First Experience with Mai Waifu

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First Experience with Mai WaifuI’ve been best friends with my wife since we were five, when we met in Kindergarten. The first day of school, she was the little girl crying because she missed her mother. I comforted her by snuggling her all day, even during nap time. I learned her name was Faith; absolutely gorgeous. That’s when our relationship really began.Throughout our elementary years, I would get jealous if she chose to play with other girls on the playground. Now, I wasn’t mean about it, but I wanted her to pay attention to me too. I never thought about being attracted to her until I turned ten.We watched anime together since we met, that’s another thing that brought us closer. We use to live role play around my house;my father owned a pretty decent sized property. We would always choose the anime, choose our characters, then run off into the forest to role play. We role played Final Fantasy A LOT, mainly Final Fantasy 7. I was always Cloud and she was always Aerith. If you haven’t played the games, all you need to know is that Aerith died in Cloud’s arms and they both loved each other. Turning back to my story, I would always find a big bamboo stick or branch, since Cloud wielded a buster sword, to match him. We would go through my box of outfits in my room before going outside to match their clothes as well. We were very serious about it, but it was so much fun. I’ll never forget those times.My parents owned a couple of campers and boats on our property for when we went down to the coast to stay a few weeks. We use to play on the boats as well, but the campers were always locked.One day, while my father was at work and my mother went to town edirne escort for groceries, we found the biggest camper unlocked. Faith and I stormed in and claimed what beds we owned, the tables, etc. The camper was unlocked from that point on; that was to be our new play ground.Another day came where my mother was gone in town, my father at work, and we held up in the giant camper. We laid on the biggest bed together and began talking about certain things. Mainly school, girls, boys, our hair, what was wrong with our face… After talking for some time, Faith took a deep sigh and turned her head towards me. She had a serious expression resting on her eyebrows and suddenly said,”You’re beautiful, Cel.” She smiled. I laughed a little and said,”Thank you Effie, you’re beautiful too.” I didn’t turn towards her, I just closed my eyes, never thinking twice that she was serious. I could then feel her soft gentle lips against my cheek. Before I knew it, she left a slight wet mark on my left cheek, where she had kissed it. I sat up and looked down at her.”Why did you do that?” I asked. I wasn’t mad, just utterly shocked.”I already said, I think you’re beautiful.”I crossed a leg over the other, blushing a bit, suddenly realizing she was very serious; she honestly thought I was beautiful. I smiled a bit and replied,”Are we role playing again, Aerith? Cloud loves you too!”She sat up to face me and starred into my dull brown eyes.”I love Cel, not Cloud.” Before I knew it, she had pierced my lips with hers, leaving behind a desperate lust for her. Very quickly I bent my body forward, kissing her back. I let my kiss sit there for a while upon Faith’s lips, escort edirne licking her lips underneath the kiss. We both had our eyes closed until I pulled away, both of our cheeks red with blush.”You know about sex, right, Cel?” She softly said. I nodded. She pulled her head up and giggled. “Maybe we could try it, I’ve watched shows where girls can do it too. Girls can’t get pregnant from other girls, they just feel pleasure. I want to feel that pleasure with you.” I was very weak in the legs. The lust I could notice in her eyes made me feel hot in between my legs. She nodded her head and took off her shirt, revealing her flat chest. Before I knew it, my hands were upon her nipples, rubbing them ever-so gentle. I sat up completely, realizing she was whimpering softly. I bent over a drew my tongue from my mouth, only to let them swirl around her nipples. Her whimpering increased the more i rubbed and licked. I began suckling on them like a baby kitten, wanting more and more. Her head was thrown back as her whimpers turned into loud moans.”Cel, it feels so good… I want to make you feel good too.””No, I want you to moan more. It’s making me feel hot.” I replied, unzipping her pants. I pulled my head back as she got up on her knees to pull her pants down. Her panties were lace and see-through. Her fat mons were poking out on her thighs. She remained on her knees, my fingers sliding up her inner thighs. They reached those beautiful fat mons and I began rubbing back and forth, spreading her pussy lips apart. How wet she was was outstanding. A thin line of juice soaked through her lace panties.”That’s sex juice. It’s supposed to be easier for edirne escort bayan boys to put their cock in.” I was shocked at how much Faith knew about sex. She was one horny little girl.”Let’s see if other things fit in there easy as well…” I replied, taking her panties off. I gently pushed on her nipples so she would lay down.I spread her legs and crawled up to her pussy. I slid my tongue from her asshole to the tip of her beautiful cunt, up to her clit. I let my tongue sit there for a while, noticing her moaning turned into screaming when I twirled it around there. I closed my lips on it and began suckling her tasty clit and pussy lips, then I went back to licking again.”Cel it feels so good! We should do this every time I come over. No wonder people do this so much. The pleasure is tremendous!” She whimpered in my response to eating her clit. I pulled back and licked my lips.”We should, I love the way you taste.” I bent back down and spread her pussy lips, softly sticking my tongue in her pussy. Her young, virgin pussy was so tight around the tip of my tongue. I pulled it back out and back in, repeating this over and over, hearing her screams echo in my ears.”Oh this feels so good Cel!” She screamed. I repeated and repeated, then very quickly let my tongue slide out and up to her clit, twirling it around it once more.She let out a loud scream and clenched the sheet on the bed. Juices began pouring out of her sweet pussy and I quickly drank them all up. I Opened my eyes and sat up, Faith still suffering from the orgasm.I could hear my moms car pull up in the driveway. I quickly grabbed her clothes and put them on her, she still laying down upon the bed. Her breaths slowed and she fell out of orgasm.”That was amazing, Cel. Let’s keep this a secret, but do it more, okay?” I nodded.”Anything for you, I love you.””I love you too.”We ended with a soft, quick kiss, then exited the camper.

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