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Black girls funHi hope you like my story . My name is Sally im a 16 year old black girl i live in a town in the south of England where a black person is so out of place .I left school at 16 i tried to find a job but no one wanted a black person working for them all i could find was a cleaning job . We worked at night cleaning the offices in town one night i was cleaning this office of an accountency firm i saw a draw partley open in a desk being nosy i opened it up and found a lot of papers about off shore accounts being quite bright i went though them it looked like some one had been ripping the firms off and stashing the money off shore i quickly rememberd the numbers off the accounts . The pictures on the desk were off a guy in a vickers outfit with 3 k**s so i thought this is his wife working here . Any way when i got home i did some searching on my laptop it turned out she was Ann Wilkins a senior partner in the firm .Being quite a computer geek i found out a lot about her she was 55 years old had 3 k**s one was married the other 2 were at uni and her husband was a preacher she went to church twice on sundays was a member of the church wifes . The husband was a fire and brimstone preacher gays should be burnt at the stake black people should be sent home that sort of thing . Over the next few weeks i went though all her accounts it seemed like she had been skimming a £1000 here and a £1000 there off the firms not to much to get noticed she was very cleaver .So i thought what do i do about it ? I gave it a lot of thought then i came up with a plan .As i said at the start of this im a 16 year old black girl i have had a few boyfriends but never realy liked boys i was into women .So my canlı bahis şirketleri plan was to get Ann to fuck me back at home i found out Anns husband was going to a church meeting for a week in the north of England so i laid my plans On friday i put all the papers off the off shore accounts in a bundle and put them though her letter box on the way home from work with a note saying I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU AWAIT MY ORDERS .Just wish i could have sen her face as she opened it up Any way i let her stew for a few days at work she was a wreck shouting at every body every time the phone rang she jumped about a foot in the air .The following Saturday after her husband had gone on his trip i packed a few things in my backpack i had booked a weeks holiday from work told mum and dad i was staying with friends so the plan was going to work . Saturday morning about 7 o clock i took a deep breath and rang her door bell after a few rings she opened the door .Yes what do you want she said with a look of disgust on her face as if talking to a black person was beneth her.Ann i said i know all about your off shore accounts i thought she was going to faint as her knees nearly went from under her her face went white .I pushed my way into her house shut the front door and told Ann to get in to the living room we need to talk .Ann could hardly walk or talk i got Ann into the room at last .What do you want i can give you money how much do you want .No Ann i dont want money I WANT YOU what you talking about you want me YES i said your body . God help me she cried you should have thought about that when you were skimming £1000 of the accounts i make it you have got away with about 2 million pounds canlı poker oyna . Right i said we can do this 2 ways 1 i tell all your friends family work your husbands work you will get a 10 year stay in jail or we can do it my way do every thing i tell you and your life will stay the same as it is .So how do you want to play it Ann ?Her face was a picture here was a 55 year old married women with 3 grown up k**s a husband in the church being told what to do by a 16 year old black girl who Ann hated . After a few moments she said ok i will play it your way as long as no one finds out .Ok i said go and make us a coffe and we can talk about what i want from you ok Ann ?So off she went to make our coffe she came back with 2 cups her hands wee shaking so much she could just about hold the cups .Right what i want from you Ann is to FUCK your brains out o god she cried please not that not with a girl please any thing but that your choice i said ?Ok then Ann cried .Right lets get started Ann had a long black skirt and a lovely silk top on what was under them i thought hehe .Stand up Ann she said im 55 im old you could find a younger women then me tears streaming down her face /I could i said but i want you Ann .So stand up in front of me and pull your skirt up i want to see your knickers .So Ann did just that slowly pulling her skirt up .Wow she had on black stockings and a suspender belt and a pair of granny knickers she was so humilliated her face was bright red tears pouring down her face as she stood with her knickers on show to me .She could not belive what she was doing showing her knickers to a 16 year old black girl who she hated. Nice i said now strip for me o god Ann cried get internet casino on with it Ann we have got all week to play with you o god no i have to go to work no i said you can book a week off o god a week of this she thought . Get on with it i said she slowly unbuttened her top took it off she had a white bra on then her skirt came off she was standing there in her bra and knickers stockings and belt ok get the bra off so she did her tits flopped out they were a bit saggey but not to bad for a 55 year old then her knickers all the time she was getting naked she was she was crying her eyes out as her knickers reached her knees i said stop .Put your hands on your head and turn around slowly .She was utterly humilliated sobbing her heart out ok get them off her pussy was very hairy but i love a hairy pussy so that was ok with me .Right here was a 55 year old married women standing naked but for her stockings in front of a horny 16 year old girl .I quickly got undressed told Ann to get on her knees and lick my dripping wet pussy ive never done that she said its disgusting anyway i forced her face into my pussy lick me i said i could feel her trying to lick me lick my clit i said to Ann only took a few mins to make me cum all over her face that was amazing being made to cum by a 55 year old women who hates blacks her face looked great girly cum all over her face she had a look of disgust on her face .Right my turn now to fuck you Ann i got my strapon out of my backpack Anns eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw that .Ok time to get fucked Ann i was on my back on the floor told Ann get it inside you she tried her best but could not take it in her pussy so i just forced her down on to it she nearly scremmed the house down 10 inches she took up her pussy i laid back had a smoke as Ann fucked herself on to it 45 mins later she was a mess her pussy lips were sore tears all over her face and a 10 inch rubber cock in her part 2 later enjoy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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