Its so very dark (1)

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Its so very dark (1)It is so very dark – the blindfold has taken care of that, and thanks to the headphones it also so very quiet. You are lying on your front, ankles and wrists tied to each corner of the bed. There are a couple of pillows underneath your hips and you are naked. It occurs to you that you have never really felt as vulnerable as you do now. You try moving your head to see if you get a gauge on where I am in the room but it doesn’t make the slightest difference. To all intent and purpose you are mine and there is nothing you can do about it.I move from one side of the bed to the other, just to look at you from a different angle. Your buttocks high on the bed, your legs apart; it is all I can do to stop myself forcing myself into you there and then. Tonight is all about control and although that’s the way it may end up, we will be taking a long journey to get there.Across on the dressing table are laid out all of the implements and objects I intend to use. I pick up the first item, a white ostrich feather. I hold it in front of my eyes, the candlelight permeating through the almost microscopic filaments. I lean forward and let the fine tip of the feather gently stroke the back of your ankle. You tense a little, knowing contact has been made and my game has started. I slowly run the feather up and down the length of your leg. As the feather reaches the back of your knee you start to squirm and then up the inside of your thigh. The touch of the feather is both pleasurable and excruciatingly intense in its lightness. The anticipation of where it will stroke next wakes up every nerve-ending in your body. All you can hear is your own breath, gasping each time the feather touches. I occasionally break contact, changing where the feather touches next, keeping you guessing; increasing your anticipation. You wriggle a little as I run the feather along the bottom of each buttock, raising your bum in the air as you become aroused.I step away from the end of the bed and move close to your head, I run my hand through your hair, or as much as the headphones allow, and gently kiss your cheek. I pull one nevşehir escort headphone away from your ear and whisper “that was the easy part”. I replace the headphone and walk back to the dressing table, running my hand up and down the various items, trying to choose. Time for a little pain I think. I pick up the riding crop and flick it in the air, testing the flexibility. You can’t hear the swish, which I regret, but you’ll soon know what it is. I walk back to the bed.The leather tip of the crop gently slaps the back of your thigh; each stroke quick, light and persistent. Slap, slap, slap, slap, six or seven strokes in quick succession. That has got your attention. I stop for what must seem to you like an age and then we I think you are least expecting it I bring the crop down hard across your buttocks. You scream out, as much from surprise as the stinging pain but the crop has left a bright red mark across each milky smooth buttock. I look at my creation and think of the welt as a brand, my brand, my mark; claiming you as mine. I lean on the bed and gently kiss each buttock. You now know the extent of gentleness and pain that is my choice to administer. The game is my game and you will play by my rules.I lick my fingers to moisten them and brush them against the lips of your vagina. You let out a soft moan. I flick the tip of one finger back and forth across your clitoris and you raise your hips up to allow me better access. Your breath is now heavy and deep, inhaling and exhaling slowly. I slowly slide my fingers up and down each side of your clitoris and then in slow circular motions; clockwise and then anticlockwise. Your pussy is getting wetter and hotter as my rubbing gets firmer. You’re moving your hips up and down slightly to increase the pleasure but I place a hand firmly on your thigh to indicate that you must not move. I tease your lips apart and slide a finger inside you. You let out another soft moan and I feel your muscles contract slightly. I hold my hand still, you try and move your hips again but I remind you not to move by placing my hand on the back of your thigh escort nevşehir again. I lean back and grab a vibrator from the dressing table, with one hand I turn it to a medium setting and then place the tip against the hand than is still inside you, the vibrations running up my hand, into my fingers and inside you. Each breath becomes shorter as your pussy starts to tingle, you make a long, soft noise as the intensity builds. You really want to work your hips hard, you really want me to work my fingers hard inside you but after the riding crop you understand that breaking the rules has consequences. I use my free hand to turn up the setting on the vibrator to its highest setting but still not moving my hand. The vibrations keep bringing you closer and closer to orgasm but not quite. You need that final push to reach it and I am not yielding. How much more can you take? I slowly pull my fingers out and you give a small cry of disappointment and frustration. I gently stroke your thigh as if to say soon my lovely, soon but not yet.I turn the vibrator to its lowest setting and hold the tip just to the side of your now throbbing clitoris. You want it, me, something, anything to be inside you, to allow you the release you want so much. I move the tip in slow circles, the same circles my fingers were making moments earlier. Your vagina is glistening with wetness, radiating heat, every part of it – lips, clitoris tingling with near-orgasm intensity. You’d even be happy for me to insert my finger into your anus if it meant you could orgasm, and you’d never have thought you’d think that before. I turn the control up to its highest for a split second and then slowly turn it down until it stops. Your breath is ragged, your hair is clingy to your flushed, hot face. You are whimpering as your body twitches, trying to find the release that it was oh-so-close to.I realise that I haven’t taken a breath for a while and inhale and exhale slowly. I stand up and pick up a glass of iced water with a straw in. I raise your head in my hand and hold the straw to your mouth as you take long gulps of cool water, nevşehir escort bayan trying to calm your body down, to recompose yourself. Again, I ask myself how much more can you take? The feeling of total control has made me very hard, my hard cock pushing against my shorts. I remove my t-shirt and shorts in expectation of the next stage.I tip the glass of water and reach in to grab an ice cube. I place the cube in my mouth and swish it around, enjoying the coolness, feeling my tongue becoming as icy cold. I wait until the ice has fully melted and then bury my face between your thighs, my cold tongue against the extreme heat of your pussy. The cold heightens your sensitivity and I push my tongue deep inside you, my face moist with your wetness. Someone once told me that cunnilingus should start like a butterfly landing on a flower and end up like a hungry rotweiller tearing into a bowl of porridge. I think we’ve long past the butterfly stage so I grab each of your buttocks in my hands and push my tongue deeper and deeper inside you, my teeth and lips against your clitoris, my tongue darting in and out, my fingers sinking into the flesh of your buttocks. I allow you to move your hips and you increase the pressure by moving your hips up and down hard and fast. You begin to shake as the last twenty minutes of frustration rips through your body, the buzzing starts to build in your toes as your orgasm starts. The tingling moves up each leg, across our buttocks that are still carrying my brand, my fingers gripping hard. Your pussy starts to throb and as your orgasm reaches it’s height so your muscles contract hard on my tongue. I feel you cumming but I don’t relent, my tongue still darting in and out of you. Your hands gripping the bed sheets, your toes curling, your head up as far as you can, a loud scream of ‘oh my god’ as your body feels like its about to burst and BANG. The hardest orgasm you have ever experienced. Every muscle, nerve, bone feels expended, spent. Your body spasms in post-orgasmic release. Your face now against the bed, breathless. I keep my tongue pressed gently against your lips as the contractions still come. My face smothered with your juices, my cock throbbing. I wait for our breaths to slow and for your body to stop spasming. I pull away from you and look down at your spent, collapsed body; considering my next move.To be continued.

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