Mala – The Village Lady – 4

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Mala – The Village Lady – 4In free timings, I thought that I had to learn driving car. I joined an institute, and next morning the instructor came with his car. His name was Ronit, and he is around 25 years old. I attracted towards him as I did normally. After three day he allowed me to sit on driving seat. The field was very fast. I failed every time to drive. So next time I told him, “you sit on driving seat too, that make me more comfortable to learn.” Then I sat on his lap and started drive, he also hold the steering and controlled the brake pedal. I felt his dick became hard. So I said to him, “Ronit, you have to calm your erection first, and then I’ll sit on your lap.” After finishing my sentence, I came outside and pulled my saree up and bent over window, and said to him, “Come on, do it fast, relax yourself inside me.” He quickly came outside too and unzipped his pant and pulled out his hard boner, put his dick on my pussy and started drilling my vagina. This was recalling my field sex pleasure of my young age, especially Hariya who fucked my asshole on the time of defecate and after he cummed, we were cleaned the brown mess together. Sudden my dream broke due to warm cumshot inside me. Then I again sat on his lap and started learning. Next day I wore mini and reached the same field, then I pulled out dick his from lower which was already hard and sat on her dick, but it was not easy way to sit while you took dick in your vagina. So I changed my mind and took his boner in my asshole. After one hour of driving in bumpy field, his dick cummed in my asshole. On daily basis, we did same. Soon I got my driving license. That day I went to market with him and bought brand new fortuner suv. After then we again moved to the same field and moved in back seat, where he fucked me lot. I took his dick in my mouth when he started shivering, his taste was too yummy. I squeezed every drop of his cum. His dick shrank due to cold wave of ac but I still massaged his balls and sucked his soft meat. He was strange condition, he did not understand why I still sucked his dick after finishing the sex session. Sudden he again shivered and his bladder lost his control and he pissed in my mouth yalova escort bayan and I smiled meaning fully and drank his piss. He said to me, “Madam, you my best student, I never think that anyone can drink piss too.”When I dropped him, I said to him, “Ronit, please check my driving skills on timely basis.” He said, “Sure, madam, I‘ll do.”Then I made my first four wheel trip to Goa, I picked my charming son Rahul from Mumbai and reached Goa after taking a midway fucking session. We enjoyed lot of private beach and enjoyed sex. One of the private beaches I found three monster Africans, they stalked me, and so I offered them myself. They had 13” monster dicks who rammed me same time, their dicks hit my rectum and ovary deeply, they changed their position time to time and I licked my own taste of anal and vagina from their dicks. From their simultaneously fucking, I reached to orgasm and I squirted twice. Finally they emptied their cum in my deep throat. And lastly they pissed over me. Rahul just recorded everything in his mobile.More than Rahul, I enjoyed the Goa trip. I seduced many foreigners. One of them offered me to visit his villa type resort which was on rent to his friends. I told Rahul to come with me but he denied and enjoyed in local bar. So I alone moved with him. In that resort I was only local person, else all were foreigners, all them naked and drank and fucked the foreigners girls. And another side, one group played the golden water games. I quickly removed my clothes and became nude. Around 30% attracted towards my body, they came near to me and started sucking and kissing me. I enjoyed the group fucking and swallowed their loads. After getting ten loads, I joined water games. The 8×8 small plastic air pool filled more than half of piss. I entered inside and lied, one girl moved to my mouth and started pissing in my mouth. One by one they came over me and pissed a mouthful to me. This was awesome feeling to me. I always wanted to play this game in open place with lot of people. There was one more interesting things, they had a litre glass jug also in which they dumped their cum after sex. It was filled around 1/3rd till now. We enjoyed around escort yalova 3am and then one by one they left to relax. One of them agreed to drop me at my resort but before I left, I drank the mix semen from jug. When I was reach to my resort, Rahul said, “Mom, your smell was too foul, whats happens?” Then I described everything to him.After four days we returned and I dropped Rahul at his hostel where his friends fucked me in night in guest house. This time new six boys also fucked me. And after closing of hostel, his warden also fucked me. In early morning I left her hostel and moved to home. In midway of return journey, I fucked by many of waiter, dhaba maliks and strangers after every 40-50kms covered. I not spent a single penny in entire journey, I fucked for resorts of Goa, private beaches entries and even for diesel too. I bought fuel from six stations, where manager and his attendant fucked me hard instead of taking money. I even fucked by the owner of small khokha from where I took some packets of cigarette. Finally I reached home and took a long nap for relax.Very next day, I booked a massage session for me to relax myself. They asked me about choice of gender, but I clearly mentioned for best one only. After one hour, malish wala came to my home. He was black and muscular guy. He gave me his ID card and booking slip, I called back and confirmed about him. He came inside and asked suitable table for malish. Finally he prepared a table for malish, and gave me towel and said me, “Biwiji, please change your and lie here.” He thought that being a lady, I was not nude infront of him but I was nudist, so I naked infront of him and lied on table without any clothes. He removed his clothes too and wore a half lungi as oil stains not ruined his clothes. He started malish from back side and spread oil on my back and then slowly massaged my body. He experienced massage making me relax. When his hand reached over my buttocks, I filled with lust, and spread my legs and said to him, “Bhaiya, I need more relax.” Then he took another bottle of oil, and inserted it to my asshole and poured lot of oil, then rubbed my asshole with his thumbs and made my asshole wide. Then he yalova escort asked to turn on the table. And he started to massage from feet, legs and then my vagina lips. I was too relax and moaned slowly. Then he came to my head side and started massaging my breast. His hands moved round and round over my boobs. I said to him, “Aaah! bhaiya, please cover my abdomen and navel area with breast.” He replied to me, “Biwiji, I cover it from your legs side, from this its make you uncomfortable as I have to climb over table too.” I moaned and said, “Umms! Ohhho! Just climb on table and massage my breast till navel area simultaneously, I need relax only, nothing can make me uncomfortable.” He replied, “Okay biwiji, as you say, but you feel uncomfortable, don’t raise the complaint.” He climbed on table, and started malish as per me. OMG! His big black hanger exactly over my face, I saw clearly his dick and balls. When he massaged my breast, his dick touched my head sometime, I said to him, “bhaiya, can you move forward and cover my pussy too?” He did the same and his dick near to my mouth. I raised my head and took his hanging dick in my mouth. He smiled and said, “I’ll charge extra for this as I provide jigolo service too.” I said, “Umm! Bhaiya, take as want but first remove your lungi too.” Now he became naked and sat on my boobs, and rubbed them from his butts. His African sized dick in my mouth, and I sucked it and ate his stuffed smegma. Then he again came back his old position and gave me last massage session of his job. I stopped sucking his semi erected dick and moved my tongue on his black butthole. He moaned and said, “What are doing??” Due to rim, his boner became hard. He finished his job and wiped my body from hot towel and lifted me and put on sofa. He licked and sucked my vagina and asshole badly, I did not stop my squirt and he allowed me to piss in his mouth. Then he fucked me like a toy. I was fully relaxed after swallowing his thick and large quantity of semen and finally his piss too. I paid his fees and extra charges.When he left me, I was taking a long deep rest.[fetish, ass licking, anal, rimming, rimjob, piss, squirt, driving, long journey, goa trip, hostel, taboo, friends of my son, my son, stranger fucks, foreigners sex, golden shower, golden games, cum filled jug, cumshot, mouthful piss, african, black snake, bbc, white stuff, smegma, sex for money, money talk, beach sex, outdoor sex, public sex]

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