How i learned to enjoy eating cum

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How i learned to enjoy eating cumI remember it like it was just yesterday… an old friend I knew from my teenage years got back in touch with me..i met him and his GF and the c***dren..they threw a cookout that day. Later he tells his GF that he needs to go visit someone out of town and will be back later on. He asks if I want to go with him for the long ride to keep him company and catch up on our lives so far. I agreed and off we went. about 20 minutes into the drive he starts discussing how much of a slut his gf is and that he would like to know if I’d like to help him with a threesome fantasy she has. I looked at him in surprise and asked if he was just k**ding. He assured me he was not. I told him I’d love to and that I thought that his GF had a nice firm set of tits. He smiles and we continue on our journey. I notice he had a bulge in his gym shorts from all this sex talk. I am bisexual.. and love to suck dick and get fuced hard in the ass..but he didn’t knw about my lifestyle sexually until tonights ride. I act like I don’t see him.. but he slowly pulls his cock out and strokes it while driving his car. I wait a few minutes and then I look over and say.. oh my god dude you got your cock out.. he looks at me and smiles still stroking it. He says all this talk is making me horny. I agree and tell him I seen him pull his cock out and play with it long before I acted surprised about seeing it. He looks at me and you like to look at other guys cocks? I figure nows the time to tell him I like cock and pussy. I explain a few of my experiences with an exgf and bi friends. he looks surprised but stokes his cock the whole time I tell him the stories. I look closer at his cock and notice its short but thick and veiny. I tell him he has a nice cock and if he didn’t mind I could help him bahis şirketleri with the hardon problem he was having. He mentions he has had a few bi experiences with ppl over the years and his GF likes to share cocks with him too. I smile and ask if he wants he to service his fat cock while we drive to our destination. He says.. what the hell, we both know we like cocks..and my girlfriend is gunna be happy to know that I setup a threesome for her and you suck cock too so it wil be that much hotter. I smile and slide over closer to him. He moves the seat back to give me more access to his rock-hard cock. I squeezed it and felt the heat and pulsation coming from it.. no doubt about it..this cock needed to be dealt with. I flicked my tounge over the head of his cock, it was already dripping with precum from the talk and him stroking it. I lick all the precum clean and then wrap my lips around the thick head. He moans and says that its feels fucking great and if he’s going to cum should he warn me. I tounge my way down his cock til I reach his balls.. I lather one nut with my tounge as rub the other with my hand. I pause to answer his question. I tell him I haven’t swallowed cum before but I have had facials and cum in my ass from anal sex. I continue to lick his balls and then gently bite and lick the underside of his cock making my way back up to the head. His cock hardens and throbs from my answer. I hear him moaning as ilick the sensitive nerve bundle just below the head of his cock. I stop to ask him a question and to edge him along. I asked… does your girlfriend deepthroat? that being said I put his cock back into my mouth. He stops moaning for a moment to answer… No, she tries to but chokes to easily and just gives me regular head, she swallows my load to make up for it. youwin At this point my head is spinning from sucking his thick cock and all this filthy sex talk. I start rubbing my cock thru my sweatpants as I feverishly bob my head up and down on his stiff fuckstick. He’s moaning loud and warns me if I don’t take it easy he’s going to bust his nut. I pull his cock out of my mouth and say.. oh no not yet your not. He’s panting loudly and calls me a fucking tease. I pull my cock out to stroke it while I’m sucking him. He roughly grabs my head and aims it for his throbbing cock. I act like I don’t want it and it tuns him on more.. He says.. take this dick bitch, you make it hard with all your talk and sucking. you are going to be my bitch until I’m satisfied. I struggle a lil so he will force my head onto his throbbing member. I stick my tounge out as he forces his hard cock into my mouth. He pushs my head down not knowing I love rough throatfucking. I relax my throat to receive his cock into it. He continues to push on the back of my head until I bottom out on his balls. I make a gagging sound and his cock twitches deep in my throat. He gasps and says.. Oh my fucking GOD I never felt this before… the back of someones throat that is. I say nothing and try to lick his balls with my tounge as I’m gagging on his cock. I pull him out of my throat and then tell to facefuck me like he sees pornstars doing it to the girls. He quickly agrees and pushs my head down deep after every upstroke. My eyes roll into the back of my head and I’m thinking of how hot this situation is. He’s moaning and and saying he’s close to nutting. Now I’m so horny I don’t know if I should depthroat and hope his load shoots down to my belly or let him spray my face with his hot cum. I decide I wanna get sprayed youwin giriş with I pull his cock out of my mouth and stroke it and lick the head trying to milk out his man seed. This teasing is making him throb and he yells out I’m fucking little cock whore, I’m cumming!! I lick and stroke real fast waiting for his spunk to cover my eager face. Once again he had other plans.. he grabs the back of head and forces my lips over his cock. He yells eat my cum bitch.. just like my girl does.. I gonna make you learn to like eating cum. That being said he unloads a huge thick load into my mouth.. it squirts hard making me make a gagging sound. He holds my head in place not letting me up until his whole load emptied into my mouth. I squirm around. and he says I am going to let you up..but if you spit it out I will smack your face for wasting my cum.. he lets go of my head and I immediately sit back tears streaming down my face, mouth still full of his cumload. He says show me the load, you cocksucking whore. I carefully as to not let any drip out open my mouth to let him see the huge load he deposited into my mouth. He says. gargle and swish it around in your mouth..i want you to get used to the taste cause if your going to nut in my girlfriends mouth then your swallowing one too. I gag as I’m gargling his thick sperm.. it tastes salty and disgusting..but at the same time my cock is throbbing at being humiliated by him. He orders me to swallow and then open my mouth so he can be sure I swallowed all of it. I gag and can’t swallow it all in one try so I on the second swallow. He laughs and says.. Tastes nasty,huh? Don’t worry you’ll be swallowing my loads enough and soon you will crave the load and eagerly want to swallow it. We arrived at our destination and went about our business..on the return trip we discussed what we would like to do once he brought the girlfriend into the picture…but that my erotic friends is saved for another story. If you liked this story let me know in the comments and i’ll compose a new one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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