Good Sex with a Stranger

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Good Sex with a StrangerIt has been some time since I had sex, and a good hard dick in my butt. I wanted to experience the feeling of being close in sexual contact. Masturbating is fine if that’s all you want, but the closeness of body contact as you are having sex is what I crave for.It seemed that all my old friends, with benefits, had suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. I decided to go in to town and seek out the rough side of life. As I boarded the buss I could not help but reflect as to how I became the way I am. I thought of Daniel and Bruce, Charlie and his uncle big dick Harry and how I felt after he and Charlie had kept me over night and sexed me through out.Just then another passenger sat down beside me, I thought this strange I was the only one on the back seat and was up in the corner near the window. I tried to ignore him and focus on looking out the window. As we went through a tunnel the bus got dark and my seat mate suddenly reached over and took hold of my thigh right up near my crotch.I grabbed his hand and looked at him, he was smiling at me and whispered ‘we get off at the next stop, ring the bell.’ I looked at him as he motioned with his head towards the bell rope. I slowly reached for the rope as the bus slowed down my seat mate stood taking me by the upper arm and escorted me from the bus. As we stood there watching the bus drive away terror gripped me as my new found friend led me away towards an alley way.I wanted to run but could eskişehir escort not seem to get the courage, as we entered into the alley the lights dimmed from the streets and only the faint lights of the apartments on either sides of the alley lit our way. We went deep into the alley till we reached an old garage, my new friend pulled me through the half opened door.Inside he pushed me ahead of him till we reached the middle of the garage. There with a sliver of light was a mat and bundles of clothing, my escort grunted strip and lay your ass on the pallet. I slowly backed away as my instructor dropped his pants and his huge man size cock jutted out from the trunk of his body.His cock was cut and thick as a tube of baloney, his cock head was glisten from the sliver of light. I could only stand and watch as he stepped from his pants and moved in my direction. As he neared me he said harshly ‘get on your knees and suck this dick.’ I looked at his face and saw pure anger, I slowly went to my knees and reached out for his stiff cock.Placing his hand on the back of my head, he guided my face to his gigantic cock head. I had to stretch my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate his girth, as I struggled to get my lips around his huge cock head I heard him groan as my lips in circled his penis glans. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as I tried to suck his huge cock head.My captor pushed my head from his now rock hard cock and lifted me effortlessly escort eskişehir to my feet and said very sternly ‘get out of those clothes.’ With my feet dingle-ling in the air, I kicked off my tennis and undid my belt letting my trousers fall to the floor. When this grown man dropped me to my now socked feet I quickly removed my shirt and undershirt.I was now standing there naked except for my socks, the stranger said ‘get to your knees, put your ass in the air and your face on the mat.’ Trembling and afraid I did as requested and waited for the painful onslaught. To my surprise he knelt behind me and slowly began to lick between my buttocks sinking his stiff tongue deep into my tightly clinching anus.Trembling, I felt his hands gently pry apart my butt cheeks allowing his tongue greater access to my anal opening. I was now moaning and groaning from the attention his tongue was showing my butt hole. After getting my hole sufficiently wet he placed his hands on top of my buttocks and moved up between my legs and thighs, his rigid fuck tool brushing against my inner thigh as he positioned him self for access to my accepting anal opening.My sex partner patiently worked his mammoth cock into my butt hole taking his time to show great patient and understanding. As soon as his cock head popped into my anal cavity I gasped and pushed back against his probing member. My partner gripped my hips and worked his cock back and forth till my inner anal muscles eskişehir escort bayan relaxed and entered my inner anal sanctum.With me on my knees and his cock lodge deep in my bowels my partner took his time and sexed me for almost an hour before I laid down prostate on my stomach.My sex partner, still patient with me, worked his huge cock deep into my anus till there was no room between his pubic and my buttocks. As soon as he knew that he was seated in my butt he reached up and gripped my shoulders, holding them in the palms of his hands preventing me from scooting away from him.For nearly two hours my sex partner worked his cock deep inside my bowels, he had me moaning and groaning with pleasure and joy as he fucked my tender butt hole. I was practically begging him to fuck my ass as he methodically work his cock in and out of my butt.I felt him nibble at my ear lobes, as he held me close, each time I would adjust my head he would seek out and find another ear lobe. When he was reaching his passion and close to shooting he sucked greedily on the back of my neck. With a powerful plunge I felt his cock stiffen and erupt, filling my rectum with powerful squirts of his man juice.My unnamed sex partner grind hard into me as he emptied his testicles of their substance. As he laid on my back squirting the last of his fluid into my bowels he started to whimper. With each twitch of his cock he would whimper as his cock emptied out.When his cock was flaccid and limp he pulled from my butt, leaving a very large pool of his baby making fluid gathering beneath my prostate body. He never said anything else after withdrawing from my anus, he just dressed and exited the garage after getting dressed and disappeared into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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