Husband watches as best Friend fucks his wife

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Husband watches as best Friend fucks his wifeMy wife, Shannon, is such a fucking slut. She is a tall leggy blond bombshell and had no problem being a flirt and total slut. I knew that she was into swing before we met but I was not sure I wanted to share here at all. She was my blond bitch and I was proud to have her all to myself.On this past 4th of July she was enjoying a cold Buckhorn beer and talking, I am sure about nothing, with one of her friends Jenna. We were having a holiday party at our house and we had about 30 people there. Shannon kept eyeballing at Seth, my best friend. I slowly walked over to talk with Shannon and asked her what was going on . She of course denied it. I acted like I just brushed it off but I kept my eye on Shannon who kept her eyes on Seth the whole time.I decided to have it out with her after the party was over. At 8pm people started leaving and by 9pm the group was gone. Shannon was putting things away and I was now watching her. She had a pair of 70’s short shorts on and her ass cheeks were hanging right out the bottom of the shorts. Here legs looked so fucking good in those shorts. Her blond curls were hanging down to her mid back. She was so fucking hot!“You want Seth to fuck you hard don’t you?” I just blurted out, not sure how I would feel if she answered yes. She slowly turned and gave me a fucking wicked look. “You are k**ding. Right?” she asked. “No” I said. “And what if I said no? Would you believe me? And if I said yes, would you let me?” OK, not really the answer I was looking for. “I don’t know. I just want to know if you do. I watched you all day- watching him”. I said. “Well, I guess I think about it” she said. “I really like acting out being such a fucking slut and I wish you would enjoy watching me.” I thought about that. My wife fucking manisa escort my best friend as I watched. My wife taking my best friends cock up her wet pussy?The door bell went off in chimes and the door opened. Of course it was Seth, of course. He said he had forgot his work keys for the next day. Shannon and Seth were making small talk. Mostly gossip about the people who had been there that evening. I was still siting there thinking about them fucking. Him pulling her blond hair and ramming her doggy style. Could I really physically see that? Could I still be friends with Seth after I just watched him stick his dick in my wife’s wet pussy?“Seth, can you stay for a bit? I need to talk to Shannon, but please stay. Grab a beer in the fridge” I said. “I can stay for a bit, no problem”. He said went to the kitchen to get a beer. “Yeah” Shannon said looking puzzled. I started walking to the garage and she followed. After the door was closed I started. “You want to be my fucking slut wife who fucks my friends?” I said. “What? Don’t get all pissey at me. You asked, I answered!” she snapped. “I want to see you fuck Seth.” I said. “What?” she inquired. “You do not” she replied. “Yes I do. I want you to fuck the shit out of him tonight. I want to see him fuck you and suck your tits and pull your blond hair and ram your cunt”. I said in a pretty naughty way. “OK. Fine. You tell him then” she smirked. “Deal on” I said and turned around and walked in the house leaving her pretty stunned.“Seth man” I said all chipper as I walked into the living room. “I got a request for you” I was smiling from ear to ear but Shannon, who was now behind me, could not see. He tossed me a cold beer, he had grabbed for me and said “Shoot”. “I want you to fuck the shit out of Shannon. Here. Tonight!” He nearly escort manisa spit out his beer. “What the fuck? Dude. Come again!” “I want you to fuck the hell out of Shannon. And she wants it too. Right Shannon?” She, still stunned, said “Fuck yeah”.Shannon made her way to Seth and started rubbing his chest and working her way down to his jeans as she slowly got to her knees. “This is not a trick?” he said. “No trick Seth. My wet pussy is aching for your long thick dick.” Shannon said. She started undoing his pants. I found a seat across the room and sat down tipped my beer in Seth’s direction . “Have fun buddy” I said.Shannon was pleased to see Seth’s cock was only semi-hard. I noted this to shock. Shannon loves a semi-hard cock so that she can take it in her mouth and make suck it hard. Seth’s head fell back against the couch. He moved his hand up to mix with Shannon’s blond hair and push her head deep onto his cock as it grew in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down and I could hear her slurping and kissing all over his dick.She stood up and started a little strip tease for Seth. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly and then slid it off her shoulders. She unbuttoned her shorts facing Seth and then turned around to slide them over her ass and let them fall on the floor She reached around and unhooked her bra and then turned back to face him and let her bra fall over to expose her perfect 34C’s bouncing tits. Last was hwer panties. This time she bent over with her ass in Seth’s face and pulled them down slow giving him a chance to see how wet her pussy wasHe quickly moved Shannon to the couch an spread her legs and ripped off his shirt He went right into her cunt. She was moaning and grabbing her tits. She was thrusting her hips into Seth’s face. Her eyes met mine and I mouthed manisa escort bayan “You fucking slut”. Her perfect blond patch of pussy hair was trimmed into a perfect landing strip. I could tell Seth was into her blond pussy hair (even if it was super trimmed) because we had talked about Shannon having blond hair before and he said he and never been with a real blond that had blond pussy hair and he was really excited to know what it was like, it was obvious.He moved up to her tits and she let him take her huge nipples in his mouth as she moaned louder. He moved up so that his dick was right up by her blond pussy. He pushed and she let out a little scream. He was banging her hard. I was amazed that my wife was such a slut and that my best friend was fucking her in front of me.Seth quickly turned Shannon so that she was facing me in the doggy style position. He reached down and guided his cock into her pussy. Then he reached up and grabbed her blond locks and started pulling on her hair with each thrust. She was so fucking hot. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she was making some pretty wonderful faces of pleasure. She started saying “Fuck me deeper”. Seth pushed deeper into her cunt. She was enjoying this little show that she was putting on for me.He said “I am going to cum” and with that I could see his body jerking. Her body started jerking as well and I could tell she was exploding with an orgasm as well. They both keep repeating ‘oh, fuck yes’.Seth got up and put his clothes back on. Shannon made her way into our master bathroom to take a shower. I thanked Seth and told him to swing by tomorrow night after work if he wanted any more of my fucking little slut wife. He agreed that it was pretty hot and that he would not mind fucking my little blonde slut again.The two of us have been very close with Seth since that night. Maybe we will add another one of my friends, Mark. He was one of my groomsmen at our wedding. I may be making a call to him soon. Seeing my little fucking blond slut wife getting double penetrated is my new fantasy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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