Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 26

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 26After spending the night at Kat’s, Lexi woke up feeling dehydrated and disoriented. She was not accustomed to drinking, and not only had she shared a bottle of wine with Kat, but they had capped off the night with some brandy after arriving back at the house slightly chilled.Kat was still sleeping peacefully, looking like an angel in the soft morning light. Without really thinking about where she was or what she was doing, Lexi made her way quietly to the kitchen, dressed in only panties and a T-shirt. Once there she poured herself a big glass of orange juice and sat down at the kitchen table.She had been there maybe five minutes when Kat’s mother Samantha walked in, her blond hair slightly dishevelled, wearing a white terrycloth robe that came down to just above her knees. Startled, Lexi found herself suddenly quite awake.“Oh, uh, hi, Mrs. Bowman,” she stammered.“Good morning, Lexi,” answered the older woman, smiling broadly at Lexi. “How are you today?”“I’m not sure yet,” said Lexi honestly.Samantha chuckled. “Yeah, me neither. Are you hungry? Kat might not be up for a while. samsun escort She tends to sleep in on the weekends.”“Well, kind of, yeah.”“I’ll make us some eggs.” After starting some coffee, Samantha cooked breakfast, chatting to Lexi about school and how she liked the town. Once the food was ready Lexi got very quiet and started shoveling down her food at a surprising rate. Samantha suspected that she was hung over, and while she couldn’t officially approve of the girls drinking, it wasn’t something that bothered her much.When they were finished eating Lexi volunteered to clear the table and started loading the dishwasher. Samantha sat and sipped her coffee, unable to stop herself from watching Lexi’s cute little ass as she worked. The new cheerleader certainly looked adorable in this morning-after condition.Lexi was bending over to slot the last plate into the dishwasher when she felt Samantha’s hand slide between her legs. She gasped and held onto the counter to steady herself. Samantha had tried to be good; she’d told herself she wasn’t going to try anything with Lexi this morning. But the sight of a single escort samsun blond pubic hair curling out of the crotch of the girl’s pink panties as she bent over had been too much. Samantha’s husband had left the house at the crack of dawn to play golf, and with no particular reason to be discreet, her resistance crumbled quickly.After rubbing Lexi’s pussy through her panties with the side of her hand for a minute, Samantha pulled the panties down around Lexi’s ankles and penetrated the younger girl with a finger. Lexi had gotten very wet very fast, and Samantha brought the juice-coated finger to her mouth, then slipped it between Lexi’s lips as she continued fingering the cheerleader with her other hand. Lexi let out a long, loud moan and tightened her grip on the counter. She was having a hard time standing up, her legs kept bending down more and more, and by the time Samantha had made her come with three quick strokes of the clit, she was on her knees.Lexi gazed up dreamily at the older woman, who looked like a goddess to her. She reached up to untie the sash of Samantha’s robe and it fell open. For a moment samsun escort bayan Lexi just stared at Samantha’s beautiful body, her heavy breasts, the downy blond fur between her legs, which caught the light in a wonderful way. Then Samantha gripped Lexi by the ring of her leather collar – she still had it on from the day before – and pulled her closer. Samantha leaned over to feed Lexi first one nipple, then the other. Then she straightened up and rested one hand on the counter so she could stand with her legs apart.Samantha pulled the younger girl even closer now, this time feeling Lexi’s soft cheek graze her thigh. Overwhelmed by Samantha’s smell and taste, Lexi felt intoxicated again; she swooned and fell forward a little, pressing her face against Samantha’s wetness. But after a moment she regained her composure and began to service the older woman lovingly and gratefully.It was about 10 minutes later when Kat walked in. Maybe it should have seemed strange to her to see Lexi stretched out naked on a tall kitchen counter, legs spread wide, as Samantha tongued her pussy. But at the moment it seemed like the most normal thing in the world. Kat yawned as she pulled the orange juice from the refrigerator and began to drink straight from the bottle. Normally Kat’s mother would have scolded her for this, but she was otherwise occupied at the moment.

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