B4 Squad (Big 4 Squad)

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B4 Squad (Big 4 Squad)This story is purely a fantasy, I have always had a bbw fantasy but never built up the courage to get with one… the story follows four bbw or four big girls and how they came together to form a squad of a variety of Black,Latina, Asian and White women to satisfy the bbw fantasy in everyone. Chapter 1 The End and the BeginningIt all started on a rainy New years eve, the office threw a party that turned into a big crazy drinking party that ended out doors. Rain drenched everyone the twigs(skinny girls) were wet and acting all slutty with the interns guys and us four were hanging out under the gazebo at Frank our bosses back yard. We drank and talked and drank some more about how the pay suck and we really needed the job and some how got on the conversation of how we would do those guys. Our relationship status was well really no status and our chances against those bimbo’s was a no chance deal. That’s when reality hit us, our cunts was on fire so much so you would think we had a bon fire in front of us. Each of us knowing at the end of the party bursa escort bayan we would go back to our vibrators to get off for the night and on to bed. I hadn’t been with a man in six years and I’m only 26(black), Lisa(Asian) five, Rebbecca(white) three, and Monica(latina) seven. We were all around the same age pretty much and turning lesbian was out of the question for us we needed some dick. My thoughts were interrupted by a soft deep voice, and a sweet cinnamon leathery smell. One of the interns that arrived late due to a family problem had snuck up on us, I hope he didn’t catch what we had been talking about. He said with a strong manly voice, “You girls don’t want in on the fun?” He was this omg handsome tall black young man with pretty brown eyes and a bald head. He wasn’t as fit as the other guys but he looked good just the way he was with that black suit he was wearing, he was a knock out. “Its to wet for me, i just got this permed.” I said with a little giggle and the end of it. Come on Kim, I’ll buy you a new one.” He laughed, but i was escort bursa serious. Mike was his name and sexy was his game. When he smiled I felt my pussy quiver, I wanted him if only he knew. “Maybe I’ll take you up on this offer, but you better be at my door eight o’clock sharp tomorrow morning to go to the salon…and you are going to wait for me.” I couldn’t believe I said that cause if he was at my door wouldn’t be no going out hair done or not I would climb that tall tree of a man. “Ok deal then.” What I couldn’t believe what my ears was hearing, paying and waiting he must be gay. Monica blurted out, ” you better take that deal mamacita.” All the girls were smiling and wet, when we go out nobody really come over and talk to us lucky night it might be. Fine i said and to my surprise he grabbed my hand and I felt my juices flowing.Monica and the girls stayed back under the gazebo, he invited but each had there own excuse. “I never had one of those” Lisa said with an asian accent. “What, a black guy?” Rebbecca shot back. One liked me in grade school Monica bursa escort said with a smile but papa didn’t allow me to date. The conversation went on and on about black guy this white guy that dick size ect.. but they all agreed that from their experience that each race had its share of long dongs. But at this moment size didn’t matter they just wanted some dick. The party was drawing to a close and the girls were damn near buzzed. They went off to find Kim, but apparently she’d already gone. That bitch she left us, jokingly Rebbecca said, I bet she’s getting some right now. They laughed at the thought but wondering was Mike really in to big girls. Now Kim to describe her she was about 5’6, dark creamy caramel color thick legs and a big bubble ass very nice size tits around a D size with long black hair with a little stubby belly. Monica was 5’5 big hips with a lil junk in the trunk but had a set of dd’s hazel eye’s long wavy hair. Rebbecca was about 5’7 thick all around big butt big titty’s and big belly, reddish brown hair that she kept in a pony tail. Lisa had a small asian frame about 5’5 flat puggey belly wide hips and for an asian she had a nice size ass, but her tit’s were about a B maybe pushing C. neither was ugly just average looking. well they just dressed average. Chapter two in a few minutes….

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