Mother in law arse licker (2)

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Mother in law arse licker (2)Joan, my 60 year old Mother in law welcomed with a smile. The day before I had, once again, wanked myself off in her bathroom, leaving a heavy deposit of spunk in a pair of pale blue silky panties. She had phoned me earlier to thank me and insisted I visit her for a proper payment. As soon as the door was closed, she went straight into dominant mode.“Good to see you, you little pervert, I hope you are ready for some more pussy and arse licking.”“Yes Joan, whatever you want.”“Well firstly I want you to strip off and put these on,” she said and she handed me a pair of white knickers.She stood back arms folded as I took all my clothes off. My cock was rock hard and as soon as it was exposed she stepped forward and gave it a little tap.“I don’t want to see your willy like that, not until I say so. I want it soft inside my knickers, so sort it out now!”“Well what should I do, I’m not sure willpower will help.”“Play with it then. I’ll want it hard later but not now. I have peculiar tastes as you are finding out and soft willies is one.”“You could help out,” I said hopefully.She laughed, “Oh no my dear Son in law, you are here to please me, not the other way round. You either do as you are told or my daughter gets to hear all about your filthy habit of wanking in my knickers. Do it yourself, here and now, in your hand.”Her filthy talk and dominant attitude had me on the brink anyway and within a few strokes, my balls were tightening.She watched with a wry smile and as my cock started to twitch uncontrollable, she said, “Cum in your hand, not a drop on the carpet.”My left hand soon filled with my sticky spunk and as the spasms stopped I had a good handful.Another smile.“Now rub it over your face and lick your hand clean.”During our last session I had licked my spunk off her arse, now she wanted to watch me and I dutifully did as I was told. She helped by holding iskenderun hatay my hand up to my face as I licked it.“There’s a good boy, eat it all.”She let me wash my hands next and then I pulled her knickers on, over my soft cock.“Much better,” she said, “Now come with me.”I followed her to the bathroom and she closed the door behind us. She then lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers and sat down on the toilet.“On your knees in front of me,” she demanded.I knelt down and waited.She then started to pee, right there in front of me, the hiss of piss passing her labia and the tinkle as it hit the water and the pungent aroma was a new sensation for me.“Like that, do you, watching old ladies pee?”I licked my lips and nodded.“Want some?”You bet I did.“Yes.”“Yes what?”“Yes please, Joan.”“Lay down,” she demanded.I did so with my head nearest the toilet. She shifted forward and was now squatting over my face, little drops of piss, dropped on to my nose.She shifted about and let out a little squirt, it ran down my cheeks and past my ears.“Open up, pervert.”I opened my mouth and the next squirt mainly hit my chin, but some went straight into my mouth.I lapped it up, licking my lips as I did. I had never tasted piss before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was so erotic I wasn’t sure it tasted of anything, just warmth. I felt my cock stirring again as she squirted again.“No hard-ons,” she said loudly.I fought against it as she let out another long stream into my mouth which I gulped down hungrily.When she finally finished, I and the floor were drenched.“Lick me clean.”I move round to get at her easier and I was soon lapping away at my Mother in law’s hairy pussy, like a cat drinking milk, licking every last drop of her piss up.“Now do my arse.”She moved round and knelt against the toilet with her big arse fully exposed.As before I went straight for her arse-hole and was escort iskenderun soon tonguing it, pushing as hard as I could to get as deep as I could.She tasted awesome and I tongue fucked her arsehole for a good 5 minutes.She groaned as I did so.“Oh yes, that is good, get your tongue right in. Mmmmm lick my arsehole, you pervert, taste my smelly arse.”The more she encouraged me the hornier I felt and the deeper I wanted to go.The more I licked and poked her arse with my tongue, the louder she got. She then reached round behind her and held my face against her.“Tongue fuck me,” she moaned as I did so, she started to shudder and I knew she was about to orgasm. As I continued, she came all over the floor, finally letting go of me as she slumped against the toilet.She finally stood up, her feet squelching against the wet tiles. She turned round and her pussy was dripping wet. She pulled my face against it and I lapped up the residue of her cum/pee mix.“Right you had better clean up my bathroom,” she said and she handed me a wad of toilet tissue which I used to soak up her piss and cum.When I had finished, she took me to the kitchen and made me a cup of tea. I sat down at the table, still only wearing her panties and she sat opposite.“You are a bad perverted Son in law, you know that don’t you?”“I am for you.”“Has anyone ever pissed on you before?”“No Joan, you are the first.”“Kath, not as horny as her Mum then?”“Well, she likes sex, but we’ve never done anything like that.”“Did you like it?”“Mmm very much.”“And you like the taste on my arse?”“Yes that too.”“I used to piss on Bob (her late husband) quite often, but he shied away from my bottom. But I’ve always got more turned on by having my arsehole stimulated. However I have never had it licked like that, had a few things up there, never a cock though, but having it licked is much more fun.”“We could have anal sex, if iskenderun escort bayan you want,” I suggested.“I’m in charge here, if I want your little cock up my bum I’ll tell you, as it is I like the arse licking. Next time you never know I might need more than a piss. What would you do then?”“Whatever you tell me to.”“Anything?” she asked raising her eyebrows.“Anything,” I replied.I felt her hand on my groin under the table.“If you will do anything for me, anything for me, maybe I’ll think about you putting your willy up my arse.”My cock started to harden as she slowly stroked it through her panties.“It’s okay, I’ll let you get hard now, as long as you keep your promise.”“I don’t care what you want me to do Joan, I’m your slave and will willingly submit to anything you want.”Her hand moved faster as she got more excited.“So you’d let me go further in the bathroom, do even naughtier things?”“Anything.”“So you would willingly clean my arse if I needed it?”“Of course.”She shuddered and gripped my cock tighter.“Good boy,” she said, “But you do promise?”“I don’t need to promise, you’re the boss, what you tell me I’ll do, whatever it is.”“Okay stand up.”I did so and stood facing her, my cock straining against the white cotton of her knickers.She eased her panties away from my cock and it sprang out.“This is on account,” she said, “This is what good slaves get.”She then enveloped my cock with her lips, sucking me in and gripping my balls. Her lips and tongue were amazing and it wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum again. I went to pull back, but she gripped my arse tightly and as I came in her mouth, she only released me when it was clear I had filled her mouth with spunk.Large globules dripped from her mouth and she licked at them provocatively.She then stood and we kissed passionately for the first time and she shared my spunk with me. I also went for a feel of her tits, but she smacked my hand away.When we had finished she said “Slaves do as they are told, I’ll let you know when my boobs need attention, now you had better get home and get prepared for my next call. You’ll know what to expect when you get here won’t you?”“Can’t wait,” I said.

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