dominate me. control me.

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dominate me. control you steer at me, you see the bulge growing in my pants, your eyes widen with excitement, as the bulge grows with every glance, you decide that I should be punished for showing no control, and flaunting my cock Hard and stiff hidden from sight, beneath my pants, at once you demand, what good is it there if I can’t see it, and what good is it that because your cock throbs and moves for my affection and touch, does not mean it gets it, no matter how big, no matter how hard, and for that, I’m going to torture you for thinking like that, Mmmmmm she groans, this only causes my cock to get stiffer, mmm she groans, brushing her hand across her low cut top, nocking off the top button, just to reveal the meeting of her two plump breasts. She tells me this is all I get, now unzip your pants, leave your boxers on and get that naughty cock out the side of those tight boxers, in a flash i carry out her commands, she enforces. you are my pupet, you are my show, you are not going to get what you want, you will learn the hard way, as see sits back, opening her legs, revealing her wet izmir escort lingerie, her pussy so wet it’s soaked through and she rubs her moist thong, then licks her fingers, before shutting her legs..I only wish I could taste every last drop of her juice, She tells me to jerk my control, she tells me how fast how slow, not to touch, when to touch, the agony she’s making me feel, She sees my hands are full of an aching, throbbing cock, muscles tensing about to explode, craving your dominance. My pelvis is pulsating as I thrust forward and pull down on my dick with a tight strong grip. Thrusting forward, gripping tighter, pulling harder, i am at your mercy, i beg you to allow me blow, i beg, i beg, you dont, you make me suffer. On the edge of release, i beg, i surcom to your will and this is were you keep me begging, you finally grant me permission on the one condition that I shoot my hot load on myself, then after you make me massage my mess into my relived sensitive cock, soaking it with my own cum, then you make me continue stroaking, to which you demand stays rock hard because you have escort izmir not finnishd with me, as you steer at me with those sharp eyes pleased with me following your every order, me with my hard cum soaked cock still being pulled, your tongue licks your lips, you punish me with each lick of your lips as I dream and fantasise about them wrapping around my wet messy hard cock, your eyes watching my every stroak, you lick your lips more and more i only imagine that your tasting every inch of my cum soaked hard cock, you then demand i cover my cock with another hot load, as soon as you stop speaking, you steer deep into my eyes and you see the pain I’m in, you see the only one thing I desire and with that, you lick your lips one more time slowly enforcing that I will never get what I want, this instantly makes me meet your demand my cock squirts another powerful, 5 shots of cum everywhere. Cum still slowly oozing from the end of my cock, you walk over steer me down, again you punish me with that sexy tongue rolling across your lips, and then to my surprise you drop to your knees, and begin izmir escort bayan running your tongue over every patch that a squirt of my obedience landed, every inch of behaved shaft, every curve of my abiding knob, your wet soft engulfing tongue leaves nothing behind, your lips perched kissing the end of my cock trying to suck any remains from the end, until I see those eyes steering at me from between my legs, lips just everso lightly resting on the end of my member, i feel you peering into my thoughts, i dont think you’re done just yet… as your head moves downwards, my used cock gets an instant pump off blood, your lips feel my nob expand with the rush, your juicy wet lips let your tongue out and you give my shaft a surprise. Your lips still just resting of the end of my now beginning to throb cock, I can only imagine how well you suck cock, you allow your mouth to open everso subtle, allowing my begging cock to just push the tip past your lips, at this point my shaft is standing at attention solid, awaiting your command, your mouth widens, your lips secure themselves to me, and to my pleasure in one second, you take me hole in one spilt second, lips wrapped tightly around the base of me…. If only i knew what her lips felt like around me…… Still she punishes me..And I still crave her punishment……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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