A present and a deal for the son pt 13

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A present and a deal for the son pt 13″No. I don’t care what your grandma says, you’re not taking Sam with you on your trip,” my mom said VERY sternly.”Why?” I groaned.”Your grandma is doing something REALLY REALLY special for you. About the least respectful thing I can think for you to do is to pimp her out to your friends.””Mom, it’s not like that-” I started, but the look on my mom’s face told me it wasn’t worth continuing.I went to my room and IMed my grandma and told her what had happened. She said that she would call later and try to talk to her but I had little hope that it would do any good. I felt terrible about the whole thing, especially that I had mentioned it to Sam before it was a done deal.I have no idea what she said to my mom, but when I came down for dinner my mom told me I could take Sam with me over spring break. But she assured me that if either of us were anything other than perfect gentlemen that she would cancel our deal forever.I texted Sam during dinner. He was excited beyond belief.It was a long week and a half until spring break started. We used the time to get ready for the secondary benefit of Sam coming along on the trip.I upgraded the hard drives attached to the peephole camera pointed at Sam’s mom’s room, so the camera could easily run for the nine days we would be gone. She hadn’t brought anyone home since the first one-night-stand we had captured on tape and we hoped Sam’s long absence would mean she would bring ATLEAST one guy back to her bedroom.As soon as school ended the following week Sam and I packed our stuff into my car, said goodbye to my parents and got on the road.The drive took us just a little over seven hours, during much of which, one or both of us was nursing an erection from either talking or thinking about the week ahead of us.When we got there my grandma greeted us at the door. She looked amazing for being almost sixty. She was wearing a black t-shirt stretched over her giant breasts and a pair of blue jeans. Her blonde hair just barely touched her shoulders.”I’m so glad you boys are here! Was the drive okay?” she said as she gave Sam a big hug, squashing her big tits against him. I could tell he was nervous, and his gaze awkwardly avoided hers.”Who should I blow first?” she asked when she gave me a big soft hug.”Sam’s a little nervous, so maybe it’d be best to start with me,” I said quietly.As soon as we got our suitcases set down in the living room my grandma got to her knees right in front of me. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff cock and quickly devoured it.Sam let out a little gasp. His eyes were as wide as saucers and his dick sprang to life as he watched my grandma take my cock in and out of her mouth.”Oh god that feels amazing,” I groaned.Sam was breathing hard and rubbing his hand over his crotch.”Oh-nnh,” I said as I ran my hand through her hair.It only took a few minutes before I could tell I was going to lose it.”Oh- I’m gonna cum Grandma,” I moaned.She just pushed herself further until her lips her only an inch or so from the base of my cock. She looked up at me as I panted and moaned.”Oh fuck-” I groaned as I felt my cock strain against her throat and start to erupt.When my cock was finally empty she removed her lips from it and I collapsed onto the couch.”Oh that was awesome,” I said, exasperated.”Good,” she said. Then she turned to Sam. “Your turn, mister,” she said, motioning him over.Sam nervously crossed the room until he stood a few feet away from her. He took a deep breath.She hooked her fingers through his belt loops and pulled him over. He groaned as she rubbed her hand over his crotch.”Nnnh,” he moaned as she reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. Sam’s cock was about an inch smaller than mine and I watched as it felt another’s touch for the first time.”Oh jesus,” he whimpered as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.”Oh jesus,” he groaned again as she slowly pushed her mouth further down his cock.My grandma bobbed her head up and down a handful of times before he let out a loud groan.”Oh jesus-nghgh. Nhhh.” I could tell he was cumming. When she had finished swallowing she wiped her hand over her mouth and quickly got to her feet.”Do you boys want sandwiches or anything?” she asked.Sam and I were both hungry and so she whipped us up some food before we all went to bed. My grandma had a big king size bed and she said we could all sleep there if we wanted to.We went upstairs and she stripped down. We followed suit and güvenilir bahis şirketleri then climbed into bed with her. She gave each of us a big kiss as our hands roamed over her body.”You’re both giving up you springbreak to spend time with me,” she said,” So I wabt you to have WHATEVER you want while you are here.””You should fuck Sam,” I said as I squeezed one of her huge tits.”Mmm,” she said as she reached over and rolled Sam on top of her.”Oh god,” he moaned as she reached between them and grabbed ahold of his erection. She placed his cock against her pussy. Sam let out a groan as she guided him into her.”Ungh-jesus,” Sam groaned as he thrust in and out of her quickly. She moaned as he humped her and she lurched forward, burying his face in her breasts.I slowly stroked myself as I watched, and within a couple of minutes he was really grunting and groaning.”Oh, I’m gonna cum!” he panted.”Oh yeah,” she moaned, “Cum for Grandma.”I watched as Sam gave a few final thrusts, spilling his seed inside of her.Sam rolled off of her and tried to catch her breath while I took his place on top of her.”So now it’s your turn?” she asked playfully.”Uh-huh,” I said, sliding the tip of my cock up and down her wet lips.I spread her legs further and pushed her knees up towards her elbows.She let out a moan as I slid into her, her pussy sopping wet from a mixture of her juices and Sam’s cum.”Oh yeah,” she panted. I gave her a big kiss and then planted my elbows right above her shoulders and started to slowly work my cock in and out of her.”Oh David-nnh-oh you feel big,” she moaned.After a few minutes I sped up, sliding in and out of her at a fair pace. Before long I could feel myself getting close and I pulled out.She moaned and I rubbed my thumb back and forth across her clit for a couple of minutes. When she was starting to whimper and shake with orgasm, and I had recovered enough, I slid into her again.”Oh yes baby-Nnuhh-Oh David, cum for me,” she wailed as my cock pounded her pussy.I groaned as I exploded, pumping spurt after spurt deep inside her. I woke up the next morning with a stiff case of morning wood pressed against my grandma’s hip. I casually grinded against her.”Mmmm,” she said eventually, “Someone’s awful hard this morning.””I can’t help it, that’s just what sleeping next to such a gorgeous naked woman does to me,” I said.She laughed. “I said you could have whatever you wanted this week, what’re you going to do about it?”I got to my knees and pulled the covers off. My grandma was laying on her stomach. I spread her legs apart a little and I knelt between them. I spit into the palm of my hand and used it to make my cock slick. I lifted her hips a little and, as Sam rolled over to see what was going on, I plunged into her.I grunted as I fucked her quickly. She shifted her weight to her right elbow. She reached her left hand over and wrapped it around Sam’s cock.”Oh, what a way to wake up.” he groaned as she stroked him. Before long I could feel my orgasm building. At the last moment I pulled out and sprayed my cum across her ass and her lower back.After another minute Sam started to cum too. A bit of his cum hit the sides of her huge tits, squashed between her body and the bed.After we cleaned up we ate a quick breakfast and then decided to go to the beach. It was only about a forty minute drive to the coast.The beach was totally crowded because of spring break. We swam for a while and then laid out in the sun. My grandma looked better in a bikini than a woman her age had any business looking. She got more than a few looks when she laid out on her stomach and undid her top and had Sam and I rub sunscreen all over her back.I drove her minivan on the way home. After my grandma and all the young girls at the beach, my erection was straining against my swim trunks.”You gonna be able to make it all the way home with that thing?” my grandma asked as I pulled onto the freeway. “”We’ll see,”You don’t have to, you know,” she said.”Oh, yeah?” I asked.She reached her hand into my trunks and started slowly stroking my cock. I let out a heavy breath, trying to focus on the road.”Pull over and put on the hazards.”I fumbled for the blinker and guided the minivan to the shoulder. As I put the car in park she pulled my trunks down a little and leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.I let out a groan as I looked around for the button to switch on the hazards. With my cock deep in her throat, she reached up and pushed a bahis siteleri button on the steering column and the hazards began to blink.”Holy shit,” I groaned as she sucked my cock. After about a minute she took her mouth off.”Sam, you watch for police or any good samaritans pulling over to lend a hand,” she said before swallowing my cock again.”Oh Grandma, that feels amazing,” I moaned, gripping the steering wheel.The cars flying by didn’t appear to be able to see what was going on, although one semi let out a long blast of his air horn as he passed.”Oh god, I’m gonna cum.” She buried her face in my lap until she had even the last centimeter of my cock in her mouth. I let out a loud groan as I sprayed my cum down her throat.”That was awesome!” Sam said as my grandma sat up in her seat and wiped her mouth.I was still breathing heavy as I pulled back onto the freeway. My grandma climbed into the back with Sam. I tried to keep my eyes on the road as I heard them kissing. I tilted my rearview mirror down so I could pretty much see what was happening.She was straddling him and their lips were locked. She worked his trunks down and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side.”Oh, that feels good,” Sam moaned as she lowered herself onto him.The van’s windows were tinted but at least a few cars noticed what was going on. One car with three young guys started to drive right along side, pacing us.Sam let out a groan into her massive tits. I kept driving as she kept riding him.Within a couple of minutes Sam started to cum. She let out a little moan too as he spurted inside her.When we got close to her house we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some food to grill for dinner.”Do you boys drink?” my grandma asked. Sam and I looked at each other. We nodded our heads, through it was barely true. We’d each only had alcohol a handful of times.”Do you want me to pick up some beers?” she asked.”Sure.” I said, after a moment.She ended up buying three six-packs. Two of corona and one of mike’s hard lemonade. All three of us cracked one open as the burgers started to grill and we went about fixing everything else up.By the time we put the leftovers away we had each had three drinks. Both Sam and I really liked the mike’s better but neither of us would admit it. Having no tolerance to speak of, we were both quite tipsy.”So what should we do tonight?” my grandma asked.”Do you have that corset from Christmas?” I asked.She nodded.”You should put that on,” I said.”Oh, should I?” she asked with a smile.A few minutes later she came back downstairs wearing the black corset, black heels and nothing else.”God you look amazing Grandma,” I said, my eyes glued to her bouncing breasts, pushed up toward the ceiling by her corset.”Thanks honey,” she said with a sultry smile. She pushed her boobs together, sending them even higher.”Those are amazing!” Sam said.She came over and sat between us on the couch. She gave Sam a long slow kiss before turning to me and doing the same. Our hands roamed over her body. She lifted her left leg over Sam’s lap and her right leg over mine. I reached down and rubbed my fingers up and down her spread pussy as I kissed her neck.”Oh, that feels good,” she said. “How do you want me? How do you want to use your grandma?” she asked.I could feel my face flush with lust and intoxication.”Get down on the carpet on all fours,” I said.She quickly got down on all fours in front of the couch. Sam and I peeled our clothes off as she crawled away from us to the center of the room.After I kicked my boxers off I walked over and knelt down behind her. I gripped her hips, staring for a moment at her wet, waiting pussy. Then I slid into her warm vagina.”Unhh yes-” she said just before Sam pushed his cock into her mouth.I slammed into her wildly. I could hear her gag a bit on Sam’s dick. I reached around and squeezed her gigantic tits which had long ago escaped the confines of her corset.Within a few minutes both Sam and I were grunting and panting.”Wait,” I said, pulling out. I caught my breath and got to my feet. My grandma pulled her mouth off of Sam’s cock and she caught her breath too.” . . . I wanna give you a facial,” I said.”Oh yeah?” she asked, panting and getting up onto her knees. “Good lord you’re a dirty boy, aren’t you?” she said, wrapping her hand around my cock and pointing it at her face.”Uh-huh,” I said as she stroked me.”Tell me,” she said.”I’m a dirty boy,” I groaned. I motioned for Sam to join me. He got to his feet and stood canlı bahis next to me. She wrapped her left hand around his cock and started to stroke him too.”Tell me how dirty,” she said grinning up at me.”I’m a dirty boy . . . who wants to cover his grandma’s face in his cum.””Yeah?””I want to see you beautiful face dripping with our cum,” I groaned.Sam started to grunt. My grandma closed her eyes as Sam’s spurt caught her across her lips and nose. He left hand slowed but her right hand sped up. I moaned for most of another minute before I exploded.My first spurt sent a stream from her chin to her forehead. The second blast nearly glued her eye shut.”Good lord!” she said, laughing as the last of my cum rained down on her. She opened one eye and looked up at me, standing over her smiling.She licked the semen off her lips and then swallowed it. “You like that?” she asked.”Oh god yes,” I said, nodding vigorously.My grandma decided a shower was definitely in order. Sam and I joined her in the big walk in shower she had. After she washed her face off we helped her soap up.Sam was in front of her and rubbed his sudsy hands over her massive breasts again and again as he kissed her. My soapy cock was pressed up against her ass and my right hand reached around her and rubbed her pussy.”Mmm,” she responded as I slowly rubbed by fingers over her slit.. After a minute or so I took a step back. I grabbed her around the hips and pulled her ass toward me, so she was leaning forward slightly. I spread her legs apart and grabbed the detachable shower head behind me. I rotated the head until its spray changed to a concentrated pulsing stream. I positioned the shower head between her legs. She moaned into Sam’s lips as pulse after pulse of water assaulted her pussy. Before long her whole body was shaking and her huge breasts were crushed against Sam, who she was gripping for support.After her orgasm subsided we got out of the shower and toweled off. The three of us climbed into her bed naked and her soft, smooth hands worked each of our cocks to a long, slow orgasm.By the end of the week Grandma, and especially Sam and I had cum too many times to count.When I got home, my mom grudgingly confirmed that Grandma had called and confirmed that she had a wonderful week, and that she had loved having both Sam and I visit.My dad eagerly demanded details of all that had happened. While I was laying out the details I could feel by cell phone buzz as it received a text message.’Dude! you gotta check out the footage!’ it read. I finished retelling some of what had happened during the week, but before long I excused myself to go and put my stuff away.I tossed my bags on the floor in my room and quickly got on my computer. I logged onto the remote access program I used to access the hard drives in Sam’s room.I could tell that Sam had already surfed through the footage and deleted much of it. Three dated folders remained from the time during our trip.I opened each file in turn and looked through the footage. The videos were of Sam’s mom with two different guys. Neither of them had a cock quite as big as the guy in the first encounter we captured, but they both had what I considered to be ‘massive’ cocks. The white guy in the first video was probably about nine inches. The black guy in the other two videos was probably an inch longer than that.I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it but thought better of it and put it away.’Wow, man.’ I texted Sam back. ‘INSANE’. I zipped up my pants and headed downstairs. My parents were laying on the couch together. My dad had the remote in his hand and was flipping through the channels.My mom looked great, even in her weekend attire. She wore a pair of jeans and a comfy threadbare t-shirt that was loose everywhere but where her C-cup breasts filled it out and stretched the fabric just a bit. her mid-length brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.”Mom,” I said, “Can I have a handjob?” I asked.”Seriously?” she asked.”What?” I asked.”Just after the week you described I’m surprised you’ve got anything left in you!”I just smiled and adjusted my erection.”Fine, come over here,” she said, sitting up.I sat down next to her and she unzipped my pants. My dad watched but continued flipping through channels. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke me.”You’re an a****l, you know that?” she said with a grin.After a minute she leaned over and gave me a slow wet kiss. “I’m glad you’re home,” she said. Then she stopped stroking and leaned down toward my cock. She gave me another slow, wet kiss, this one on the tip of my cock.”Mmmm . . . ,” I sighed.Then she sat back up and resumed stroking. “That kiss was on the house, but you still gotta pay for the handjob.”

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