My brother In-Law

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My brother In-LawI sat on the edge of my bed rubbing myself as slow as I could. I wasn’t horny, but I’ve always slept better if i let out a load.I was careful not to moan, since my roommates found the noises to be obscene. Cartwright – my brother in-law from South London – found them to be particularly distasteful, so much so, he wouldn’t let me bring anyone home, to my PRIVATE room, to sleep with them.I lost control of myself while thinking of him and I rubbed a little more fiercely. Realizing that I may have been attracted to him, i tried to think of him being female. He was well built, with one of those perfect jawlines every man wishes he had. He looked almost like his exactly like his sister. And my brother’s wife was so gorgeous it was painful.NOW, I was horny. My breathing became quick, and shallow. And suddenly, without thinking I let out a gasp. “What the Fuck, Will!” I could hear Cartwright yell from the common-room.”Shit.” I mopped up the precum and covered myself in a blanket. Without even knocking he barged into my room, slamming the door behind himself. “What the fuck, Cartwright! Don’t slam my fucking door!””Shut-up. what the hell did i tell you about, doing that, while i was home?” He stood about two feet from the bed. No shirt, just a pair of mesh shorts, and no wonder, it was at least ninety out. Sweat gleamed on his hairy chest; sunlight reflected of his lightly tanned muscles. I was never much for the male body. I was always highly jealous; I fethiye escort loved to look at my own muscles and cock in the mirror, and it pissed me off when someone else had what I had yet to reach.”What are you talking about?” I didn’t like his tone, and I was determined to have this out. He was only living here out of a favor for my brother, and if I wanted to come home with someone, or even if I just wanted to jack-off; i wasn’t going to be told HOW it was going to be performed.”I don’t want to fuck hear you wanking. Its disgusting, touching yourself. You’re a freak. a handsome freak.””I wasn’t masturbating; if that’s what you’re implying, homo.””Watch your mouth. and I’m not stupid, the walls were shaking. You weren’t being coy about it.””I wasn’t.””Really?” and with that, in one perfectly swift motion he whipped the blanket off from my nude body. He gasped. Composing himself he said. “You’re still stiff, melonfucker.””So what!? I was enjoying the pleasure of my own company. Sue me. Its my cock, what’s so wrong about playing with my own dick?””Well… For starters.” he was stuttering and rubbing his neck, and trying not to look. Which made me hard as fuck. He made his way to the door. “I should go. but, I’m not done talking to you.” he turned around and faced the door. “Cover yourself!”A huge smile spread across my face, from ear to ear. “I don’t so, and if you want to talk, you’re going to have to look at me.” I spread my legs a little and let my cock escort fethiye rise up to full mast.”I’d rather not.” He slipped his hands into his pockets and I could see him trying to maneuver something.”Come here, and talk to me. Are you such a prude you cant talk to another guy while he’s naked? I’m totally flaccid,” I lied. “and if you don’t look at him its not gay.” “Fine.” he turned around angrily to finish speaking, and his eyes were wide with amazement. “I thought you said you weren’t hard.””I lied.” I rubbed my soft flat stomach just below my naval. I looked down and he was covering his crotch, I could see the tip of his cock in the elastic of his shorts. “I’ve never been with a guy. but, how hard could it be? no pun intended.” I laughed and he smiled shyly as he made his way to my bed.”You have ever man’s dream.” he said. “what is that, thirteen inches!?””fuck! don’t i wish!” I laughed loudly. “Ten, dude.” He was in total shock and he reached for it slowly. I let out a soft moan when his warm sweaty hand grabbed the base of my shaft.”Its so thick.” he rubbed his slowly, and my balls started to hurt. Seriously hurt, like someone had driven hot irons through them. I screamed in pain and grabbed my nuts. He pulled his hand back in fear and moved away from me on the bed. “I’m sorry! what’s wrong? are you okay!?””Pull down your shorts. NOW. I need to cum, and fast. I’m so horny; it hurts.” he nodded silently and pulled down his shorts. his cock was perfectly fethiye escort bayan straight, standing up at a forty five degree angle from his body. Sticky precum made stringy shapes between his cock and his shorts. I pearled, when i saw it. “Come here. Lean over the bed.” He did, and I tugged at his perfect five inch cock. Sexy veins made it thick and plump.”I, I’ve never been with, with anyone.” He said quietly.”Not even a woman?” I asked confused. I shook his head.”And I don’t orgasm on my own, I just go limp after about an hour.” That sounded like a challenge. I figured, if my magic tongue can get a forty year old woman to squirt, then it can get a young, HOT twenty year old brit to cream. I turned him over and took his smooth white cock in my mouth. he gasped and moaned like a cat in heat. He put his hands on the back of my head as I deep mouthed his cock, handlessly. He gasped louder when I rubbed my tongue on his nuts, and I felt a warmness in the back of my throat. I pulled him out so that my lips were wrapped around the head and he screamed in ecstasy. His cock throbbed and an ocean of hot, steamy cum filled my mouth. I could feel every pulse of fluid, hitting the back of my mouth. He gasped as it happened, over and over.It was sweet and thick like good honey and I wanted all he could give me. He kept giving for almost a full seven minutes, and I drank it greedily, the whole time.I played with the head of his throbbing cock until sweat pour off his face he had, had so much enjoyment. He lay gasping for breath, his nipples sharp as needles, and his stomach rising and falling rapidly.I licked up the cum that had escaped. And then sat next to him on the bed.”Thank you.” He said quietly.

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