How im going to dominate you and make you my anal

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How im going to dominate you and make you my analYou are very eager to please. By the time I’m finished with you. You will be taking massive cocks in all your holes at once, You will fuck like a porn star and be left cum drenched on the floor beging for more… Stick out your tounge and lick the tip of my Dick. Then slowly take the head in. Your lips w****d around the head of my cock and your tounge running over it. I force it in slowly at first. Makeing you take the full length. Gaging on it, saliva running down my hard cock has you choke on it. I pull your hair hard and really begin to face fuck you. Each time going faster and harder. Then I pull out .your eyes watering and spit and saliva all running down your chin. I pick you up, turn you round and bend you ove the table, I pull down your panties. Make you play with your tight little cunt. Positioning my throbbing hard cock at your entrance and pausing for a second before raming in in and going balls deep in you. I grap a fistfull of your hair.You are bent over the table with your panties pulled down to just above your knees like a proper little fuck slut. My cock going in all the way in your tight little wet cunt. My right hand pulling your hair back lifting your head up and with my left hand I slap your arse a few times. Making it go red. With every length of my rock hard cock widening your pussy walls. It wraps around my Dick, squeasing and gr****g it in more, my big full balls bouncing of your swollen konak escort clit with every thrust. I lean over you and spit on the table and tell you to lick it up, you very eager and willing to please you do so. Sticking your cute little pink wet tounge out and licking up the big dollep of saliva and swallowing it. I give your pussy a break from the beating, i pull you up a bit by the hair and with my left hand give you a little slap on the face before telling you to open your mouth and stick your tounge out. Then I spit in your mouth. Pushing you back down and realising my grip on your hair , then gr****g your wrist pulling it behind you and telling you to finger fuck your arse hole. Like the dirty little bitch you are. You do so. You start with your index finger easing it in a little, bringing it out and then back in till you take the full finger. Now take two. With two fingers deep inside your tight arse, You begin thrusting back on my solid cock, Your pussy juices running down the length of my shaft. Pushing your self back on to my cock. Taking it all the way deep inside you and with two fingers in your sweet ass. Beging me. “Please”. “To fuck you”… I pull my cock out and kneel down and help your fingers with there anal assault with my tounge, then I remove them and spread your cheecks then stick my tounge in your slightly opened arse hole. my tounge slowly runs round the opening before sliding in and I begin to tounge fuck your konak escort bayan arse. You suck on your two fingers and get them nice and wet before popping them in your twat and fucking your self like you have done many times before. I remove my tounge from your arse, Stand you up and make you squad before me. Now spit on my cock, With one hand on your chin and the other on your head I put my cock in your cute little mouth and force it in till it hits the back of your throat. You gag a little and try and pull your head back. But I don’t let you, your hand comes up and trys to grap my cock. I smack it away. “I didn’t say you where to stop playing with that cunt”. Your fingers slide back in to your slit and I continue to throat fuck you. My cock now all nice and slippery and wet. I stand you up and lift you on to the table and push you back, I remove your panties and place them in your mouth. I grap the neck off your top and rip it off exposing your cute perky tits. Your nipples rock hard as hard as my cock is right now. I now focus my attention on your virgin arse hole witch is still wet from my tounge. Spreading your legs. I place the head of my cock at the entrace of your arse and apply a little pressure, my swollen head slightly plops in your tight fuck hole. I grap you just behind the knees and push your legs back giving me some leverage for the next part of your cum slut training…Your wet panties in your mouth. I push my cock escort konak in your arse. Just a couple of inches at first, In and out with each thrust going in a little deeper till you take the hole 8 inches of my rock solid cock deep inside your virgin ass hole. My hands running down your slender frame resting on your hips and pulling you towards me as I beging my anal assault. You grap the edge of the table as throbbing prick stretches you open, slightly moaning through the panties in your mouth. I beging to play with your swollen clit with my thumb making you squirm and wriggle.A clear creamy liquid leaks out your stretched gapeing cunt on to my shaft making it nice and slippery as it go’s all the way in your very tight fuck hole.With my big wright hand I wrap it around your little sexy neck and squeeze. Picking up speed and fucking you harder and deeper till my full cock is all the way inside you. My big full ball sack thightens and with one last big thrust my cock explodes. Shooting a big hot creamy load in side your fucking slutty ass hole. I continue to choke you while I fill you up full of my cum. I pull out with a ploping sound and stand back. A little stream of cum runs out of your sweet pussy and mixes with mine pouring out of your gapeing arse hole and splashes on the floor. You slide of the table, kneeling on the floor you remove your panties from your mouth and look down to your wrecked pussy and arse. slideing two fingers in and pull then out. All sticky and wet. You look up and see my massive rock hard throbbing cock twitching and a little cum coming from the slit. You look in to my eyes and say. “Thank you sir for making me your cum slut. May I have some more”. “Please””Pretty pretty please”……….. Xx.

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