My first time with mom / mother (real)

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My first time with mom / mother (real)The time had come.My parents were divorced, actually my step parents because i was adopted by this nice couple a long time ago.More or less, i saw them as my parentd and even if dad left us i saw him as my friend and father. We used to go hunting, look at motorshows, go out and eat and so on.My mother and i. We were as a family, we had our routines and roles at our house.When i was with dad we had fun and didnt think about ordinary life such as homework and cleaning the room.But with mom, it was more focus on homework and go cutting the grass, but we had our moments too.Every friday night, we had what we called, friday cudde or in swedish, “fredagsmys”.We used to watch a movie at night and eat snacks and candy.One day, when i was in my younger youth, as a virgin, i came home and mother had baked cinnamomrolls and we ate them at our movienight.But this time mom said that she was tired of all the baking and she said that she felt dirty of all housework and was taking a bath and sauna.I didnt think much more about it but as she walked away past the tv i watched her ass and body.I was in a period at that time where i watched at my mother alot. She came alot in my minds these days and i often wanked in the shower imagining about her big breasts.Mother was slim but chubby as alot of women become around their 40. canlı bahis siteleri She had big breasts that was abit saggy because of her silicone implants that she took out a couple of years ago.But she was hot, with her blond hair and clearly blue eyes. People always hit on her when we were out at malls and other places. That shit annoyed me but thats another story.When she came back downstairs to get to the shower. Our shower and sauna were at the bottomflor, she said to me that if the movie ends that i was welcome to shower with her.Thats normal for us because we were an open family. We showered alot before naked, mom, dad and i. At sunner we bathed at the sea naked and mother used to sunbathe naked. So for me, it was all normal.Well the movie wasnt so excited so after 30mins i turned it off and went upstairs.I went by my moms room and saw a couple of batteries at her night stand. Curious as i were i guessed that they were for here dildo i knew about. I searched under her mattress and there it was. I got aroused and went to my room thinking that mom used it before her sauna.So after a while i went downstairs to shower, because i had soccer practice before and forgot to shower.When i entered the bathroom i shoued hello and mom answered welcome to me. She womdered if i was going to join here but i said no that i only was going bahis firmaları to shower. As i stepped in the shower and the water fell over me she came out all naked and entered the shower saying that she has to cool down.She asked me about my day and i answered her questions.All this was normal for us but since dad left us and i was getting more and more mature it didnt happen often that we showred as we did before.However it was nice standing there and showering with mom, remembering old times. Only probelm was that i got a boner as soon as i saw here.I watched at her body from time to time when she didnt see me looking. I had my back towards her all the time because of my hard on.She asked if she would put shampoo on my hair and i said no, ii can handle it. I guess she felt that i was a bit stiff on my attitude towards her cause she stood there and watched at me as something was wrong, i felt that feeling.She came closer and i walked into the corner of the shower and she confronted me. She said she wanted to talk and i said i didnt right now. She turned me around by my shoulders and i came standing face to face with here in full shame because of my hard on and she got confused and started to smile after a second. I got confused and she asked if i felt ashamed of that. I said yes and she said that it is normal. That im a man soon.She bahis firmaları came closer and as the water ran of her breasts my cock stood straight up staring at us.She took it in her hand and said to me with a calm voice that is is normal and beautiful that i get horny of her.She hugged me and pushed her body and breats against my body and i felt how nice it was to feel the penis touch my mothers belly.She stopped hugging me and took it in her hand and talked calmly to me as she wanked it easy back and forth. I loved it and stood there as a noob not knowing what to do.Mother started to kiss me around my nevk and asking me to touch her. I kissed her mouth and we kissed for a long time and i started to feel calm and touch her breasts alot.She kept on wanking and looked at me with her lovely eyes and asked if i would like here to suck it. I said yes, aroused and horny and looked at her as she got down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth.That feeling, ill never forget it, the warm wet feeling of her mouth and tounge around my cock. Incredible!She sucked me as i stood in the shower and she did that for around five minutes till i said that i feel like in coming.She played a little and a little later she stood up and said, not know honey. Save it for later. I didnt know what to think of and she told me to get into the sauna with her. Said and done, i followed her in and we relaxed inside and cuddled a bit.(Part 2 will come later when i have time. Just woke up in the middle of the night and felt for writing this off my chest. Didnt know it would be soo long. However, i finish this story later)

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