My story (about my young neighbour and everything.

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My story (about my young neighbour and everything.This is the translation of “Mijn verhaal” which I published here, in Dutch, two months ago…Hello, I am Saskia. I am on Xhamster since last year. I am 55 years old and if you want to know how I look, you can view my photos here. I am on xHamster because I want to chat with other women about everything I have experienced with my young neighbour and his friends. Also, I like to chat with boys off course. And occasionally I meet up with them. This is not always possible because although I live alone in my appartment in the Hollandia-building, I have a lat-relation and sometimes my friend will be at the door without warning. And it is not that I don’t like that because he knows exactly what I like but every now and then you want something different don’t you? Now when I chat about my young neighbour I often have to tell the whole story again from the beginning so I thought I could as well write it down here so that when you want to chat with me you can read this so you already know what happened.It started last year, in summer, I had shopping to do and as I had been indoors for a few days so I really had to get a lot. My shopping trolley was filled up and I had two bags and I could all just handle that and I was almost at the building when I dropped one of the bags and my groceries rolled on the sidewalk. I wanted to pick them up again when this boy walked up to me and asked if he could help. I knew him, I had seen him every now and then, he lived on the seventh floor of the building. I live on the ninth. We occasionly shared the elevator. He was about eighteen or so, it was a friendly boy with half long blond hair and very blue eyes. Well friendly he was indeed, because he put my groceries neatly back into the bag and then offered to carry my other bag as well so I only had to take my shopping trolley with me. Well, if he had been a stranger I had obviously not done this but I knew him, and had seen him with his parents as well occasionally. Anyway, he walked with me and when we stood in the elevator, I saw him looking at me. I only had a short skirt and a tank top because it was quite a warm day and he had a pair of shorts and looked pretty good. I did not really dare to look at him so I looked in the mirror of the elevator and I could not help but saw a bulge in his pants and that excited me quite a bit. I am 55 now, then I was 54 and he was so young and I was secretly a little proud of myself that he apparently got turned on by me. When the elevator stopped on the ninth, he asked where we had to be and I told him the number, and when we walked upon the gallery he walked in front of me and he had pretty broad shoulders and suddenly I just fancied him. I had quite often fantasized about young boys but never thought that any boy would want an older woman like me. But now he walked there in front of me and I wondered if he still had that bulge in his pants and when he stopped at my front door and put my bags down and turned kütahya escort around and asked if this was my place then yes, the bulge was still there. So I said yes, and would you like something to drink for your trouble? Then he nodded and I was quite nervous. I opened the door and he picked up the bags again and I showed him the kitchen and when he had put them there, I told him he could take a seat on the couch in the living room while I put the groceries in the refrigerator. Normally I would neatly take out everything but now I quickly opened the frig and put everything inside and when I walked into the living room he sat down on the couch and looked at me smiling so I laughed too and asked if he would like a beer even though it was still morning, and he said yes.Well, I got him his beer and a glass of water for myself and then I sat myself on the couch, a little away from him though, and I asked him his name and whether he already had school break. His name is Stephan and he was 18 indeed and he had just graduated from high school and now he had two months off and actually wanted to have a summer job but hadn’t found anything yet so now he was bored a little. And I laughed and said he always could help old women with their shopping, and then he told me he didn’t think me that old, and then he began to blush when he saw me looking at his pants where that bulge still showed which had become bigger still and then I thought well what do I care and then I moved to him on the couch and just put a hand on that bulge and said that I loved him for not seeing me as old. And then I began to caress the inside of his thighs. First he stiffened a little but when I asked if he would like to stay a while he nodded and then I thought, well, I do not remember exactly what I thought, but then I pulled off his T-shirt and he kicked off his shoes and then suddenly lay his hand on my knee and he pressed his lips to mine and slid his tongue in my mouth. And moments later he put his hands on my breasts and began to knead them gently. Boy, you could see that he already had some experience, which disappointed me a little but only for a moment because a moment later we were standing in my bedroom and I was glad that he managed to get my bra loose so quick. The trouble some men have with that! But not Stephan, and a moment later I lay on the bed and he was between my thighs and I felt how he pulled the lips of my already wet spot a little apart and then I could feel his tongue inside me and his tongue knew exactly where he had to be, oh yeah! Well that took a while and I was moaning with my eyes closed, but then I asked Stephan if he wanted to turn over and I got hold of his hard rod and I had already seen that this was a big guy and that’s what I like so I ran my tongue over his glans while Stephan was still licking me and then I took him in my mouth and he immediately came. Boy, that was fast but it was nice ass well, I let his cum slide down my mouth and licked it a little bit escort kütahya to taste it and it was pretty good and then I looked at Stephan and he looked at me a bit taken aback and said sorry … so I laughed and said it was okay. Then we got dressed again and Stephan wanted to go so I said that he could always come along when he was bored in the holidays and then I gave him my phone number.Then for a few days I heard nothing from him but a week or so later, he called me one night and asked if he could come by the next afternoon and I said yes boy, of course, and I got all excited again and then he paused and I could hear something was bothering him and so I told him he could tell or ask me everything. I did not dare to say it but I had fallen in love with him a little and the thought that he would be with me tomorrow made me all warm inside. And then Stephan asked if he could bring along two friends, and he confessed that he had told them all about me and they did not believe him and I do not know why but I asked how old they were and he said eighteen and nineteen, and I said yes boy, off course bring them along. I think it was because I was so excited that he called me. And also because I had fantasized quite a while now about young lads and now I could get three of them at a time and I trusted Stephan of course, he had been so kind and so sweet and by the way, my friend was abroad for a week and almost all the neighbors were on vacation, it was very quiet on the gallery so no one would notice anything. Well, that night I hardly slept and when I had lunch the next afternoon, I went back to bed, in a very short nightdress, and when the doorbell rang at about two a clock I open the door in my nightgown and there stood Stephan, with two lads. One was named Joris, he said moments later when they sat on the couch, and Joris was small and had dark hair and brown eyes, and the other was called Marcel and was almost as tall as Stephen but was slightly firmer, had dark hair and dark eyes. Well so we sat on the couch, that is Joris and Marcel did and Stephan sat on the floor on a pillow and I had fetched some beer and they told me that when Stephan had told them everything they fantasized about how the three of them would pamper me. Stephan looked a little guilty so I smiled at him, kissed him on the mouth and said that it was the fantasy of almost every woman to be spoiled by a couple of young beautiful men, wasn’t it? And then I took off my nightgown and set myself naked on the couch between Joris and Marcel and immediately these nice boys both put a hand on one of my breasts as if they had agreed so, and then Stephan sat in front of us, pulled my legs apart and ran his tongue along my thighs and then into my pussy. I sat back and Joris and Marcel began to lick my nipples and kiss and caress me and Stephan was licking me and this time I was the one who came far too quickly but I did not care. I let them have their way for a while and then I stood up and walked kütahya escort bayan to the bedroom. Did I mention that I have a very wide bed? I lay down and told the boys they also could undress and they hesitated a moment, but I said come on guys, you are not ashamed of each other are you? Then I beckoned Joris and he came to stand next to me and I took his penis in my mouth and began to suck and soon I felt Marcel leaning over me and spreading my legs and gliding inside me and meanwhile Stephan had come to lie beside me and caressed my breasts and licked my navel and it was all so horny! And then Marcel began to push inside me and he did it faster and faster and I heard him growl and then Joris started to poke into my mouth while I had a firm grip on his buttocks and then he sprayed his sperm down my throat and it was so delicious that I swallowed it all and then Marcel came in me and I screamed and came as well. Marcel then stood up and I showed him the bathroom where I had some extra towels ready and a moment later, Joris and Marcel were dressed again. Not Stephan though, when he wanted to stand up I held him back. He hadn’t come already had he? So I asked him if he wanted to stay for a while. Marcel and Joris had to laugh about that. What a lucky man, they said … I said that they could get another beer if they wanted, but no, they were going now but they promised that they would come along again soon. So then I was alone with Stephan and because he looked so sweet at me I had a good suck while he was lying on his back in bed. And this time he did not come right away so I lay down as well and after a while he crawled on top of me and slid inside me and started to fuck me nice and slow and then he teasingly looked at me and asked if I wanted to come one more time. Yes, I wanted to, but because I saw it already was almost half past five, I asked him if he had not to go home and then he told me that his parents were on vacation and he was alone at home and had nothing to do, well then I knew enough. I pushed him off me and said I was hungry and he looked so crestfallen that I immediately had to laugh again but I kept myself in and said with a serious voice that it was time for him to get dressed now, so he did, with a disappointed face. And then I got up, grabbed my purse and pulled out two notes out of twenty Euro. He looked at me in surprise and then I asked him to go along to the Chinese take-away two streets on, and quickly, because I was hungry for some noodle and bring something for yourself as well. And then he laughed and grabbed me and kissed me. Well that was pretty much it. When he came back we ate and washed up together and then watched TV until half past eleven and then we crawled into bed like it was something we do every evening and eventually I came a few more times that night and Stephan as well and the next morning we took a shower together and we had breakfast and then he went and I asked him what he wanted for dinner that evening and then I went shopping and that evening Stephan rang my doorbell again and again I opened the door in my nightie and so it went pretty much his whole vacation and oh yes, Joris and Marcel also came along a few times and not just them, because Stephan has many more friends …

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