In the Cold November Rain

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It was a very dreary day the skies were overcast and it was raining hard for the second day in a row. John had stopped at the grocery store to pick up a fresh loaf of Italian bread. Here had made a fresh pot of spaghetti sauce yesterday and spaghetti sauce is always better the second day. As he rounded the curve in the road heading to his place he spotted Lynn’s car. It was still a mile or two from were she lived. He pulled up in front of her Cavalier and walked back to the car. She was not there and there were no signs of anything wrong so she must have left it there. He returned to the Safari van and continued up the hill.

In just those few minute in the rain he could feel a chill going threw him. At about the half way point he spotted a figure walking up the hill. From the bright red hair he could tell it was his neighbor Lynn. Lynn was many years younger than him. She was very attractive and had body of a dancer. Everything still were it should be and very firm. They had chatted on several occasions that summer. She had made mention that she worked nights tending bar.

Her boyfriend had not been around for a while now. God they used to get into some arguments. I guess it is true what the say about redheads being very fiery. He pulled up next to her and she quickly jumped into the van out of the rain. John could not help but laugh at her she was swearing up a storm and was soaked right through to the bone. He asked her what had occurred. She said she went to work to pick up her check and on the way home the battery light on the dash came on. She figured if she could get it home she could call the garage and have it picked up. It died as she tried to make the hill, the engine just quit. He couldn’t help but laugh at the story although it really wasn’t funny and another volley of swear words reappeared.

Noticing the fresh loaf of Italian bread on the seat behind him she explained that she was going to stop at the bank then the store to pick up something for supper. But with all the car problems decided against it. John asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner. That he was going to reheat the spaghetti sauce for dinner. Excited she replied yes only if she could bring the wine to go with the meal. The van came to a stop in front of her place and she got out. She said that she wanted to take a shower and would join him shortly.

John had gone inside and took a shower himself to get the chill out of his bones. He then went into the kitchen and took out a container of sauce. Pouring it into a stainless steel sauce pan he placed it on a burner turning the setting to low. We didn’t want to burn his masterpiece. Then taking out another stainless steel pot he filled it with cold water for the pasta. He then set the dining room table. Cheating he took a new bag of pre-cut salad from the refrigerator and rinsed it off placing it in a bowl. He then cut up a tomato and placed it on top. The tomato was a little hard just a little late in the season for good tomatoes. He took out of the refrigerator a couple of bottles of different salad dressings. He wasn’t sure of Lynn’s choice so she could choose the one she liked best.

As the spaghetti sauce warmed the scent filled the room. He cut the loaf of Italian bread into pieces been placed it a basket and onto the table along with the butter. He the stirred the sauce enjoying that familiar smell of homemade sauce. He heard a knocking at the front door and went to answer it. There was Lynn holding two very large bottles of red wine. He jokingly asked if she was planning on getting him drunk! She quickly responded yes. He turned to put the two bottles of wine in the refrigerator. Lynn passed right by him on her way to the kitchen. She picked up the spoon and sampled the sauce commenting on how great it smelled. She seemed to like the rich texture as she helped herself to a second taste. güvenilir bahis

He helped her out of her coat and hung it on the coat tree. She was wearing a tight fitting denim shirt and jeans. She had on high heels that truly brought out her long toned legs. God she looked delicious and good enough to eat. John asked Lynn if she wanted a glass of wine. She responded with yes but remained there eating the sauce. John poured two large crystal goblet glasses of wine and handed her one. They both took a sip and placed their glasses down. Lynn moved forward and wrapped her arms around John’s large frame hugging him. Just wanted to say thank you for today he heard her say. He was in a state of shock unable to believe that she was pressed so tightly against him. Her fragrant smell played in his mind. They both enjoyed sharing supper together and the interesting conversation that went with it. Whether the wine was starting to take effect or perhaps it was the company they were joked and teased one another as though they were kids. They did the dishes together and then retired to the living room with the second bottle of wine.

At this time of the year it gets dark early. John went to the corner of the room and turned the light on low giving the room a soft warm glow. They sat on the couch laughing and joking as if old friends. Lynn rested her small hand on his leg as they sat there. He enjoyed the feeling and it started to arouse the male within him. She asked if she could turn on the stereo and walked over to the cabinet. Bending over she flipped from one station to the next. This woman had an incredible heart shaped ass and it only added to his arousal. She found a hard beating rock station and that ass started to move to the rhythm. He could only imagine how hot she must look completely naked. She returned to the couch and leaned forward and kissed him. My God he thought he must have died and this is what heaven is like. All those years as an agnostic paid off.

She asked were the bathroom was and John showed her. He returned to the living room and she reappeared shortly after him. She stood there next to the stereo her body moving to the music all the while smiling at him. She was a sultry vixen as she swayed for him with her slow planned seduction. The station started playing a slow song she moved towards him and removed the glass of wine from his hand. She gentle pulled him to the center of the living room and placed her arms around him. Staring into his eyes she said “Please dance with me, I want feel you to touching me.”

Gentle he pulled her small frame against his large chest and she seemed to disappear as his large arms embraced her. She moved in tight against him pulling him tight to her. Her body was like hot steel to his touch as he started exploring her body. His cock was starting to become ridged as they dance. He knew that she could tell what she was doing to him. But of all the people in the world why him? Why not a much younger handsome guy? She could have anyone she wanted! The music changed back to a heavy pounding beat again.

She continued to dance before him leaning forward he heard her say that she had lied to him. She was not a bartender at all but in fact an exotic dancer. This would definitely account for the way she moved. She moved back away from him looking for some sign of disapproval or disgust. She waited for that familiar sign of rejection to appear on his face. But, he just stood there smiling at her.

She smiled at him and moved back over to the stereo. Bending over again she flipped threw the stations again. He returned to the comfort of sitting on the couch. All he could think about was how much he would love to be behind her and have his long thick cock buried deep inside her warm pussy. Standing upright with her back turned to him she started moving that beautiful ass. She then unbuttoned türkçe bahis her denim shirt and took it off letting it drop to the floor. She was not wearing a bra. Her back was narrow and well toned. Stepping out of her high heels she undid her jeans pulling them off and adding them to the pile. She was left wearing only black thong panties. She must have found a place to sunbath le natural as she had no visible tan lines.

Turning to face him she stood there. Shaken by the series of events that occurred so far John sat on the coach. His eyes drank in her beauty. She had small amply breasts. Well formed round globes that stood there perky inviting to be touched. Her nipples were small hard pink pedals waiting to be kissed. Moving downward was a tight flat stomach leading to her long sensual legs. John was motionless in total shock.

Dropping onto all four she moved towards him with the instincts of a wild cat. The bright red hair formed a main around her face giving her the appearance of an animal. Slowly she approached him. He’s eyes captured by the slow prowl towards him a waiting that final pounce. Placing her hands on his legs she pulled her slender body upward. She moved her head between his legs her eyes fixed on a target. Her teeth circle his hard thick shaft in his jeans and gentle bite down. His head feel back against the couch as a soft moan escaped his throat. She continued to repeat the motion driving him crazy. All John could fantasize about was feeling Lynn’s mouth moving up and down the shaft of his naked cock. She then continued a slow crawl up his body carefully dragging her hard nipples against him.

Their lips touched in the fires of passion as if they were the only two people in the world. John’s lips and tongue traced the outline of her long throat. The scent of her perfume left his head spinning. His lips traced the warm soft mounds of her small breasts. His tongued circled and flicked the ends of her hard nipple teasing them. He enjoyed hearing the soft moans and her rapid breathing as his fingers traced her body. His large hands cupping the firm round heart shaped cheeks of her delicious ass pulling her against him. Reaching down she pulled his tee shirt off over his head. The electricity shoots threw their bodies as their bare skin touched.

Her small hand slide down under the waistband of his pants grabbing that thick cock and commenced stroking it. Removing her hand she undid his pants taking his cock out and continued to jerk him off. He slide his fingers under the fabric covering her crotch and was amazes how wet she was already. His fingers parted the swollen lips of her pussy and started playing with her clit. Her moaning became deeper and her grip on his cock tightened as she became aroused.

As she stood up on the couch John slip her thong panties off exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Lynn placed her foot on the back of the couch lowering her pussy to John’s mouth. His lips brush across the well trimmed public hair teasing her. She could feel his warm breath against her skin driving her into frenzy. John used the tip of his tongue to caress her swollen pussy lips causing the moaning to increase. Taking one of the tender lips between his lips he began to suck and tug on it creating more pleasure. Lynn reached down and separated the lips apart giving him access to her erect clit. John’s tongue rolled the little hard nub as he inserted a finger inside her wet pussy. He could feel her body responding in pleasure as she trusted her hips forward against his waiting tongue. His finger moved in and out of her as his lips encircled her clit sucking her off. Lynn was beginning to shake as she reached her first orgasm. John replaced his finger in her pussy with his tongue driving her wild as she feverishly humped his mouth. His tongue licked the inner walls of her pussy catching every drop of her climax in his güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth.

Moving down and staring him directly in his eye she begged him to fuck her. She told him that she wanted his cock inside her. Lynn moved down and pulled John’s pants off. Grabbing his still firm cock she shoved the head in her mouth. John learned back and enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding back and forth in her wet mouth. His hand moved to the back of her head and pulled her head down deeper on his cock. Getting more of it into her mouth and down into her throat. He could hear himself repeating “that’s right baby swallow that cock, suck that cock baby.”

She moved to the floor with her head down and her ass up begging him to fuck her. Stepping behind her he placed the swollen head of his cock against her tiny entrance. Pushing forward he could feel her opening up to take him in. The thick head popped inside her pussy and a soft deep moan escaped her lips. Placing his hands on her hips he slowly pushed that fat cock inside her tight wet pussy. He started his slow rocking rhythm pushing deeper inside her with each thrust. He could feel himself growing deep inside her. Growing longer and thicker filling her insides. He could hear himself telling her to cum for him, to cum hard on his cock.

Lynn closed her legs and it was if she had tightened to form a sleeve around the shaft. Her small fingers massaged her hard clit feverishly. The pressure was incredible. Reaching down his fingers found her red hair and pulled back on it impaling her completely on his cock. He was buried all the way inside her feeling the head against the back of her vagina. He continued to deep fuck her to keeping her there right on the very edge.

She pushed him back and told him to lie down on the floor on his back. He obliged her demands and she straddled him lowering herself down on his long hard cock. As Lynn slide down John’s shaft excess lubrications squirted from her pussy. God she was so incredibly wet. She sat down completely on his cock right down to the very base. She started thrusting her clit against his mound as she worked at cumming again. Her breathing became rapid as she trusted hard against me. Lynn kept chatting “cum inside me, cum inside me, I want to feel you explode deep inside my pussy.”

This excited John even more as his hand grasped her ass and rocked her back and forth on his cock. He could feel her pussy start tighten as she came on his cock as her wet fluid escaping down his shaft and onto his balls. Lynn was moaning loudly and her body shaking violently as she rode that cock hard deeply inside her. She was cumming uncontrollable as John penetrated her restlessly. He could hear himself telling her to cum for him, cum hard than she has ever cum for anyone.

The pressure was unbelievable and John could not hold back any longer exploding deep inside her. Lynn fell forward clinging tightly to him as if she was caught up in a flood. He pulled her ass tightly down on his cock as it continued to throb inside he send squirt after squirt inside her. His body twitching as he came deep inside her tight little pussy. Exhausted they moved to the bedroom and got into bed. Still trembling they feel asleep holding one another tightly. Just like two beaten animals.

The next morning John had to get up early for work. He told her that unfortunately he was going to be away in Baltimore that week and would see her again when he got home. She told him that she too had a very hectic schedule that week. The week was full of business meeting for him. He had tried to call her on several different occasions with out success. John returned to airport Saturday morning to the same weather as the previous weekend. The drive from the airport seemed to take an eternity. John slowly drove down the street and pulled up in front of Lynn’s place. The shades were gone, the curtains were gone, and the house has dark. She had in fact left with out as much as a good bye. All that was left was the taunting sound of the cold November rain…………….

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