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Fantasy lifeIt is about 10:30 on a summer Saturday night. Earlier in the evening you had said you wanted to hang out with your friends and you will be back. I kissed you good bye and took a hot bubble bath. I decided to pamper myself a bit and dressed in a sexy black lace lingerie with open crotch and put on black stockings to match. I settled in on the sofa with a good book. I must have fallen asleep, it felt like I was dreaming but I could feel you beard tickle my face and lips kissing me beckoning me to wake up, whispering you had a gift for your sub. I continued thinking I was dreaming and kept my eyes closed. I had always loved the dreams that felt so so real and I thought this was what it was. I felt your hands caressing me on my thighs beckoning me, I smiled in what I thought was my dream. Then I felt more caressing on my tits but your hands were still caressing my thighs. I opened up my eyes a bit and noticed your friends standing behind you with big smiles on their faces grabbing their cocks through their jeans. On the couch next to me was one of your friends’ girlfriend Ani smiling, her skirt pulled up and she was the one caressing my titties. You gave me a stern look as you could tell I was about to protest and whispered “you will allow her to touch you and obey everything I say tonight. Because tonight will be very special for the both of us. Everyone can cum when they feel an orgasm, except you Lil One, you will ask me for permission to cum and wait for me to grant you the permission.” My eyes got really big at the thought of that because of how insanely your mere touch makes me feel, I could only imagine trying to hold back an orgasm caused by your touch will be impossible. You could read what I was thinking and put your finger on my lips and smiled and whispered “I love you Lil One, and know what is best for you.” Yes Master I whispered back. You pull me into a sitting position on the sofa and pull me down to where my little ass is on the edge of the sofa and spread my legs open instructing one of your friends on each side to hold my legs open and up. And Ani to get on her knees next to you as you are positioned right in front of me düzce escort and to make my pussy wet and get your cock ready. She starts rubbing my pussy slow and sensual and wraps her lips around your cock slow sucking it to get it wet. At her touch a jump a little causing your friends to get a little more excited by my nervousness. Their cocks out now throbbing in anticipation of whats to come. Ani pulls your cock out of her mouth and leans down and starts to lick and suck on my clit sliding one finger inside my now wet pussy. Your friend that was just watching reaches down and rubs her pussy positioning himself behind her ready to penetrate her. As he does she pulls up because his cock is so big, in that instant you move forward thrusting your cock deep inside my pussy and start pounding me. One of your friends continues to hold my legs up as the other positions himself over my face and inserts his cock in my mouth telling me to suck it you little slut. He starts fucking my mouth, going in deep until I gag. Your cock still pounding my pussy, you reach up pinching my hard nipples. Ohhhh your cock is soooooo good!!After several moments you pull your cock out and your friend stops fucking my mouth. He sits on the sofa next to me and you pick me up sitting me on his cock, he guides his cock into my pussy and starts to slow fuck me. I can feel my little hole being rubbed and you lean over and tell me that you will take that little ass tonight. In that instant your friend pulls me down onto his chest and holds me tight. Ani sees what is going on and pulls away from your other friends and crawls over on her knees to get my little hole ready for you. She sucks your cock first then wets her fingers and rubs my little hole. She does this going back and forth several times. When my little hole is glistening wet you start to penetrate the tip of your cock into my little hole. It hurts and I start to stiffen up. You rub my back and tell me to relax. Ani is on the couch next to me riding her man as your other friend is behind her working his cock into her ass. She moans and throws her head back. Begging for more. Finally you get the tip of your cock worked escort düzce inside of my little hole. Your friend is kissi mopng me to muffle my screams and slow fucking my pussy to relax me. Ani reaches over caressing my titties while she is being pounded in her pussy and ass. The pain becomes a little pleasureable now and I can feel my pussy wanting to cum. I ask for permission to cum and you sternly tell me no. I try to hold back and you can tell I can’t hold it. You take your cock out of my little hole and instruct your friend to pull out as well leaving me laying on the sofa with my body shaking. You pull Ani towards you, your friend takes his big cock out of her ass and you penetrate her ass with one big thrust. Then start pounding her all the while locking eyes with me asking me if I like this. I whimper yes Master I do. And you tell me this is what you will be doing to me soon and learn to love it like this lil’slut,so turnd on instinctively I respond yes master! .. I will! Ani moans loudly, two of your friends put their cocks on her mouth fucking her mouth. Those cocks looking so good I try to make my way over (on all 4s) and help Ani. But almost instantly I feel a strong pull, getting pulled in the other direction.I turn to look and smile knowing its you baby, you ask where do you think you are going pussycat? Your other friend comes over to me and rubs my legs,his hand reaching down tapping rubbing and fingering my wet pussy he then pulls you’re him asking are you,ready for some more cock I look at you for permission and you nod your head yes. He picks me up and puts his cock in my pussy reverse cowgirl and starts fucking me, rubbing my clit with one hand and my tits with the other hand.gliding me,all the way down on that big cock feeling it so deep I let out a big scream YESSS!!! fuck me like a lil’slut,watching him fuck me, you pull out of Ani and she comes over and starts licking my pussy and your friends cock while he is fucking me. She does this for awhile and reaches up to kiss me with mine and his juices on her tongue. I reach over caressing her titties and she grabs my hand putting it on her pussy for me to rub her clit. Ani düzce escort bayan gets picked up by your other two friends, holding her they both penetrate her pussy and ass while standing up. You sit on the sofa next to me locking eyes with me. I beg you to cum… please master …grinding so good you say to me…his cock(breathing,moaning heavily) is so big!so good!! I …I can’t (quivering,eyes start to rollback behind ur head)I cant hold it no more master! Please!!Knowing you have reached a new limit I look and signal everyone to join me n watchMy epic lil cumslut squirt for the first time! So weak n ready to collapse I tell, no ,not yet pussycat you can handle lil more,Ani makes her way between your legs while you are on your knees sits you on her face licking that dripping wet pussy getting it ready for more cock, With your eyes closed moaning I can tell you are enjoy her soft tongue in you babygirl…mmm good girl!! Instructing Ani to spank me then you tell your friend (the one I been waiting to feel in me;) to pound my pussy really good and hard, feeling that big cock slide deep in me and another teasing my lil’hole yet once more You whisper it’s me ur master lil’one to comfort me You then ask me if I want to try again? Yes master give it to me im ready baby, I’m feeling much more confident and not as much nervous ready to take both of ur big cocks, thinking and in disbelief.on how amazing both urcocks feel and how much I’m enjoying this epic night .Ani still licking your dripping wet pussy. I instruct both of you to get in a 69 position to lick each other and take cock at the same time,making me wanna cum again!I beg you “please Master let me cum”. You pull my head down up against Ani’s and start fucking my mouth then hers, your friend repositions himself in a spoon position and continues to fuck my pussy. I beg and beg to cum, my body cannot hold out any longer. When you notice I have reached my breaking point you allow me to cum. I squirt so hard all over your friends cock and Ani’s face and collapse,you quickly come over to my rescue picking me up in ur arms telling me how proud you are of me.caressing you comforting you I sit you on my lap on the recliner where you position yourself like a baby on me… Holding you tight whispering their their baby you did great you’re safe here in my arms.LI LOVE you brought in Ani the both of you could pass as sisters.

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