Lisa – Cheri Pie Twelve by Twelve

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Lisa – Cheri Pie Twelve by TwelveCheri pulled up to the old warehouse and saw the door to the “Big Dong Productions” and she smiled. Big Dong was the new porn video label that was owned and run by her former lover, David. One afternoon in a hotel room with him was enough to convince her to give up her straitlaced assumed identity as a suburban mom to come back to her nymphomaniac porn actress career.She had revealed her true personality to her husband Jack and she was afraid that he would freak out and leave her but to her surprise he loved her as Cheri Pie and was encouraging her to go back into the business. Her daughter was also supportive but even more relieved that she could be the slut she wanted to be. Lisa had told her all about the gangbang that Jack and she participated in that included Lisa’s boyfriend and Chet. Cheri smiled as she remembered how she had been the first woman to fuck the unusual young-looking boy. Cheri stepped through the door and was greeted by a receptionist. There was some paperwork to get out of the way that included identification and health screening before she would be allowed to perform today. Her pussy tingled as she thought about getting gangbanged in front of the camera by some black studs. “Good! You’re here!” David said as he came through the door.Cheri looked at him and had to admit that for a man approaching sixty he was still in wonderful shape. The only difference twenty years had made was that his hair was now silver and he had maybe a few more lines on his face. She knew for a fact that his cock worked just as good.“There is going to be a little change in the shoot for today. It is still an interracial gangbang but when Damond was rounding up other guys he found a few extras that wanted a shot at your comeback video. It also gave me a new title; “Cheri Pie’s 12 X 12”.” David said with a mischievous grin. “What does it mean; “12 X 12”?” Cheri asked.“Twelve black cocks that are twelve inches long.” David said with a laugh as he headed into the studio.Cheri just stood there with her mouth opened as her mind blurred on what fucking that many giant cocks was going to be like. Then she noticed the receptionist doing the same thing.“I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week!” Said the mature receptionist. “Looks like we have everything needed for you to work today. Have fun!” She said with a knowing grin.Cheri walked back to the sound stage. David was standing with the dozen black men as well as two camera men and a younger woman. David noticed her and invited her over.“Everyone, this is Cheri! It is great to have her back and working again. Cheri this Megan and she will do your makeup and she is also the fluffer.” David said and the plain looking girl smiled but also looked a little nervous.Cheri knew the purpose of the fluffer was to keep the men hard during the filming process as well as to get them ready for the big cum filled finale. “Cheri, I think you remember Damond.” David said as a muscular black man in his early forties stepped forward and embraced her and gave her a kiss of recognition.“Yes, I remember him. I could hardly sit on the pot after he fucked my ass!” Cheri laughed but the truth being that the black man had made her cum harder than ever before.David along with Damond then introduced her to the other eleven men who were about to fuck her. Most of them were closer to Lisa’s age than her own.“Here is the setup on this picture. Cheri is a racist bitch that thinks lowly of black men. She is getting ready to move and her husband, played by yours truly, has arranged for a group of black men to do the move. She is demeaning but then Damond discovers Cheri’s playroom where she practices all kinds of perversions on her wimpy little dick husband. Of course, the crew decides that the bitch needs to learn her place. Cheri is a tough little bitch but if the boys are too hard the safe word is “Peach”. Everybody clear on what we do?” David asked as he finished setting the scene.“Do we cum in da pussy?” Asked a very dark-skinned man with a Jamaican accent.“Absolutely! I want this to be am impregnation event. Tell her that you are making her black baby.”Cheri smiled as she walked over to the girl to get her makeup and clothes on. She selected a thin cotton dress that would be easy to tear. She wore a bra and simple white panties. She put her long hair back in a bun to keep it out of her face.The next hour was spent with uşak escort some upfront photos of Cheri with black men she was about to be ravaged by. One was her on her knees as all twelve men stroked their massive black cocks. There was another where she pretended to be a condescending racist bitch as she lectured several black men. Then there was the one where the men were behind her back and one of them had some duct tape while another hand a gag ready.“Listen up everyone! We are going to have a brief shoot on the sound stage next door. I will play Cheri’s husband and I will be telling her that a group of black men are coming to move the furniture to our new place. Cheri you can be rude and Damond you will be just outside the door and hear her. Cheri, you will remind your husband of the playroom and that he will have to move that himself since she would never want her society friends to know what a freak she truly is. Ok, everybody have fun!” David said.In a few minutes the cameras were rolling.“Cheri, I have men coming to move the furniture today. I want you to be nice to them.” David said as he played the part of the husband.Damond and several of the men were filmed standing at the door as they listened to the conversation.“I’m always nice to people.” Cheri said but then looked at her husband, “Did you hire some niggers to do the work?” She added with disdain in her voice. The black men all acted offended and upset by her comments.“Now Cheri, you know that you should never use that word. Besides they need the work and they are inexpensive! It is our responsibility to help out their kind.” He replied as she looked disgusted.“They work cheap alright while they steal everything insight! You know they are naturally lazy!” Cheri said as she tried to stay in character. “There is no way you are going to let them in our playroom so you will have to move that yourself!”“We would have to move that ourselves anyway. Neither of us would ever want our secret revealed. I have to go now. Just be nice to them!” David said as he started to leave.It was then that Damon knocked and entered the room with his guys. David quickly left but pretended that he was very intimidated by the black studs. Cheri rolled her eyes and made a disgusted look with her face at both her wimpy husband and then the black men.“Well just don’t stand there get started you lazy bastards.” Cheri said and turned her back.It was then that they filmed her being grabbed from behind by Damond while two of the other men secured her hands. “I think this racist bitch needs to learn to respect black men. I think we need to find this playroom and see just what kind of freaky sex these two honkies are into.” Damond said with a laugh as Cheri showed fear with her eyes but her pussy was already soaking wet as she anticipated the gangbang about to begin.They then moved to the playroom set which was filled with restraints, sex toys and a sex swing. Damond made a production of ripping her dress from her body after putting a gag ball into her mouth. He then produced a knife and cut her bra from her tits. Immediately several men groped her boobs while Cheri did her best to look scared but she was loving the rough handling. Another man ripped her panties and exposed her lovely pussy and ass.“What da fuck is dis thing?” Asked a young man with a heavy Jamaican accent as he looked at the sex swing.“Let me show you!” Damond said as he laughed and pulled Cheri to the device. “Put that belt around her hips.” He said and the other black man secured the belt just above her hips. “Now put the straps around her thighs. That’s right. Now secure her wrists and ankles with the restraints.” Several men stepped forward to help.Cheri found herself secured in the swing and felt as if she was floating in air. The swing could be turned completely around and she could be position from being upright to having her feet above her head. Cheri appreciated the creativity of the swing as a fun toy for sex parties. She knew she would have to have one for home!“What da fuck is dis for?” Asked another man with Caribbean accent as he held up a strap-on belt with a giant black dildo.Damond laughed when he saw that. “This fucking bitch probably fucks her wimp husband in the ass with it. Probably spanks his white ass pink too! Is that what you do to him when you get freaky?” Damond asked as he held her head by the hair. “Well is it?” He demanded escort uşak and Cheri slowly shook her head that she did.The men all laughed.“Maybe da bitch needs to see what her husband be gettin!” Another man said with his eyes glaring at her.Cheri rolled her eyes with pretend fear as the man stroked her cheek and looked at her with menacing eyes. Cheri actually wondered if he was not acting.“You’re with a bunch of real men now and we will be the ones putting cocks up your ass!” Damond said cruelly as he held her head.He reached down and opened his pants and pulled out his fully erect twelve-inch black snake. He pushed Cheri’s head down and put his cock to her lips. “Open wide little slut. Time to learn to please a real man!”Cheri opened her mouth and pretended to have problems as the man began to fuck her face. Damond gripped her head tightly and pushed his cock into her mouth. Cheri actually gaged for real as Damond throated her with his massive cock. He slowly pulled his cock from her mouth as she gasped for air and moaned.“That right bitch get ready for some real men. Get your clothes off men! We have a white bitch that needs to be shown what black cock is like.” Damond said again as he pushed his cock into Cheri’s mouth and throated her. This time Cheri used her world-class cock sucking skills to take him deep.Cheri felt a mouth on her pussy as Damond continued to fuck her throat. More and more hands explored her body as someone who really knew how to eat pussy did their best to make her cum. Then the mouth pulled back and someone smacked her ass with an open hand as the men laughed as she squirmed and had a shriek that was muffled by the big black cock in her mouth.Damond pulled his cock back but it was only an instant before another cock just as big pushed down her throat. Cheri was looking up at the man who had the thick Jamaican accent. Someone was roughly rubbing her clit while another was fingering her asshole. Another person continued to slap her ass.“Use this! No sense in hurting your hand.” Damond said as he held a flogging style whip with its multiple leather lashes. Another black man laughed cruelly as he took the whip. Cheri waited for the blow but before anything happened David came over and looked her in the eyes.“Are you ok with this?” He asked and Cheri slowly nodded before opening her mouth for yet another cock.The man who used the whip knew what he was doing. While there was a slight pain the feeling of arousal at being dominated quickly replaced it. It was then that someone pushed his foot-long cock into her pussy. The feeling was incredible. It had been a long time since a cock had touch her pussy that deep. The man held her hips as he stroked his massive cock in and out of her pussy as the man in front of her pushed his cock in and out of her throat.“Let me have some of that pussy!” Another man said and Cheri felt another and even thicker cock pushed into her cunt.Three men were now standing in front of her taking turns fucking her mouth. She could feel different men taking turns fucking her from behind. Then in a flash she was flipped end for end and the men who had been using her mouth started to fuck her and cocks that were slicked with her pussy juice were pushed into her mouth. Then she saw Damond pull a stool over as he grinned at her. He placed the stool beneath her. She felt his cock positioned against her asshole.“OH FUCK! Please don’t put that big black cock in my tiny white ass!” Cheri screamed and everyone laughed as they knew it was just her act.Cheri knew she would do it but when she felt the size of the cock head pressing into her butt she wondered if she could.“Just relax. You got this.” Damond said quietly into her ear.Cheri relaxed and felt the head of the black cock pop into her ass. Slowly Damond took his time getting his cock up her ass. Just as he was getting her loosened up another large black man stepped between her legs and pushed his thick foot long cock into her pussy. Other men resumed the use her mouth again. Cheri was having trouble concentrating as her body began to enter that state where she was going to start multiple orgasms. Then her body released and the men were all chuckling as her pussy squirted on the black cock and then the dribbled down the cock pumping her asshole.Cheri was transported back twenty years before when she had first discovered the ability to reach an orgasm and hold it while uşak escort bayan men and women had their way with her. It was in this sexual pleasure dome that she truly understood her purpose as a fuck toy. It was all she wanted to be.“Let me have some of that pussy” Another large man said as he pulled his friend out of the way.Cheri looked into his eyes as he pushed his cock in one swift motion into her cunt. She could not help but noticed that the man was very young and most likely was barely eighteen just like her own daughter. She wondered how long it would be before Lisa took her first big black cock.“Oh Fuck that white pussy is so good!” The man fucking her said as his eyes rolled back and Cheri knew her pussy was being filled with his sperm.“Don’t cum in my pussy! I don’t want to be a mommy to black baby! Please don’t!” Cheri pleaded as she wanted to play that fantasy as well.“Too late for that bitch! My sperm is already having a party in that womb!” The man said as he laughed.“Did you really just cum in her?” David asked and the young man just moaned and nodded. “Get a close up! People love to see a cream pie from black dick.” Damond pulled out of her ass and she could feel her ass gapped open. Then the boy pulled out and the camera recorded the massive load of black seed dripping from her gapping pussy. One of the men reached down and scooped some the cum and brought to her mouth. Cheri moaned as her mouth opened and let the cum drip from the fingers into her mouth. She was just swallowing when a different cock pushed up her ass. This man pumped with much more urgency. The man feeding the cum to her pushed his cock into her sloppy cum filled pussy. Again, other men would use her mouth.“Damn ass is tight! Gotta cum!” Said a deep molasses voice below her.Cheri looked up at the man fucking her pussy and could see that he was cumming as well. Then the cock in her mouth pulsed as its owner groaned loudly. Cheri knew that in every gangbang there was a point were the men would have an urgency to cum. Now her job was to let them all cum where ever they wanted to. She could feel the sperm dripping from her asshole as another man entered her pussy and fucked her hard. Another young man moved under her and she felt a long but thin cock fill her ass. The two men used her like a rag doll as they fucked her without mercy. In reality this was exactly what Cheri loved about being gangbanged was being completely dominated and used. She loved being the cum dump!These men also blew their nuts deep into her body as an excited young stud blast cum all over her face. More men took their place and fucked her deep and hard. Then the man fucking her ass pulled out and pushed his cock into her mouth as he unleashed more cum than she could swallow. Then she was flipped so that her face was down while another man fucked her with his giant cock. He came shortly later and was replaced again. More men fucked her as she orgasmed over and over. Cheri had lost count of how many men had cum in her pussy, mouth and ass but she knew that some of young ones had cum twice or more. Then Damon was the only one left and he moved between her thighs. He rubbed his massive black cock head against her sloppy cum filled vaginal passage.“You accused us of being thieves and being lazy but you forgot the other stereo type of us niggers is that we all want to fuck white pussy.” Damond said as he pushed his cock into her pussy that made a sloppy squishing sound from all the pervious men as he began to pound her. “On the other hand, we hear that white women all have a secret desire to be fucked by big black cock.” Cheri grunted happily each time his cock slammed deep in her pussy. “Is that what you were really afraid? That once you had a black cock that you could never go back?” Damond said as he grinned down at her and slowly fucked her pussy.Cheri closed her eyes and slowly nodded that it was. The men in the room laughed but then Cheri began to hump harder on Damond’s cock.“Give me that big black cock! Fuck me! Knock my pussy up and make me a nigger whore!” She screamed as she showed that she wanted his cum.Damond grinned as his balls added their cream to the other men. As he pulled out Cheri set up and let the cameramen film her pussy oozing the cream. Then all twelve men gathered around her as more photos were taken that would be used to promote the video.“Welcome back to the business, Cheri! That was first rate.” David said as the fluffer sucked his cock.To be continued…..(More to come so that you can cum! If you are enjoying the story a thumbs up tells me so and encourages my writing. As always, I love reading your comments.)

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