A night of naughty pleasure

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A night of naughty pleasureAs Sasha lowered herself onto the huge black cock, another man’s fingers were probing her anal cavity. She trembled in orgasm, as she knew those fingers would soon be replaced with another large cock. Then the door opened and she had an idea that soon her mouth would also be busy. If you like sex, days don’t get much better than this.She felt the trickle of lubrication run from her ass crack and onto the shaft that was fucking her pussy. The lubed head of the man behind her was pushing against her puckered butt hole. The sensation of two cocks inside her, one rushing in, the other pulling outward, rubbing against each other with only a thin membrane between them was an awesome erotic rush of sexual pleasure. A massive uncut cock was now brushing across her lips, uncontrollably her eager mouth shot open taking the first few inches into her only remaining opening. Fully penetrated, and overrun with lustful bliss, Sasha literally shock in a convulsive climax, her fluids gushing out to soak ısparta escort the scrotum of the man thrusting into her pussy. The guy in her ass dumped a huge load of sperm in her ass with a load groan. He was barely out of her when another equally large cock pushed the warm spunk back into her with a quick thrust and she was filled again. It was the guy below her, who blew his load next, as the man behind her rolled, taking her with him onto his stomach. The one she was sucking took that opportunity to drive his log like pole deep into her flooded cunt. the cum of man and woman rushed around his cock in a squishing sound, soon followed by the rhythmic slap of his nuts on her crotch and thighs. As this man drove in and out at a rapid, relentless pace. There was no coordination with the man in her ass and they both were striving to unload their testicles into Sasha’s writhing body. She had never been so brutishly fucked in her life. Both men were driving into her with forceful thrust, pushing their large escort ısparta cocks as deeply into her as they could. She was out of her head in the throws of continual orgasm. Then they both flooded her with blast after blast of warm cum. They stopped as she slid off both their cocks into a heap of sexually used womanhood.Splatters of cum from above her meant two more men were depositing their loads upon her. A tongue was licking sperm off her face and breast, and another slurping up man spunk from her pussy and ass. Her sisters voice was saying” you taste so good, even if you are a fucked out whore of a party slut.” Her words were shut off and her face crushed against my cunt as a man shoved his cock into her from behind. You’ll soon be a used up party slut whore too bitch. Just as i was getting my senses back, another man’s cock was presented at my mouth. Always ready for more I gulped that man meat into my throat and sucked him as eagerly as if the night was just starting. He shot off before I really ısparta escort bayan got into it, Damn, what a short fuse. I was pulled up away from my sisters mouth, and another cock entered my pussy. His voice low and deep stated. I’ve watched this gorgeous woman along time, now i’m going to enjoy this horny bitch myself. What a wonderful pussy she has. With that nice comment and only him to satisfy, i started tightening my pussy when he withdrew, and relaxed it when he shoved in. It must have been too much for him as he quickly spurted his nut into me. The woman that had licked off my chest now eagerly applied her mouth to my cunt and sucked his load and more into her mouth. I looked around and saw my s*s, getting the three hole treatment. Another woman was receiving two at once in her pussy. Two ladies were wrapped in a hot 69, and a guy was fucking another guy and jerking him off at the same time. I gently brought the lady licking me up to face level and began kissing her passionately. but before we could really get into it, two guys pulled her away, and two others claimed me. One slid into my cunt with no problem, the other pulled my head to his cock and I was the party whore again. Giving and getting with a gusto of eagerness only a real slut can provide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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