Amy’s first Anal

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Amy’s first AnalAmy was a world class cock sucker. She had me right where she wanted me. My dick was hard and throbbing I was getting ready to cum. She pulled my dick out and looked me in the eye. Playing with the hole of my dick she said “Joanie thinks I should have you fuck me in the ass.””Oh, yeah?” I replied “Why does Joanie think that?””Well, you know I like doing new stuff, and its the only thing I haven’t tried yet.””And Joanie has?””Yep, her and Fred do it all the time.”Joanie was starting to grow on me. Most of the time she was a real pain in the ass, but she was hot as shit and she was encouraging my girl to let me have her ass. She got up and stripped off her pants. She was going commando underneath. She turned her back to me and bent over. “Doesn’t that look nice?” she said.”Yeah baby, it sure does.”I dropped a couple of fingers into her pussy and got them nice and wet. Taking them out I started playing with her butt hole. I played around the rim a bit, then I put each finger into the first knuckle. I kept playing and she kept getting more responsive. Soon I was up to three fingers plunging away at her ass. “Moment of truth baby” I said as I lined my dick up with her hole. I got it nice and lubed with some Astroglide and started to push kaş escort my dick into her.She gasped and bit her lip, but she didn’t pull away and sat tight waiting for me. I took my time because I didn’t want to hurt her. I was in about 2 inches and it was slow going. I started to slowly rock back and forth getting her accustomed to my cock. She really seemed to like it and started to move with me. Slowly but surely more of my cock was going in her with every stroke. I a couple of minutes I was balls deep. She asked me to slow up a little bit and grabbed the phone. She dialed a number and motioned me to start up again. “Hey Joanie, guess what? Yep, he is fucking me in the ass right now. No seriously, right now, and it feels great. What? You want to talk to John? Umm, OK.”She handed the phone back to me. “Hello””Hey John, you owe me one.””Yeah, I guess I do.” I laughed.Amy was starting to take over control at this point. She was fucking me as much as I was fucking her, and she was starting to pick up speed.I moaned a bit and Joanie said “Put me on speaker!”So I did. Joanie started to narrate our fucking and she was having me reach around and rub Amy’s clit. Amy started to spasm and scream that she was cumming. The tightening of her ass around my cock kaş escort bayan and the sound of Joanie’s voice really got me hot. I shot my load into her ass. We laid there for a bit trying to catch our breathes and forgt all about Joanie on the phone, until she spoke up.”Hey Amy, what do you think?””I think I am ready she replied, see you in a bit.”I was confused by this, but Amy turned to me and said get dressed, we are going over to Joanies. When we got there Joanie and Fred were going at it on the couch. Amy didn’t even knock, she just walked in and started to strip. She got naked and walked over to the couch, leaned down and gave Joanie a french kiss and then said, OK guys, but you are going to fuck us both at the same time. OK, I said as I pulled off my pants. Joanie got off of Fred and revealed that he was longer, but thinner than I.Joanie said “See we knew from our conversations that you guys had the perfect dicks for DPs. Fred’s for the ass, and John’s for the pussy. What do you think, you up for it?”I didn’t even have a chance to reply as Amy pushed me to the floor and stuffed my cock up her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and said to Fred, “What are you waiting for?”Fred came over and slowly inserted into her ass. We let her take escort kaş the lead on the speed and she soon had us flailing away. She was screaming and cumming almost continuously. Soon she was begging for us to stop. She sort of rolled herself into a little ball and kept cumming all on her own. Fred turned to Joanie and said “Your turn babe”She soon took Amy’s place on my dick. Joanie was a hot blond. Shaved pussy and she really liked to fuck. She rode me solo a bit then pressed her tits into my chest and said, “Now Fred”Fred got behind her and soon enough I felt him entering her ass. Joanie wasted no time and soon had us fucking a warp speed. I was mauling her tits with my mouth. She came really hard as I was nibbling on one of her nipples. She screamed and Fred pulled out. He came to her and stuck his dick in her mouth. She worked hard to hold all of his cum in her mouth, but she did it. I threw her onto her back and real started driving into her. Then I put her ankles on my shoulders, pulled out of her pussy and split her ass in two all the way to my balls in one fast thrust. I think it must have hurt her at first, because she really screamed but in a minute the screams turned into screams of pleasure. She was yelling for me to cum in her ass. Which I promptly did. What a night. The four of us became inseparable for a while and Fred and I fucked either girl anytime we wanted. They also seemed to try to out slut each other with us. But shit, we didn’t mind.

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