for fear of cumming too soon, my eye was caught by the lady from the kiosk showing someone else to a seat in the row opposite, and then to my complete surprise she sat next to me. For some stupid reason I pulled my trousers together in an attempt to hide my dick – in a porn cinema WTF! I shouldn’t have bothered, buca escort bayan as she very gently pulled my trousers back to expose my dick once more, and then just sat there.Almost hypnotically my hand drifted on to my dick and grabbed the bottom of the shaft before stroking it very slowly… up and down. I sat looking at the screen almost too scared to look at my companion but a familiar welling in my balls made me turn my head. My new friend was busily working her hand up in an out of her pussy under her skirt, and when she saw me looking at her, she came closer and offered her mouth to kiss. As our tongues greedily wrapped round each other, our hands changed places. The feel of her hand on my dick was electric as it sent shudders from my balls to my brain, but fortunately for me her rhythm was slow and her grip so tight I did not immediately cum. This was all in total contrast to me fingering her pussy as fast as I could. When I first put my hand under her skirt, I felt the sheer smoothness of her nylon clad legs, and as I moved towards her pussy my excitement went up to another level as I discovered she had stockings on and a pair of open crotch panties. Stroking the inside of her leg between the top of her thigh and her pussy made her breathing quicken, I couldn’t hear it with all the moaning coming from escort burca the film, but with every breath she took our lips disengaged momentarily before she resumed her lock on my mouth as our tongues danced erotically round each others’ mouths. As soon as I put my finger inside her, she shuffled forward in the seat to make herself more comfortable, and as I started to frig her she began moving her hips in an attempt to make me go faster. She need not have worried as I got the hint immediately. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, but that had a detrimental effect on our kissing as she moved back to make it easier for me to finger fuck her. Despite the noise coming from the film, I could hear her moans that were getting louder as I move my hand in and out.Even though I was fingering her wet cunt as fast as I could, this French beauty maintained a very slow and determined rhythm on my dick, that was until she started to thrust her hips upwards as she started to cum, that was the signal to wank me as fast as she could. I am not sure if we came together, I didn’t really care as I felt my spunk rise from the depths of my balls and spray upwards.We sat there for a minute or two, me: slowly moving my fingers up and down the entrance to her pussy, her: massaging my dick and balls – spreading my sticky mess far and wide.As the hardness is my dick subsided, my French companion smoothed out her skirt, kissed me on the cheek and then disappeared into the darkness leaving me with a rather gooey mess to sort out. ………

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