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Best friends 19 year old girlfriendgpo746I knocked on the door and my best friend opened it “Hiya Dave ” I said . We went into the kitchen where Tammy was getting ready . Dave had invited me to go out with them to our favourite nightclub a few days before . Tammy said “Hi Jeff” and offered me a drink , she had already opened a bottle of strong liqour and asked if I wanted to share it with her . I poured one out whilst watching her put on her makeup . I had always fancied her and I always felt abit hard when I saw her but I never made a move on her . Tammy is a petite 19 year old blonde with a perfect size 6-8 body and perfect tight big tits . Dave was talking to me and I could not help but glance over his shoulder to look at her perfect little arse .Dave was oblivious and kept rattling on about something . I just nodded and agreed , funny how you kind of know when to agree or disagree when your not actually listening. He took his mobile phone out and started to text , as he looked down at his phone I glanced over his shoulder again to look at that nice arse , I could see her knicker line through her tight black leggings . I kept looking as Dave text and I kept thinking how I would like to fuck her , I worked my eyes up her perfect back and into the mirror where she was putting on lip liner, all of a sudden she stopped and just smiled , her eyes looking directly at mine. I felt a sudden jolt up my back and in my chest. “Shit” , I thought ” is she going to say something? ” . She didn’t . I just moved my head down towards Daves phone and he looked up at me . “Sorry about that ” he said ” Just letting John know that I don’t want that T.V off him after all ” . Tammy was now ready , Dave got his coat on and she suggested I take the liqour with me. On the way to the nightclub we walked and talked and we finished the bottle of booze between us. I liked drinking out of the bottle after it had been round her lips. I could really feel it working on me . We entered the nightclub and ordered drinks, we did the usual thing and went outside to the smoking area and carried on talking. Dave went to get another round in. When he came back he told me there was a job at the nightclub , ” I am going to go find out more about it ” he said and promptly walked off. Tammy soon opened up about problems her and Dave were having . Tammy was complaining about Dave not wanting k**s with her .We knew Dave had been crushed when he found out his ex partner had cheated on him and had a baby telling Dave it was his, he bahis firmaları only found out in an argument with her a year later. Explaining this to Tammy I said “just give him time , he will have k**s with you one day, just when he is ready” She seemed to accept this and asked me about k**s, did I want any ect. Dave came back with an expensive beer for me and told us about the job. He said ” I have to go to the office and fill the forms out ” . Dave asked me about my girlfriend . I told him that she was ok, well not really, she was miserable and never really wanted to do anything together just sit there on her laptop all day and night . Tammy asked what was wrong and I confided in them both that I had got oral sex a year before from a neighbour of mine after a huge argument between me and Jenny . Tammy was really surprised and Dave just grinned and chuckled . Tammy excused herself and went to the ladies toilet. Dave said ” hey, when Tammy goes to stay with her mum me and you should come here one night and fuck someone”. I didn’t know what to say apart from smile and laugh. Tammy came back and we went to another part of the nightclub to listen to different music. After a while and some drinks Dave, seeming more obsessed with the job vanished again leaving me and Tammy to talk . She complained again about Dave only wanting blowjobs and not wanting sex, I thought jeez, if you were mine I would fuck you all day long . she said ” he just watches porn and wanks to that, He doesn’t even go down on me ” I said ” Oh, Jenny says I am really good at going down on her , but shes the same, she doesn’t like giving me a blow-job “, Tammy said ” Hmm,well, maybe if you help me I will help you ” I could feel my cock pulsing in my trousers” I asked ” what do you mean?” Trying to make sure I heard right over the loud music . Tammy said , Well, If you lick me out and make me cum I will suck you all the way” I said “OK!” and started to feel her perfectly formed and firm left tit,I said ” What about Dave” Tammy said with a cheeky smile on her face ” well, its only a bit of fun ” I said “ok , if you really want to” she looked around for Dave and I did the same, She said ” yeah, but when and how” I didn’t waste any time, I said “come on ” holding her hand and leading her away. We went out the front and down some back streets . There was nothing there apart from old derelict shops . We walked fairly quickly looking back all the time to make sure Dave wasn’t behind us. My confidence grew larger as did perabet güvenilir mi my cock when she told me she had always fancied me , so did her mum and one of her sisters !. I couldn’t believe it as I think I am rather plain and chunky. She said ” I got abit wet when I saw you looking at me in the mirror ..and I got really wet when you said you got a blowjob off a neighbour , I had to go to the ladies for a quick frig and to wipe my wet pussy” as we walked we talked to make sure each of us wanted this and she agreed not to tell Jenny if I didn’t tell Dave . We walked far enough away but there was nowhere to hide . We stopped at an old shop yard entrance .She said I need to pee . I watched as she pulled her leggings and knickers down squatted and pissed in the corner. That was the first time I saw her fully shaven pussy . I put my coat on the floor well away from her piss and said ” lay on that. I promptly laid on my front and started to lick her pussy out. I got a taste of pee for a few seconds but that subsided into a warm sticky pasty taste of her juices. She was breathing quickly and heavily and started to cum in my mouth , I swallowed every drop , over the next 10-15 mins she came in my mouth lots of times but now I wanted to come in hers. I started to finger her sloppy but tight pussy and got on my knees. she leaned up and started to move her mouth towards my cock, I said ” Do you want my cock in your mouth or in your pussy ” , “PUSSY” she whimpered , I carried on fingering her for a few seconds giving her chance to change her mind. I took my fingers out of her and sucked all the goo off my fingers. I was on my knees and pulled her petite arse onto the middle of my lap . ” FUCK ME” she said. I aimed my cock towards her frilly labia thinking ” Shit, if I do this there is no going back, I will have REALLY cheated on Jenny” I couldn’t stop myself, I gently pushed my 7 1/2 inch cock inbetween her hot pussy lips, I felt the head of my cock moving just inside her pussy . I looked up to see her sparkling puppy eyes and her biting her lip on one side . I pushed it in further watching her face as she took every last bit , she moaned as her eyes started to roll backwards ” WOW! she said “Its nicer than I thought it would be”, I started to thrust harder and harder. Her mouth fully open and struggling to take a breath she came on me I could feel warm pussy juice flood around my cock and drip off my balls She gasped for air and gripped her legs around me and let out tipobet a huge “AAAWWWAHHAA” , I carried on pumping my cock inside her . She was gripping me with her legs even harder and thrashed about as I carried on thrusting deep into her hitting her top wall nudging her cervix . She was quiet but looked like she was underwater gasping for air.She was going purple !. I slowed right down and didn’t push as deep, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and rolling down her face. She gasped,choked,coughed ” Where the fuck did you come from” she asked . I giggled “what do you mean ” I have never been fucked like that before”, she said ” what are you DOING to me ?” “Your not just thrusting in and out, your moving it in me in different areas in different ways.. do it again NOW!” I obliged immediately and just thrust my cock right in and did my ‘figure of 8 move’ on her, she came almost straight away . We fucked like this for another 10 mins and she nearly passed out . she said ” Were gonna have to stop, your killing me ” . I agreed and we then both thought of Dave. She giggled and said ” I can’t fucking stand up !” her legs had gone to jelly . I lifted her up and sat her on a wall . I did my trousers up and got my white jacket off the floor , It was soaking wet with her cum , there was a huge patch of goo soaking all the way through and grit and dirt on the back of it. It looked like Slimer off Ghostbusters had been there . I took my wallet out of the jacket she said “Shit ,I am sorry, that was an expensive jacket ” I just said “Oh well, what the fuck…here, wipe your pussy and legs clean with it” we both laughed .I threw it away behind a 7 foot wall . As she pulled her knickers and leggings back up she asked if we could meet again at my place as Jenny didn’t live with me, which is dangerously close to Daves I said ” We can’t , we are both in relationships” . She pleaded with me and said “Even though Dave is bigger, it was the most amazing fuck I have ever had. You can lick a woman out better than a lesbian, You know how to use your dick AND your tounge, Jeff I wan’t you again, you know what women want” I said “Look, Lets leave it there for now. We went back and Dave found us 30mins later . He said, “sorry for leaving you two for so long , I had to show them my bar skills in the spare bar” . Tammy and I didn’t meet like that again even though she has told me since she wants me in her again and she will leave Dave for me if I want her to , It was bad enough me doing that to him but I couldn’t go that far. I just see her when I see Dave . She now has a k** to Dave and they seem happy. I still feel REALLY guilty about what happened even though I enjoyed fucking her ..I was drunk . Lesson here is ..don’t cheat its just not worth hurting others.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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