Cum for Dawn :Book V

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Cum for Dawn :Book VHello, my name is Dawn and these are my stories.I love Halloween; it’s become one of my favorite holiday’s over the years -the candy is a given, but I love the costumes and dressing up. I was usually a princess, all in pink with a tiara and wand. I use to not care as much for Halloween, but this year was gonna be different.We found out the house that Petra and Duncan lived in finally sold. The new residents had been moving in for a few days now, so naturally everyone was peeking out of their windows to catch a glimpse of the new neighbors.Halloween finally arrived and I came home from school with my first round of candy from class. I decided to hide my stash in my room and headed over to Sarah’s room to give her a few pieces of candy for later when she got home.I felt like now was the time to check out what new magazines Sarah might have so I went to my bat cave and had a look around. She was in the Halloween spirit. The top magazine was called Scream Queens Uncensored; it was all the horror movie girls butt naked! Everyone from the girl from: A Nightmare on Elm Street, to Elvira, was in it. I had no idea she’s a natural redhead either! I flipped through a couple more magazines when I heard the front door shut and heard Sarah’s voice telling whoever she was with to keep it down. I shut her closet door leaving just enough to see, figuring it was probably Cindy again. She had spent most of the year helping me keep Sarah happy from the Duncan incident. I was hoping they were both in some kind of hot Halloween outfit and I was gonna get a treat to watch!I could see it now…Sarah walks in with her sexy librarian outfit on, her hair pulled back with some fake glasses on, black nylons, and spiked high heels! Just looking ultra hot and sexy! Then Cindy walks in behind her wearing her Betty Page tigress one piece outfit with fishnet stockings and Doc Martin boots. Her hair is usually done up like Betty’s anyways and is wearing tiger ears on top of her head. I could imagine Cindy pouncing on top of her prey as soon as the door shut and start ravaging Sarah without giving her a chance to fight! Stripping the helpless librarian of her mini skirt and tearing away at her lace panties exposing her, I could see Cindy throwing Sarah’s legs high into the air and giving her the tongue lashing she deserves, licking and lapping up her preys juices, smiling with an evil grin as her meal begs for mercy! …That’s what I was hoping for anyways. I was getting wet just thinking about it! The door finally opened to her room and in she walked, even better than what I imagined! She was wearing the classic Playboy Bunny outfit! Complete with the bunny tail, the dark nylons, the cuffs, the bowtie and ears! She had her golden blonde hair straightened and it went almost to her butt! She looked amazing! Like straight out of the magazine amasing. I was soaked just watching her walk in that outfit! She knew how to make that bunny tail work to!Then I could practically hear the record scratch as some dude walked in behind her! Who the fudge was this guy!? …or whatever he was? His outfit…if that’s what you wanna call it was short blue hair combed to the side, he was wearing a KMFDM Money shirt, and had black electrical tape all up and down his arm, he even had blue eyeliner which I had never seen on a boy before and had on ripped up stone washed jeans and converse shoes.His face is very feminine and I guess if he wanted to could of passed or dressed as a woman if he felt like it. His eyes were a pale green and he always seemed to have a smirk on his face like he was up to no good.Sarah wasted no time jumping on him and kissing him almost recklessly. She pulled at his hair and bit into his neck leaving her marks all over him; he just seemed to laugh and let her do whatever she wanted. I myself was unimpressed and I even folded my arms in a pouty sort of way. I wanted Cindy! She is much hotter than this….this…BOY! What was she thinking? I almost felt like bursting out and hopefully freaking him out and making him run off, but with my luck I would probably just get the boot. So I continued to watch -at least I could watch my hot sister get naked. I’m always down for that and I love that bunny outfit! Sarah started taking off his shirt while they made out and he picked her up and spun around while she wrapped her legs around him; she looked so cute with that bunny tail and ears.She didn’t even open her eyes when she was facing me, but gave me a thumbs up. I just rolled my eyes and hoped Cindy would come in and kick this guy out, but that didn’t happen. Not too much was said between them just a lot of grunting and moaning and lip smacking going on. It was the first time I felt kind of trapped in here and had no way out. Finally Sarah decided to speak.“Hey why don’t you put me on my bed, tie me up and have your way with me?” Sarah said to her new found friend. He tossed her onto the bed and started grabbing at her as she pretended to try and escape. He spanked her on the butt, which made her yell a little followed by a laugh.“What should I tie you up with, hmmm?” The boy asked with that evil grin.“Oh I don’t know. I guess you will have to use your imagination, wont you,” the trapped bunny replied. After thinking and struggling to keep her pinned down he finally took his electrical tape on his arms off and tied her hands to the back of her bed, he then used what was left to tie her legs up by her ankles. I had to admit I was kinda turned on seeing her tied up like that. She had this smile on her face like an I-know-something-you-don’t-know look. He started fumbling around trying to figure out how to take amasya escort bayan her bunny outfit off.“Hey, what gives? How am I supposed to take this off?” He became more confused and grew impatient on how to strip his bunny of her clothes with each passing moment. She just laughed at him.“Ha! You will have to be creative now wont you?” Sarah said giggling as her boy toy thought real hard about how to strip her. He looked around the room and saw a pair of scissors and grabbed them.“Ah ha! Here we go, now your mine little bunny!” He jumped back onto the bed and grabbed Sarah’s ankles. The boy slid the scissors right into her crotch and cut them off exposing her already creamy pussy. I had to admit, again, that when I saw how her clothes popped off, exposing her, I was getting wet again and starting to get back into it!“Oh wow look at you, all creamy and wet! I bet I could just slide right into you… Huh, let’s see…” He took the rest of his clothes off and wasted no time sliding his long yet skinny cock into her, making a wet sloppy kind of sound. He went fast at first but then slowed way down, you could hear Sarah moaning and groaning in delight.“What are you waiting for, you want me right? Well take me! C’mon you want me to feel it don’t you? Pound me right now!” I never heard Sarah talk like this before! She was really into it and I was starting to get into it as well. I started taking off my panties, which were already nice and soaked, and I started to play with myself a little.He ripped the tape off her ankles so he could spread her wide and started slamming into her faster and faster. She looked at him with an evil grin as he gave his all.“C’mon you can do better than that can’t you? Give me your best!” Sarah grunted out, telling the boy what she wanted, trying to make him moan loudly.“Jesus, what do you want from me? I’m giving it my all!” The blue haired boy growled, breathing heavier and heavier, his cock sliding in and out of her sweet slick pussy.“Why don’t you cut me loose and flip me over so you can take me from behind?” I couldn’t help but agree with her, I wanted to see her taken from behind as well.“Oh no; no way I’m not cutting you loose. You’ll just try and escape!” The boy wasn’t convinced of letter her go yet. Sarah used her grip she had on his cock and managed to somehow trap his cock inside her to where he couldn’t move! “Look, by all means keep my wrists bound, but you will un-tie me from the bed, flip me over, and take my ass! Do I make myself clear?” The boy whimpered as Sarah laid down her demands and he un-tied her from the bed. He still kept her wrists bound, but flipped her over and re-tied her to the bed, which made her laugh a little.“Awww, what, don’t you trust me? What could I possibly do to you? Do I deserve a little spanking for trapping you inside me?” Sarah was not acting like her normal sensual self like she is with me or Crissy. She seems to almost be torturing this boy. I still had no clue as to who he was since I’d never seen him before.“Oh you want a little spanking do you? Well let me help you with that!” SMACK! He made me jump a little when he smacked her on the butt. Sarah just laughed and asked for more as he slid back inside her and slapped her ass repeatedly.I didn’t really seem to like it all that much and it made me stop playing with myself. I was about to go out there and tell him to stop, but Sarah just laughed more and more. She seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. She was starting to slam back into him, meeting him with each thrust.“Yeah like that! That’s it, I’m almost there; give it to me! I’m gonna…I’m gonna CUM!” Sarah screamed out as she came and, again, locked him in place with her pussy muscles.“Oh my God! What are you trying to do break me in half?” Finally able to pull out the blue haired boy was able to catch his breath and gloat over making my sister cum. I just sat there and watched, not really sure about the spanking.“Well little bunny, are you ready for maybe another round? I bet you have all kinds of toys I can use on you huh, let’s see what’s in here?” He started to make his way over to the closet where I was! I froze in place and I could swear I heard my mom calling me, but I was trapped with this naked blue haired weirdo walking towards me!“Hey! Stay out of there, that’s private!” Sarah protested and started to get a little angry at the boy.“Oh? Is there something naughty in there that I shouldn’t see?” He taunted my sister by grabbing the door and was about to open it.“I’m warning you, if you open that I’m gonna have to hurt you!” Sarah threatened, hoping the threat would stick…even though she was still tied up to the bed.“I bet you have all sorts of toys in here! Whips and chains, dildos and strap-ons’! Let’s have a look shall we?” He opened the door and laughed at Sarah, but hadn’t noticed me yet. He slowly looked into the closet and saw me standing there, still dressed up in my Halloween outfit.“Oh, hi; how are you…Wait a minute? What the hell?! Who are you?! And what are you doing here?” He had this shocked confused look on his face and I just had a dumb grin on mine; Sarah was trying not to laugh.“Okay, fun’s over. Cut me loose from this crap.” Sarah said, trying not to laugh too much. I ran past her….boy toy and went to her to try and untie her from her bonds. Suddenly the boy came up and grabbed my arm real tight and started yelling at me. “I said, “who the hell are you and what are you doing here you peeping tom?” I want answers!” The boy demanded of me, hurting my arm.“Hey…. asshole! That’s my sister; let her go right now! I’m not playing!” Sarah demanded of her still butt naked escort amasya friend.“No! I want some answers! I mean don’t you think this is kinda weird that she is hiding in your closet like that?”“I said let her go. Last warning; and no, she hides in there and watches all the time.”“WHAT!? You two are like some kind of weird freaks huh?” The boy said, while kind of getting rough with my arm almost jerking me about.“Dawn, remember the move I showed you? Do it right now!” Without hesitating I swung my free arm and gave the blue haired boy a left hook to his nuts! Dropping him instantly and making him scream like…well, like a little girl! He fell to the floor and was crying in the fetal position and I, out of instinct, bolted for the door!“You little bitch I’m gonna get you!” He yelled, still in great pain. Then I heard my sister chime in right after that.“Oh, I’m so kicking your ass Ricky! When I get out of this crap, you’re mine!” Sarah was quite livid. I could tell she was definitely gonna hurt this Ricky person, but I didn’t care. I was getting the heck out of there!I was heading towards the living room as fast as I could. In a panic I kept looking behind me, waiting to see if he was chasing after me.“Oh there you are Dawn I want you to meet…” My mom spoke all of a sudden and scared the daylights out of me! As I looked forward again, I tripped over a video game controller and fell face first, hair flying in the air, right into someone’s lap! I paused for a minute and all I saw was blue with white stars and these creamy white legs. I lifted my head up slowly and I saw the greenest prettiest eye’s I had ever seen! She wore what I know now is a Wonder Woman outfit; she looked so beautiful with her milky white skin, green eyes, and raven black, curly long hair. I was totally aw struck by this girl who’s crotch I just landed in. She had this very surprised look on her face and I had a bad feeling all of a sudden.“I know… you hate me don’t you?” I asked as I slowly pulled away from her. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as if in shock.“Oh my god… MOM! IT’S SUPER GIRL!!! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE SUPER GIRL!!” She practically screamed in my face, startling me a bit. Trying not to laugh, my mom chimed in and introduced me to our new neighbors.“Ummm, Dawn? Are you alright? I want you to meet the Ruenhart family. You just met Anni, and this is her mother, Marie.”“Why, hello darling! Aren’t you just the most beautiful thing? Just look at those golden curls!” Marie said in her aristocratic tone. I didn’t even acknowledge her. I was too fixed on Anni’s eyes; we both just kept staring at one another and in that moment, of all things to come on the TV, was the Wonder Years song. I felt Goosebumps all over me and I saw them crawling up Anni’s arms as well.“You so look like Super Girl! Did you know that?” Anni told me.“Who is that? I never heard of her.” I said slightly confused. Anni grabbed my hands and had another shocked look on her face once again.“You don’t know who Super Girl is?! Mom, mom, mom! Do we have a Super Girl outfit she can wear at the house?!”“Now Anni, you know full well what we have at the house.”“Great! Dawn and I are gonna go to our house so I can get her into a Super Girl outfit! C’mon Dawn let’s go!!” Anni grabbed my hands tighter and we bolted out the door. We got to her house which still had many unpacked boxes in it. There were two boys, twins to be exact, moving boxes around and getting things organized.“Hey Damon, Ryan, where are the Halloween outfits? I need one that will fit Dawn here!” Anni asked of her brothers excitedly, still holding my hand.“Oh I see; hey Ryan look, Anni found herself a girl friend!”“Oh yup, your right Damon, but she is really adorable! Look at those curls in her hair… and she’s so tall too!” Ryan kept going on and on until, finally, Anni had enough.“HEY ASSHOLES… Costumes! C’mon now, priorities! She needs a Super Girl outfit, STAT!” I never heard someone my age talk like her; she’s like a firecracker! The twins weren’t even fazed by it.“Mom said to put all the outfits into your room for now; she said you can sleep on the couch until we get things organized.” Damon said with a slight annoyance in his voice. Anni didn’t care and led me to her bedroom where she was tried to open the door, but it seemed that they’d put boxes in the way of the door, blocking her from getting in.“Here let me help,” I said to Anni while she was giving it her all. She’s a lot shorter than me, so I just pushed right above her and, with both our efforts, we flung the boxes out of the way and, apparently, right onto her cat.“Well you should have moved Trix! Next time get the hell out of my way! There are costumes to be had!” We came into her room and Anni just went ballistic on the boxes, ripping them open and digging around for a few minutes until she finally found what she was looking for.“Ah ha! I found it! This should fit; here try it on!”She gave me this, what I know now as a Super Girl outfit, but at the time I had no clue who it was. She went through a few more boxes, found some comic books, and showed me who Super girl was.“See! You look just like her daughter… if she had a daughter.” Anni said with excitement. She kept looking at me with this grin hoping, I guess, that I would go along and change my princess outfit to Super Girl. I was all game for it. She was not only the cutest littlest munchkin I ever did see, but I had already taken a dive right into her crotch, so I felt like I owed her one.I started stripping my clothes off right there and her beautiful green eyes grew to the size of silver dollars and her face turned bright red. Apparently amasya escort I totally forgot I left my panties in Sarah’s room… Oh well, I didn’t mind at all; we’re both girls, so who cares?“Ummm, uh, Dawn… you have no panties on!” Anni said, fumbling her words. “Yeah I know. I left them in my sister’s room… long story…. but the way I see it is you have what I have so I don’t mind if you don’t.” She didn’t blink once as I put on each layer of the costume. First the red underwear, which I teased her with slowly (something I learned from Sarah), then the mini skirt, and followed by the boots. She seemed almost hypnotized by me getting dressed. I started to blush a little, not even Sarah looked at me like this, and I must say I didn’t mind one bit. I finally got the top on and the cape, then gave her a quick pose I had seen from one of her comics.“How do I look Anni?” Anni could barely speak, just a few nods; I don’t even think she blinked for a few minutes.“Wait! You need a belt!” Anni exclaimed; she quickly came to life, went through a couple more boxes, and found the belt I needed, “Uhhh, here you go.” Anni whispered with her voice kinda cracking. I decided to tease her a little.“Well I think you should put it on for me. I have never worn a belt before.” Giving her the doe-eye look and acting all cute and innocent, I stared and waited. Anni wasted no time in helping me get the belt on. I grabbed her creamy white hands and helped her lock in the buckle. I saw goose bumps running up her arms; I had them too!“Anni, are you cold?” I said slowly, asking as if I didn’t know.“Yes! It’s freezing in here… and, besides, this isn’t the warmest costume, ya know!” Anni grabbed my hand again and had me follow her to the bathroom so I could get a better look in the mirror. I checked out the outfit I had on and it was becoming my favorite really fast! We looked great together, standing and doing dork like action poses and talking smack to evil doers where ever they may be!“You know, you look really pretty in that Super Girl costume Dawn, but I think you need some lipstick. Let’s go to my mom’s room.” Anni led the way to her mom and dad’s room. She searched high and low for some lipstick for me and about a half hour went by before she finally gave up.“God, Marie you’re so useless! Not a decent lipstick anywhere!” Anni grumbled a little frustrated. We both thought for a bit and I finally came up with an idea.“Hey Anni, what about the lipstick your wearing? I like that color.” I made the suggestion to her. She had on a nice deep shade of red that I really liked.“No I’m all out! This was the last of it.” She said sadly. Both of us were kinda bum kicked and sat on her mom’s bed. All of a sudden she had an idea!“Here, you can have some of mine!” She pulled me over to her and kissed me! My eyes went wide and then shut as she kissed me for quite a bit, no tongue or anything like that, just this really sweet kiss. I started to melt and crumble. Thank God we were both sitting because I would have been on my knees otherwise! I started getting dizzy when she finally let go, my eyes still shut, and making kissing movements like a dork.“…. Dawn? Hey, are you okay?” I didn’t quite hear her, but I managed to open my eyes, kinda rum dumb from her kiss.“Huh? Wha… Yeah… I’m… okay.” I was barely able to talk for a couple of minutes, but I managed to pull myself together.“Hey, c’mon; it’s getting kinda late. Let’s go trick or treating!” Anni said, striking an action pose!We decided to go back to my house to see if Sarah was gonna take us out trick or treating. When we got inside, there was my mom, Sarah, and Cindy standing in the kitchen waiting for us. My mom told us to come over and see what they did.Mom had found out that Anni’s family doesn’t celebrate her birthday at all! No cake, no presents, nothing! So, my mom went out and bought Anni a Halloween birthday cake, complete with a pumpkin patch, a witch flying over it, and, of course, a black cat.Anni didn’t know what to say. This was her first birthday cake ever! We all sang happy birthday to her and she must have turned three shades of red. I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek and left a lipstick print on her; my sister, wanting to keep her cheeks even, decided to kiss the other side and left another lipstick mark. I don’t think Anni had ever had this much fun, or attention, ever, but tonight she was having the spotlight on her for a change. We all went out trick or treating after eating some cake and waiting for Sarah and Cindy to get dressed up again. That year, I went as Super Girl, Anni went as Wonder Woman, Sarah –who had to change her bunny outfit, went with the sexy kitty look, and Cindy went as the cheetah girl. Oh, I almost forgot! You’re probably wondering what happened to Ricky and my sister… Well, turns out when we left he, apparently, had run out butt naked, trying to catch up to us. Well, Sarah managed to untie herself by the time he got to the living room were both my mom and Anni’s mom were talking. Sarah quickly caught up to him and beat the snot out of him in front of them! And, yes, she was half naked too! Mom tried her best not to laugh, but I heard Anni’s mom was a little less impressed. She tried to be aristocratic and snooty about it, and a little dramatic. I guess she didn’t like seeing her prize c***d getting beat up by a girl, especially while he was naked!Anyways, we all had a fun night trick or treating, and I made a new friend in the process. I didn’t have a clue on how important Anni was about to become for me for the rest of my life. I went to bed that night thinking about the soft kiss she had given me; I was hoping I would have a chance to, somehow, return the favor someday. With that thought in mind, I started rubbing myself nice and slowly, thinking of Annie and the thought of seeing her milky white body naked against mine until I finally drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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