Part two: Alice’s helping mouth

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Part two: Alice’s helping mouthSo after our first rather abrupt encounter with my going down on Alice she contacted me again and we traded several emails getting to each other better and she asked if I could back to her house that evening to take our adventure a little further. I arrived a little after 7 and she was alone with her disabled husband already put to bed for the evening. Alice said that the caregiver had been giving him a bath when she got home and he had a raging hard on once again as they dried him off and took him to bed, the caregiver left and Alice said she went down on him and got him off a little before I knocked on the door. She said she was horny just from thinking of my being between her legs again and she wanted to taste of cum on her tongue as it excited her. I said matter of fact that I loved the taste of cum too. She didn’t say anything and off to her bed we went. She didn’t put on a nightgown this time, she allowed me to kiss her once, with the cum taste still strong, and I removed her pants and underwear but not her top and I laid her on the bed. I said Alice you can take your bra off and be comfortable and just leave your shirt on. She did as I said, I could see the outline of her tits as they fell to the sides of her chest under that shirt. nipples low and hard. I still didn’t make an attempt to touch them.As I crawled down between her legs she propped her head up with two pillows, clearly she uşak escort wanted to watch this time. I did exactly as I had done the last time and she came just as hard and what seemed to be a half dozen more times and this time she grabbed her tits and nipples the whole time. We lay in the bed after with my having cum all over me again and her catching her breath. She turned to me and said she thought it was hot when I kissed her before we started even after I knew her husbands cum was still lingering in her mouth. I told her that I told you I love the taste of cum, no matter who it comes from. She said ohhh that’s go to be intense and she had never tasted a woman’s cum, so I kissed her deeply, she had a look of shock on her face, but then kissed me again, I said lick my chin and neck taste it good. She did as she was told. I told her to call me next time she was going to make her husband cum, I want to watch. She said it would have to be while he lay in bed so he couldn’t see me, it would confuse him and she couldn’t allow that.I said whatever makes you comfortable, we don’t even have to do it. She said she would think about it. Two days later I got an email saying she can’t stop thinking about blowing him with my watching, but she wanted me to watch from a closet in the room. I said anything for you Alice. I arrived with him still in the bath and Alice led me to the downstairs bedroom and into a closet that had escort uşak the little wood slats with the opening between them, they were somewhat adjustable and I pushed two of them up so I could see well. Alice pushed him back into the bedroom with pajama top on and no bottoms, helped him into the bed and I could see his cock was already pretty hard, it was good size maybe 7″ and average thickness, a very nice cock indeed, I could see while Alice still wanted it. The lights were on and he lie in bed with Allison slowly stroking him, he reached up and grabbed her tit, she took her top off, looked right in the closet at me and removed her bra. large breasts fell out onto her stomach and he continued to grab them. Alice bent over, her tits swaying and she started to suck and jerk him off, her tits bouncing in rhythm and it got me rock hard. after a couple of minutes she started to jerk him and he arched his back a little and moaned and Alice put her mouth over his cock and took in all his cum, she pulled his sheets and covers up and motioned for me to leave the room while she had his gaze. She followed me out with his cum in her mouth, she showed me and stuck my tongue in her mouth and we made out hard snowballing that cum until it was gone. She went back in the room to make sure he was securely in bed, shut off the light and came back out to me, I took her hand and brought her into the kitchen. I took her pants down uşak escort bayan and put her up on the large island and I clamped my mouth down on her pussy and I made her cum hard, I rolled her on her stomach and I stuck my tongue in her ass and tongue fucked it hard, stuck my thumb in it and turned on her side and put her clit back in my mouth and fucked that ass with my tongue as she came down my neck again and again.Alice said that was so intense and her ass is so wet, I asked if I could fuck it, she said yes I can have anything I want. I remembered then that her pussy was so tight with two fingers in it, I took her down and put her on the farmers block table that was a perfect height for me and laid her down put her legs up and I slowly put my rock hard cock in the pussy, it was tight hot and so wet I couldn’t help but fuck her hard, then I took my cock head and plugged her asshole with it, it was even tighter then her pussy, she moaned and said go slow, I reached up and grabbed those huge tits and pulled them up towards me lifting her shoulders and head off the table and I kissed her as I slowly stuck my cock all the way up her ass. I started slow and then needed to ram that ass, she loved every second, she said don’t cum, pull out! I pulled out and she got down on her knees and stuck my cock between those soft, saggy, giant tits and she pushed them together and spit on my cock head and in less than a minute I came all over her face neck and tits. That was it, Alice needed cum from then on, it lased a couple months, then she found someone her own age to continue with and we parted the best of friends. Besides I still had Sally and Ron to visit!

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