An unexpected night

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An unexpected nightI had been single for ages and like so many thirty-something’s I found myself surrounded by friends who were all married, with k**s and settled down. I won’t lie, it was hard to feel happy after everything that had happened to me recently, but one night, that all changed…….Being the only single one, some of my friends took pity and were always dragging me out to ‘socialise’, you will never meet someone by staying in she said…… She was Fiona, my mate Ross had been seeing her for years now and they made a great couple. Fiona was a pretty girl, 5ft 8, size 10, brown hair which seems to flow forever, deep brown eyes, long legs with a nice booty and always had some low cut top on showing of her ample breasts. Ross was like me, very slim but more athletic, he played a lot of tennis and was always going running etc. He was about 6ft, blonde wavy hair with blue eyes, typical male model material LOL.So that night Fiona and Ross were going out for a meal in town and said I had to come as Fiona had a friend who would be perfect for me who she knew from work. Oh jeez I said you have to be joking, I’m too old for blind dates! But she insisted, Ross and I are paying, so you have to she said smiling. Fine, I’ll come, but I’m ordering lobster I laughed!That evening I raced home from work, grabbed a quick shower and threw on some respectable clothes before heading into town in my car to meet them. I got to the restaurant a few minutes early and ordered myself an orange juice (I don’t drink). In no time I heard Fiona’s laugh signalling their imminent arrival, I looked up and there was Ross, hand in hand with Fiona and her friend…. Oh God I thought, what am I doing here?They came bouncing through the door laughing and joking and Fiona hugged me, I shook hands with Ross and was introduced to Fiona’s workmate, Gemma…. She was a pretty enough girl, well under all her make-up maybe! She was quite short a 5ft 2, about a size 14 in the shortest skirt I think I have ever seen showing off her tanned legs, bright red hair, green eyes and wearing a tank top which outlined a small but nice enough pair of breasts. She giggled and said ‘alright gawjus’ and grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips…. Er hi, I said, a little shocked!We were shown to our table and I couldn’t help but glance at Fiona as I followed them to the table, she was wearing killer heels with skin tight jeans which sculpted her ass perfectly and a little white blouse which was buttoned up just enough to spare her modesty though did nothing to hide her black bra! She looked good, but Ross in his usual black shirt and jeans which he always seemed to wear clocked me staring at her wiggling rear and winked at me. Oh well no harm done!As we sat and enjoyed our food Gemma was getting very flirty and as the evening progressed and the booze flowed. We were all talking about day to day things when all of a sudden Gemma’s phone rang, SHIT she shouted and caused the whole bar to look… Er you ok I said? Nah my Husband is drunk and wants me home….. Husband?! Oh yeah, I hate him she said but he’s got a nice cock, laughing she stood up and kissed Fiona goodbye before stumbling out the door.Soooo, what just happened, Ross said? Fiona looked a little coy, no idea, I didn’t know she was married, she said she wanted a bloke so I thought I’d set her and Dave up…. Nice one said Ross, this poor lad really didn’t need that! I said it was ok and that maybe I should go but being the only sober one I offered them both a lift home yeah cheers mate Ross said, a little worse for wear, Fiona just smiled coyly.We got into my car and Ross had stumbled into the back seat half drunk, half asleep, Fiona though seemed fine though and sat next to me in the front. I’m so sorry she said as we drove, it’s OK I said, she wasn’t my type anyway.I pulled onto their drive they said I should come in for coffee, I was pretty tied so I thought ok, just a quick one so I can stay awake to get home. Ross put the kettle on and we all sat on their big leather sofa and we all relaxed a bit and I began to see the funny side as Ross took the piss, till he said, you really are due to get laid! At that point Fiona started to kiss Ross, hmmm I felt a little out of place now as they were really going for it with their tongues and Fiona’s chest was really swelling up, wow she looked good, her hand suddenly wandered to Ross’ crotch which I could see was bulging, then his hand crept round the back of her neck and into her shirt….Oh, er shit, yeah it’s getting late guys I mumbled, I’ll be going but then Fiona’s other hand grabbed my leg, rubbing up and down, Ross looked up and said, n’ah mate, stay yeah? His smile was huge and he went back to kissing his girlfriend. This was insane, what was going on? Watching them was getting me horny though and her buca escort hand rubbing my leg was getting me hot! My cock was so hard I could feel the pre cum leaking into my boxers, then her hand was on me, rubbing hard against me flies, I let out a moan, does that feel good Ross said? Yeah I whispered, well, go with it yeah he said calmly. I need a piss he suddenly said and got up walking upstairs to the bathroom. What’s going on I said to Fiona, she grinned a filthy grin and said, sorry but this was kind of my plan all along, I’ve wanted you since the day we met! Holy shit I thought. But you’re with Ross I mumbled, yeah and he’s fine with it or didn’t you hear him earlier she joked. Oh, yeah, er, shhhhh Fiona moaned, her hand still rubbing my hard cock and kissed me passionately, her lips and tongue felt warm and soft, she really knew what she was doing. I moaned, oh you like that huh? So Dave, you feel like you have something in there I need to see. I looked down at my bulge, well if you like I laughed. Oh I do babe, I do she said, unzipping me, my hard aching cock sprang free hitting my stomach, her hand running over my shaved balls, a huge drop of pre cum flowed out and dribbled down my shaft… oh babe, that’s one nice cock she smiled running her finger tip my shaft to gather my juice then licking it off. So, you ok with this Dave she said? Bit late for that I laughed! OK well put this on she said and produced a blindfold…. Where did you get that I said surprised, well I kind of planned this she laughed. Well OK, I put it on and there in the darkness I felt her hands roam all over my body, removing my shirt, then my trousers, socks and boxers. Suddenly she pulled the blindfold up again and I got a shock… Fiona was naked in front of me. Like what you see big boy? I couldn’t answer, there she was, totally shaved and her slim but curvy frame was there for me to really appreciate, I knew her breasts were nice, but now I could see her puffy pink nipples, erect and standing to attention, like my D cups do you? Busted! Yeah was all I could say, she grabbed my hand and placed one on her right breast, she felt so warm and soft I thought I might cum right there! Then without warning she pulled the blindfold back down, ok baby time to make you feel really good I heard Fiona say…..I suddenly felt Fiona’s warm breath on the head of my cock, I instantly tensed up and let out a huge droplet of precum, I felt it slide down my shaft, just as it got to my balls I felt her tongue touch me, licking from the base, lightly all the way up to my now engorged helmet before putting me in her mouth, oh fuck I cried out….. She slid my cock into her mouth, taking me all the way into her throat, you like that she moaned? Oh jeez yes I said, barely able to breathe, this may just be the best blowjob of my life! Keep going I said in a deep tone, don’t worry she said, this won’t be over too soon, we will make sure of that……..Hang on I thought, something doesn’t seem right here, what did she mean, ‘we’? Also how did she talk when my cock was all the way in her mouth like that? To be honest I was enjoying this so much in some ways I half didn’t care and relaxed for a few more moments before feeling a tongue kiss me, it was soft and tender, it was…. Fiona, I recognised her style from just moments earlier when we were kissing after Ross went upstairs to take a leak….. But my cock was still being worked within an inch of its life…. Oh hell, where was Ross….? Had he secretly let Gemma in, was this all part of Fiona’s plan?Errr, I mumbled whilst still being kissed passionately, what’s going…. Shhhh said Fiona, it’s ok, just enjoy yourself, before removing the blindfold. I looked down expecting to see her slutty friend Gemma, I wanted to scream but I froze, there was my mate of 10 years, Ross, on his knees between my legs giving me what I had just said was possibly the best blowjob of my life, he looked up, took me out of his mouth and just stared into my eyes…. Neither of us said a word…..Then Fiona slid her hand over my cheek and smiled, sorry Dave, I know this is all bit weird, but Ross and I have fancied you for years and we wanted to try something new, you know, spice up the old sex life and it’s not like we could just say, hey Dave, fancy screwing us both?!At this point Ross spoke, you ok mate? I know you’re not gay or anything, but you know, it’s just a BJ…. Any holes a goal eh?! He laughed still obviously a bit tipsy and nervous but in full control. All I could say was, Ross, your bi…. since when? Well he said, this is actually my first time, it’s always been a fantasy, then a few weeks ago me and Fi drank a bottle of vodka, got smashed, she started sucking me off and I blurted it out, I wonder what that’s like? I thought she’d freak, you know, buca escort bayan but she didn’t. She said it was one of her fantasies to watch me do that too but she never said anything because she thought I was proper blokey, you know and it would weird me out. So then we watched some porn on this website of guys sucking other in threesomes with a hot girl and then she said, ok, who do you want to try it with, a stranger, we could go to a bar? I said no, it needs to be someone I trust, and well, kind of fancy. I immediately said you Dave, I’ve seen you naked a few times when we used to go out and always got changed around each other and thought you had a nice dick and physique… so…..Wait, I said, you were perving on me?! Well, a bit mate, not that way but… But what?! I said… He didn’t answer. Fiona said, you ok Dave, look if this is too weird no hard feelings, but please don’t mention it to anyone huh? She smiled, looking a little disappointed. So what was the plan I asked? Well, Ross was gonna blow you, then you guys would fuck me until I couldn’t walk and then cum all over me…. Like in a porno, she laughed… But we understand if this is all too much, we should have been honest with you.Jeez I said, not knowing what to do I noticed Ross was now idly wanking my still rock hard cock, hey he looks like he wants in, he laughed! Erm, I mumbled, well if I’m honest I kind of feel the same as Ross, I never thought I would ever try but I’m kind of bi curious too, I don’t fancy guys or want to fuck them, but I can appreciate a nice cock, Fiona smiled, it’s ok sweetie she said, it’s natural to be curious, I’ve gone down on my mates loads of times, it’s just oral…. You want to see Ross naked? I didn’t know what I wanted but I nodded. Now I have seen the guy naked before, and he looks good as I said before, but I never really looked at his cock that much, I just remember him being all bushy down there!He smiled and got off his knees, releasing my still hard cock and took off his clothes, he stood in front of me, naked as the day he was born, his abs and six pack were subtle but I could see why Fiona liked him, then my eyes were drawn to his cock, pointing straight up it was, if I had to guess about 7 inches and thick, plus like me he was circumcised with a thick bulbous helmet but what I noticed more was he was totally shaved now, big improvement!Without knowing what I was doing I found my hand reaching out, and lightly stroking him, before feeling his soft, yet hard shaft in my fingers, it’s warm, it feels weird holding another cock though I said as I started wanking him slowly, his precum began flowing into my hand making it slippery. He moaned, that feels so good mate, you sure you’re ok with this? Screw it I said, you only live once, just keep it away from my arse I laughed. Then I felt Fiona’s eyes on me, one of her hands started wanking me, the other one found the back of my head, she was gently, yet firmly pushing me towards Ross’ cock, in moments his throbbing, dripping helmet was in front of my mouth, I took a deep breath and thought, oh fuck it and slid him inside my open mouth. He let out a loud moan as did Fiona who gripped my now aching cock tighter. He felt so big, warm and I could feel the throbbing, now what I thought, well let’s see if all those porn films taught me any theory, I took as much as I could, about 4 inches and let my saliva coat him, using my hand to wank the rest of his shaft as I sucked slowly and gently, focusing my tongue of the sensitive area under the helmet enjoying the sweet taste of his precum. Oh shit he cried and suddenly, without warning he came…. I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth, I almost choked, it tasted a little bitter and salty, I had tasted my own cum before, but this was totally new, not a bad taste, but not exactly milk! I swallowed as much as I could but he had obviously been saving up for this and some dribbled down my chin, I continued to suck him gently as he softened before releasing him from my mouth….WHAT THE HELL ROSS!?! Shouted Fiona, you could have warned him! Oh man, I’m sorry dude, he said, you just… you just… what? I asked, did such a good job I couldn’t help it! Well you better get it up again Ross she said, fingering her now obviously aroused clit, I’m dripping here and I need two big cocks to satisfy me! Ross and I looked at each other and grinned, Fiona leaned in, still wanking me slowly and licked the remains of Ross’ cum from my chin….. Right you two, bed…. NOW!We all walked up to their bedroom, a huge queen size bed with red satin sheets dominated the room, but as we entered, Fiona grabbed Ross and pushed him to the floor, lie back boy she said in a very dominant voice, you came way too quick and now you need to pay the price. He laid there, on escort buca his back, naked, his cock flaccid as Fiona stood over him then got to her knees and squatted over his face… Eat me baby she moaned in a husky voice! I watched as he went to town on her, licking at speed from her wet slit, sliding two fingers in and out, she started to shake, pulling at her nipples she moaned and moaned, turning to me she said, you ready for your turn babe?She got up and laid on the bed, I want you to do it to me now Dave, eat my tight wet pussy! Well what could I do? I got between her legs and licked her, slowly at first, tasting her sweetness, but staying away from her sensitive clit, I slid my tongue around her lips and into her wet hole, I like to tease and did this for a good 20 minutes, sliding my hands all over her body, her thighs, breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. I thought she was going to have a fit as she bucked and moaned, finally I let Fiona have her way when she begged me to let her cum, my tongue went for her clit, she screamed and I got my prize, she squirted all over my face! I had never been with a girl who could do this but it turned me on so much I almost came myself! 3 big squirts of her cum splashed all over me, I licked up every drop from her thighs and pussy as she lay there… Panting.We had been in our own world for the last 20 minutes and poor Dave had been forgotten, he didn’t seem upset though, he was sat in a chair, grinning from ear to ear and sporting a huge erection once again. As he sat stroking himself he just said, told you Fi, I knew you could squirt, trust you though Dave for making her cum like that, I’ve been trying for years, now I look bad he laughed. You eat pussy just fine she moaned, now both of you, give me some cock!Fiona assumed the doggy position, I got in front of her and she immediately started sucking me slowly as Ross came in from behind and slid into her now soaking pussy. Oh FUCK, she screamed as he pounded her, she sucked me harder and harder, oh Fi I’m gonna cum I moaned, feeling my balls tighten, the hell you are bitch she mumbled with a mouthful of cock and grabbed my balls so hard I almost screamed myself, I lost the urge to cum though! I need to ride that big prick Dave, she moaned, lie down…..I lay back as she straddled me, her big swinging tits in my face I felt her sit on me, she took my cock in one go, this girl was so ready, as she bounced I saw Ross come to the side of me, cock glistening with pussy juice, Fiona looked into my eyes and asked if I would suck Ross again as it really turned her on, just don’t cum this time Ross, she laughed, I obliged and took his cock slowly into my mouth, feeling his balls with my hand, this was crazy, I was being fucked, hard, by a sexy girl and I was sucking my mates cock at the same time….. I’m in a porn film I remember thinking! BUT DAMN, HE TASTED GOOD, mixing his and Fiona’s juices into my soft, wet mouth.Uh oh, Ross said after a few more minutes, er I better take a break! With that he pulled out my mouth went behind Fiona who was now in another world riding the hell out of me, she flopped down on top of me, her big soft breasts rubbing against my chest, suddenly I felt Ross’ tongue on my balls, licking Fiona’s juices up, I just moaned as she moved up releasing my cock from her pussy and letting Ross suck on me, Oh damn I moaned, you’re going to make me cum mate, Fiona, still on top of me, looked at me lovingly and kissed me, cum, you deserve it, with that I felt Ross push me back to her pussy just in time for me to release a torrent of sperm into Fiona’s tight pussy, I heard him moan with delight, pulling me back out and eating the cream pie before turning his attention to my wet cum covered cock and licking that clean, I lay panting for a minute , none of us moved, then Ross said, hey Fiona, Dave is still rock hard! Good lad she smiled and impaled herself on me again, Ross get in there she said, time for another fantasy of mine. Oh yeah? What’s that I asked? DP baby, I want two cocks in my pussy, with that I felt Ross’ cock push against mine, wow, that felt so tight now as we fucked her in unison she bucked and moaned as she took us like that for what felt like the rest of the night, Ross and I sliding our cocks together making her climax again and again. I don’t know about you mate but I need to cum, Ross eventually said… YES screamed Fiona, cum on my face! We pulled out and stood by the bed, both wanking our cocks as Fiona knelt between up, give me that hot spunk boys, cover me, she moaned. Well that was all I needed to hear as I let go, I hit her right on the mouth with my first jet of cum, that sent poor Ross over the edge and he began to cum too, we both came a good 5-6 spurts all over her face, covering from brow to chin. Mmmmmmm she moaned, clean me up lovers! We duly got down and licked a side of her face clean each before kissing her in turns as she wanked our softening cocks. Wow they both said… that was amazing, same time next week Dave?!I just smiled and collapsed on the floor, you trying to kill me or what I laughed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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