I Want You To Please… Me

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I Want You To Please… MeNaughty Daddy ****s Me ;)* Fantasy My name is Katie and I love my daddy! Dad is waiting outside school in his big vroom vroom van. I’m wearing my uniform. Short blue skirt, white blouse with matching pink bra and knickers from my daddy, with white flowery long socks, black shoes & pigtails.Dad- hey baby how was school? Me- great! I got a gold star daddy! Dad- that’s great princess, well done, daddy so proud of his baby girl!We get home, mammy is working a night shift, dad makes me egg and chips, yum!My fave! I ate my food and go into the living room, oh no.. He’s watching that stuff again.. I love my daddy but I don’t like the stuff he watches on tv.. Naked people screaming all the time.Daddy calls me to come sit on his knee so I do.. Daddy gets very angry if you don’t listen. He starts to rub my thingy, I don’t like it. He keeps touching me and I push his hand away.. He smacks me and illegal bahis I start to cry.. He says he’s sorry and that I know I should ALWAYS listen to him. He tells me if I be quiet and do what he says he will let me play with mammys make-up! Mammy has some lovely stuff and big shoes too! He rubs my thingy and then I feel something moving under my bum.. I try to move but he doesn’t let me.Daddy- owww! Oh no! I think I’m dying! My man bits hurt..Me- don’t worry daddy, I will call a doctorDaddy- it has to be now baby, will you help daddy?Me- ooookay daddy. He unzips his pants and pulls his hard on out, he grabs my pigtails and pushes me on and off him, up and down. His thingy hurts my mouth, it’s really wide and thick and it tastes funny, full of salt ewwwy! He opens my top and grabs my boo bies hard, I don’t like it! He starts thrusting harder and starts moaning. Something wet goes in my mouth! I can’t youwin güvenilir mi believe he peed on me. He pushes me off him, and I cry and shout at him! Me- why did you pee on me daddy? That’s gross!Dad- that wasn’t pee hunny that’s just what daddies do when they feel happy and you made me all better cause your a good girl! Come on then let’s go play with mammys things!But you can’t tell her what we get up to just me and you cause she will be jealous see?Me- hmm.. Okay daddy, I won’t tell herI run upstairs and he comes up after me, I put mammys sparkly dress on and daddy curls my hair, I put on red lipstick and big shoes. I look really cool! Daddy says I can’t play anymore and I need to have my bath before bed.Me- but daddy! I wanted to play! Dad- none of your moaning we played and now you need a bath, okay? Me- hmmff okay! I stamp my feet and get in the bath, daddy comes perabet in as usual and washes my thingy, bum and boo bs cause he said the bigger k**s will call me smelly otherwise.. After all that’s done, he tucks me into bed. I wake up in the middle of the night, daddy is laying under the covers but he smells yucky, he’s drinking the yucky drink again, he made me drink some but it was horrid! I feel him rubbing my thingy and then he comes up from the covers..Daddy- good.. Your awakeMe- what are you doing? I’m trying to sleep daddy. I feel something pushing up me, then I feel something stopping it and then he pulls back and shoves all the way in me! AHHHHHHHH!! I start to cry. I don’t realise what is happening but my thingy hurts really bad.. Daddy keeps pushing in and out HARD. I tell him I don’t like it but he doesn’t listen. He wets in me again and puts his yucky thing in my mouth, I try to pull my head away but he slaps me so I open my mouth. He’s about to take his penis out when mammy comes by my door and runs at him, she hits daddy and kicks him out. I think she was jealous of all the attention daddy gave me like he said.. I miss daddy.. He always bought me presents

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