Lizzie’s Awakening

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Lizzie’s AwakeningLike most of the girls at the university, Lizzie started her day at the showers. And like most girls in her building, she wondered at the logic of providing three showers to a floor of 20 or more women. They grew used to the situation now that it was February, causing all former modesty to fly out the window. Lizzie considered her transformation: she took progressively less care in fastening her bathrobe, straight blonde hair cascading on her snowy mounds, tips lightly brushing the tops of her almost uncovered areolae. It would only be a matter of time before her slender 5’4” frame would walk into the common area entirely naked.The thought gave her a little shock, and she was suddenly grateful her bathrobe covered her moistening slit.Lizzie’s bedraggled best friend Megan shuffled happily behind her and announced, “Girl, you’ve gotta try this,” and handed over what looked like a complicated tube of lipstick, and a plastic wafer with an on/off switch and a dial that read from 1 to 8. “So this is your new best friend,” Lizzie joked. Megan’s brown eyes got a bit larger, and brushing a tuft of brunette hair out of them, she said, “You have no idea. I spent all day with this in yesterday; by the time my classes finished, my jeans were soaked through! You’ve got to be really careful with the dial, though. Otherwise, you might start orgasming during student teaching…” Lizzie wasn’t sure, but she thought Megan’s nipples hardened further under the flimsy flannel when she mentioned student teaching. She wondered if Megan could see her own nipples hardening under the terry cloth. As Lizzie’s voluptuous breasts bounced uninhibited, her sensitive buds brushed the fabric and shot with pleasure. “Looks like I’m up,” Lizzie said shakily as a shower opened. “Thanks for the tips.” She disrobed and just as she stepped into the shower, Megan poked her head through the curtain. “What the-,” Lizzie feigned disgust but made no move to cover her glistening figure, secretly pleased that she had remembered to shave her pussy the previous day.”I was just wondering if you needed help with that thing.”Lizzie was about to protest, when she realized that she honestly had no idea how it worked. “Actually, güvenilir bahis that would be nice.”Megan grabbed the equipment out of the shower caddy and switched the waterproof remote to “on”. She explained, “I like the vibrations as near to my G-spot as possible, so I’ll place it there the first time, and you’ll know for when you do it yourself. It’s best if you get a little turned on before you stick it in.”She ran the vibrator slowly down Lizzie’s slit, making lazy circles around the clit and just inside the labia. “See? I’ll use one hand here, and another…” Megan cupped Lizzie full breast with the other hand and brushed her rigid nipple, sometimes lightly, sometimes rolling it between her finger and thumb.Lizzie’s nectar glistened her vagina and started running lightly on to Megan’s hand. Megan, with expert-like dexterity, pushed the vibrator right next to Lizzie’s g-spot. “What’s it feel like?” When Lizzie couldn’t answer, Megan turned off the vibrator and said with a wink, “Then I got it right. Turn this on and off during the day, and you’ll have an amazing night.”Lizzie didn’t disagree.Experimenting that day proved to be both pleasurable and disconcerting, as Lizzie couldn’t keep her wits about her. The hectic schedule she was on left little time for self-pleasure, and her burning sex screamed for her attention. Now, in her last class, she started relaxing, knowing full well she was about to have time to masturbate at her leisure. She was purposely seated near the back of the darkened lecture hall, and as she pulled out her notes, she also reached for the remote.To find it wasn’t there. She looked frantically around: by her seat, again in the bag, in the aisles, but no remote. Megan would kill her, Lizzie lamented silently as the student a seat away her reached to turn off his MP3 player. An MP3 player that looked curiously like… The thought was interrupted with a buzzing deep inside her. The man had nervous hands, and couldn’t resist playing with this odd contraption. Dial up, dial down, on, off. Lizzie rubbed her legs together, stimulating her engorged clit and enjoying the buzzing sensation. She was electrified, having her potential orgasm in a complete stranger’s türkçe bahis hands, albeit unwittingly. The burning within her raged to forest fire proportions, and her hand dropped discretely to her crotch; it came away wet. When she wondered whether or not anyone had noticed the growing darkened spot on her skirt, she smiled wolfishly.The exhibition streak was new with her, inspired by Megan (a self-proclaimed “Sex Mentor”). The girls had grown up together, so when Megan discovered Lizzie’s naivete, she made it her personal mission to draw Lizzie into the world of sexuality. She had started small with more revealing clothes and escalated it to the point of kissing Lizzie’s tender hips while on the morning train to school. Hips, brushing her nose along the top of her hairless mound, guiding Lizzie’s own hand up her skirt…With that thought, she snaked a hand up her own blouse; one deft snap removed the one undergarment she wore today: her bra. Nipples hard enough to cut glass. She rubbed her shirt along them, then reached under her shirt again to flick them, roll them between her fingers, pet them lightly with the pads of her fingers.She ran her right hand down her taut stomach and brushed her fingers lightly across her tender waist. Shivers ran through her body. Her hand plunged beneath the waistband of the skirt to rest in her pulsing, dripping pussy, finger resting precariously on the clit’s hood. She bit her lip–it felt so liberating to masturbate in public, and she wanted to savor every torturous moment.She was sure the students were whispering about the lesson or the plans for after, but she also hoped that one of them would glance over and see her foot resting on the seat ahead of her, hand moving under her blouse, and maybe a bit of light from the projector reflects in her moisture–a closer look would reveal all five fingers stroking a swollen pussy.”I think I have your remote,” a voice next to her whispered. She turned to look, and could just make out the tip of an erect penis sticking through his jeans. “I recognized it right away, and played with it until I saw one of the ladies start squirming.””Keep it for now,” she said, slowly fingering her pussy. “Surprise me.””How’s güvenilir bahis siteleri this for a surprise: I watch you, if you let me masturbate the whole time.”Win, win. She nodded. His pre-cum suddenly glinted in the dimmed lecture hall. He started slowly at first: he caressed his shaft lightly, it jumping with each light pump, as he blushed almost imperceptibly in the dim lighting. Breathing deeply the scent of her musk. She pulled up her shirt to bare her breasts; her body thrilled when a whispered moan escaped his lips. He looked like he wanted to reach out and touch her, just to see if she was real. He started tugging vigorously, deftly disguising his ragged breaths. Lizzie’s building orgasm almost exploded in her sudden lack of self-control. In an attempt to prolong the experience, she wordlessly grabbed his remote hand and placed in on her seat, a mere fraction of an inch away from touching her crotch. Heat radiated against the back of his hand–which would’ve been enough to warrant his helpless moan–but feeling the growing wet spot on her chair is what sealed the deal. She held him there just long enough for her to drip in his hand. He brought his hand to his lips and licked it indulgently, as though he was savoring frosting from a mixing spoon. His tongue flicked and swirled; his lips cupped around one of his knuckles as he clearly sucked gently. His thumb moved lazily on the dial–buzzing, thumping, and a million untold sensations.She imagined his face in her lap… Her back arched as her first orgasm washed over her. The man’s eyes widened. He put down the remote (after turning it on high) and frantically pumped his shaft with both hands. Lizzie vaguely wondered how large his cock must be if he was able to use both hands. She heard his breath quicken into panting gasps until he came with a muffled moan. Lizzie pulled her shirt down during her second orgasm, just as the lights started coming up after the lecture. The rest of the students stood up to stretch and rub the sleep out of their eyes. They seemed so oblivious to Lizzie. The professor, rigorous as ever, began striding out of the lecture hall. The man deftly slipped the remote and a piece of paper into her hand, right before the professor stopped by their seats.”Enjoy the lecture?” An innocent enough question, coming from a professor.”Yes,” the two answered in unison.The professor smirked. “Good.” And as he walked away, Lizzie noticed a subtle swelling in his pants.

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