An experience to remember

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An experience to rememberFor those of you who don’t know me, I am a married lady who likes to have a lot of sex and I enjoy every minute of it. I like women, I love men, and I get wet anytime a huge cock is inside of me. This is the story of the best night of my life.Mark (My big cocked husband) and I were so excited for the upcoming saturday night. We went to a nice italian dinner to start off the night and we couldn’t wait to get into the real fun. We had a rooom reserved the Sheraton and there was a sexy couple waiting for us. My pussy has been wet all day just thinking about it…We arrive at the room,I am wearing a sleeveless top with no bra and my nipples are super hard. I give Mark a little grab and his dick is hard and almost down to his knees. He is a well endowed man, especially for being a white, blond male. He is about 8 inches and probably the thickest dick around. We are both so ready to go. The door opens and we see the sexiest latina woman I have ever seen. She is wearing a see through teddy and I may have creamed myself on the first sight. Behind her is a hot black gentleman, with no clothes and no lie, probably 12 kuşadası escort bayan inches of thick black dick. My knees are weak, so weak. I directly walk to Don (the hung stud), and I grab his huge dick and start sucking it. I can only get about 1/4 of it in my mouth. This is so ridiculously big, I am struggling to get it in. The whole time I am staring up at him with amazement that he is hung like a horse. I can’t wait to take this baseball bat in my small wet pussy. I am only 5’6″ so this is going to make me hurt. Mark is licking the latina’s shaved clit but I can’t even pay attention to that because Don is about to put his monster inside of me. I love a big cock, but I am so fucking scared right now. This is as thick as a beer can and twice as long. I get out the bottle of lube and I have put probably 4 ounces on on his throbing cock. Dear god, please fuck me now. I lay on my back, spread wide and let him take a stab at it. He tries, it won’t go in. He starts licking my pussy, it feels so good, I am so ready for him. He tries again, it still won’t fucking fit. I am starting to get frustrated. Just force escort kuşadası it in I tell him. He is trying and he just can’t get it in. I need to get loosened up. My husband is large but this doesn’t compare. The biggest dildo I have is no match either. My only other thought is to go to the fridge. I grab the only thing that I can even attempt to imagine to simulate the biggestcock ever. I grab a cucumber, put a condom on it and slowly force it into my driping wet pussy. After a lot of shoving, I finally get the cucumber in, and a minute later this massive black dick is fucking me so hard. I am screaming bloody murder because it feels like I am being fuck by the thigh of large black man. I am getting destroyed, but it feels so good. I look over and Mark is banging this hot latina like a champ, but I just can’t concentrate on that. I have 12″ that has no regard for my poor vagina and I think I may be bleeding. It just hurts too much, I have to tell him to stop. I love taking a thick cock but I really can’t take it. I reach down and I am literally bleeding. This dick is amazing,I have never bled before, not even when kuşadası escort I lost my virginity. I’m done, but so wet. I ask him if I can suck his monster cock and he lets me. I can taste my sweet pussy juice and I wish that I could continue to get railed, but I just can’t. My saving grace is that I hope he blows a load like he fucks a pussy. I continue to suck for another 4-5 minutes and he gives me the word that he is ready to bust. I am jacking him off with what feels like a baseball bat, and I know he is ready to blow. I open my mouth and I will tell you that I haven’t seen a load that big ever. I guess with huge fucking cocks, come huge fucking loads. The first spurt hit me as a surprise and blasted me right on the right eyebrow. The cum is just dripping down my face. Second spurt hit me on the cheek, third got me on the mouth, I stuck my tongue out and tasted the salty black load. Three solid shots and the rest dripped out and tasted so good. Mark had finished about 15 minutes earlier and he was watching the whole thing. In all of this madness, I didn’t even get a chance to lick her sweet shaved pussy. My pussy is ravaged and it is,no lie, bleeding. I feel like I am 15 again. I am not going to say,”once you black, you never go back”, but, don’t ever fuck a black man if you can’t have a good time. I still have dreams about that big load on my face and how it dripped down on my little tits.

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