Daddy’s Little Girl

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Daddy’s Little GirlAmy jumped out of her mothers black land rover and greeted her father with a big hug , she felt the bulge of his pants as she pressed her double d cup up against his chest “Hiya Daddy.” She said hugging him tighter.She was sixteen now and hormones were racing through her body she knew she was beautiful with her mothers long silky black hair and tight ass leading down to slender legs, boys at her school always drooled over her body but she wanted a man that could satisfy her needs and she knew her father was just right for making her scream but all she had to do was suduce him.”Look who’s all grown up!” Lewis said to his daughter “I’m not that differnt.” she laughed turning round in a circle so he got a great look at her ass through her tight skinny jeans “I’m still your litle girl.” She looked into his eyes and then turned away to say goodbye to her mum “Err c’mon inside when you’ve said bye.” He walked into the house and tryed to calm himself down..he had just got as stiffy from looking at his daughter and why shouldn’t he.. she was young and sexy and he just wanted to do her right there but he had to control himself , it was his daughter after all.”Soo.. whats for manisa escort lunch..?” amy said leaning on the counter and showing off her cleavage and lacey bra “Uhh…Whadda you want?” Studdered Lewis another stuffy coming fast “Hmmm..something yummy.” Amy licked her fingers one by one and gazed meanfully at her father but he just seemed to pretend not to see her it was driving her crzy and she was so hot for him right now she fantisised about how big his cock would be inside of her pulsing in and out and ghot so wet ” Umm.. I’m gonna go get changed into something more comfortable..” Amy said walking into her room and leaving the door open. She had these really short shorts and tight white singlet that hugged her tits .. you could also see her lacey bra through the thin fabric.”Ahh that’s better..” She walked out of her bedroom and flopped onto the couch “Come sit with me daddy.” Amy patted the sopt next to her and smiled “Yehh..okay.” He was walking over and when he saw what she was wearing she saw the want in his eyes so she screamed “tickle fight!” she jumped onto her father and tackled him to the ground “Umphf.. amy!” Amy laughed and wriggled to catch her fathers arms escort manisa trying to push her off “Aw c’mon daddy!” she pinned his arms on the floor and pressed her lips against his with all her strength first he struggled but then he stopped and grabbed her waist “Uhh your so hot!” he moaned He twisted her fingers in his fair andpressed up against him . He stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist they ran to her room still kissing passionately and he flopped her onto the bed.”Uhh daddy punish me!” amy yelled and threw off her singlet , He took off her bra and started fondling her breats and pashing her. Amy unzipped his pants and reached iin she found his already rock hard penis and stroked it roughly “uhh ..mhhmm.” He moaned as she jacked his cock , she slipped off her shorts and his pants and shirt then climbed onto him.She pushed down hard on his cock and screamed as his 9 inch stretched her tight pussy “YES!! She screamed and juices flowed from her pussy, she started grinding on his cock and moaned in ecstasy “Harder!” She yelled “umphhff take it all little girl!” he ordered and she pushed harder and harder until hr cummed all over her cunt and they both manisa escort bayan fell off eachother “Your amazing.” she whispered to lewis “You haven’t seen nothing yet.” He fondled her breast and then moved onto her cunt tickling her clit until she begged himt o finger her and he did in and out he pulled his finger out of her pussy.”Now you can suck me.” He said and got up on his knees “Mmm I’ll be your little girl.” She moved up to his cock and stated punping it with her mouth she spat on it and rubbed the spit in stroking her fingers up and down his shaft “Mmm go deep throat babey” he sweeped back her hair and she sucked on the tip of his dick then circled the end with the tip of her toungue teasing him. Then she sucked hard and put his hard dick into her mouth and throat pumping it with her throat muscles her nose was geting tickled by his pubic hair and she sucked and swallowed “I’m gonna cum!” She sucked faster and harder and swallowed “MM here it comes!” ” SWALLOW IT ALL!” He cummed in her face and she swallowed it hten licked his dick clean sucking on his piss hole and slipping her toungue in and out “finger me some more quick!” He slipped his finger into her cunt asnd pumped it up and down he squeezed her clit and sucked her pussy until she creamed in his face “Mmm thanks daddy.” “No thankyou babey.” Lewis looked at her hot and beautiful daughter and lusted for her body.”Wanna go again?” He grinned and crawled on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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