Completely Fooled

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Completely FooledI could not have expected the encounter I had the other night. Having recently separated from my wife a buddy and I went out to a local pub for a few beers. While we were sitting at the bar deciding what beer to try next a very hot redhead comes over and sits next to me. We exchange hellos introduce ourselves. Soon begin to talk about the different complexities of the beers we are tasting. She is so sexy with small b cups and a perfect mouth. After a few beers my buddy decides to take off leaving Veronica and I to get ourselves. She is just a darling; her smile, her laugh, her sensual demeanor. After a few beers Veronica excuses herself to go to the ladies room and her hand gently rubs my crotch. I instantly begin to get hard. She is so subtle and sexy I observe as she heads off. When she gets back I ask her if she would like to go to my place and try a beer I made. She agrees immediately. We take my car which was a positive sign she wants to stay the night. Arriving Veronica ask to use the restroom while I get the beers. We settle in next to each other on the couch laughing and bornova escort talking. Soon her hand is again on my crotch. I’m thinking “she so wants to fuck.” I leaned over and whispered “can I kiss you?” As my lips moved to hers her mouth opened and accepted my tongue into her mouth. So warm and wet. She begins to caress my now throbbing cock through my trousers. Mmmm she purred “that feels like it wants something” “does it?” I wanted to reply but I was enjoying kissing her mouth way to much. Gently I opened her blouse to reveal those perky “b” cups and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. When I went to her skirt she pushed my hands away saying “no not yet.” I listened and continued to kiss and suck.Things were really heating up and Veronica was now on my lap With her tits in my mouth, my hands on her ass and my cock hard as rock. I am so lost I do not even hear her when she says “I want to suck your cock” but I did notice her sliding off my lap onto her knees and pull my cock out. “Oh my” she exclaimed when she saw it. Now I’m not huge but 8″ and 1 3/4″ around bornova escort bayan is nothing to laugh at. I was now in heaven as she worked my cock with her hot, wet, sexy mouth. Deep into her throat she took my shaft never once gagging. Holding her jaw I admired her as she sacked and liked my cock. I nearly came when she began to suck my balls; first one at a time then both at the same time. There was no stopping this woman. She soon pushed both of my legs up at the knees and was now rimming my asshole. Her tongue dripping wet as she pushed it in my asshole and traced from the hole to my balls and back.Kissing her way up to my mouth she seductively says “I want you to fuck my throat.” How could I resist. She turned herself around on the couch so her legs were up on top, feet against the wall and head on the edge. She was very carefully to keep her skirt against her thighs with her hands leaving to me to hold her head and fuck her mouth. Lond deep thrust into her throat made my balls swell with cum. I so wanted to eat her pussy. Leaning in I kissed her lower escort bornova legs and knees slowly moving toward her dripping pussy. She reached for my cock letting the skirt fall away down to her waist. What I saw was no pussy. Instead it a long slender shaved cock and balls. It Di not matter at this point; I wanted her and soon had her cock buried in my throat just as mine was buried in hers. My mouth worked her cock with hot passion. In the right position I pulled her feet away from the wall revealing a hot pink asshole. I wanted it. Wasting no time I began to get it as wet as I could and fingerings it with 1,2, then 3 fingers. Veronica the whole time is still upside down sucking my cock, sucking my balls, and rimming my asshole.I want her now so I pull her down and lift her legs onto my shoulders. I slowly guide my hard throbbing cock into her. Both of us moaning. Soon I am pounding her as hard as I can. Each thrust bring my closer to climax. I scream in release as I cum deep inside her asshole. Pulling out I slide down and begin sucking her cock again. “I want you to cum in my moth” I purr. I begin to massage her asshole with 2 fingers and soon she is filling my mouth with loads of hot cum. She lifts my mouth to hers for an exchange of cum in a lasting kiss and whispers “now that was nice.” I agree. We have seen each other several times since then and each time is great as the first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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