“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter 18 “End

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“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter 18 “EndPreviously in “Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter s*******nDev egged me on, “Oh, yeah baby, suck that black dick, baby, you likethat?””Fuck yeah,” I said enthusiastically as I pulled off for a second. “I lovethis cock” I dove back down on it slurping it as deep as I could.His pre-cum was flowing and I could feel him getting close.”Yeah, give me that fucking cum, man, feed me,” I said breathlessly.”Oh, you are such a fucking hot slut.” He groaned appreciatively.He rubbed my bobbing head and I felt him spasm. My mouth filled with a hugeload, his babies swimming on my hungry tongue. Mmmm, I loved it.”Thank you.” I said with a smile as I came up licking my lips.I was as hard as a rock and needed to get off. Dev’s cock looked so goodglistening in front of me, I couldn’t help it.”Hey man, I gotta sit on this shit, I fucking need it,” I saidunapologetically and he laughed.”Be my guest,” he answered, somewhat surprised at my aggressiveness.Sure, I was sore, but I needed my ass filled. I needed to get that deeporgasm that turned me into a babbling idiot and made me scream like a bitchin heat.Dev fucked the shit out of me and soon enough I was screaming and shootinga load without even touching my dick. I was in heaven.As I lie back cuddling with Dev in post coital bliss, I giggled a little tomy horny self and couldn’t help but thinking, “I have the power…”——————————————————————————“Gluteus Maximus” – Chapter EighteenI was glowing in the warmth of post-orgasmic bliss, smiling to myself allthe way home.I felt different. Something happened during my talk with Dev. I suddenlycame to grips with who I was — I accepted my true nature.I was gay – and not only that I was absolutely CRAZY about cock, preferablybig thick black ones. I loved sucking them and having them cum in my mouthand most of all getting fucked, hard, deep and nasty.This was it. There was no going back. I knew right now that for as long asI live, cock will be the main source of my sexual bliss — and that Iwill always need to get fucked and fucked well. There will be no livingwithout it.I smiled even more at the thought — because I knew that living withoutit wasn’t going to be a problem.As I walked along feeling the remnants of Dev’s cum seeping out of mysquishy well-used ass, I knew — I had the power. I was a handsome 18year old, ripped athletic stud, with a bubble butt that wouldn’t quit.Guys would be lining up to fuck me — and I can pick and chose — andif you needed to get stuffed like I did — that’s a good position to bein.Sure, I had deep feelings for Ray — and if I could I would chose him. Hewas my dream man. But our whole relationship began in cock lust, didn’t it?Okay, so I was a bit of a cock slut. He was going to have to get over it.I was still pissed that Hector and George d**gged me and offered me up tobe gangbanged — but I also knew deep down that even canlı bahis siteleri if I was just tipsyfrom drinking — I probably would have let Hector fuck me again anyway –knowing full well how that thick beer can cock of his sends me over theedge — and who knows what would have happened?I jerked off that night thinking about a future filled with big black, rockhard cocks being stuffed up my ass.——————————————————————————After the bizarre weekend I experienced — going back to school on Mondaymorning was a bit of a shock to the system.Normalcy, didn’t quite feel normal anymore.I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop with Becky — waiting herto spread the news about Ray and I being lovers around school — butthere wasn’t a peep. I wondered what was going on in her head.She avoided me like the plague and a couple of her girlfriends were beinggossipy little bitches about us “breaking up” — but there was no gaytalk. I would have heard about it.After school I girded my loins and headed to practice, prepared to facedown Ray.On the field, it was immediately clear that any gains I made as his friendand lover had completely been destroyed.He was the old scowling, angry Ray and did his best to beat the shit out ofme at practice.In the locker room afterwards I asked if we could talk and he just staredme down.He kept his back to me as he undressed and showered as far away from me aspossible. As fucked up as the situation was, I still chubbed up at thesight of the sculpted musculature of his naked backside and his incredibleglutes.Before he left, I asked him to just let me come over to his place to talkthings out and he just walked away.——————————————————————————-I was certainly disappointed with Ray’s reaction, but I accepted it. Whatelse could I do?Even though I knew I was getting strong feelings for him, I didn’t deludemyself — I was really in true mourning about losing access to hisincredible fuck stick — that was the biggest tragedy. Man, what a wasteof talent. Sexually the guy drove me crazy.Well, at least I had Dev to fall back on. “Shit”, I thought, “I’d even letHector fuck me again if he and George apologized.” I really was a slut.A few hours went by and I couldn’t get Ray out of mind. I knew I could talkhim around if he just gave me a chance.I also knew Ray’s Mom didn’t get home till later so I figured I’d swing byhis house to see if I could reason with him.——————————————————————————As usual Mrs. G. was sitting in her rocking chair on her front porch nextdoor as I walked up to Ray’s front door.”Go ahead son,” she said with a wave. “They’re in there”.I gave her a wave back and let out a sigh. Shit, sounds like Ray hascompany. Well, I came all this way.I went to go knock on the front door and it creaked open at my touch. Thehouse tipobet was quiet and empty so I called out, “Ray?”No answer. I slowly walked the long hallway back to his room and slowly andsurely I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex — the rhythmicpounding, bed squeaking and little high pitched yelps.I stopped dead in my tracks and knew I should turn and leave rightaway. But just the thought of my black stud in there using his magic wandmade me as hard as a rock. I couldn’t help it — I had to take a peek.I slowly walked up to his door and very carefully and silently cracked itopen. I could see Ray turned away from me – his chiseled back shining withsweat as he pumped away.He was doing some chick doggie style and she was on all fours, loving it. Icould hear her moaning in ecstasy. And then I heard her scream.”Oh my God you’re so fucking big! Fuck me!” Of course, it was you-know-who.It was Becky.It’s almost impossible to describe the very different and distinct feelingsthat struck me like conflicting bolts of lightning. At the same instant Iwas thinking, “Hey, he’s fucking my girlfriend!” I was also desperatelyjealous that Ray was fucking Becky and not me — that it should be me onthe end of his dick not that bitch.I was stunned, shocked, appalled… and also more turned on than I haveever been in my life.I u*********sly wandered deeper into the room and was treated with quite aspectacle.Becky’s gorgeous, milky white teardrop ass being split by Ray’s thick blackcock — her pink pussy lips engorged and wrapped around his shaft as hepumped in and out of her –Ray’s strong black hands making a strikingcontrast on her white skin while he thrust her back and forth.I was like a dog in heat. “Becky?” Her name escaped my lips without me evenknowing it.She gave a startled whimper as they both suddenly became aware of mypresence — but they didn’t stop fucking.She looked at me — her face contorted with sexual pleasure. “Uh, uh,fuck! I’m sorry, uh, uh, I had to know what it was like…” she panted.”OH GOD HE’S SO BIG!” she screamed uncontrollably and buried her face inthe pillow.I looked up at Ray and he gave me a sincere look of apology. “Sorry man,”he grunted as he fucked away, “she said she wouldn’t tell nobody at schoolif I fucked her” he explained. That’s why Becky hadn’t spilled the beansabout our gay tryst.I looked back down at Ray’s cock pumping into her steaming pussy. “Fuckman, this shit does feel good” he said and turned his attention back to thetask at hand.Becky raised her head from the pillow and screamed again, “FUCK! Oh my God,oh my God!” I’d never seen her this way.I didn’t even realize it but I had been rubbing my dick through my pants. Iwas suddenly gripped with a staggering sexual desire and lust.I shucked off my clothes faster than I ever have in my life and withinseconds I was crawling on my back under Becky’s superb tits and down herpristine belly. My face ended up right tipobet giriş underneath her pussy and Ray’spistoning cock — and my turgid dick ended up waving in her face.I dove in and started tonging her clit and the underside of Ray’s slickpowerful penis as it slid in and out, his big ball sack hitting me in theforehead as he sawed back and forth.She screamed at the top of her lungs and shoved my cock in her mouth –almost as if to silence herself.She started sucking me like she never did before — who was this girl? –and I frantically pummeled her clit with my tongue.In seconds she dropped my dick out of her mouth and started screaming andbucking on Ray’s dick – caught in the grips of a massive volcanic orgasm.She couldn’t stop herself as her whole body uncontrollably quivered andshuddered and her vagina released a torrent of love juice.I heard Ray say, “Fuck” from above and he made that unmistakable “cum push”with his cock and released his load moaning with pleasure.I stayed at my post licking for all I was worth and was soon rewarded witha mixture of Ray’s cum and Becky’s pussy juice.After a still moment Ray finally pulled out and it felt like his load justspilled into my mouth from her gaping vagina. I dove on her loose pussysucking like a man possessed, still working her clit, desperate to get allof Ray’s nut.Obviously, Becky’s post orgasm sensitivity was too much for her and at acertain point she screamed and practically jumped off me and collapsed onthe bed.I was left face to face with Ray’s semi hard, dripping 11” cock and didn’thesitate to take it gently in my mouth and nurse on it like a new borncalf, sucking every last drop of his delicious seed from his dick, gentlymewing my satisfaction.I felt Ray’s hand caress my head and heard him say, “That’s nice baby…”before he collapsed on the bed next to me in a 69 position and mercifullysucked me off. I hadn’t cum yet and I needed to badly. When I did, hesucked down every drop and lovingly nursed my cock as well.I pulled my softening penis out of his mouth and flipped around so we couldlie side by side and kiss each other.We made out quietly and passionately, looking into each other’s eyes,knowing that we were both very happy to be together in bed again. I guessthe thing they say about make up sex is true.A little “Ahem” from Becky brought us back to reality. We both looked overto see her sitting on the bed in all her naked gorgeous glory with a slysmile on her face.”That shit was hot! Fuck!” she exclaimed as we all collapsed on the bedtogether in laughter.Becky stated we needed ground rules, when ever I and Ray fucked she should be included, she said Ray’s eleven incher made her turn out like noting else, I should know his cock does the same to me.I guess everything is aok now, I and Ray can be together so we can fuck and be happy and Becky with this amazing combination is the best. So all in all i can have my cum cock cake and fuck it too.________________________________________________________________________________________________I hope you enjoyed the Gluteus Maximus series, please leave comments and remarks what you think, this is my last chapter thanks for the support everyone.

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