Cousin’s Apartment

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Cousin’s ApartmentMy cousin’s apartment is on the fifth floor. So carrying up my desk is no easy task per say. See, I am going to be staying with her for a couple weeks before I go to the college that I am transferring too. I’m 22, went to community college for a couple years but am now going to a university. Though I can’t move into my place there for about sixteen more days and where I was living, the lease is up and I needed somewhere to go. No way would I go back to living with either my mom or my dad at this point. So here seemed like the best bet.Getting to the top of the stairs (desk isn’t that heavy!) I noticed my cousin picking up one of the boxes I had carried up beforehand. Hearing me come up the stairs she looked up from grabbing the box, smiled and asked, “This box here, living room or your bedroom?””Living room is fine thanks,” I replied.I couldn’t help but notice my cousin’s cleavage as she was picking up the box. She was wearing a gray corduroy jacket open with a rather revealing lighter green top on underneath, especially from that angle. Her breasts were gorgeously shaped, probably a B cup of some sort. Just guessing, as they aren’t too big but just right and I don’t know too much about that type of thing. Though it was rather interesting that she was wearing what she was. Darcy has always been the “different” one in the family according to others. Being a bit of a computer geek and shy with others she doesn’t know well, she has never been the most outgoing. And at 29 years old, I know she hasn’t had much experience with any guy. Her “quirkiness” seemed to have always stopped that.Getting the desk through her doorway proved to be more difficult than even getting it up the stairs. But after a bit of maneuvering it proved successful and got it in place in the living room. No extra office in this apartment, and I was only staying for a couple weeks so it’ll be all right.Looking over after getting it placed Darcy asked, “Max, is that box outside the last one or is there more stuff in your car?””I’ve got my bag to grab plus one other box but that’s it. I’ll be right back and go grab that,” I replied.”Alright, don’t be too long, it is starting to rain!” she replied smiling while undoing the ponytail that her blond hair was in. On my back to and from my car I couldn’t help but ask myself if I was thinking too hard into the way she was being so openly friendly? Probably. I’ve always thought her attractive with her gorgeous brown eyes, blond hair that goes down her shoulders, long shapely legs (she’s probably about 5″7, I am 5″9), and her slim body yet not too slim. Maybe a little bit of normal people’s excess fat but not much at all. Just not so skinny that sometimes you can see bones. So she was just right in my book.Getting back to the top of the stairs and her door, I couldn’t help but think that my thinking about her as attractive like this was wrong. It really was, I mean she is my cousin after all. Ahh well, it probably is nothing anyway and after these two weeks I could just go get back into the normal swing of things and all of this will have passed. I’ll be away at college anyway by then, I wont be thinking of my cousin this way then, so all should be well.Opening the door and walking back into the apartment I noticed my cousin sitting at her computer. It’s in the living room like mine, not too much in there anymore now beside a couple desks, a table, couch and a TV.”Escape the rain ok? Well I guess uhm… welcome home!” She exclaimed turning to me with a wide smile on her face.”Yeah, I guess it is isn’t it? At least for a while,” I replied with a bit of a laugh.”Yep sure is, make yourself comfortable. Go ahead and turn on the TV if you like, probably catch some reruns of Scrubs or something. I never mind those,” she said, turning back to her computer.”All right I will probably, thanks for all the help Darcy.” “Not a problem,” she said, turning back toward me. I noticed her eyes briefly look me up and down and she said, “You know, those jeans and shirt really look good on you. You should wear them more often. You’d have women all over you!” with a laugh and a smile looking me in the eyes.I returned the laughter saying, “Well thanks for the compliment. I’ll be sure to do that.” Looking back at her eyes and matching her smile. I was only wearing a white button shirt with small gray vertical stripes and light pair of jeans that I had gotten a couple years ago overseas. Though I guess they were a bit more form fitting than your average jeans over here.She had taken her jacket off while I was getting the rest of my stuff; she had even put on some lipstick. Clear or something, but it was definitely visible. That was a bit unlike her, but she for sure looks good sitting there at her computer. Her light green undershirt was a form fitting spaghetti strap top. It really did fit her well. Her breasts in that form fitting shirt looked even more shapely and attractive. I could tell she was wearing a black bra underneath, from her straps. What was I thinking admiring my cousin like this? This is wrong, though she does deserve such admiration, that’s for sure.Walking over to the couch, I sat down and turned on the TV starting to look through the channels. I don’t watch TV much and at about 5pm even I knew there wasn’t too much on yet, though maybe some Scrubs reruns like she talked about.Taking notice, Darcy looked and gave another beautiful smile asking, “Would you like anything to drink? Maybe some water?””Yeah some water would be just fine. But I can get it, its ok.” “Oh no, don’t get up. I was going to get some for myself anyway.” “Well great thanks,” I replied with a smile that she matched as she went to the kitchen to get us some water.Coming back from the kitchen and handing me a glass of water she said, “I’ll join you here on the couch. Maybe I can find my DVDs of How I Met Your Mother that I told you about a few days ago. That’s always fun.””Thanks,” I said looking at my glass of water. “And yeah, that would be great. Have been looking forward to seeing that show, especially after your high praise for it!” “Well,” she said laughing, “I hope it lives up to your expectations then! Hopefully I can find them; I don’t have my DVDs too organized, they’re all just stacked in piles of discs so I need to rummage through this box here for a moment…”Watching someone rummaging through a box couldn’t have been more interesting than this time. Darcy got down on the floor to get to the box, but instead of taking a normal sitting position, leaned on all fours as she started going through the box. With her ass facing right back at me. Was this on purpose? She had an ass that fit her very well and definitely looked good in her tight dark blue jeans that she was wearing. As I sat there on the couch staring at her, I swear I saw her sway her ass left and right just slightly. No way, that couldn’t be. But I wasn’t seeing things as she did it again. This time in a slow motion probably about four inches both ways twice, all in one motion, playful like. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and was a little unsure what to think really. But I sure did know that it looked really good and was incredibly attractive.”Found it!” she exclaimed snapping me out of a bit of daze. “Great,” I replied smiling and looking into her eyes. “We’ll start with season one,” she said smiling back at me and meeting my gaze for just a moment before putting the DVD in the player.Walking back to the couch, she picked up the remote on the table and set herself down on the couch, unusually close for a couch that could probably seat four comfortably. The edge of her legs were probably no more than four inches from mine, and since I was leaning into the left corner of the couch, she was somewhat leaning that direction as well. She was close enough that I could smell at bit of a scent coming off her. Not quite sure what it is, but it was pleasant. Though I probably should be ashamed, her being so close is nice albeit rather strange. Was it wrong that I was letting her do this? Maybe it was nothing? If was and it was nothing, I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Light shined off her glossy lipstick as I looked at her flipping through the DVD menu.After getting to the episode selection and selecting the first one she said, “Alright here we go,” looking at me as she hit enter.”Excellent, this should be good,” I replied looking at her deep brown eyes and initiating a smile. She burdur escort returned the smile and settled in on the couch next to me, moving probably about an inch closer now.It is a rather good show, I must admit. She knows a good show when she sees one, that’s for sure. After about a third of the way through the episode she turned her head toward me and said, “You know, sometimes I wish we weren’t cousins. Then I could date you.”That came out of no where I thought as I laughed, smiled at her and continued looking at her. She continued to smile at me and with that, moved those last three inches and against me. Sides of our bodies touch, I could really smell her fragrance. Now it smelled a little bit fruity but not sure what type really. She put her left arm over my shoulders, her right arm on my leg just above my knee and nestled her head into the right side of my chest. At that point she looked up at me with her gorgeous deep brown eyes and loose strand of hair going past the edge of one of her eyes and said rather softly, “I know it may be wrong, but please hold me Max.””I wouldn’t miss the chance,” I replied looking into her eyes and returning her soft smile. I put my right arm around her, between her and the couch so my hand rested on her side just above her waist. I could feel her soft, beautiful body through that form fitting green top. That combined with her fragrance was wonderful, albeit a little bit wrong.Continuing to look up at me, and ignoring the episode of How I Met Your Mother that was playing, Darcy said rather sheepishly, “I like you. More than just a cousin, like actually like you. I don’t know how or what has gotten into me but I do.”Looking back at her I smiled as my heart fluttered. I knew it was wrong, but I knew I liked her too, especially holding her like this on the couch. “I know,” I replied, giving her a comforting smile. “I like you too you know.””I can tell, your eyes show it.””Well I hope that is good thing.””Oh it is! I wouldn’t want it another way now,” she said softly her face probably being about 5 inches away from mine now, somewhat beaming. With that I touched her right cheek gently with the back of my fingers and brushed her hair out of her eyes putting it behind her ear. “I hope you know that you are really gorgeous,” I said softly.She blushed a little bit as she continued to look into my eyes and smile at me. I then leaned toward her to kiss her and she met me half way. Her lips were incredibly soft and moist. Her lipstick seemed to have a mix of strawberry and mango. It was incredibly inviting and it showed as we continued to kiss for probably about ten minutes. Our lips rarely leaving each others mouths even for just a moment, as it felt like it lasted so long, but that was great thing.After awhile, we both pulled away slowly, looking at each other in our eyes. She gently ran her tongue slowly on her lips and said, “I…I can’t believe we just did that. It, was…wonderful but we just…””Made out, yes I realize that,” I said returning her beautiful smile. “I hope though, you don’t mind me initiating that again.” “No,” she chuckled as she smiled at me. “Definitely not, even though I should.” Her voice then got a little quieter as she looked up at me somewhat whispering, “please continue will you?”Smiling at her as she said that, I bent my head down and whispered in here ear “of course sweetie,” I could tell her smile grew when I said that and I then kissed her again. Her soft, sensual and sweet lips meeting mine once again; this time more out of want than somewhat surprise and shock. I ran my fingers along her slight bit of skin of her stomach showing between the top of her jeans and her top. Gently along as I then slipped my hand underneath her shirt and slowly moved my hand up her side, feeling her incredibly soft and smooth skin. It was incredible to the touch.I stopped as I felt the side of her bra. I ran a finger along the bottom edge of her bra from left to right, slowly and gently, feeling the very beginning of her curves there. I could tell between our kisses that she sucked in a small but sharp breath as I passed under her left and then right breast. Then moving my hands down to her sides and the edges of her shirt, I slowly began inching it upwards. She knew what was happening, let go of me and lifted her arms so I could get her top off. Her black bra had a little bit of lacing on it toward the edges. Running a hand over her stomach, her skin is incredibly soft and as I did so, she somewhat pushed out her breasts toward me as she started to reach for the buttons on my shirt. Running both of my hands up her body, I slowly and gently brushed my hands over her gorgeous breasts, somewhat cupping them on the outside of her bra. I gently ran the sides of my thumbs over where her nipples are and she moaned slightly.I looked up from what I was doing to her eyes and she stared at me with a longing look. Saying, “Oh Max…mmmmmm…god don’t stop now, please keep going…” “I think stopping now would be bad on almost every level…” I said cracking a smile at her.”Mmmm…yes, yes it would be,” she replied as she unbuttoned the last button of my shirt and took it off. Running her hands over my chest and relatively flat stomach, she kissed me three times on the chest and then once on the lips before saying, “You have really soft skin. I really can’t wait till I feel it against my own completely.”I smiled at her and pulled her close to me and against me, feeling her stomach and soft skin push into mine. We began to kiss again as I gently kneaded her back around her bra straps. As well as massaging the back of her shoulders a little bit. As we continued to kiss for a while, I unclipped her bra and let the sides fall down a bit. The only thing somewhat holding it in place is us being pushed together. That didn’t last long though as she moved away to remove her bra and reveal her breasts to me.”Do you… like them?” she said rather sheepishly with a smile and looking me in the eyes.”My god,” I said as looked at my cousin’s breasts, no more than 6 inches away from me. They were gorgeous and incredibly shapely. Not really big, but not really small either, just right really. Her nipples weren’t huge, probably about the size of a nickel. They were mild pink in color and very upright. She was turned on, that’s for sure.Gently massaging the sides of her wonderfully soft breasts without touching her nipples at all I said, “It looks like someone is a little turned on,” with a smile looking back into her eyes.She giggled a little bit as she looked down at her hard nipples, then glanced down toward my crotch and back into my eyes saying with a little bit mischievous smile, “Well it looks like I’m not the only one.””No, well… I guess you are not,” I replied smiling back at her as she ran a hand now my chest, over my stomach and on top of my jeans. She slowly began to outline my cock on my jeans, which was getting harder by the second. Noticing that, she placed her palm on my cock and gently moved her hand up and down over my jeans. I let out a bit of a moan and she said, “You like that, don’t you?””Yes, yes I most certainly do…mmmm,” I moaned lightly as I began to massage her breasts a little more, rubbing over her hard nipples with my thumbs. “And you like that right?””Mmmmm….oh yes…please. I haven’t had a guy touch me like this before.”Smiling at her, I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and pushed her softly down on her back on the couch. Getting on top of her and gently pushing our bodies together, we started kissing passionately as well as starting to instinctively grind our crotches together a little bit. After a couple minutes I started kissing down her body: first her chin, then her neck, her chest and then her breasts. Starting to lightly massage her breasts I started to give gentle kisses around her nipples yet being careful not to touch them. After kissing both breasts I began to gently suck on her nipples.”Mmmm…oh Max…mmmmmm…please don’t ever stop!” she exclaimed as I continued to suck on her nipple. I started to gently flick her hard nipple with my tongue while gently touching her other nipple between my thumb and index finger. But not rolling it just gently pinching it. Switching nipples I continued to suck on her breast and play with the other. Flicking gently and then a little bit faster with my tongue. After awhile I worked my way back up to her mouse, kissing her burdur escort bayan body softly all along the way. After kissing her on her lips again, we sat back up. She looked at me and said, “That was wonderful. I know all of this that we are doing is wrong but I don’t care at all anymore. After feeling you against me and you touching me, it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore.” She then stared into my eyes, smiled and whispered softly, “I so want you right now.””I don’t think we need to worry, no one is going to find out here in your apartment,” I said back with a smile and returning her gaze. “I want you just as much right now too.”At that we started kissing strongly again and her hand found her way to outlining my cock through my jeans again while my hand went back to gently pinching and touching her nipples. Though it didn’t take long for her to unbuckle my belt and start unbuttoning my jeans.”Why did you have to wear jeans that are hard for me to unbutton?” Darcy asked as we stopped kissing for a moment and she was concentrating on my jeans. The jeans I wore had five buttons down the crotch, instead of a zipper. “Like I knew this was going happen,” I said.She giggled a bit, kissed me once and unbuttoned the last two buttons of my jeans. She slipped her hand inside but still over my regular boxers that I was wearing. She started gently rubbing my cock through my boxers, not grasping it up slowly going up and down.Looking down at what she was doing she said with an obvious smile on her face, “My you are quite happy. You’re getting even harder now that I have freed you from those restrictive pants somewhat. But those have to come completely off,” motioning toward my jeans.”Mmmm…oh Darcy…there’s no problem with that,” I said as I jostled my jeans off so all I had on was my boxers.As we sat there next to each other on the couch, pushing into each other as best we could in this position, with her still gently outlining my hard cock through my boxers I started to gently slide my hand down her stomach. Reaching the top of her jeans I heard her take a quick sharp breath inward as her legs automatically spread a little. Running my hand over her jeans button and slowly going down the zipper to the stitching between her legs, I gently started rubbing her pussy through her jeans up and down slowly.”Mmmmm…oh god…yes, just like that…mmmmm,” Darcy moaned as I continued to feel her through her jeans. “You like that, sexy?” I whispered in her ear.”Mmm…oh yes…just like you like me rubbing your cock like I am hun.””Mmmm…yes, like that. I am glad. Though I’m afraid its time these come off,” I said as I moved my hand up a bit. I undid her button, zipper and began to tug her jeans down.As she lifted herself up a bit and slip her jeans down and all the way off she whispered softly, “Afraid? No babe, these definitely do need to come off. “Mmmm… just your boxers and my panties now,” she commented as she very softly, and teasingly went back to outlining my hard cock through my boxers.Her panties were a light pink, lace bikini type. They’re incredibly attractive and the somewhat see-through nature of them is only more of a turn on, making my cock even harder. I can see her pussy hair through her see-through panties. It goes up to almost the top of her panties and then out a bit each direction. It isn’t really hairy, so she does probably “trim” it I would say. An incredible turn on though, seeing her hair peeping through her see-through lingerie. Running my hand back down between her legs, I started to softly touch her pussy through her panties now. She was definitely already wet as her panties were getting soaked through down there. I started to gently rub her through her panties. Small little circles on her clit, using the fabric as friction and longer strokes up and down her pussy lips. Which were getting wetter and wetter as I could feel from the fabric.”Oh god…oh god…mmmmmm…that feels soooo good Max. Don’t stop, don’t stop…please!” she moaned.”I don’t plan to any time soon hun.””Gooooood,” she breathed as she reached under my boxers and finally took hold of my cock. Starting to gently stroke it up and down she said, “These are coming off now,” as she pulled my boxers down and I kicked them off. “Oh wow! You are big and thick too. I don’t know how you’re going to fit that in my tight pussy soon!””Oh god Darcy…” I moaned as she continued to stroke my hard cock up and down. Brushing any little bit of pre-cum over my head with her thumb she said, “I think we can find a way.” With that I moved my hand underneath her panties, brushing downward through her short pussy hair that felt so good. Reaching her pussy, I could tell she was way incredibly wet. Lightly brushing her pussy lips with two of my fingers, I then lifted her up a little bit and pulled her panties down and she kicked them off and out of the way revealing her gorgeous hairy pussy.She then d****d her left leg over my right thigh and spread her right leg off the other way, opening up her legs. I ran my fingers down to her wet pussy which as I touched she moaned. I gently slipped one finger insider of her as deep as it could and out again. Doing that again and then with two fingers, curling them inside her feeling her walls as my fingers went in and out. She was really wet, and getting more so. Her juices were leaking and starting to run down to her ass hole as she continued stroking my cock and keeping it rock hard. Slowly removing my two fingers from her, I started to run my fingers gently up and down her pussy lips, gently flicking her clit.”Oh Max… oh yes… please like that… put those fingers back in…please,” she moaned.”Mmmm, as long as you keep stroking me like that…I’ll do anything you ask,” I replied through my breathing. With a smile I leaned over to her and kissed her gently on the lips a couple times.”My hand is staying right there on your nice big, thick cock. Right where I want it,” she replied.”Oh Darcy…yes…oh my god,” I moaned as she continued stroking my cock up and down. Periodically sliding her hand down farther and gently grasping my balls and giving them a little squeeze. I slipped two fingers back into her increasingly wet pussy as I moved them in and out of her; slowly at first, then a little faster and then back to a slow motion. Moving my fingers out of her, I ran one of my fingers through her pussy lips, gently splitting them up and down. Doing that I then followed her leaking juices downward to where her ass hole was starting to get quite wet. With a finger I started to spread her liquids around her ass hole with small circular motions. Getting it nice and wet with her own fluids.”Mmmmmm….oh please…that’s teasing me so much…please,” she whispered throughout her breathing.”You mean something like this?” I smiled at her as I started to push a finger inside her ass hole. Just to my first knuckle to start with, as it was rather tight. But moving that around a little bit with the combination of her juices, I then got to the second knuckle. Soon the full finger and I was slowly moving my finger in and out of her ass hole. Slowly down and out so the tip of my finger was resting at its entrance, then sliding it back in getting past a little initial tightness then all the way. Her pussy juices were a great lubricant as I continued moving it in and out, slowly.”Oh…my…god…mmmmm…mmmm,” Darcy moaned through sharp breaths. “I can’t believe I’ve never done that to myself. Oh god…please, more Max. It always seemed a little dirty to me, still kind of is but I love that about it now…ohhh… don’t stop.”Looking over at her, watching her head go backwards a little bit as she arched her hips upwards somewhat I said, “Oh I could do this as long as you want,” as I continued slipping my finger in and out of her ass hole.”Mmmmm…yess…any other time I would say you could all day long but right now, my pussy is throbbing for your cock,” she said gasping at me.”Oh it is, is it?” I smiled at Darcy as I slipped my finger out of her ass hole and back up to her pussy moving my finger slowly up and down her lips.”Oh god yes…yes,” she said as she somewhat bucked her hips toward my hand. “And I think your cock would that that too.”Smiling at her, and leaning over to her kissing her a few times on the lips, I got up. I left her sitting on the coach in a somewhat of a missionary position. Moving around to the front of her with escort burdur her legs spread wide and now around her, I smiled down at her as the head of my huge hard cock gently brushed on her pussy lips. Going up and down, gently touching her pussy hair while spreading her juices with the tip of my hard cock around on her pussy that was now mixing with any of my pre-cum. “Mmmmm…oh my god,” she said as she bucked her hips a little bit toward my cock. “You are so teasing me! My god…mmmm… I love it but I want you inside of me!” Smiling at her I looked down into her wanting eyes and said, “You know, do you think maybe we should use a condom? Technically being cousins and all…”Giggling back at me as she met my gaze, “Well I am on birth control even though I never have sex,” she replied. “But more importantly, I want to feel your big, thick, throbbing cock inside of me just how it is. I want to feel your cock spray its cum deep inside of me and slowly trickle out of my pussy mixing with my juices.””Mmmmm…oh god…yes I want that too,” I replied as I gently started to push the head of my cock into her tight, wanting pussy. She was tight but her pussy juice was acting as great lubricant as I started to slowly push a little bit more inside of her.”Oh my god! MMMM! Yes…more…I want all of you!” Darcy said as I was slowly pushing my cock inside her pussy. Probably about half way in now, slowing moving that in and out a little. I took her legs underneath her knees and helped them up and wider apart. “Mmmmm…oh your pussy feels sooooo good Darcy..sooo good,” I moaned as I slipped almost all of my cock in side her feeling her pussy hug my thick throbbing cock as it moved slowly in and out, getting the rest of it inside.”Oh my god, oh my god…your cock…mmmmmm… deep inside of me…deeper!” she cried.Hearing her say that I was able to push the rest of it inside her pussy, starting to move it at a steady pace in and out of her. Not all the way out, but down to just the head of my cock was left inside of her and then slowly back up deep inside of her pussy. Feeling her tighten around my cock each time going back, her walls throbbing at my cock, her juices leaking out of the sides of her pussy over my cock.”Ohhhhh….yes….mmmm…god yes….yes harder…oh FUCK ME MAX!” she said loudly under her breath and through her breathing. One of her hands went to a breast as she started pinching and playing with her nipples while her other hand braced her against the couch.Hearing her say that is probably the biggest turn on ever. She never uses the word fuck and her saying it like this, is just…wow. I started moving my hard, thick, throbbing cock in and out of her to the edge at a little bit brisker pace. Looking down at my cock smoothly going in and out of her tight gorgeous wet hairy pussy I said, “Oh Darcy…oh my god…oh it feels so good… I’ll fuck you like this all you want.””Mmmmm… oh my god…yes, I want it all the time,” she breathed heavily and whimpered a little bit. “Oh please…fuck me harder… I want you deep inside of me!”I started thrusting my cock in and out of her faster. Bringing my cock out a little farther, and then thrusting it back into her wet tight pussy. “Mmmm….oh god Darcy….mmm…oh yes… I can feel the tensions in my cock rising.””Oh god…yes…mmmm so can I can…oh Max…cum inside me!” Looking down at her and smiling I said, “No, not yet honey.” As I continued to thrust my cock into her wet pussy which she was pushing toward me, trying to get even more cock inside her.”No…oh god…no don’t tease me like that…mmmmmm,” she moaned as her wet pussy continued to take it deep inside of her, in and out. “Oh yes….mmmm…oh Darcy….mmmm,” I moaned as I could feel my cock throbbing even harder and starting to ask for release. But I stopped, took my cock out of her pussy which was lathered with her juices and slowly teased her, rubbing the tip of my cock up and down the slit of her pussy lips and on her clit.”Mmmmm… oh god…please…please,” she whimpered as her hips started thrusting toward me, wanting my hard cock back inside of her.”Oh do you want something?” I said as I smiled down at her. Still teasing her pussy with the tip of my cock, pre-cum mixing with her juices.”Oh my god yes!” she replied instantly and in a sharp high voice. “Put it back inside of me! Oh Max….please…fuck me more…fuck me faster…and harder…oh god…I need you deep inside of me…please…please just fuck me!”Smiling at her as she said that, I slipped my hard, thick, throbbing cock back into her wet, wanting pussy and started thrusting in and out of her. Faster and harder now just as she wanted it. “Oh god…yes Max…yes! Deeper!” she exclaimed. “Mmmmm…. oh god yes Darcy…yes…oh you feel so good…mmmm,” I groaned and moaned at the same time.”YES! OH GOD YES! MORE MAX!” she said loudly as I continued thrusting in and out of her wet dripping pussy. Her juices were seeping out again as I thrust inside of her, dripping down my cock and down on to my ever tightening balls. Oh god it felt so good. “Oh god…yes…oh sweetie…mmmm… oh I’m not going to be able to hold it much longer,” I said under my rising heavy breathing.”Oh hun…just keep fucking me…harder…oh god yes…oh my god… I want you to cum inside of me!””I’m going to very soon.””Good…oh yes…mmmm…. Oh Max your hard thick cock feels soooo good! Soooo good! Mmmm… Oh I can feel you expanding.””Yes…yes,” I breathed heavily. My hard cock was going in and out of wet pussy faster now. It was reaching the edge though; I really couldn’t hold it much longer. My balls were tightening, pushing my cum up my cock.”Oh god Max…yes…please…unload inside of me! I can feel you wanting to,” she said quickly, raising her voice. I could feel her pussy tightening around my long, hard, throbbing cock as I continued thrusting it in and out. Then it was just too much.”Oh god…oh Darcy…yes…oh my god…mmm…mmm…mmm…yes..oh god,” I moaned, grunted, and breathed out all at the same time.”OH YES. YES. OH MAX! FUUUUUCCCCCK!” she yelled as I began to explode inside of her. “Oh my….oh my god…yes Max…yes…yes…oh fuck…fuck…yes…cum inside of me! Deep inside of me! Oh god please cum…yes like that!”I couldn’t take it anymore. I thrust my cock deep inside of her wet wanting pussy, and started to let go, squirting my cum deep inside of her. Feeling her start to contract around my hard cock as I was starting to cum just really put her and me over the edge. I threw my head back and groaned as I squirted my cum insider of her multiple times. She threw head back against the coach, moaned and bucked her hips harder on to my cock wrapping her legs around me. Taking it all in, all my cock and all my cum.”Mmmm…oh Max…mmmm,” she moaned as we started coming down from bliss.”Mmmm…oh…yes,” I replied back, still in a daze.My cock was shrinking inside her now, her walls closing around it, hugging it tight. I started to slowly remove it when she looked up from the coach at me, beaming and said “Leave it in babe…please? Just for now. I want my pussy to milk every last ounce of cum from your wonderful cock.””Mmmm…yes, of course hun,” I smiled back looking into her eyes. She continued to wrap her legs around me pulling me close. My cock was definitely sensitive now but god, feeling her pussy tighten and contract around it was blissful. Her pussy squeezing it gently as it got smaller inside her, pumping out any last bit of cum. After a couple minutes I pulled out my cock, and watched some cum slowly trickle out of her pussy.I looked up at her smiling and she returned that. She stretched out long ways on the couch and I got on it next to her. Pressing our bodies together. My wet sticky cock pressing against her wet pussy hair just above her pussy. We gently pushed our hips together a little harder to feel each other wetness as we wrapped our arms around each other and looked into each other eyes.”Oh Max…that was absolutely wonderful,” Darcy said.”Yes, yes it was” I said, returning her broad smile. I leaned in and kissed her softly a couple times on the lips. “I think…we’re going to have to do more of that while you’re here,” Darcy whispered to me, not more than a couple inches from my face.I replied quietly, “Yes I think so. “Oh Darcy…you are wonderful,” I whispered softly, gently touching her cheek and smiling at her.She smiled back, and we kissed each other softly and long on our lips before we fell asleep together on the couch completely naked, wrapped up in each others arms and legs all the while holding each other softly, without a care in the world that we were actually cousins.

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