Jr. Prom 5

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Jr. Prom 5My Jr. Prom-5============40=============Bob pulled up his pants and we went into the living room to play videogames on the big screen. We rolled around on the floor, sat cross legged,played video games and talked like we always did.After about 15 minutes, Bob was putting up a tent in his pants. I continuedto play video games and thought about what a turn on it was to know I wasmaking him hard. I smiled and could feel my pussy getting wet.After about 30 minutes, Bob was having trouble getting comfortable. Igiggled, got up and got us some sodas. I wiggled my ass for him on the wayout and shook my tits for him on the way back in. I joined him and satcross legged on the floor next to him.We went back to playing video games and after 45 minutes, Bob couldn’t takeit any more. Without a word, he got up on his knees and pulled down hispants. His cock flew out of his pants like it was trying to escape. Igiggled, got on my hands and knees and backed my ass right up to it.”Fuck Yeah” he grunted as he stabbed his cock into my waiting ass.He grabbed my hips tight and did me doggy style for a couple minutes, thenpulled out. He rolled me onto my back, laid on top of me and stuffedhimself back inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged himtight.”Do Me!” I squealed excitedly.We began to kiss passionately while he drove his cock into me hard andfast. It was such a turn on to make out while being fucked like this. Icould feel the head of my cock squishing around in my pussy while his fatcock was driving into me. I began to jump and squeal with delight in notime..That was like a green light to him and he began to fuck me harder thanever. My bowels seized up around his cock and I began driving my hips up tomeet his thrusts. He was grunting in my ear like he had to force his cockin with every thrust. I shook and groaned as a mini orgasm swept throughme.”Oh God!” I groaned.Bob began kissing my neck and shoulders while driving his cock in as hardand fast as he could. I stared at the ceiling with a glazed look as I feltanother orgasm approaching. I began to squeal and jump as Bob began to makegrunting noises. He drove deep inside me as I let out a longsqueal………………………… Every time I felt his cock throb, itfelt like a fire hose was going off in my ass. I could feel cum gurglingthrough me..Bob collapsed on top of me and lay there panting for breath. I squeezed myasshole tight around his shaft and smiled contentedly.”God, this is good” I breathed.”Fuck yeah it is! Your ass is tighter and juicier than any pussy I everhad!” he told me as he kissed me on the lips.I giggled “That’s all the cum you pumped in there. It’s natures perfectlubricant.”Bob laughed “Well, I tell you what. You were built for pleasure, that’s fordamn sure!””I know! This is fucking great! Isn’t it? I wish you could stay all week!”I told him as I watched him lick my nipples.”Fuck! That would be perfect!” he agreed.Bob laid on top of me with his cock still buried deep while we made out fora little while. We decided to use mom and dad’s whirlpool bath and watch TVin their room. Bob stripped down right there in the living room and wewalked naked back to their room and filled the bath. While I was bent overthe bath, I felt a stream of cum run down the back of my thigh and smiled.We turned on the TV and set up everything we would need around the bathtub. We got towels, an ashtray, three joints and the remote. I got in andgot comfortable at one end, while he got comfortable at the other. Wesmoked a joint, hung out, flipped through the channels.Aside from all the time I spent staring at his cock and he spent staring atmy tits. It was like any other day.I could see that his cock was hard the whole time. The more I looked at it,the more I wanted it but we both went on like nothing was wrong. Afterabout 45 minutes, I couldn’t take anymore. I crawled across the tub,straddled his lap and sat on his cock while we continued to talk.We smiled at each other as I began to bounce up and down. He grabbed me bythe ass and began to make short upward thrusts to meet me on the waydown. I leaned forward and we kissed passionately. He squeezed my ass withboth hands as I continued to bounce in his lap.Before long, we were both breathing heavy and had quickened our pace. Histhrusts became longer, deeper and more forceful. We continued to kiss and Ibegan to moan with pleasure, while he played with my tits. Bob smiled andbegan to pump is cock into me a little bit faster. It felt so good, I letout a little squeal and began to undulate my hips.Bob went back to caressing and squeezing my ass while he pumped it in hardand fast. There was water splashing everywhere, but we didn’t slowdown………………………… I squeezed my ass as tight as I couldand and eagerly accepted his thrusts. I marveled at how good it felt tohave his fat shaft sliding through my clenched butt hole.I heard Bob begin to make his now familiar grunting noises while he suckedmy nipples. The image of cum shooting out of his cock flashed in my mind. Isat down hard and smiled as I felt his cock throbbing inside me. He groundhis cock into me and I could feel his balls pinched between my butt cheeks.I leaned back, closed my eyes and let out a little cooing noise as Ipictured his cock going off inside me. I could see thick white streamsshooting out and filling me up. It gave me such a warm feeling to know thathis creamy white seed was swimming around inside me. I stroked my breastsand let out another soft cooing noise as I luxuriated it the way everythingfelt.When I finally opened my eyes, Bob’s orgasm was long since over and he waslooking at me with a huge smile.”What?!?” I asked defensively.”Nothing” Bob chuckled “You looked so happy. What were you thinking of?”I smiled “I was thinking of watching you cum on my pussy. I was thinkingabout how you were doing that inside me. I was thinking about how nice itis that I’ll be walking around all day with your sperm inside me. Mostly, Iwas thinking about how good it feels to be your sperm bank.””You’re fucking awesome! All that and you didn’t even get off?” Bob said ashe laid back and got comfortable.I giggled and fired up another joint.”I know! This feels so fucking good, as long as you keep sticking thatthing in me, I’ll be happy. Who cares if I get off!” I told him with asmile.==============41============We laughed, finished our joint, watched TV, talked and I sat in his lapuntil we were wrinkled up like prunes. We dried off and stretched out onmom and dads bed to watch more TV. They had a drawer full of videos so Iwent digging through it to find a porno. Once I found one, I smiled, put itin and climbed back in bed with Bob. I snuggled up next to him and hit fastforward until the action started.I set the remote on the night stand and started stroking his cock while Isucked his nipples. Once it was good and hard, I swung my leg over him andsat on it hard. I felt it plunge into me and let out a quiet gasp.I smiled at myself in the mirror over the headboard. I could see the wholeroom. I could see the TV. I could see all of me and I could see Bob fromthe chest down. I had never noticed before, but it was set up perfectly soI could watch myself in action.I began to merrily bounce up and down while watching my tits. They bouncedand jiggled and I could feel them pulling heavily at my chest. I could seeand feel Bobs cock sliding in and out. I could see the cum drooling out ofme and collecting in his pubic hair. There were the sounds of hot sex goingon in the background with plenty of moans and squeals. The whole thing wassuch an erotic experience that we both added our own moans and squeals tothe soundtrack.I watched in fascination as my nubile female frame performed it’s mostbasic female function. I admired the way my body looked and responded tothe sexual stimulation. Everything about it said I was a hot young redheadseeking to quench her sexual desires. It was like looking through a windowand watching myself perform a live sex show. Just like the girls in theporno we were watching. It gave me the same sense of excitement I got whenI first started watching myself with the dildo.I leaned back. Put my hands behind me. Set my feet next to hischest. Spread my legs as far as possible and began bouncing my ass on hiscock while I watched in the mirror.My ass and bobs crotch were covered in cum. There was a thick white ring ofcum around his shaft. I admired the way my pussy looked and watched as astream of thick white fluid drooled out of it. My tits were bouncing wildlyand his cock disappeared inside me smooth and easy every time.I looked down to see Bob staring at my pussy with a glazed look. I reacheddown and began fingering it hard and fast for his amusement while I slammedmy ass down even harder. My pussy was so wet with cum my finger squisheddeep into it easily. I ran the tip of my finger around my cum slick cockhead and couldn’t believe how good it felt.I began to dig deep into my pussy and work it with my finger while I triedto keep my ass moving. The closer I got to orgasm the harder it became. Iworked my pussy frantically and began squealing with delight.Bob pulled me up, rolled me onto my back and began hammering his cockin. My bowels seized up around his cock and he let out a long groan. Iwrapped my arms and legs around him and began thrusting my hips up to meethim……………………………….. It didn’t take long and he beganto make his grunting noises..”Cum in my pussy” I whispered lustily.Bob reached between us, pulled his cock out and stuffed it into my pussy asdeep as it would go without a seconds hesitation. Between feeling my cockbeing stretched out so fast and the smooth tight feeling of it slidingin. It drove me over the edge. I began to jump and squeal like a teapotwhile he hung on tight and forced his cock in as deep as it would go.Our cock heads were mashed together so tight as I flopped around. They weregrinding against each other and I could feel both our cocks throbbing. Ipictured thick white streams washing over the head of my cock. Bob pumpedinto me hard and I could feel the glue straining to hold my pussy together.Bob grunted one last time and collapsed on top of me. I laid there spreadeagle and spent, staring at the ceiling while we both panted to catch ourbreath. I could feel his cock loosing it’s timber inside my pussy. As itdid that, it became more comfortable to have in there. In fact, it feltreally good.It was such a rush. My cock was stretched out, full of cum and there wasanother cock inside it!I had a big happy smile as he rolled off and laid next to me. His cock washalf hard and coated with cum. We laid there and caught our breath for afew minutes while I examined his satisfied member. Then I rolled on top ofhim and sat on it again. I felt it slide into my ass until I wascomfortably seated on top of him.I looked up in the mirror and admired how sexy I looked. I had a warmsatisfied glow. My breasts were heaving with every breath. My pussy wascovered with a thick layer of cum. It was splattered all over mythighs. There was a small white puddle on his belly where I was sitting. Itwas exactly what I always imagined a freshly used slut should look like. Icould hardly believe it was me.I looked like a porn flick cumdumpster.”That seems like your favorite place to sit” Bob said as he smiled at meand caressed my thighs.I smiled back grabbed the last joint and fired it up.”This is the best seat in the house. It’s comfortable. We’re face to face,We can talk, hang out watch porn. What ever. Plus, I get to ride on thisthing.” I told him as I squeezed my ass tight and ground it in a smallcircle. “Hell, yesterday in your truck was like sitting in an easychair. It was fucking great.”We laughed and talked for a little while about how much fun this was andhow much we enjoyed it. How funny we thought it was that my parents gotturned on because we were fucking. Then he changed changed the subject andstarted asking about lunch. I told him I would make us lunch, but he wantedto go out.”We should go out to the Maple Leaf and have some lunch. We can sit down,relax and I’ll even buy you lunch. I know you’re nervous about being inpublic, but you look great and nobody’s going to know.” he told mesincerely.I smiled down at him. “I was talking to my dad about that this morning. Hesays……. him and mom agree with you. There’s no way to know I’m not agirl and I should go for it…….. So I’m all in….. I’m allwoman…………………………….. and I’m all yours…… We can goanywhere.. Talk to anybody and do anything we want to do.””This is too cool” he said as he squeezed my tits and kissed me on thelips.Just then the phone rang. I couldn’t reach it without getting up so I hadBob hand it to me.”James residence. Susan speaking.” I said cheerfully.”Hi honey. It’s mom. Your father and I were just about to go to the gunclub and I was calling to see how you were doing.” she said.I smiled at Bob “Hi mom. We’re doing great. Thanks. We were just talkingabout going down to the Maple Leaf for lunch.””Well good for you honey! I think you should. I know you’re nervous, butdon’t be. You’ll be fine.” she said enthusiastically.I giggled “Thanks…. Hey, can I ask for a couple favors?””Sure Honey” she said seriously.”I told some of the people we met yesterday that I was Jimmy’s cousin. Socan I call you aunt Carol and uncle Mike? And if anybody asks, I’m yourniece?” I asked tentatively.”Oh, good idea! That would be fine. What’s the other one?” she asked.”Can Bob stay over until after prom?” I asked.Bob and I both had big grins as I began to grind my ass back. Bob chuckledsoftly and began playing with my tits.”I don’t see why not. I’ll have to talk to his mother, but I don’t see anyproblem with that.” she told me.I smiled real big “Thanks Mom! You’re the best! Thanks for giving us thehouse today too. This is great!””My pleasure sweetheart. As long as you k**s are having fun.” shegiggled……..”We sure are! We had fun in the kitchen when you left. Then we had fun inthe living room. Then we had fun in your whirlpool. And we’re having fun inyour bed as we speak.” I told her with a smile.I could feel Bobs cock getting hard inside me when I told her that.”I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt anything. I gotta go. Have fun!” Momlaughed and hung up.I began to laugh and bounce up and down as I handed Bob the phone. He hungit up squeezed my tits some more and chuckled at me.”What did she say?” he asked with a smile.”She says we should go out more. She’ll have to talk to your mom. But, youcan stay as long as you like. And when I told her we were fucking, shesaid, ‘sorry to interrupt. have fun’ and hung up.” I laughed.Bob laughed, rolled me quickly onto my back and began pounding his cock inhard an fast.”God this is good!! You’re the best piece of ass in town and we got yourparents blessing to fuck all week long! You are so fucking hot!!” he saidas he kissed me passionately.My ass was so worn out and tender from all the fucking we had been doingthat my ass seized up immediately. My bowels were pushing as hard as theycould to expel his intrusion. Bob kept slamming it in relentlessly. Therewas a loud wet slapping noise every time he did. I was going through astring of mini orgasms. one would end, I would take three or four breathsand another would start. The whole thing felt so good, I thought I was inheaven.When Bob finally emptied his balls, he collapsed on top of me and we laidthere resting for almost a half hour without saying word. I would havefallen asleep like that, but Bob got up and insisted he was starving. So wecleaned up, got dressed and headed for town.==============42============After what mom, dad and Bob had said about how nice I looked and watchingmyself in the mirror. I didn’t think twice about anybody seeing me intown. When I would notice guys looking at me as we walked down thestreet. It made me smile, because it let me know I was a hot babe and theyall wanted to fuck me.Being the focal point for such intense sexual desire was really quite athrill for me. More than once, Bob pulled up my skirt to flash my pussy tohis friends. I giggled and pretended to be upset when he did that, but weboth knew I liked it.We went to the restaurant and had a nice lunch. We sat and watched the towngo by while we relaxed and talked about nothing. Just as we were about toleave, Jake sat down and said hi. Bob introduced me and the three of ustalked for a little while. It didn’t take long before Jake said what was onhis mind.”I was talking to Butch earlier and I was wondering if I could borrow Susanfor a little while?” he asked with a smile.Bob gave me a questioning look. I smiled and nodded.”Help yourself” Bob said with a smile.”Cool, I’ll meet you in the mens room.” he told me as he walked off.Bob and I smiled at each other as I got up to follow him. When I got to thebathroom, Jake was leaned against the sink with his pants down. His rockhard cock was standing straight out. I giggled, locked the door and got tomy knees. I sucked him off as hard and fast as I could and he dumped hisload in my mouth in no time. I swallowed, unlocked the door and walked outlike it was an everyday thing.I had a huge smile as I joined Bob back at the table. Jake was right behindme.”Take care Bob. Nice meeting you Susan.” he said as he walked off.”My pleasure.” I giggled.”Thanks” I said to Bob as I sipped my tea.Bob chuckled “After what you did for me the last couple days….. It’s theleast I could do. I’ll lend you out to every guy we meet, If you want.””Ok…… But only for blowjobs.” I told him eagerly.on hearing this, Mr. Johnson leaned over Bobs shoulder. “Can I borrow herfor a little while?””Go to the bathroom. I’ll send her in.” he said.Mr. Johnson was the local perv. He was in his early sixties and was alwaystalking dirty. All the girls complained about him. I had noticed himsitting across from us and looking up my skirt. I spread my legs a fewtimes just to make sure he got a good look.I stepped into the mens room to see Mr Johnson standing in front of theurinal. He smiled when he saw me and turned to show me his hard cock. Itwasn’t very thick, but it had to be at least eight inches long. I lockedthe bahis siteleri door, got to my knees and sucked him down my throat as fast as Icould…………………………………….. He grunted, grabbed me bythe back of the head and began throat fucking me.He drove his cock in hard and fast. Every time his cock popped out of mythroat, I would take a quick breath. He drove it in like that for aboutfive minutes. Then he drove deep into my throat, mashing my face againsthis crotch. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and throat whilecum sprayed out.When he was done, I looked up to see him smiling down at me. He watched myface closely as he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth………….. Istood up, stroked his cock a few times, then as I was about to leave hestopped me.”If you ever want to do that again, I live in the white house on thecorner.” he said as he handed me a fifty.”Cool” I said as I casually took the fifty and left him there with his cockout.When I got back to the table, Bob and I both had huge smiles.”Ready to go?” I asked as I stuffed the cash into my purse.”Absolutely” he said as he put some money on the table.After that, we walked around town and wandered through all the storeslooking at everything. I modeled some lingerie and swimsuits for him justfor fun. It gave me such a thrill to see the bulge in his pants grow when Idid that.While we did all that, Bob lent me out to just about every guy we knew. Oneof the guys worked in the store with the lingerie and I sucked him off inthe changing room. I bet I sucked off ten guys before we went back to myhouse.When we got to the house, there was a message on the machine and I listenedto it.”Hi honey, it’s mom, I talked to Bobs mom and she say’s it’s fine. All heneeds to do is pick up the clothes that he’ll need.” she saidcheerfully……..I smiled at Bob “There you go…… We’re ready to start a week long fuckfest!”We both cheerfully stripped off our clothes. I wore stockings and heelswhile he was nude. We hung out, played games, I cooked and served dinner,did the dishes. And of course, we fucked every time I got him hard. Itdidn’t matter what we were doing. We stopped whatever we were doing, fuckedand went back to it like it was the most casual thing in the world.It was fucking great!!We, of course, lost track of the time. So when Mom and dad walked in thedoor, I had Bob on his back in the middle of the living room while I jumpedup and down in his lap. We didn’t hear them coming so it was a surprise forall of us.Dad chuckled and headed to the back room to put his guns away. Mom juststood there and smiled.”Hi honey. I see you’re busy. Did you have a good day?” she giggled.I turned to see her staring at Bobs balls hanging out of my ass. Bob seemedembarrassed at first, but when I didn’t move he just laid back and smiled.”Hi Mrs James” he waved.”Hi Bob” mom replied with a smile.I began to slowly bounce and smile at mom while she watched Bobs cockdisappear.”We had a great day! We hung out here for awhile. Then went to town forlunch. We walked around town. Went window shopping. I modeled somelingerie. Then we came back here for dinner. How did your day go?” I askedcheerfully.I never stopped bouncing the whole time I was talking. Mom was staring atBobs cock the whole time. She sat on the couch and told me all about herday while she watched us fuck. It was more than Bob could handle. Hegrabbed me by the hips, ground his cock in and began grunting while hekicked around under me. Mom and I smiled at each other.”I need to see what your father is doing.” she said as she got up and left.Bob and I scrambled to get dressed while giggling the whole time. Just aswe were about dressed, we heard mom and dad going at it in theirbedroom………………………… We giggled some more and headed outto his truck.. He told me how cool it was that my parents caught us fuckingand didn’t care.. He also told me how hot it was that my mom sat down andwatched.. Of all the people he thought would watch us fuck in public, henever imagined it would be my mom..I giggled “I think she’s the one that gets turned on when we fuck. Noticehow she ran off and started fucking my dad? She told me her pussy getssopping wet if she gets to see a cock, and I think she’s hot for you Bob.””That would be cool…. She’s Hot! She is definite MILF material. I bet shewas every bit as hot as you are when she was 16.” he told me seriously “Ican see why your dad says you’re her clone. You’ve got the same hair, sameface, same tits, same ass, same everything.”I smiled “Really? You think I could grow up to be a MILF?””Fuck Yeah! Like mother, like daughter! That shit runs in the family. Waitand see.” he insisted.I smiled and spread my legs while he caressed my thighs. As we approachedhis house, Bob became agitated. I asked what was wrong and he told me heneeded to get clothes but couldn’t bring me to his house. When I asked why,he filled me in on what I already knew.”If I tell my mom that you’re Susan James and you’ll be at Jimmies all weekshe’ll never let me visit, much less stay over.” he told me.We talked about a few places close by that I could wait while he gotclothes.”Why not drop me off at the town pool?” I asked.”Town pool?? What?” he asked with a confused look.I smiled at him “Pony’s locking up tonight ain’t he?””Yeah, he sure is. That’s a great idea.” Bob laughed.”Go big or stay home.” I said as I rubbed his bulge.============43=============We used to call him Pony Boy from some old movie, but we shortened it toPony. Most people thought it was just a funny name from a movie, but wecalled him that because he was hung like a horse. He swore it was teninches hard and it was nearly as thick as Bobs. Like all the guys, we hadall seen it in the shower and we were all jealous.When we got to the pool, it was almost 8:30 and the pool closed at 9. Wewalked in and Bob introduced us. He told Pony he had something to do andasked if it was ok to leave me there for an hour. Pony of courseagreed. There was hardly anybody there and I agreed to help him clean upand lock up.He had me clean up all the dirty towels from everywhere while he mopped thefloors. Then we cleaned all the weight lifting equipment and were prettymuch done with everything by the time the last person headed out thedoor. Once everybody was gone, I asked Pony if it would be ok if I wentswimming. He said that would be fine, he still had to lock up and do a fewother things.I grabbed a towel and headed into the pool area. I stepped out of sight,stripped nude, then ran and dove into the pool. When I came up, I didn’tsee pony anywhere. I swam to the far end, climbed out and jumped around onthe diving board for a little while. I made a couple dives and beganswimming around some more.When I came up again, I looked to the shallow end and there was Ponysitting in his swim shorts with his feet dangling in the water. I swamtowards him making sure to keep my body underwater. When I got to theshallow end, I stood up and walked toward him while smoothing my hair back.When I got in front of him, I was standing in waist deep water between hisspread legs. When I looked down, I could see the bulge straining in hisshorts. I looked up at him, smiled and began to caress the bulge.”Aren’t we frisky” I giggled.He smiled and stripped his shorts off as quick as he could. His cock sprangout like a monster snake. My eyes lit up and I couldn’t look away. It wasfucking huge. It was big when it was soft, but watching it get hard wasbreathtaking. I reached out and began to stroke it while he sat silentlyand watched.”Holy Fuck That’s Huge! How big is it?” I asked eagerly.”Almost 11 inches.” he told me with a sly grin.”Oh My Fucking God” I gasped in amazement.”I hear you can deep throat. What do you think?” he asked with that samesly gin.I was stroking his cock with both hands and couldn’t believe what a thrillit was to play with a cock that big.”Only one way to find out.” I told him as I went down and started suckingthe head of his cock.I sucked it in and out and felt it poking at my throat. It wasn’t quite asfat as Bob’s but I still couldn’t believe how big it was. I pushed until Ifelt the head of his cock pop into my throat. I pushed some more and feltit slide in. The first eight inches went in easy, but the last three almostkilled me.I bobbed up and down on the first eight inches like it was nothing. Once Iwas used to it, I pushed hard until the last three inches slid down and myface was mashed into his crotch. I used one hand to wrap his balls aroundmy chin and looked up at him. He had the most incredible amazed look on hisface. I started to laugh and almost choked when I saw it. I pulled backquickly and began licking and kissing the head while I caught my breath.”What do you think?” I giggled.”That was fucking incredible!! Nobody has ever done that before!! I meannever ever, Nobody!! I heard you could deep throat and I was just fuckingwith you to see what you could do! But, Holy Fuck I Had No Idea!! That WasThe Most Incredible Thing Ever!!” he exclaimed.I blushed and giggled some more. “Wanna see it again?””Fucking Right I Do!! Don’t Stop!! I Don’t Care What Happens! Don’t fuckingstop!!” he insisted.I sucked his cock balls deep again and began bobbing up and down on thelast three inches. It felt like it was nearly down to my stomach it was inso deeply I pulled back and began sucking the head while I caught mybreath. Then I dove back down.I tried to get the whole length to slide in and out, but couldn’t. I coulddo the first eight inches easy enough but then it hung up. Once it wasthrough the tight spot, I could only bob up and down on the last threeinches.Every time I caught my breath, I would trade between the first eight or thelast three. It didn’t matter though, because he didn’t last long. I onlydid the first eight twice and the last three twice before he blew his loaddown my throat. When he was done he laid on his back staring at theceiling.”So what do you think? Am I the new deep throat queen of Maple Lake?” Iasked as I stroked his cock and licked his balls.”Fucking right you are! You don’t even have any competition!” he said as helooked at me seriously.I jumped out of the water and laid on the cold concrete beside him. Thatdidn’t last long though I sat up after only a few seconds.”Fuck that’s cold!” I bitched.”We can go in the steam room if you want.” Pony told me.”Yeah, let’s do that. I don’t want to catch a cold waiting out here forBob.” I said with a nod.We went into the steam room and laid around nude while we talked about howI had met Bob. I told him Jimmy had hooked us up and I would be here allweek to be Bobs date to the prom. While we talked, Pony noticed I couldn’tkeep my eyes off his cock. He kept smiling at me and turning so I could geta better look. Before long, we were facing each other. I was staring at hiscock while he stared at my pussy and tits.I couldn’t help myself, I pushed him back, climbed onto his lap and sat onhis cock. Just like when I sucked him, the first eight inches went in easybut the last three felt like it was tearing me apart inside. Since I couldonly get the first eight in comfortably, I concentrated on working that.I leaned forward and began kissing him while pumping my ass down on hiscock in a smooth quick pace. We made out while I worked his cock with myoverheated ass. After a few minutes, we rolled onto the floor with me on myback. We kissed and made out while he pumped his cock in frantically. Hepumped it in hard until it bottomed out at eight inches and pulled backjust as quickly.I began jumping and squealing in no time. We were hard at it when wethought we heard some banging. Pony didn’t care and just kept fucking meuntil he was done. He dumped his load inside me and sat on the benchlooking at me with a smile.Once we calmed down we heard the banging again. Our clothes were out by thepool, so we crept out of the steam room nude and peeked around thecorner. There was Bob banging on the big glass doors. I ran out andunlocked the door.”Sorry, we were fucking in the steam room and didn’t hear you.” I said.Bob laughed “Speaking of fucking, get over here and suck this.”He walked behind the desk, pulled down his pants and sat in the swivelchair. I could see that his cock had a wet shine and knew he had a treatfor me. I knelt in front of him and could smell the sweet aroma of freshpussy juice. I stroked his cock and when I sucked the head all I couldtaste was pussy.”Who’s pussy juice is this?” I asked while looking up at him.”Tori” Bob told me with a big shit eating grin. “She offered and I knew youwould want a taste of her pussy, so I took it.”Tori was cute as they get. She was about five feet tall and couldn’t haveweighed more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was a tiny little girland a rather flat chest. She looked like she was in the fifth grade, buther pussy tasted great.I sucked him hard and fast while thinking about how nice her pussytasted………………………………… While I was on my knees doingmy thing, I heard pony come out.”Hey Bob””Hey Pony. She says you were fucking in the back. Did she go down for you?”Bob chuckled.”Fucking right she did! She went all the way down! It was fucking awesome!”was his enthusiastic reply.Bob laughed “She’s good ain’t she?””Best in all the land.” Pony confirmed.I smiled and kept sucking while they talked about what I had done for themand how good it was. They talked about what a good piece of ass I was andhow nice it was to cum inside me. They talked about how good I was atsucking dick. Bob explained to him how I liked to suck cock that tasteslike pussy. How he had fucked Tori just so I could taste her pussy. Ponythought that was the best thing he ever heard.”So, how does Tori’s pussy taste.” he asked.I looked behind me to see that he was fully dressed and sitting on thedesk.”It tastes great! She’s got the best tasting pussy I ever had.” I told himenthusiastically and went back to sucking Bob.They both laughed and thought that was great. They went on talking abouthow pretty I was and how good the sex was. How nice my tits were and what ahot ass I had. How cool it was that such a hot babe could be such anymphomaniac.I could hear Bob breathing funny while he talked and knew he was close. Istarted deep throating him hard and fast. That drove him over the edge. Hebegan grunting and driving his cock in while cum shot out and filled mymouth. I eagerly swallowed and kept sucking until his grunting stopped. Ideep throated him a few more times to milk out the last of his cum andknelt in front of him with a big smile.Bob put his cock away and had me sit in his lap facing Pony. He put hisarms around my waist and began fingering my pussy. I leaned back into himsmiled at Pony while I spread my legs a little to make it easy for him tofinger me. Pony just smiled at me and watched for a little while.”It’s almost 10, I gotta lock up and get out of here.” Pony told us.”Yeah, sorry Pony. You heard the man. Get dressed and let’s go.” Bob saidslapping my ass.I giggled and walked sensually into the pool area and got dressed. I cameback a few minutes later, fully dressed and brushing my hair. I put thebrush back in my purse while we said goodbye and headed out.=============44=============On the way home, Bob was feeling me up and fingering my pussy while hedrove. We talked about how much fun we had and how hot everybody thought Iwas. He told me how pretty I was and how silly it was that I was worriedabout going out. He told me I was the perfect sperm bank and the hottestgirl in town.Hearing all that made me so hot, I could hardly stand it. Bob could feel mypussy getting wet and fingered me even faster while he chuckled quietly.When we got home, Bob grabbed his bag and we headed into the house. Dad wasnowhere to be seen but mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading thepaper in a robe. We said hello and I sent Bob to wait in my room while Igot us some soda. As I walked into the kitchen, mom and I both had hugegrins.”Did you two have a good time today, Honey?” mom smirked.I got some soda and sat at the table.”Oh my god! We had a great time! It was fucking awesome! I love being agirl.” I beamed.She asked a few questions and I was so excited, I filled her in on theevents of the day. I told her what a stud Bob was and what we had done. Itold her how everybody thought I was hot. I told her about lunch, shoppingand all the guys I had sucked off in town. I told her about going to thepool. I filled her in about why we call him Pony Boy and what a treat itwas to take care of him.Mom smiled and listened while squirming in her chair. I smiled and watchedher squirm as I filled her in on the highlights. When I was done, I kissedher goodnight and headed to my bedroom. I listened as she quietly turnedout the lights and went to her room.When I got to my room, Bob was laying on my bed, fast asleep. He hadn’teven taken off his shoes. I set the sodas on the night stand and strippednude. When I tried to take off his shoes, he woke up. He stripped down tonothing and climbed under the covers. I shut off the light and climbedunder with him. I put my back to him while he wrapped his arms around meand squeezed me tight.Just about the time we were almost asleep, we heard mom and dad going at ithot and heavy in the other room. We both laughed and drifted off to sleepwhile we listened.In the morning, I got up early, went to the kitchen, went down on dad. Ittasted like moms pussy and I couldn’t help but to smile. I went back to myroom, went down on Bob to wake him up. When we went to the bathroom to getready for school, Bob was fascinated by watching me take off mytits……..He said I looked like a little girl. Same as Tori. He was even more amazedwhen I took off my wig and makeup. I was his best friend Jimmy again, but Ihad a pussy. That didn’t slow him down a bit though. He fucked me doggiestyle in the shower.When we got to school, Susan was the only thing anybody was talkingabout……..All the guys asked about her. The guys she had sucked off yesterday wereparticularly interested in her. I didn’t tell them much though. All I toldthem was she was my cousin, she would be here for the week and she wasgoing to prom with Bob. canlı bahis Other than that I really didn’t tell them anything.I couldn’t help but to smile every time I saw Michele or Tori. I could feelmy pussy getting wet when I thought about how good their pussy’stasted. Michele was the hot sex pot type that every guy wanted. Tori was atthe opposite end of the spectrum. She was that cute friendly little girlthat everybody wanted to protect.And I got a taste of both their pussy’s.After school, we jumped in his truck and talked about Susan the whole wayhome. Everybody that I talked to told me how hot she was. Bob said theyraved about the blowjobs she gave them. I couldn’t help but to be pleasedwhen I heard that.When we got home, we ran inside as fast as we could. We headed to thebathroom and he watched me get undressed. I stood in front of him in justmy panties.”Let’s see that pussy” he smiled.I slowly pulled down my panties and dropped them to the floor. I stood inthe nude and Bob watched closely as I put my wig and makeup on. He told meto stop right there and dragged me back to the bedroom. We hung out nudeand he fucked me a few times.After about an hour of that, I put my tits on and got dressed. We headed tothe kitchen and talked while I helped mom with dinner. After dinner we wentout. We cruised around town, I sucked a few guys off. Bob fucked me on theback steps at school and behind the dumpster at the gas station. Then wewent home early.We did the same thing Tuesday. Only after school he had me walk around nudewith no tits, wig or makeup. Just me and my pussy. He fucked me raw too.Wednesday is when he saw something really new. In the morning beforeschool, I turned my cock lose before I took anything else off. Bob wasamazed…………………………………… I was a hot shemale and hethought it was great.. He watched as I took everything off and I was meagain.. After our shower, he watched closely as I carefully glued my pussyback into place.. I pulled up my panties, got dressed and we went toschool..After school, he wanted to hang out with the shemale Susan so I turned mycock lose and we hung out like that until dinner when I glued it backup……………… We went out and came home early. All week long, momand I were playing dueling bedsprings. She and dad would me be going at itin her room. Bob and I were going at it in my room. We all made quite a bitof racket.That’s the way most of the week went. After school, we would go home. Hewould watch me change. We would fuck for an hour or so before mom gothome. Then we would have dinner and go to town. We would drive around andlook for places to fuck that were fairly open. He would lend me out forblowjobs to just about everybody we met. He lent me out as a piece of assabout a half dozen times. Then we would go go home and fuck for the rest ofthe night.It was great! We couldn’t have imagined anything better.==============45============On Thursday, Bob said he had something to do and wouldn’t be back untileight. After school, he dropped me at home and took off. I went in, gotchanged and started dinner. At five when Mom got home, she told me dadwouldn’t be home until ten so it was just us girls.We talked excitedly at dinner about everything I had done that week. I toldher how turned on I got at school when guys would tell Jimmy all about howhot I was. She told me how exciting it was to listen to us in the morningand asked what the commotion was yesterday.I giggled and blushed. Then told her all about how I had turned my cocklose and how thrilled Bob was to have a shemale.”Oh My” mom said with a stunned look “I never thought of that. Could I seeit?”I smiled, kissed her on the lips “Be right back.”I ran to the bathroom, took off my panties and turned my cock lose. Iwatched in the mirror as I swung my hips around. I could see my cockbouncing around under my skirt. I pulled up my skirt and looked atit. After having a pussy for the last two months, it looked like it didn’tbelong there. It felt really strange to feel it swing around free.Looking in the mirror was even stranger. I was so used to seeing myself asa girl, that pulling up my skirt and showing off a cock seemedunnatural. The whole thing was incredibly sexual.I smoothed out my skirt and the feeling of the soft fabric against my nakedcock was exhilarating. So exhilarating, my cock was almost hard and therewas no hiding it. I smiled and walked back to the kitchen with no panties.Mom giggled and watched me walk around and model for her. I stood about twofeet in front of her and pulled up my skirt with a big smile. She stared atmy cock and squirmed in her seat while I giggled.A bolt of pleasure shot through me as she reached out and began to strokeit. I stepped up close to her and pushed it at her mouth. Without a secondshesitation, she opened up and started sucking on it.It felt so good, I couldn’t help but to groan with pleasure. She sucked itin and out in a long slow smooth stroke. Then we traded places. I sat inthe chair while she got to her knees in front of me. She stroked my cock,licked my balls and smiled up at me.”Now it’s your turn for morning coffee.” she giggled.She started sucking my cock hard and fast. It slid down her throat like shehad been doing it forever. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. She mashedher face into my crotch and began bobbing up and down about an inch. Icould feel my cock sliding down her throat and it was incredible. Shepulled back, sucked on just the head of my cock while she caught her breathand did it again.IT WAS FUCKING GREAT!!She did that seven or eight times and I couldn’t take any more. I grabbedher by the back of the head, mashed her face into my crotch and emptied myballs down her throat. I came so fucking hard, I just about fell out of myseat. She took it like a trooper though.When I finally relaxed, I looked down and watched my mom suck my satisfiedcock slow and easy. I had the same big smile on my face that I had seen dadmake every morning. I tried not to, but I understood now. You couldn’t helpit. I was too happy to hide it. Mom continued to smile up at me while shelicked my balls.”Holy Fuck That Was Good! I thought you didn’t know how?” I asked inamazement.”Ever since you showed me, I’ve been practicing with your father.” shegrinned “What do you think? Is a blowjob as good as they say?””Fuck Yeah! That was fucking great! That’s what I was doing for all thoseguys? It’s now wonder they were so happy to see me!” I giggled.Mom giggled back “Your dad is so happy with the both of us, he doesn’t knowwhat to do with himself. You do him in the morning and I do him at night. Itell you Honey, he’s just tickled.”She sat back at the table and we finished dinner. We continued to talkabout the things I had done.I told her about us fucking in public and how hot Bob thought it was thatshe had watched us fuck. About how Bob was lending me out for blowjobs. HowI had sucked off about half my class and a good portion of the sophomoreand senior class. Plus let a bunch more fuck me. How Mr. Johnson had paidme $50 when I sucked his dick.How the first time I had tasted a pussy was when I was sucking cock. I toldher what a treat I thought that was. It was like sucking cock and eatingpussy at the same time. I told her about how Bob had gone out and fucked afew girls just so I could taste their pussy on him.And of course, I told her how much fun Bob and I were having and how weboth thought this was the best thing that ever happened to us.Mom told me how excited she was that we enjoyed it so much. How happy herand dad were with this whole experiment. How glad she was that I haddecided to go as far as I had. Because of that, she had learned to deepthroat and now she loved to swallow. She had started taking it up the assand had begun to take a real pleasure in knowing she had made a mancum. She said it was more than pleasure, it was pride. She had learned tobe proud of what she was doing for him. She also talked about how turned onshe got when she heard Bob and I in the bedroom.And of course, how much fun her and dad were having because of it.While we were clearing the table and doing the dishes, moms skirt hadpulled up and I could see a big wet spot in her panties. I felt my cockgetting hard the instant I saw it. Bob was right she had a really hot ass.While we finished the dishes, mom asked about tasting another woman onBob. I told her, I thought it was great. I told her about the first timewhen I went down on Butch. I told her what a thrill it was to taste Micheleon him and how good she tasted. She asked if I had ever eaten any pussy forreal. I told her no and filled her in on Jimmy’s sad sex life. She justsmiled at me.”Would you like to see what my pussy tastes like?” she asked cheerfully.”I get to taste it every morning and it tastes great!” I giggled.She pulled down her panties and pulled up her skirt.”How would you like to belly up to the bar?” she asked.My eyes lit up “Fuck Yeah! That would be great!! I would love to!”She watched my cock get hard right in front of her, then playfully kickedoff her panties and took me in tow to her bedroom. She stripped down with abig smile as she jumped on the bed and laid back with her legsspread………………………… Her pussy was shaved smooth like mineand I could see her pussy lips glistening from across the room.This put her in a whole new light for me. She was fucking hot! I could seewhy Bob said she was a MILF. She was my mom and I wanted to fuck her bad!!I stripped down, crawled between her spread legs and began licking andsucking the juices out of her pussy. She groaned and began issuinginstructions about what girls like best. I of course did exactly what shesaid and she was jumping and squealing in no time. I made her cum hardtwice and lapped up her pussy juice like a dog.I began kissing and caressing her body while working my way up. I lickedand caressed her tits while sucking the swollen nipples. When we got faceto face, we kissed passionately while she wrapped her legs around mywaist. I could feel the tip of my cock at the wet opening to her pussy andpushed it in without a second thought. We continued to kiss while I beganto drive it into her hard and fast. She began to squeal and jumpimmediately.I was shocked at how good it felt. Holy fuck this was good. I couldn’tbelieve this is what it felt like for all the guys that fucked me. Bob saidmy ass was as good as pussy and if this is what he was getting it’s nowonder he thought I was the perfect girl. I was a good piece of ass, Icouldn’t get pregnant and I loved to give it up. It was exactly what wealways expected from the perfect girl.Mom and I fucked like that for awhile and my balls exploded inside her. Ipushed hard and pumped my cum as deep into her as I could get it. I had abig triumphant smile as I thought about all the times it had been done tome and now I was doing the same to her.I had just turned my mom into my personal sperm bank.We kissed non stop while I got off inside her. Then I worked my way backdown to her pussy and ate her out again. It was a real thrill to suck cumout of a freshly used pussy. It was almost as much fun as sucking a pussyflavored cock.By the time I had lapped up all my cum from her pussy, I was hard again. Iclimbed back on top of her, fucked her hard, came inside her and ate herout again. Then we laid next to each other naked and exhausted.Mom had a big smile as she laid there with her legs spread. She looked sohappy. I couldn’t help but to wonder if that’s what I looked like when Bobis finished with me. It was really hot. I laid on my side and fingered herpussy while I thought about how good it felt to fuck her like that.”So how was I? Is my pussy any good?” she asked playfully.”You were awesome! You’ve got a great pussy! You should be proud of thisthing! I bet this is the best cum dump ever made!” I told her excitedlywhile I fingered her harder. “Wish mine were that good.”Mom giggled “It is honey…. Your father says you’re the best he’s everhad. I was hoping mine was as good as yours.”Mom watched while my cock got rock hard the instant I heard it. I wasstaring off into space thinking about how good her pussy was. Now I knewexactly what they were getting and exactly why they liked it so much. I wasgiving them exactly what they needed.”Wow….. Was I really that good?” she asked while she started stroking mycock.I climbed on top of her and stuffed my cock back into her hot little snatchand started fucking her slow and easy.”You damn sure were!” I told her seriously.I continued to fuck her while we talked about how good she was. I told herexactly how good it felt to be inside her. How cool I thought it was toknow I was just as good. How turned on I was to know exactly how good itfelt to fuck me. How much it made me want to do it with every guy in town.I told her about the differences between my orgasms as Susan and Jimmy. Wecompared notes and talked about how excited we were to know how good itfelt to fuck us. Knowing the sort of pleasure we were able to give to menwas a huge thrill for both of us. We giggled about how we were sitting onthe best cum dumps in town.That really tickled us. We were proud of having the best cum dumps intown. We were quite the pair.Mom started to breath heavy and thrust her hips up to meet mine. I buriedmy face in her shoulder and began to fuck her as hard and fast as Icould. She jumped around non stop while I got off inside her again.When I was done, I left my cock buried deep while I told her again what anice pussy she had. When I looked at the clock, I noticed it was 7:30. Ismiled, gave her a big kiss.”I gotta get ready for Bob.” I said as I got off her and collected mythings.”Oh, honey, you left this by the tub. I used it a few times, I hope youdon’t mind.” she smiled as she dug my dildo out of the headboard.She watched as I took it and sucked the head. There was a faint taste ofpussy. I spread moms legs and stuffed it balls deep into her pussy. Ipumped it in hard and fast 5 or 6 times and pulled it out.Mom just giggled. “What was that about?””Now I can taste that hot juicy pussy of yours anytime I want.” I told heras I walked out.I went to the bathroom and put my clothes on the counter with my panties. Icouldn’t help but to giggle when I saw my cock had the same wet shine thedildo did. I went to my room, put the dildo away and went back to thebathroom. I sat on the toilet and carefully glued my pussy backtogether……………………………. While I did that, all I couldsmell was moms pussy.. My whole crotch smelled like her pussy.I cleaned up as best I could, fixed my makeup, got dressed and went to sitin the living room to watch TV. Mom was already sitting in the recliner soI stretched out on the sofa. We talked about what we did and how much funit was.I told her how good her pussy was and how cool I thought it was that Icould make guys feel that good. I told her what a turn on it was to knowthat I had made half the guys in school feel like that. I thought it feltgreat and was fun as hell to get guys off. Knowing what they were gettingmade it twice as good. I could hardly wait to do it again.=============46============No sooner did I get done telling her that, than we heard Bobs truck pullinginto the driveway. Mom and I smiled at each other as I jumped up to meethim at the door. The instant he was inside, I grabbed him by the hand.”Let’s fuck” I told him as I tried to drag him to the bedroom.”It’s early…… Let’s go out. I told some guys we would meet them intown. ” he objected.I smiled and agreed. We said goodbye to mom and headed out the door. Shejust giggled and told us to have fun. We jumped in the truck and Bobpointed to his mirror.”What did we say about sperm banks?” he asked.I giggled and hung my panties on the mirror. The smell of moms pussy filledthe truck as we headed to town. When we got to town we stopped at the parkto meet some of the guys. Then we went out to clear lake and I noticed Iwas the only girl. They started a fire and we all gathered aroundit……………………… Bob stood next to me, reached up my skirt andstarted fingering my ass..”Who’s first?” he said in a loud voice.Everybody raised their hand and started clamoring to be first. I didn’tknow what was going on so I just stood there and smiled while Bob fingeredme. Bob laughed, pulled up the front of my skirt and showed everybody mypussy.”This is the best pussy in town.” he announced “Everybody gets a turn, butyou can’t all be first.”I gave Bob a shocked look while everybody screamed to be first. I objectedto Bob, but he told me how hot they thought I was and how much they wantedme. So he had agreed to let them try me out. In spite of my objections, Icould feel my pussy getting wet while I thought about pulling a train. Thechance to do it with that many guys and make them all feel as good as Ifelt earlier was too good to pass up.They drew numbers from a hat and I cheerfully took the first contestant tothe back seat of Bobs truck. Without a word, I spread my legs while he laidon top of me, I guided him in and fucked me senseless. As soon as he wasdone he pulled up his pants and walked off. A few seconds later, there wasanother guy on top of me hammering it in hard and fast.They did that one after the other until all seven had taken a turn. By thetime they were done, my ass was so sore I could hardly walk and I couldfeel fresh cum gurgling around in my belly. I hobbled back to the fire withthe biggest most satisfied smile I ever had.Everybody laughed while they watched and talked about how good I was. Bobgave me a big hug and a kiss. He whispered how hot I was and thanked me forletting them do me like that. I just giggled and told him it was fun.We promptly said goodbye to everybody and took off. I was obviously theentertainment and as soon as they were done we left. We drove back to thehouse without saying much. We just listened to the radio while he playedwith my pussy. I smiled peacefully, thought about how good I had madeeverybody feel and how good it felt to do it.When we got home, mom and dad were doing it in their room. I had that bigpeaceful smile as Bob followed me to get sodas, then to my room. I strippeddown to nothing, turned on güvenilir bahis the TV and laid on the bed. Bob was looking atme funny the whole time.”What’s the matter?” I asked dreamily.”You got that smile again. What’s up with that?” he chuckled.”I was just thinking about how much fun this week has been. How turned on Iget by knowing guys get hard when they see me naked. Knowing they want tobe with me because I’m willing to do the things all girls should bedoing. I just love knowing when I spread my legs I’ve got a juicy littlehole they can use as a cum dump. That’s what really turns me on. Knowinghow good I made them feel. I made them cum and now their sperm is swimmingaround inside me.” I mused.Bob smiled and listened while he got undressed and got into bed with me.”Last week, I never got laid. Now I get laid every time I turn around. Justtonight, I got laid seven times by seven different guys and got off atleast a dozen times. This is so much fun, I don’t know what to do aboutit. Let’s face it, ever since I became a walking talking cumdumpster, I’vebeen having the time of my life.” I told him frankly.Bob chuckled and gave me a kiss. “You got that right! Ever since you showedup, I’ve been having the time of my life too. This has been fuckinggreat. You’re the hottest cumdumpster in town too. That’s why I’ve beenmeaning to talk to you about it.””Really? About what?” I asked.”You being the hottest cumdumpster in town. Every guy in school wants tofuck you. They think you’re the hottest thing in town and I’m the luckiestguy ever. You know that don’t you?” he told me seriously.”Yeah. They all tell Jimmy how hot I am and how much they want to fuckme……..” I smiled.”That’s exactly my point. You think of yourself as a girl. I think of youas a girl. Everybody else thinks you are a girl. I don’t think we shouldtell them any different. I think we should go to prom have a good time. Wecontinue to date after prom and we never ever tell them who you are.” hetold me with a nod.I gave him a warm smile “Ok, why?””I’ve been telling everybody what a horny little slut you are and that wefuck non stop. So, I don’t want them thinking I’m gay if they findout. Besides that, some of the guys would be down right pissed off if theyfound out they got tricked into fucking another guy. They’ve been tellingeverybody what a good fuck you were and they might kill us both.” he toldme sternly.He was right of course, some of the guys he had lent me out to were bigtime homophobes. I smiled and agreed. I wouldn’t run for prom queen, andnobody would ever have to know who I was or what we had been doing.I pushed my back against him and snuggled up to him. Bob hugged me tightand curled around me. I was so comfortable and so tired, I drifted off tosleep in no time. I was awakened sometime during the night when I felt Bobbury his cock in my ass. He pumped it in slow and easy while being as quietas he could. I smiled real big and went back to sleep.=============47=============In the morning, I could feel Bobs cock still half buried in me while hesnored like a bear. I just smiled and laid there quietly until I heard dadmaking coffee. I slipped out of bed and walked into the kitchen nude.Dad was sitting down with his paper while waiting for his coffee tobrew. He smiled and said good morning. I smiled back, said good morning andbegan to do a sexy dance for him. I could feel my pussy getting wet as Iwatched his cock got hard under his robe. As soon as his coffee was done, Ipoured him a cup and served it to him while I continued to dance.I got on my hands and knees, opened his robe and pulled his cock out. Icould smell and taste moms pussy and began sucking on it like I wasstarving for cock. I pumped it down my throat like I always did, pulledback, sucked the head and did it again. I did that fast and furious untildad grabbed my head and fucked my throat while he came. When he was done,he smiled down at me while I continued to suck his softening shaft. Ismiled at him hopped up and swung my ass at him.”Time to get ready for school.” I giggled and headed back to my room.When I got to my room, Bob was still snoring peacefully and sporting hismorning wood. I quickly rolled him on his back and sat on his cock. As soonas it was buried in me, I began jumping up and down as fast as Icould……………… Bob just smiled at me.”Wake up and fuck me.” I demanded.Bob laughed, rolled me on my back and began fucking the shit out of me. Hethrust his cock into me relentlessly while I moaned and groaned about howgood it felt. After about ten minutes, he drove deep and pumped a freshbatch of baby batter into my cock hungry hole. We smiled at each other,said good morning and got ready for school.When we got in the truck to go to school, my panties were still hangingfrom the mirror and moms pussy was the only thing you could smell. Wesmiled and drove to school. Since it was Friday before prom we only had ahalf day. Bob said he had some things to do after school and wouldn’t behome until dinner. Mom had a three day weekend again and would be home allday so I told him to drop me off after school.During school, some of the guys told me all about Susan pulling a trainlast night. They told me how good she was and how good it felt to get offinside her. I just smiled and listened while thinking about how good itfelt to pull a train like that. I put my hand on my lower belly and thoughtabout how I was walking around with cum from eight different guys in there.When they asked if she had said anything, I told them she told me it wasfun. I also told them, I didn’t know for sure, but she might be willing todo it again if Bob asked her to. Without another word, they ran off to findBob.The last thing we did before school was over was go to the class meeting toelect a king and queen. Jimmy didn’t get nominated for prom queen, butSusan did. Since she wasn’t a student, she couldn’t run. Tori ended upwinning.Bob and I had big smiles as we walked out to his truck. We got in and thefaint smell of moms pussy hung in the air. We drove through town withoutsaying much. When we got to the last light, Bob smiled at me.”Since you told the guys she might be willing. I set up another party forSusan. She’ll be pulling the party train tonight. So be sure to tell her,she needs to be ready to go when I get there.” he told me.”I was hoping you would. You can count on her. She’s always ready.” I saidwith a nod.We got to my house, I took my panties off the mirror and went inside. Momwas sitting in the living room watching TV. We said hello and she askedabout the panties.”Susan hung them on the mirror last night and forgot to grab them when shegot in.” I told her with a smile as I went to my room to change.I turned my cock lose, put on my wig, tits, makeup and nail polish. I puton black thigh high stockings. Black 4 inch heels. A black mini skirt thatjust barely covered my ass. White tube top, covered with a sheer blackbutton down shirt that I left open. I finished off by pulling my cock backand putting on the tiniest white satin thong that I had. I smiled at myselfand walked out to sit with mom on the couch.”So, why were your panties hanging from the mirror?” she asked.I giggled and blushed.”After what we did yesterday, my whole crotch was covered in your pussyjuice and I smelled like pussy. Bob liked it so much, he had me hang themfrom the mirror for an air freshener.” I fibbed.Mom giggled and started to finger herself.”Wanna do it again?” she asked cheerfully.”Fucking right I wanna do it again!” I told her emphatically.She giggled and began undressing while she headed for her bedroom. Ifollowed her without a word and could feel my cock getting hard while Ithought about how good her pussy was. She was nude by the time we got toher room. We stood close and began to kiss and make out while she undressedme…………. She squeezed my tits and caressed my thighs until I was sohard it hurt..She got to her knees and started sucking my cock just the way I had taughther and she was great. Just as I was about to unload in her mouth, shejumped on the bed and spread her legs. I could see her pussy was so wetthat pussy juice had been running down her legs. She caressed her thighsand smiled warmly at me.”Mount up!” she giggled.I was desperate to cum and I got on top of her as fast as I could. Istuffed my cock balls deep and began fucking her like there was notomorrow. She must have been as turned on as I was, because she got offalmost instantly. Her pussy was so juicy, hot and wet that I dumped my loadas soon as she was done squealing. I pumped my cum as deep inside her as Icould get while moaning about what a excellent pussy she had. She justsmiled and giggled.When we finished, I laid on top of her with my half hard cock still burieddeep. We smiled at each other and she asked what Bob and I had done lastnight. I told her all about going to the lake and pulling a train. Howanxious the guys were to fuck me. How good it felt to get them all off. Howmany times I came. How cool I thought it was to have sperm from eightdifferent guys inside me and how I was planning on pulling another onetonight.She squeezed me tight, rolled me onto my back without pulling my cockout…………. Then she sat up straight in my lap and smiled at me.She asked about the panties, so I told her how hot I thought her pussysmelled. How after all the fucking we did, my pussy smelled the same. Howmuch I loved that my pussy smelled just like hers. How turned on Bob wasall night because my pussy smelled so nice. How he had insisted I hang mypanties up so he could smell my pussy in the air.Mom was groaning, playing with my tits and undulating her hips onto mystiffening cock.I continued by telling her what a turn on it was to be putting out for guyswhen I could smell her pussy. How much the truck smelled like her pussy onthe way to school. How Bob had taken a few guys out to his truck so theycould all see how nice my pussy smelled. How I had watched them pass mypanties around, put them to their face and take long deep breaths. They allagreed, Susan had the hottest pussy in town.We both giggled. It wasn’t a total lie and mom was eating it up. Her pussywas so hot and so wet, it was unbelievable. I could feel her pussy juicerunning through the crack of my ass and my whole lower belly was soakedwith it.I told her how my panties had soaked up the smell of her pussy and Bob saidit was the best air freshener he ever had. All the guys in school wishedthey had an air freshener like his.Mom squealed and I felt her pussy squeeze and convulse around my cock. Ismiled up at her as I watched her squeal and jump around. It was the cutestthing, but kinda funny to watch. Since everybody said I was her clone, Iimagined I looked just like that when I got off.When she finally opened her eyes and relaxed, she gave me a devilishlook…………. She got up and I had a dumb look as I watched her pick upmy panties.. She smiled at me again and began wiping up her pussy juicewith them.. She rubbed them against her pussy until they were soppingwet. Then she hung them from the door knob to dry. She jumped back in bedand sat in my lap again.”Bob wants an air freshener? I’ll give him an air freshener! That shouldmake his truck smell good all week. Now everybody in town will have achance to smell my pussy.” she giggled.We spent the whole afternoon either talking or fucking. I bet we fuckedeight times, plus a good deal of oral work. We did the 69 thing a few timesso she could see what it was like to suck a cock that tasted likepussy………….. I liked it best when I was on top. I was eating my cumfrom her pussy while throat fucking her. It was a good thing.She told me how much she envied me. I got to have all the sex I wanted andI got to see it from both sides. She thought that was somethingspecial…………. I knew exactly how good I was making her feel when wehad sex.. Plus I knew exactly how good the guys felt while they were doingit to me.. She said it was a gift I should cherish.When we noticed how late it was getting, mom went to make dinner while Iglued my pussy back together. I redid my makeup and got dressed. My pantieswere kinda crusty, but they smelled great.Dad got home and smiled at the two of us. He told us how nice we smelledand asked if we had fun. We of course said yes. We ate dinner and when Iheard Bob pull up, I grabbed my purse put on some perfume and ran out tomeet him.==============48============I jumped in gave him a big kiss and smiled at him. He smiled back andpointed at the mirror.”You’re a sperm bank tonight.” he nodded.I giggled, took off my panties and hung them from the mirror. The smell ofmoms pussy filled the truck instantly. It smelled so good it made my pussywet. I looked up at the house and could see mom smiling out the window. Ismiled and waved as we drove off.I was confused when he pulled into the little field and I asked why we werethere.”My dicks been rock hard ever since you got in the truck. I gotta fuckyou.” he said as he pushed me back.We kissed and made out a little while he pulled his pants down. He had abig smile as he put the head of of his cock to the opening of my pussy. Iwas just about to stop him when he stuffed it in as far as it would go andI let out a loud squeal.He began fucking me hard and fast while telling me what a tight juicy pussyI had. I could feel the glue straining to hold my pussy together while hefucked me. He said I had the best pussy in town even if he couldn’t get hiswhole cock in.I just smiled and listened to the praise for my pussy while thinking ofmom.While he fucked me, I marveled at how good it felt. It was still tender,but my cock didn’t feel nearly as stretched out as it did the first coupletimes.He began to make his grunting noises and stuffed his cock as deep as itwould go. I smiled as I felt our wet slippery cock heads mashedtogether. When I felt his cock throb in my pussy, my eyes got as big assaucers.My cock head was wrapped so tight around his that his cum shot right intomy piss slit. He shot 7 or 8 thick streams right into it. Every time hedid, I felt the pressure build, then there was a small pain and I couldfeel his cum drain into my bladder.He laid on top of me grunting and thrusting. Oblivious to what was goingon. When he finished, he pulled out and pulled up his pants while he smiledat my pussy. He watched closely while I cheerfully wiped up the extra cumand sat next to him. We both had big smiles as he fingered my freshly usedpussy.”Ready to pull the party train?” he asked.”Yeah” I giggled.”Cool, I told the guys they could fuck you as often as they wanted allnight. Is that ok?” he smiled.I giggled again “Yeah””Cool, I thought you’d like that. But you gotta do something for me.” henodded as he fingered me. “I wanna watch you suck all their dicks first andI told Pony to join us after he locks up at the pool.”I blushed and smiled real big “Ok”When we got to the lake, the same 7 guys from the night before were waitingfor us. They were sitting at a table by the fire while they watched us walkup to them. We all said hello and I flashed them my pussy with a big smile.”We all know why we’re here and as you can see, she’s eager to getstarted.” Bob announced.He stood behind me, grabbed the waist band of my skirt and pulled it upabout four inches so it didn’t cover my pussy or ass anymore.”She says you can fuck her as often as you want, but you got to let hersuck all your dicks first. And she was cold last night so you got to do itright here by the fire.” he told them sternly.I giggled and raised my arms above my head as he pulled my tube top downaround my belly.”Who’s first?” he asked loudly.There was of course a clamor and they decided to roll dice. Once there wasa winner, I got to my knees and sucked him off in front of everybody. Theyall cheered when he came in my mouth. I opened wide, wagged my cum coveredtongue at them and swallowed for their amusement.One after the other, they all stood in front of me and fucked my mouthwhile everybody played dice and watched. Before I was done with the firstseven guys, Pony showed up with two guys I didn’t recognize. Pony was thelast to take his turn for a blowjob. His cock was huge and I loved suckingon it. There was a big cheer and sounds of astonished disbelief when I deepthroated his whole cock.=============49=============No sooner had I swallowed for Pony, than I turned to see Bob laying out ablanket next to the fire. He smiled at me and motioned for me to joinhim. I smiled and laid in front of him with my legs spread while he pulledhis pants down and got on top of me. Everybody watched as we both had bigsmiles while Bob stuffed his cock balls deep into me.”God this is fun.” I whispered as he began to drive his cock in.”I know, watching you suck all those cocks was a real turn on. I wasn’t afan of the communal whore thing but this is great. We get to fuck whilepeople stand around and watch. Plus, I get to watch while you let theothers do the same. This is really hot.” he whispered back.”Show ’em how it’s done then.” I giggled quietly as I wrapped my legsaround his waist.Bob began to pump his cock in hard and fast while my bowels seized up and Ibegan to moan and squeal with delight. I looked around to see everybodylooking at us and couldn’t help but to be turned on.Bob drove his cock deep and let loose a flood of cum into me. I had a bigcontented smile as I stared at the stars and imagined how good it felt forhim.After that, everybody stood around, played dice and took their turn. Exceptfor Pony. All he wanted was blowjobs.Once everybody took a turn I bent over the end of the table and played dicewhile anyone who wanted stood behind me and hammered it in.Around midnight, Bob and I decided to head home. On the drive home, Bobplayed with my pussy and smiled.”Did you have fun tonight?” he asked.I blushed hotly “Oh Fuck Yeah! That was great! Thanks.”Bob chuckled “I thought so. You had that same big smile every time a guygot off.””I know! I couldn’t help it. It is so cool to know how good I can make guysfeel. When I first thought of this I never imagined the sex would be sogood. Or that I would look forward to spreading my legs and feeling a stiffcock going off inside me. I tell you what, I love being a slut and I can’tget enough of this thing. I swear to god, you will never have to go withoutsex again.” I said as I rubbed his bulge.”Neither will you.” Bob chuckled. “You’re the best girlfriend I ever had.”

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