Part 2 – Did MP shoot the video?

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Part 2 – Did MP shoot the video?Actions after the Incident This I will divide into two time periods, immediately afterwards and about three years later. Thinking back now to when I returned from that KC trip, the ex seemed to be a little different. Usually I returned to a “honey-do” list and a rather sour attitude that I had been away and she had to take care of the house herself. This time she was attentive and loving. She had a candlelight dinner set out and had a dark tight skirt, fish-net panty hose, and a sexy sweater on. Usually she wore jeans or sweats around the house .Thinking back, I had expected a royal welcome because of the phone call we had the night before. It was phone sex actually. After our usual exchange of the day’s events, she cursed me out a little, “You’re a bastard for spoiling me!” she said.I asked, “What do you mean?” She answered,” I want you here in bed with me right now! I need you to make me come.”I thought she was k**ding because she never talked like this especially on the phone and said, “Why don’t you do it yourself?”“You could use the vibrator.”I added sarcastically, knowing how much she hated having “that thing”, as she called it, anywhere near her vagina.‘Very funny”, she said, ”I actually tried to rub myself off last night but the only thing my mind could fantasize about was you and ducky (her pet name for my dick).”“I had the same problem the other night, I couldn’t get my mind off how sexy you were over the weekend and I’m really horny,“ I told her. It was only a half truth. I was so turned on by our session on Sunday night, that I had beaten off each of the previous two nights thinking about it. In retrospect, I was still turned on and was really horny.“When you get back tomorrow, I’m going to seduce and ravage you, you big stud,” she whispered into the phone.I was getting a hard-on listening to my sex kitten. You have no idea how good I felt at the ripe old age of 58 to be desired sexually by a woman 10 years younger than me. We went on kastamonu escort bayan for about a half-hour talking nasty and by the time we got off the phone the usually prim and proper ex ended the call saying not the usual “I miss you and I love you!” Instead she said, “Get your ass home and fuck me!”After the call I was really turned on. Most times I would have stroked myself and relieved the tension but with the order I had just received from “SHE who must be obeyed”, I didn’t want to have any performance issues the next day.Back to the dinner! I was scheduled to take a plane back at 3:00pm arriving at 7:30p but I rushed through my business and I raced to the airport catching a plane at 11:30am arriving at 4:00pm. Before taking off, I had managed to leave a message for my ex that I would be home early at her office where she was that morning. When I got home around 6:00pm I was greeted with a very sexy kiss. She took me by the hand and led me through the kitchen, down the hall, through the foyer and into the formal living room. I had a vision that we were going to repeat a very hot sex session of 4 years prior. (That’s another story!). As we went into the living room she turned and planted hot kiss on me and groped my crotch. She then broke away, sat me on the sofa and brought me a glass of wine and said, “Tonight I will wait on you. You are special and I want to treat you like the wonderful guy that you are. Dinner will be served in the dining room the first course is ready and waiting.”She led me by the hand across the foyer and opened the doors to the dining room and seated me at the table like a maitre d at a fancy restaurant. She had prepared gazpacho, a favorite of both of us and I savored its herbs and spices as only she could prepare. Next came a shrimp cocktail and I joked, “Maybe you should have chosen oysters to give me a boost in the performance area.”“You don’t need a boost. You always get me done one way or another,” she quipped back seductively.Next escort kastamonu was a main course of chicken cooked in the style of a French chef which was served with broccoli au gratin, and scalloped potatoes. Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake.When we had finished I asked her, “What do I have to do to thank you for such a wonderful dinner?”“Follow me upstairs and you’ll get your chance after one more surprise that I have for you,” she said with a come-hither look.I followed obediently up the circular staircase and into the master bedroom. Once there, she took my hand and led me to the loveseat. (That night it lived up to its name.) She sat beside me and our lips met for the first time since she groped me in the living room. The moment was magical as we caressed each other through our clothes.It was so unlike the usual scene where we would get ready for bed. She would put on one of her floor-length cotton nightgowns in the winter or a long tee shirt in the summer. I would hop into bed naked because I couldn’t, and still can’t, fall asleep in pajamas. Once in bed, if the mood stuck us and she was feeling all right (She had two-week long periods with severe cramps every month.), we would commence a carefully scripted foreplay routine of me using my palm to rub her whole pubic area to make her come, followed by her mounting “ducky” and riding him for about a minute (many times to another orgasm) followed by a reverse move that allowed us to end up in the missionary position. When we were in that position we would try to have simultaneous orgasms. She would hold back as long as she could to make it happen and surprisingly often she succeeded.We stayed on the loveseat for kissing and necking for about 15 minutes when I couldn’t help myself and started to lift her sweater up to caress her bare back. She gently moved my hand aside, gave me a deep passionate kiss and slowly rose to her feet bending over to maintain the kiss. She reluctantly broke off the kiss and kastamonu escort bayan sensuously unbuttoned her skirt and let it slowly drop gradually revealing first her fishnet-covered thighs followed by her calves and the as she stepped out of it, her ankles. It was then that I realized that she had been without shoes all night like Geisha. She was really into the act. She stood there for a moment and turned around in a Coquettish manner. Looking back at me over her right shoulder with an impish look in her eyes, she asked, “Are you ready for your big surprise?”I answered, “I am ready, willing and able.”“Close your eyes!”I complied. In about 5 seconds she said, “You can open them now.”When I did my eyes beheld a site that I thought I would never see. Standing there was my ex holding the sweater in one hand wearing only a sheer, black, full length fish-net body-suit. Not only that but the exotic lingerie had the nipples cut out and was crotchless. I started to get up but she shook her head no and started to run her hands over her body, first her shoulders, then her neck, then her breasts, her mid-section hand hips, back to her breasts, down to her tummy, down to her pubic mound for a fleeing moment and down along her thighs, back up her thighs, finally coming to rest cupping her pussy. This show had lasted over 5 minutes but it seemed like an instant. I will never forget it.She moaned and came back over to me and sat across my lap and resumed the kiss we had broken off a few minutes before. This time when I started to caress her she moaned and surrendered to my hands. I had long before this learned what she liked and, that night, I gave her everything I had learned. It was one to remember. It is now 10 years later and I finally think I know why she surprised me. She must have felt guilty about something that happened when MP was there on Monday. Did she wake him up that morning with the purpose of feeling his hands all over her body not just on her neck and shoulders? Did he miss his plane because he overslept or because he didn’t get out of bed because he was occupied pleasuring my ex and himself? I’ll never know for sure.Three years later our marriage fell apart suddenly. Can you guess who happened to visit a few weeks before the final blow-up?

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