Mother-in-law and I Fall in Love

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Mother-in-law and I Fall in LoveI was around 22 when my wife and I met each other through a mutual friend of ours. She was around 21 when we met. We married three months after we met.I’m a bit short I guess, standing at five feet five inches, with red hair brown eyes, and slender built with a six and three quarter inches penis when fully hard.The wife stands five feet three inches with a D cup size boobs, a little on the thick size in build but very beautiful, but she was more of a momma’s girl I found out a short time later after our marrage. What momma said to do she did no matter what, even if it cost us out the yazoo, which was good that I had a good paying job or we would have been brock before quick. It more than once dug into our savings and some times cost my whole pay check.Due to this caused a problem with our marrage and after some time I got her and her mom to understand how it was hurting us in more than just finaces and that the telling Brenda (my wife), what to do when to do it and what to buy and not buy needed to stop and let Brenda and I decide what to do and what to buy or not buy or I would be history.One day shortly after having that talk with Brenda and her mom (Linda), I was at home , on a week end, doing some work around the house, like I did every week end since I didn’t have to work on week ends, Linda came over to the house to see Brenda, but she was at work this week end and wouldn’t be off till later in the week.Brenda’s job would have her work some off the wall hours and have two days off at different times through out the weeks every week. some times she would have week ends off and another week she would have Tuesday and Wednesday off, never knew what two days off till the new schedule was posted.As I started to say, Linda came over to see Brenda whom was at work and when I saw Linda standing on the back deck of the house, I stopped the lawmore and walked over toward her.”Is Brenda home?””No, she’s at work. She has to work till seven tonight.” while I picked up a wrag and wiped some of the sweat and cut grass off my chest and face, then went on to ask, “I’m going in to get me a cold ice tea, do you want anything to drink while I’m at it?””I guess I will take a ice tea as well, please.””Have a seat there at the table and I’ll be right back out in a few.” I said as I stepped to the door.I washed my hands off, got two glasses down from the cubbard, put ice in them, then got the pitcher of tea from the fridge and filled both glasses, put the pitcher of tea back in the fridge, then took both glasses of tea out with me to the back deck.As I handed Linda her glass of ice tea and sat down in a chair next to her, she said, “I was really hoping she was at work really, because you’re the one I want to talk to the most for the moment if you have time.””Okay, I have time, I just got that little bit of grass to cut then I’m done till time to fix supper. So what’s on your mind?””To start with, I want to thank you for putting your foot down about me telling Brenda what to do and buy and what have you, because really it was a test to see what kind of man you are as far as having a family. As you know from meeting my husband from the start that he does not like you and he is supposed to be a so called christion, and I’m told christions are to love every one not hate people like he does.””I have to admit, I do not think of him to highly cause of how he treats Brenda and really even as he treats you even. I’m by no means a christion which I admit, but I was raisd to respect people and to love my family and to treat them the way I want to be treated, and not down grade any one by looks and stand up to family and it takes a real man to admit when he is wrong.””Sounds like you came from a good family then. I will say that you was raised more in the way I was raised. Since you and Brenda have been married I was brought back to my membery of what a family is to be and how to treat family, which I have slipped in that part of my life being married to my husband so long now, even thou I do try to be unlike him in the hate department.””Look Linda…””Please call me mom.””Okay, mom. Now look mom, You did try to make me feel welcome at your house till Bill came into the house or the room we would be talking in and then I would see you just kind of step back away and busy yourself with something, as if you were not talking to me.” “Yes, and I’m sorry for doing that, but if he knew for a fact that I was talking to you and not doing any house work, he would be chewing me out for talking to you, for two reasons. One, because he does not like you and two, you are a man and I’m a woman. Women are to be seen, not heard.””That is not right. You have as much right to be heard as he does. Does he know your here now?””No he doesn’t. He is off doing what ever he does on Saterdays. Now if he did know I was here talking to you, I would have hell to pay when I get home.””And that is not right for sure.” I took a drink of my ice tea then asked, “What does he do on Sunday, do you know?””He goes to church, goes home eats dinner then sits in front of the tv most of the afternoon till he leaves for church again then goes home to bed after supper.””You stop me if I ask something that I shouldn’t ask. Does he even spend time with you or the family at all?””Only if one of the girls go in and ask him something he will talk to them but, if I go ask him anything he tells me to deal with it or not to worry about it, and to just leave him alone. Hell, Ben, I’m lucky to have sex once a month.” Linda took a drink then before adding, “I guess I might have gave out to much info then, so I’m sorry about that. Your so easy to talk to that it just came out.””No problem mom. I must say, I karşıyaka escort wish Brenda would just open up and talk like you and I do when we can.””Oh, I’m sorry.””I try to get her to open up but she just clams up. Like with the job she has, she just tells me she hates it and if I tell her she can quit and stay home or go get another job, she just rolls her eyes and walks away. She will not even tell me what she would like for me to do to her as far as our sex life goes, she just wants to lay on her back and not really get into it really, but she has said, she wants to have a k**, but that is the extent of it.””Sounds like your in the same boat I was in and still in I think.”We sat there each taking a drink to finish off our ice tea’s, then Linda added, “I think I better go and get some shopping done and get home before June get’s home from her friends house.””Any time you want to stop buy and just talk or what ever feel free to do so.””Okay Ben, thank you, I will do that.” as she stood up with her empty glass, she added, “I’ll put this in the sink for you.””I’ll get it mom, when I take my glass in.” reaching out to take the glass from her.”Okay, thank you for the ice tea and talking to me.” as she handed me her empty tea glass.”Any time mom.”I took the glass and watched her walk away toward the gate on the side of the house to go around to the front of the house where her car was parked. As I watched my mother-in-law walk away, I noticed that the slacks she had on, were just tight enough to show her panty line and the way her ass moved while she walked, started my penis to stir in my blue jeans and the white blouse she had on was see through in the back showing her bra straps on her back.My mother-in-law really was built with a slender body, standing five feet four inches and a nice little round ass with either a B cup or C cup boobs, dark brown hair up in a pony tail behind her head that maybe came down to just the bottom side of her coller blades.For the next year that Brenda and I were married, my mother-in-law would come over on a week end and we would sit and talk while having something to drink like ice tea if it was hot out, and either coffee or hot tea, if it was cold out.Some times Linda would wear a sun dress in the summer time or shorts and a blouse, or slacks and a blouse, like she did the first time we talked out on the back deck. In the winter time she would usually be dressed in slacks and a blouse with a coat on over her, on the real cold days and a sweater on the cool days. What ever she would be wearing would show off her panty lines and bra strap lines or show her bra straps in the back.With Linda coming over to talk, I started wishing that we could do more than just talk and by the time she would leave the house, I would have a boner in my jeans when she left and a lot of the times, I would have to go in and jerk one off after she left.Brenda got pregnant with our c***d and delivered him one and one half years after her and I got married and about three months after she got pregnant, our sex life stopped. After our son, John was born, it was two months after the doctor gave her the okay to have sex again, we went through the motion like we did before Brenda got pregnant, then that only happened once a month if even then.I did every thing I could think of to get Brenda to open up and to get her to relax and injoy sex by trying anything that I found that told what women liked to get them turned on and even tryed things, that seamed to get the few women I had sex with before we met turned on, but nothing seamed to work with her.One day while I was taking a short break from yard work, Linda came in to talk like she has been doing now for the last two in a half years, I told her about all the things I’ve tryed to get Brenda turned on to sex and all, and she told me a few pointers, which I had done tryed that failed to work.One morning I was just fixing to go out and take Brenda’s car to a shop to be worked on, in hopes that it would get done before they closed shop, but having my doubts, when Linda came over which was earlier than she usually did.As Linda stepped into the living room, “Hi Ben, is Brenda home?””No, she’s at work.””I saw her car out side there, so I thought she might have taken the day off or was home sick.””No, her car went to acting up on the way home yesterday, so I told her I would take it to a shop to see if they can fix it.””Are you going to need a ride back.””I just might.””I can follow you over then bring you back, or you can go shopping with me and we’ll have dinner, if you want to.””Okay, dinner does sound good for a change. You and I have never had dinner together before.””How soon do you need to go?””As soon as I finish relieving myself and get in the car.””Let me use the bathroom right quick and I’ll be ready.””In that case, I’ll let you go first.”As Linda walked toward the hall to go to the bathroom, I saw that as usual she had on pantys under her dress, due to the panty lines, out lined by her sun dress she had on. Her sun dress stopped about two to three inches above her knees and I saw that it came down in the back enough to show that she had no bra on under her dress, and that the dress was one I had not seen her wear in the past. On the front of her dress it had cups to incase her tits in, which also told me she had no bra on before she turned toward the bathroom.When Linda returned to the living room, “Next.”I then left the room to go down the hall to the bathroom and take a piss myself.When I returned to the living room, “I’m ready to go, how about you mom.””I’m ready.” as she started toward the front door.As my mother-in-law stepped to the front door, I noticed that karşıyaka escort bayan there was no panty line showing like there was when she went to the bathroom. I did notice she took her hand bag to the bathroom with her, which she did do some times but not very often.When I got Brenda’s car started I backed out into the street and pulled up and slowly drove to the corner to give Linda time to back out and follow me.I pulled into the parking lot of the shop and parked the car to see Linda park in a spot behind me, then I got out of the car and went into the shop office. As I told the man behind the counter what the car was doing and signing the papers giving them permistion to fix the car, Linda came in and stepped up beside me at the counter and I saw the man behind the counter, give a second look at my mother-in-law and had a pause in his speach for a second there.I took a quick glanse at my mother-in-law and saw her nipples trying to poke through the cups on her sun dress, that made my penis stir in my tight blue jeans.As Linda and I walked out to the car, she took her hand and held my elbow in the crook and walked right up next to me as if she and I were husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. She was so close to me, I could feel her tit next to my arm and feel her hard nipple rub my arm a few times, as we walked out to her car.The way we were possitioned when we got to the driver’s door of her car, I opened it and it put me on the other side of the door from her, to where, when Linda sat down in the car, I got a good beaver shot up her dress, showing me that indeed she took off her pantys at my house at some point. It made my penis hard at that instant.With my mother-in-law in the driver’s seat, I walked around the car and got in next to her from the passanger side to see that her sun dress was up over half way to her groin to where if it came up just another inch, I would be able to see her pussy, and my penis grew some more, and I had to reajust it to be more comfortable as much as possible.As Linda backed out of her parking spot, “Do you mind if we go North to the next town to shop?”No, I do not mind. I’m just along for the ride I guess you might say, till time to stop and eat dinner, which will be on me by the way.””You do not have to pay for it, I asked you along so I was going to get it.””I was raised that the man pays for the date not the woman.””Oh, so this dinner is a date hu?””You might say that, unless you do not want it to be a date.””Mmm, a date, I like the sound of that, since I haven’t been on a date since before I got married.””You and me both. I’ve even tryed to take Brenda out for a date night since we’ve been married and she will not go with me on it. Now that John has been born, she tells me not to even think about asking her to go out on a date with her.””Some of the things that you have talked to me about, I’ve tryed to get her to talk to me about it with out letting her know that you and I have talked about them and she will not talk to me about them either. She tells me she has no problems with the way thigs are between the two of you and that the two of you are happy together. I told her she is a bad lier, because I can see she is not happy unless you talk about John, then she is all bubbly.””I really do not think she loves me like she says she does.””I think you’re right, the same as I think about Bill, he does not love me like he says he does and I really wonder if he ever did love me.””That’s what I wonder about Brenda. She says she loved me when I asked her to marry me, but after we were married, she acts like she hates me most of the time, and now that John has been born, it’s like she does not want me to even touch her or talk to her.””Ever since Brenda was born, Bill has treated me the same way.””How have you managed to stay with him this long then?””I have to admit, I’m more scared of being alone with no income or work experinance. The only work I have ever done is house work, nothing else. Plus, I have no place to go to live either.””Yes you do, and you could get a job at a hotel, a nersing home as a house cleaner if that is what you wanted to do.””I do not think I can be hired as a house cleaner or any thing else at my age with no work history, and where do I have to go to live?””I think Brenda would love to have you live with us, I know I would. And you’re not that old either, so you should not have a hard time finding a job, or you can just stay home and do as you do where your at now, but at our place, rather than Bill’s place.””You do make it sound easy enough.”I could tell she was giving it some thought for a moment there, then she give me a side ways look for a second, then asked, “Why haven’t you kicked Brenda out by now?”I turned my head and looked at Linda, then answered, “I was hoping for it to get better and to give her the benafit of a doubt, but for the last three months, I’ve really thought about telling her to go back home, but then I think, I wouldn’t get to see a good looking woman that I can at least talk to. And then find some to love as much or more than I do you and Brenda, all thou, my love for Brenda has really died off since meeting her.””Who is the ‘you’ that you are talking about loving?””You mom.””What!” giving the wheel a jerk to the right and back left real fast then getting it back under control. “Wait a minute here.” as she pulled over to the shoulder of the high way and stopped.After she got stopped and the car put into park but leaving the engine running, Linda turned lifting her right leg up with her knee on the seat to face me, and showing me her hot wet pussy lips, with out pulling her dress down, like she is unaware of her state of escort karşıyaka clothing, “You love me?!?””Yes, I love you.” trying to keep eye contact with her, and not look at her sexy hot wet pussy that looked so inviting, giving me the biggest boner in my jeans, I have ever got from seeing such a beautiful woman in my life.”How do you love me? Like a mother’s love or a lover’s love?””As in, in love with you, as I should love my wife.””Oh wow!” looking at me, then she turned back slowly looking out the windshild of the car, then she shook her head, and then after a short pause, “Let me take this exit here, I know a place we can go to talk this out a bit more, before we go on with our date.”With out another word from her she put the car in drive and pulled back out onto the highway when the traffic was clear and drove the few feet to the exit. While she drove along the road she got onto at the exit, she did not say another word but I could tell she was thinking about what I had said about loving her, and I also saw, that her dress tail had moved up to show me her pussy, that only had a landing strip above the slit of her pussy, was on full display for me to see.Just a short distance from the exit she turned onto a dirt road to our left back up into a bunch of trees that had a car trail into them that took us to a privat parking spot next to a big lake, that hid the car from sight from any one driving on the car trail past us.Linda stopped the car, put it in park, then shut off the engine, turned toward me again like she did up on the highway, “Turn and face me please.”I turned to face her with my left knee up on the seat like she was with her right knee, then Linda asked, “Are you sure, that you’re in love with me?””Yes I am, and I know I shouldn’t be but I am.””How much do you love Brenda?””Not much… Maybe less than I do a long lost and forgotten friend of my past.””So, you are willing to leave Brenda, for me.””As wrong as it is and sounds, yes I am.””Hu huh. As a woman just about to fall for you if I were single, I would run from you because I will not be a part of causing a break up between a husband and a wife… I’m sure as a man, you would feel the same way if the table was turned.””Yes I would.””Right. Now what would you do or say, if I tell you, that I am willing to leave Bill for you because I’m in love with you? That is if I am in the same boat as you’re in.””I would say, if you’re in the same boat as me, let’s make exs and make a life of our own together, and hope you do not slap me for trying to kiss you.”Linda moved closer to me, leaned in toward me slitely, “I’m telling you now, it is not a what ‘if I tell you’ I’m telling you…”I leaned in and kissed Linda on the lips, pulled back a bit for a second, then we kissed each other with passion in a French kiss. As we kissed, Linda started moving her hand down and started unbuttoning my shirt and run her hands over my bare chest, as I slid my hand over and down into the top of her sun dress cup and played with her tit and hard nipple the size of a dime.We broke the kiss for her to get my shirt off, then Linda said, “Get your pants off and let’s get in the back seat.”As I took my belt and jeans off, Linda took her dress off over her head, leaving her with nothing but her shoes on, which she quickly took off, than climbed over the back of the front seat, into the back seat of the car.By the time I got my jeans and boots off and climbed over the back of the front seat Linda was lay with a foot on the floor board and her other foot up on the back dash of the car, “I’m so wet, I want you to just stick your big hard cock in my wet pussy and just fuck me now.”I leaned down over her between her spread out legs with my dick resting on her landing strip of hair till I got my hands and arms where I could balance myself over her, took my dick and rubbed it up and down her slit to get the head of it wet with her pussy juices, “Please, do not tease me like that and just put it in and fuck me hard.”Since that is what she wanted, that is just what I did. As soon as my cock head touched the love hole of her pussy, I slid it home all the way to the hilt. I had to hold still with my cock into the hilt to feel the warmth and tightness of Linda’s pussy which was heaven to me by this time and it was hot and wet.After feeling it for a moment, I had to move not being able to stay still any longer. I pulled out till just the head of my cock was all that was left in her hot socking wet pussy, then I rammed back in with force, then went to pumping in and outward with speed and force.”That’s it, fuck me hard Ben… Make me cuuummmm, I’m about to cuuummmm…. I’m cuuuummmmmmmminnnngggggggggggg… Oh fuck meeeeee yessssss.”I felt Linda’s pussy grip my dick and start to cunvulsing around my cock, then I felt my balls get soked from her pussy juices that sqeesed out from between her pussy lips and my hard cock, which then set me off and I came shooting my cum up inside of Linda’s pussy as deep as I could, with her legs wrapped around me pulling me in as far as she could get me.”Yessss, fill my pussy up with your cummmm.”I do not know when she wrapped her legs around me, but she must have known I would be cumming as soon as she cum and that is when she wrapped her legs around me, to keep me from pulling out.I colapsed on top of her as she relaxed her hold on me, but kept a hold, as we tryed to get our breath back.”Oh man, I can not ever remember having an orgasm like that ever in my life Ben, thank you.””That goes for me too. I was beging to wonder if I was going to stop cumming or not.””Same here. You did pump a lot of cum in feels like, and it feels so good, that I do not want any to leak out.”We layed in each others arms and kissed for a bit till my dick softened and fell out of Linda’s socking wet pussy then with a final kiss we got up, got dressed again, then with another kiss, we drove back to the highway and drove on North to the next town five more miles away from our love exit. I will try to get on with part 2 right away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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