How To: Lesson One

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How To: Lesson OneI will be posting tips and techniques learned over the years. I may do a book but for your edification/education…And I am pretty much a normal nice guy who is too much a giver,(why so many labels…I’m an American first)and loves women. I will write in that context. Man for women. If you’re gay/lesbian/tranny/granny/etc. apply the situation to yours. I can’t write for everyone’s satisfaction, but mine first. Lesson One.Look in the mirror. Who do you see. Answer it before you go looking for sex, love, etc. Not just the physical but the spiritual, social, mental. Are you someone you would pick up or want a relationship with. Are you someone who could explain his way out of a bad situation. Are you someone you would want your daughter, brother, mother, dad, etc. to meet. Prepare yourself mentally for life. Get an education. You don’t have to go to school. You can self-teach. Learn from yours or other’s mistakes. Go to the book store and get a book on body language. What do you present to others when you’re out. What do you see in them. Go to doctor’s offices or other places bolu escort bayan and pick up magazines and books left there (well, maybe not docs, too many sick people, ha) but thrift shops etc. Instead of hours on here, spend time on your mind. And if you’re married or in a relationship, have you thought you might have the perfect slut, sub, cuck, nice guy, bad boy, etc. there? Why did you get with that person in the first place. Why not hint to them what your interests are now. Maybe they’re the same. Maybe he/she is already doing what you want. Prepare yourself physically. I see 20somethings looking like King Of Queens type guys. Get in shape. Go to gym. You will find a pal there or maybe a sex partner. Who knows. I have a 20something I met there as well as a widowed 50yr old. And I network with people there. If you don’t do that then watch the diet. But at the minimum, look at yourself. Would you want to do you? If you find a woman into bears, fine. If you find one who wants sweaty, dirty fingernail, grubby construction guys fine. If you want to make a first impression, you will. escort bolu Good or Bad. And remember, he/she will tell pals about you. Word of mouth. If not him/her then maybe a pal will want to meet you. Just look in the mirror. Lots of military guys are out there who are laid back, in shape, got benefits, going to school, working in your business, and probably so self-confident women are ignoring you and your pals who stayed home for past ten years. Remember, they all volunteered to serve. If you served hooyah. If you didn’t well…And get over the race thing. Not all blacks are bulls. My pals average 5in who are black. My white pals can be 10. Depends. But it’s how you use it. I use 3inches and satisfy my ladies because I apply it where it works. I don’t have to gag her or fencepost her. I make love, give intimacy, and yes, do ‘fuck’ her. But once you got her clothes off, use what you got. Fingers, tongue, cock (I use cock, sounds like rock vs dick which sounds like stick), and words. I always have a handwritten poem in the wallet or will write something and give it to her. I also bolu escort give jewelry, flowers, chocolate. Little things, not big. It’s the thought. And I prefer: any size or type woman. especially squirters or wet women who I can touch or be inside and every 3min she cums, and hairy pussy women. It is a reward to be allowed to have a woman give herself to you willingly. You don’t get it because she thinks you are a god, it’s because she was ready then and you were there. If you want a slut or trailer trash, then find her. But remember she was a little girl before and someone’s daughter. Maybe she had life issues, but she still is a woman. Respect her even if you don’t see her having any. You’re the one who is doing her. What does that make you? Better? No.So learn to see the person inside. Not outside. If you make love to the one inside you will always have that person. Even if you keep each other as years pass you want to wake up next to that guy or girl who hasn’t changed but physically. I wanted that for me, what my parents generation had. Decades of relationship. I am alone not by choice so much. My time is limited. I have time and ability to not work anymore. But I share my love with women instead of one. She was lost to me. Part of life. But it can be good even alone. So lesson one is….discover who you are…

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