Pushing them to the limits V

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Pushing them to the limits VChapter 5The next day I was pretty busy, I almost forgot the sisters went for shopping. I got a message from a number I didn’t know.. ‘Coming for a drink?..’ This must be the number of the redhead I thought. I didn’t know where to go to, so I sent a message back where to meet. It was in a kind of beach bar, about half an hour drive. When I got there it was pretty busy. I had to park my car on the far end of the parking.I could see them from a distance, they were drinking, laughing and chatting with a young guy.When I came up to their table, the blonde stood up and walked over to me, she kissed me straight on the mouth, “I’m happy you’re her, I think my sister got an admirer… ” I walked up to the table, kissed the redhead and introduced myself to the young guy.I took a good look at the redhead, I could see her nipples were clearly poking through her dress. She must be wearing her special chain, I thought. The guy was clearly interested in her, he was chatting her up.The blonde messaged me with her eyes… so I stood up and excused myself for going to the mans room.. When I came back, her sister came up to me and asked if I could loose the guy. “My sister is so fucking horny.. I think he smells it….”, she said. I thought about it for a second and said, “Why don’t you offer your sister for some hard cash…? I don’t think he is interested in a ‘pro’.. And if he is.. she has a nice time and some cash…” I laughed. She looked at me…. “That’s a good idea..! Get a drink, when I get back, I will sell her for a nice price…” She turned to the bathroom and I went to their table.I ordered some more drinks and sat back until the blonde returned. When she came back she said to her sister, “After this drink we’ll go, we have to get to work..” The guy looked up to her and asked, “What kind of work do you do?” She looked at the guy…, “We ‘entertain’ men.. This man here is our boss..” looking at me.. The redhead stared at her sister, couldn’t say a word..”If you want to pay 500 for this redhead, you are always welcome….” The redhead flushed.. The guy stuttered.., “Uuhmmm… eeuhhh.. I didn’t know, pleas excuse me….” He was getting up from the table, when the redhead said, “You look like a nice guy… I’ll do it for 250..”I looked at the blonde and we laughed. She said to the guy, “She must be horny for you…””Eeuhhhh…… I am staying in a hotel not far from here.. I’ll get the money from a machine.” I looked at the guy, “We’ll walk up with you, when I get the money, you’ll have one hour of fun with her.. We will wait outside. I hope you have some condoms with you, otherwise you have to get them first from the machine in the mans room..” The guy excused himself and got up.The redhead looked up to us, “What have you started here…?” Her sister snapped at her, “You offered yourself….. You little whore! You are a horny bitch! Go fuck his brains out, give him the time of his life…! But remember… Don’t you dare having an orgasm… ” The redhead looked down at the floor… “This will be hard….”I paid for the drinks and we went outside. A moment later the guy came up to us, I put my arms around the blonde’s waist and we wandered of to the direction of the hotel. At the entrance I asked the guy which room he had and told him to enjoy.. “Give me your ID, just for security.. We’ll be waiting in the hotel bar, If your not finished in one hour, I’ll come and get her.” He took the redheads hand and went to the elevator.We wandered of to the bar and took place in the far end corner. “Aren’t you afraid something might happen to her..?” she asked. “haven’t you seen the ring on his finger…? He’s married.. He won’t do anything.. Besides that, I have his ID..”We got ourselves a drink and I asked her to show me her present. “I can’t show you right here…! Besides that… My nipples are covered with a band aid…” I pulled her dress a bit down and looked down to her tits… “You can get the band aid of right now…. The bartender is way to busy to notice you…” She pulled her dress somewhat more down and got the band aid from one nipple. She showed it to me… and went for the other one. “They look great on you, you must be proud of your breasts…” She pulled her dress back up. “My nipples are very sensitive now…. ” I looked at her, and laughed. Nobody could see us in this far end corner of the bar, I reached for her dress and slid my hand up to her pussy.. “O my…, your sister is not the only horny bitch around here…” I could feel her moist pussy, it was dripping wet. I pulled a little on her chain… “OOhhmmmmmmm………”, she moaned softly.. “I can’t wait to have you…..” I slid two fingers in her cunt. “OOhhwwmmmmmmmm……. fuck…. I’m so fucking horny for you…. mmmmm……” I took a sip of my drink, pretending nothing was going on, when I said softly, “You are allowed to cum….” Her eyes went to the bartender and through the whole bar. Nobody was watching us. It looked like we had a normal drink and conversation. I could see she had a hard time.. I pulled her chain a few times and rubbed her clit.. She bit her lip, “MMmmmmmmmmm………… if you go on like that… mmmmm…. I’ll cum…. mmmmm….” she whispered.. I flicked her clitring a few times more and jerked her chain… “Ohhhmmmmmmmmmmm……..” I took another sip of my drink and called the bartender.. Meanwhile I kept on rubbing her clit.. She went red in her face.. “Everything okay, sir.? the bartender asked. “Yes no problem… I think my girlfriend has some problems with the heat today…” He smiled and told us that more people had problems with the temperature. He turned back to fix our drinks. I pushed a few fingers in the bitch’s cunt and she almost came…. “Oohhwwmmmmmmm……. fuuuckkkk…. I must be… a mmmmm….. whore…. like mmmmmm….. this….” She came..!!! She was biting her lips… “MMMMMmmmmmmmm………” was all she could say… I could feel her cunt contracting… a flood of juices running out, covering her dress and her barstool.. The bartender returned with our drinks. She was really sweating and panting for air now… “I.. mmmm… think… I have to go to the … bathroom… for a minute…” she said and stood up and walked a bit unsteady to the bathroom.. A few minutes later when she came back and walked up to me.. “Feeling better now darling…? and looked at the barstool next to me. It had a big wet spot. She flushed immediately… With a soft voice I said, “You have a big wet spot in the back of your dress…..” She turned deep red …. “Fuck..! Why are you doing this to me…?” I looked her in her eyes.., “I know you like it…. Wait with what I have in mind for you…..”About an hour later, the redhead came down with the elevator and came into the bar. I took the blonde by the hand and said, “Let’s go with my car, I’ll take you two home. We’ll leave your car here. You can tell your husbands I picked you up, because you had a few drinks.. We’ll pick up the car tomorrow. But tell me… how was it to be sold as a whore…?” She was quiet at first, but her sister pinched her in a nipple to ‘wake’ her up… “Eeuhh…. yeaahhh, he didn’t satisfy me… ” Her sister looked at her, with a bit of anger in her voice she said, “You are not supposed to… You had to satisfy him.. Did you..?” The redhead looked down at the floor, “I think so… he said he loved my tight pussy..” The blonde twisted a nipple…”Excuse me…, you’re what?” “Euuhh… he loved fucking my eeuhh… horny eeuhh.. cunt!””That’s a lot better, but tell me in detail what you have been doing with him.. Come on..! Make us horny..” and she reached for my zipper and got my already hard cock out..She told us when they came into his room he got her undressed. He was amazed with all the body jewelry she wore. He specially liked her chains, but he hadn’t played with them at all.. He had thrown her on the bed and he wanted to see her play with herself. She had played with her clit, but had to withhold herself, because she was not allowed to cum.. Then he wanted me to suck his dick. It wasn’t big, rather small, but she didn’t mind that, because she didn’t have to throat it… She had sucked him for a while until he came in her mouth. She had no intention of swallowing his load, but was afraid to spit it out, so she had swallowed his load.She had sucked him again to get his dick hard again, he had become a little rough with her. He had used her head like a cunt, but it took a while before he was ready for a next cum shot. Then she had taken over and she had thrown him on his back and straddled him. After I put on a condom on his small dick, I really acted like a slut and fucked him senseless with my eeuhh…. cunt.While I was driving, the blonde had taken my cock in her mouth… She opened her mouth completely and fucked me with her throat. She was really enjoying it, I could tell it.. She was horny by the story her sister was telling us. She lifted her head, “Go on… how long did it take him to cum..?” She continued..”Because he already came in my mouth, it took him some time… I really fucked him like a real bitch..! I was telling him he was a real stud and I liked his dick. After about 15 minutes later he had shot his load…”The blonde got up and pointed to my cock.., “I bet you want this fucker in your cunt..?” The redhead flushed and said with a soft voice, “Yes, I want him to split me open with that big cock of him… Pleeaaseee, can I have it..?” The blonde did not even ask me..! Looking at the road she said to pull over on the next parking, so I could fuck her.The blonde ordered her sister to come in the front and straddle me.I pushed the chair backwards, so she had enough room to sit on my lap. Her sister told her to get rid of her dress before entering the car. She came to sit on my lap, facing me. Her sister gave her all the orders what she had to do, the redhead obeyed without any protest. “Open up your cunt and lower yourself… Yess.. like that..” I could feel her cunt opening up for me. It was again real tight, but very moist…. When she was completely over my cock, her sister grabbed her litlle chain on her clit. “Now I will use you to fuck him……..” She pulled the chain upwards… the redhead could only come up… “AAAhhhhhhhh……… OOhhwmmmmmmm…….” Then she released it… Her sister came down again.. “MMmmmmmmmm…. Oohwwww…..”She repeated this several times… It was a fantastic feeling… I could feel her cunt contracting around my dick every time..The blonde unclipped one chain from her sisters nipple and withdrew it around her neck, before she attached it again. Than….. after she had pulled her sister upwards with the clit chain, she yanked her sister down with the nipple chain… “OOOOOOOOAAAAHhhhhhhh…………Fuuuuuckkkkkkkk……….!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled. Now her cunt really spasmed on my cock… “See….. that’s how you fuck a good cock..!” She held both chains in her fist and started to push and pull her sister over my cock.. Ohw MY Fucking hell..!!! this was really getting kinky now… It looked like the blonde was trying to punish her redhead sister for being a whore…. “Come on, you whore..! Fuck this big cock of him… But only cum, when he comes…..” She started to yank on the chains.. her poor sister was yelling all the time… “AHhhhhh….. Fuuuckkkkk…! Pleeeaaaasssse… CUMmmmmm……. Use.. meeee…… AAAhhhhhhh…..”With all my power I was trying not to cum… I thought the blonde was trying to punish me for what I did in the bar this afternoon… I could feel the redhead was on the edge of exploding…. Her cunt spasmed… I could not hold back any longer and started to shoot my cum in her tight cunt… “AAAoooooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………” This took the redhead over the edge and came like she never did before…. “OOOHHHWwww……. Fuuuuuckkkkk!!!!!…… CUmmmmmmmmmmmminggggg…!!!” She dropped on my lap, impaling herself completely on my dick. I think I had to be in her womb…… She let herself drop back against the steering wheel and was completely exhausted. The blonde started kissing me deep…. I loved it and kissed her back passionately. She broke off our kiss and looked at her sister… “That’s how you fuck a man..! Now… get off him, get out and start cleaning..!”Slowly the redhead got off me and out of the car, and started sucking me clean. I think she didn’t care anymore being naked. I could see all my cum running along her legs. “Get in the back of the car… here is your dress. Get dressed, we have to go home….I dropped the redhead of at her place and went to the farmhouse to drop the blonde off. She crawled up against me and looked very happy… “You make me feel wanted… I want you… the rest of my life…” It was nice to hear that, I was feeling the luckiest guy in the world.About 15 minutes later I dropped her off. “Are you coming tomorrow..? We’ll have to pick up the car… remember..?” I smiled at her..”Of course… I will pick you up tomorrow…”The early next day I went up to the farmhouse and she was already waiting on the terrace, wearing a bikini top and a short skirt. “Come.., jump in, we’ll get the car. When she entered the car, I could see her golden chain dangling between her legs.. I smiled.. “And… did your husband like your nipple piercings..?” She told me he loved it, wanted to play whole day with them, but they were still too sensitive… “Before we go…. take of your bikini top… It’s way too hot today….” She flushed a little bit.., “Here..? Now…? What if..?” I grabbed behind her back and pulled the strings. “Come on… don’t be a prude… I know you like it…” She removed the top and threw it in the back. Her nipples started to swell.. “See, you like it…. you’re getting horny by people looking at you…. ” She flushed and turned her face away from the window. “You know I get horny by that… but.. what if someone who knows me sees me like this, with you next to me..?” I thought of that for a second.., “You can always blow me…. nobody will see you that way….” I laughed, but that is exactly what she did… She opened my zipper and got my cock out. She bent over and took my cock in her mouth. During the ride, most of the time she was on my cock.. Sucking and licking it.. About half an hour later we got to the beach bar, her car was still parked where she had left it yesterday. The beach bar was still closed. She reached for her bikini top in the back, but I grabbed her hand… “No no, your going without… and what’s more… give me your skirt…” Her eyes widened, “No way, I’m going naked in my car… What if..?” I put a finger on her mouth to silence her. “Give it to me, now! and get in your car.. You’re lucky nobody is around yet…” Very slowly she unzipped her skirt and got it out, she was going to unclip her chain… “Leave that on…. It looks very good on you…”She had a look around and quickly jumped out of the car, almost running to her own.. I couldn’t suppress a big smile… I waited until she had started her car and drove all the way behind her.About half way, she had to stop for a traffic light. A truck stopped next to her, to take the turn. I pushed the horn and signaled the driver to look at the car next to him. When he had a look, his eyes almost popped out of his head… He looked back at me and raised his thumb.This must have pissed her off… because when the lights turned green, she left as a maniac..! I got my phone and sent her a message…’be careful.. maybe a cop will pull you over..’ She must of read the message, because a moment later she slowed down again. I followed, close behind her. When we got at the farmhouse, she was furious ! I was still sitting in my car and she came up to me. “What were you thinking…? Showing me off like that ! I will never do this again ! I am stopping this, right now..! Just give me my clothes back and leave!”I looked at her, smiling, “Look at yourself… juices of your horny cunt running down your legs.. But… okay.. I will leave.. See you..!”And I drove off. Her clothes still in the back of my car. In my rear view mirror I saw her standing there…The next few days I didn’t go to the farm, my wife was asking why I didn’t go to the horses.. I told her I didn’t feel like it, and maybe I would go later. About 3 or 4 days later I got a message on my phone.. ‘Come..’ I ignored it and did not go there. The next day I got another message.. ‘Please come..’ I still ignored it and did not reply on it. Until the next day… My wife was attending the horses and the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and there she was.. In her nursing outfit, a white pants an jacket. “Please…, talk to me…? I miss you, I’m sorry !”I asked her to come in and offered her a drink. “Where do you want to talk about?”, I asked her. “Why won’t you see me anymore..? I miss you..”I calmly spoke to her, “You wanted me to leave, so I did… I’m not forcing you to do anything….” Her eyes went down.. “I know… Deep inside I want it myself……””Do you enjoy it…?””Yes, I really do…” She said with a low voice. “I get bloody horny showing myself to people…The excitement I get when there is a chance to be discovered is overwhelming….””Well….. my wife can get home any minute…. get your pants down and start fingering yourself…..” I ordered her.She was going to say something, but closed her mouth. Slowly she raised her but and opened her pants and slid them down to her knees.I took my niğde escort phone from the table and started recording it. “Come on, finger yourself to an orgasm… I’m recording it. I think you have a few minutes before my wife walks in and sees you here like that……”She turned red, but she began stroking her clit and started moaning.. “Oooohwww….. I’ll do it for you….. Mmmmmmmmmmm……”I heard the sound of her fingers rubbing her clit. “You really are a horny slut, aren’t you……? Look at yourself…. sitting here on our couch bringing yourself to an orgasm….””MMMMOOOOoooooohhhh……. Yessssss…!!!!!!! I’m a mmmmmmmm….. slut !! OOhhw……. Can I come….. Pleaasssseeeeee….?”I heard a car pull up our driveway, it must be my wife. I stood up and said, “Not yet….. wait until my wife enters the house….” And I walked to the door to let my wife in.When I opened the door, I could hear the slut having her orgasm…. I smiled in myself.To give the slut a little time I took the coat from my wife and asked her if she wanted a drink. I told her we just got a visitor and she was having a drink.When my wife entered the living room, the slut just managed to get her pants up. She looked very flushed..”Hello, just came from work and I wanted to visit you two to ask you something.” My wife looked at her, “Tell us, you know we’ll always help you.””Well…. we want to go away for a few days… Do you want to stay at the farm for a few days, and take care of the horses?”My wife was enthusiastic and agreed immediately. “When will that be..?”Within no time it was agreed we would stay at the farm for a few days.The week past and I had a devilish idea… I had ordered some handy stuff on-line.When we got at the farm, they were already packed and ready to go. We were allowed to use everything at the house. “Just make yourself comfortable…” She said to us.After some instructions they left. Al tough it was hard work at the farm, we had lots of fun during those few days. The last day, when my wife was getting some groceries, I installed a few very tiny webcams along the house and hooked them up to the router. I tried them using my phone and after some adjustments I had a good look on several places in the house.The days flew by and after the weekend the couple returned. They invited us to have diner with them and talk about their short break.The diner was perfect and we had some glasses of wine. Afterwards I helped the blonde with some dishes and told her about the camera’s….. “I can see you now, while you’re having sex with your husband…”First she was a little confused, but then she started laughing… “Wow….. this is… kinky and horny…. I can perform for you now….””You can give me a good performance tonight…… Fuck your husband like a pro… keep your phone near you… I will message you when you are allowed to cum…..”She winked at me, “I will give my best performance for you……”After we had some coffee, my wife and I headed home. At home we made ourselves comfortable and my wife started to read a book. I told her that I had to do some work and went to the home office.Immediately I logged into the camera system and the pictures were even better than I had hoped for. About half an hour later I could see some movement in the bedroom. I put on my earphones and checked the sound. It was perfect, I could hear every word the were saying… I started to record the video.”You’re not going to sleep, are you…? I want you to fuck me….”Her husband said he was tired from the journey and clearly wanted to sleep. Obviously the blonde did not agree with that and threw away the blankets. She laid her head on his stomach and started playing with his dick..”I think my little friend here doesn’t want to sleep….” she said and took him in her mouth… I think he could not resist that and started humping her mouth..She surprised me by saying, “I want to be a whore tonight….. You’d like that, don’t you…….”Her husband was getting aroused and took the blonde’s hair in his hand and guided it to his dick. “Come on, suck me like a whore than…….”, and plunged his dick in her mouth.She started moaning, “MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm………… ” and in between she said, “Use me….. I’m your whore…!” I am pretty sure she was talking to me……..He grabbed her hair and really started to fuck her face now. “Ohw yesssss….. you are my whore…! OOOOhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm………”After a few minutes he said.., “If you go on like this……. I will come…..” She wasn’t going to give up that easy and she got up and straddled him, facing his feet. She opened her cunt with her fingers and said, “Do you want to fuck this whore cunt….?” Before he could answer, she impaled herself on his dick.. “I’ll fuck your brains out…..” and really started fucking him. Twisting and turning her hips she rode him like a pro..She grabbed his balls with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the other. He started shouting at her, “Come on, little whore… fuck meee..!!!!!!!!” He grabbed her hair and yanked her head backwards. Her tits forward, her back arched…She began yelling.. “Fuck me.., fuck me… fuck me….” with every thrust he gave. I could see on her face she was close to an orgasm, but she had no permission….. Then she yelled, “Can I come..?” I know she was asking me…. I took my phone and send her a ‘Thumbs Up’… On the camera I could hear the little beep on her phone… She came violently… “AAAAAAOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Cuuuuuummmminnggggggg…………. Oohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm…..” Her body convulsed when her orgasm had hit her… Her husband could not hold back any longer and started to pump his sperm into the blonde slut… “OOOhhhhhhh…….. Heeeeeeeerrrreeeeee..!!!!!!!” He let go of her hair and she collapsed forward, saying, “Thanks………” I smiled in myself… If he only would know I gave her permission to come, he would freak out… I left the recording on and closed down the screen. The next morning I had a look what was recorded, but the rest was nothing special except…. Half an hour after they got to sleep I could hear he was snoring, she called my name and said, “Love you…”, before she went to sleep. My wife had gone to an old school friend she did not see her for ages. I had a look at the camera system and could not see her husband. He must of gone to work, so I called her. “And did you like it..?” I asked straight out. “Oh yesss, this is sooo horny…! I love it when I’m on display for you.. Did you see me how I rode my man like a whore…?” I told her I loved all of it. “But today I have something special for you… When you’re inside the house, don’t wear any clothes, what ever happens!” I think she must of thought that she was safe and secure inside the house, so she said immediately yes. Every now and than I had a look at the camera’s and could see her doing her daily business. I even saw her going out naked for a few minutes.Around lunchtime I ordered some sandwiches at the local lunchroom and gave them the address of the farm. I was wondering how she would handle that and went to my PC to watch her. About 20 minutes later I could hear a doorbell ringing.. I saw how she panicked a bit and started to look around nervously… She remembered she was to stay naked what ever happened…. Slowly she walked up to the door and stayed behind the door when she opened it. The delivery boy wanted to hand her the package with sandwiches, so she had to open the door to take the sandwiches. Trying to hide as much as possible she took the sandwiches. “That will be 10”, the boy said. “Let me get some money..”, she replied and went back to the kitchen to get some money. The boy must have seen something, because he gave the door a little push to open it. I saw her coming back at the hallway and she froze… “Euuhhhh….. excuse me….. ” and she must of turned beat red. Quickly she gave him his money and closed the door.Two minutes later I called her on her cellphone. “Enjoy your lunch darling”, I said. “What have you done now..? I must be the talk of the town now.”, she said. “Who cares…? You were in your own house… You can do anything in your own house, can’t you..?” With a soft voice she said, “You’re probably right…. I am exited now…. Why don’t you come over and fuck me right now…?” I thought about it for a second and told her to blindfold herself, go over to the patio and bend over the table and stay like that. To add a little spice I told her “Maybe the postman will come around, he might see you like that….” and put down the phone. I took my time to have a shower before I went to the farm house. It must have been half an hour before I got there. Driving up the driveway I could see her standing there, bend over the table, legs spread. I parked my car and walked over to the patio. “Ohw, what do we have here…? Isn’t this a horny slut..?” I looked between her legs and could see a very moist pussy. Slowly I touched her ass and ran my fingers through her crack. She was breathing heavily now… “Look at this beautiful cunt… it’s all wet with excitement… Let’s see….” I pushed two fingers in her cunt and she started grunting.. “OOhhwmmmmmm……. yessssss….. It’s eeuhh….. horny cunt..! ” I took my fingers out and they were covered with her juices. I smeared her juices over her asshole and pushed my thumb into her tight hole. “AAoooohhwwwww…….” she moaned. Again I slid two fingers in her cunt and started to push in and out of her cunt and asshole… “Fuuuuuckkkkkk…….. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….” I did that for a few minutes before I withdrew my fingers. I walked to the other end of the table and put my fingers in her mouth. She sucked them eagerly. I opened up my zipper and got my very hard cock out. I put it against her lips and she opened her mouth. “That’s a good little slut…”, I said and pushed my cock in her mouth. Eagerly she started to suck me like a good cocksucker she was. Slowly I pushed more and more of my big hard cock into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. She couldn’t wait and launched her head forward to get it into her throat. “Just get it nice and wet now… I want it in your asshole today….”, I said. She really started fucking me with her mouth. When I thought it was wet enough I withdrew my cock from her mouth. I big moan escaped her mouth.. “Oohhhwwmmmmm….” I walked up behind her and pushed my cock head against her asshole. With her hands she pulled her buttocks wide, so I could easily fuck her asshole. I started to push my cock in and she moaned loud, “OOhhw…… yessss…. fuck my ass…..” Inch by inch I pushed my whole cock in. “Yesss….. fuck your slut in her ass….. she deserves it…” The feeling of her tight asshole was fantastic!.. Looking down at this sex starving little slut was almost too much… I started to fuck her asshole like a madman. Within no time I could feel my balls twitch, I had to dump my load into her bowls… I fierce fully started to fuck her ass. When I came, I pushed my cock in with all the power I had. Load after load I shot into her tight ass. My knees started trembling… Fuck, this was one of the best orgasms I ever had…. I was that exited it stayed pretty hard. Slowly I withdrew it from her ass. Her asshole was gaping open, a load of my spunk ran out along her long legs. She slowly raised herself and pulled her blindfold of. Looking at me, she smiled and gave me a big kiss. “I love it, being a slut for you…” I smiled back at her, “Come on, let’s have a sandwich….”We had our lunch at the patio outside, she was completely naked, but it did not bother her at all. I asked her how she was feeling. “I feel wonderful, I’m so happy I met you. You can make me feel so horny, always get me exited…” I asked her if she wanted more of it…. “I don’t know….. maybe I do, but I don’t know how far I can go with this. I’m still afraid people get to know who I am…” I looked her in the yes.., “Who are you… what are you…..?” She put her arms around my neck and whispered, “I’m a slut… I’m a whore who is always horny….. Come to my bedroom and I’ll show you….” Now, this is a perfect slut, I thought by myself, I have to see how far I can push her… Once we were in their bedroom, she immediately jumped on the bed and spread her legs..”Come…. just fuck this little whore of you….. ” I had another idea and sat down on the bed. Tonight you have to give your best performance ever….” She looked strange at me.. “What do you mean..?” I told her I would put the camera on a porn site as live video.. Her mouth dropped open in disbelieve… “No I will not do that… Everybody can see me!” I told her give her husband a little show, just like she did last night.. “Put on a mask, nobody will recognize you that way… I will focus only on you and try to keep your husband out of sight… I will tweak it a little bit, so nothing will be recognized…”I looked at her, she clearly was in a state of arousal, but did not agree yet… I had to push her a little harder… “You can cum as much as you want…. You will act as a true whore… I know you want it..! Trust me, nobody will know it’s you..” Finally she agreed to do it. “But first I want to fill up your horny cunt.. You will fuck your husband filled with my cum.. “That evening I was waiting for the show to begin, when they finally entered the bedroom, I send the link to her sister with the text ‘Recognize her…?’ together with the login of the account. I had not told the blonde it would be a private show…. She still thinks it would be a public show… I had a perfect view on the both of them. She asked her husband if he wanted to fuck ‘another whore’ tonight…. “Sure…. I love it when you act like that..” She went to the closet and got a black mask out and put it on… “See…. I’m another whore now…..” and she jumped on the bed. I think she was as horny as hell, because she started immediately sucking her husband.. “Do you want a deep throat..?”, she asked her husband. “Show me what a good whore you are…”, he answered. She surprised me when she said, “A whore needs to be paid… this will cost you another 50….” He was totally in the game and answered, “How much for your pussy? or…. your ass..?” She did not think for a second.. “The whole treatment will cost you 250…”On the website I could see there was one viewer… This must be her sister, looking at her. I think she will enjoy it..The next thing even surprised me more…. The slut had straddled her husband, his cock in her mouth, and she lowered her cunt onto his face…She was feeding him her cunt were I put in a big load a few hours ago… At least… what was left of it..At the same time she pushed her head down until her nose touched his balls… He couldn’t make a sound.. she was smothering him with her cunt.. A moment later she lifted her head.., “Eat my cunt out, let me cum…!” and she really rode his face. A moment later she had her first orgasm… Shouting out loud.. “OOOhhwww…… Yesssssss….. Cummmmming………. “I could see her whole body shaking. She dropped back and pushed his cock back in her throat.Wow! this was a performance… I had never seen such a horny act. Her sister must of thought the same, because I could see she was still on-line. In the meantime the slut had taken another position.. She was on her knees and elbows, sticking her ass in the air. “Come on…. you want to fuck a whore in the ass…. This is your chance….” Her husband grabbed a bottle from the nightstand and pored some on her ass. He grabbed her by the hips and slowly pushed his cock in her ass. “Oohw… yess, you little whore… I will rip your ass!” and started fucking her. I could see she was rubbing her clit fanatically.. She came in no time….. “YESsssss…… I’m coming..!!!! Ahhhhhhhh……. Use meeee!!!!!” I think she orgasmed constantly… “Mmmmmm….. Ohhhh…. get … the eeuhhhhh…. didldo… use my cunt…” Her husband reached for the night stand and got a dildo out. “Push it in my cunt…..!” She ordered him. He withdrew for a moment and jammed the dido in her cunt and started fucking her again in the ass. “OOOOOOOOoooooowwwwwhhh…….. Yessssss…… I wish it was another cock……. MMmmmmmOOhhhhhhhh…..” These words got him over the edge and started coming in her ass… A moment later he collapsed on her back. “Fucking hell….. What has come into you….?”, he asked. “You are amazing….”I closed the recording on the website and sat back. Thinking how this would end…Well….. I knew the next morning…..I got a message on the phone from the redhead… ‘I need to speak to you…!’ I told my wife I was going for some shopping and jumped in my car, on my way to the redhead. The door opened before I could ring the doorbell. The redhead walked back to the kitchen, I followed her. Her body language said everything… she was mad.. She began, “What the hell was that last evening..? Are you mad, displaying my sister like that..?” I just looked at her.., “It was all with her knowledge… You know she likes to be watched. It turns her on. The only thing she doesn’t know is that the only one who watched her show is you…..” I smile came on her face.. “Really…..?”, she started laughing out loud… “I will not tell her, leave her thinking the whole world has seen her….” She walked up to me and put her arms around my neck. “I really thought you showed her to everybody and sell her for some niğde escort bayan pervert’s fun…” I looked her closely in the eyes, “The only one in here who sold herself is you….. ” She looked down and spoke softly..”I know…. I thought it would be exiting, but it was no fun at all….. I want you… You can satisfy me…”Seeing her like that made my cock twitch in my pants.. I reached with both hands for her nipples.. I could feel both piercings, I pinched her nipples and twisted them… “OOOhhwwww……… Mmmmmmmmm……. keep on doing that… ” I reached for her golden chain around her neck and un clipped it. “Lift your shirt for me….” She did it without saying anything, showing me her beautiful breasts. I clipped one end to one piercing and ran the chain around her neck. I lifted her other breast and clipped the chain to her other nipple… “This looks much better…. why didn’t you wear it, you knew I was coming..?” She smiled at me, “First I thought I was angry with you… beside that.. It makes me horny as hell…” I stepped back and asked her, “Tell me your fantasies…. and than show me how wet you are…..” She immediately pulled her pants down to show me her bald pierced pussy.. “I will blush if I tell you…. I feel embarrassed… ” I reached for her clit piercing and took it between two fingers and pulled on it… “Tell me, and I let you cum…” I could already smell her scent… She was getting very horny… She started to tell me her fantasy… “I would like to be tied down… blindfolded… not able to move and you’ll make me cum…” I laughed at her… “That’s too easy… you already experienced that.. What if I tie you down on hands and knees and let a big dog cock stretch you to the limits…? I mean… be a bitch for a dog….” I watched her closely when I said that and could see fear in her eyes… “No way I could do that… fucking a dog… ” I slid a finger across her cunt and could feel she was soaking wet.. I gave a little jerk on her clit piercing.. “You can and will do it, your sister can….” Her eyes opened wide, “OMG, are you telling me, my sister fucked a dog…?” I took my phone out of my pocket and called her sister. ” Hi, it’s me… Did you enjoy yourself last evening…..? By the way… I’m at your sister’s house.. She has a little problem here…. Can you come over here? Ohw yes, can you bring your dog with you……?” and hung up. “Your sister will be here in no time… why don’t you get undressed now?”She undressed herself slowly until she was completely naked and just stood there, waiting… I searched the house and found a perfect low table and took it to the kitchen. I placed it in the middle of the kitchen and ordered her to lay down on it, on her stomach. “Wait just like that, I got to get some things from the car..” She looked very nervous… When I got back in the kitchen, she was still in the same position. I tied her wrists to her knees, that way she couldn’t move… “Now.. all we have to do is wait…. “, I said smiling. I could hear a car park on the yard, and opened the door. The blonde slut came in a few minutes later, followed by her dog. I kissed her hello and asked how she was doing.. “I feel fantastic after last night… I think I came multiple times… ” I took a deep breath and said, “Your sister has a little problem here…. I think she needs some ‘stretching…’ and laughed out loud. In the meantime the dog already found his victim, and was already licking the redhead’s cunt… “Oohwwmmmmmm……… Mmmmmmmm………”, she squirmed… I looked at her and saw her face in extacy. Her mouth was opened and she was moaning… “Let’s get her stretched….. why don’t you help your sister…?” I asked the blonde. The blonde kneeled next to her sister and grabbed to dog’s cock…”Come on boy, get on up here…. You need to breed the little cunt..” and guided the dogs prick to the entrance of her sister’s pussy. She rubbed the cock along her dripping snatch to get it a bit lubricated. Next, she pushed the head into the entrance of her cunt… The redhead screamed…, “NOOOooooooooo…… It’s tooooooo bigggg….!!!!!” The blonde did not care about her sister and pushed the cock a little further…. The redhead was screaming her lungs out… “NNOOOOOOOOOOooooooo…….. I don’t want it….!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………” The dog took over and started to jam his cock into the redhead. I looked at the blonde and said, “Why don’t you shut her up..?”The blonde Stood up and walked to the front of her sister and lifted her dress and pushed her cunt to her face. She got hold of the redhead’s head and really pushed her face into her cunt. The redhead could only produce some smothered sounds… “MMMMMMgggggrrrrrrr……….” The dog had a hard time pushing his cock into the redhead.. I could hear the redhead scream…. the sound was muffled with her sister’s pussy…. Inch by inch the dog got his big cock into the redhead and started to fuck her fiercefully, stretching the redhead to the limits… This was almost too good to miss and I grabbed my phone to record it. The dog really start to pound on his new bitch. The blonde slut too a step back to have a look at her sister. The redhead was crying in pain, or pleasure?”AAahhhhhOOOhhhhhhwwwwwwwwww………. Grrrrrrrlllllllllll…………AHHHHhhhhhh…………” I had a good look at the redhead’s cunt, it was stretched to the limits by this gigantic dog cock. Still recording, I walked to the front of the redhead and recorded her face.. She was really screaming, tears rolling down her cheeks. I could not withstand that open mouth…. The blonde saw it and unzipped my pants and got my hard cock out… “Why don’t you shut her up….?” I pushed my cock in the redhead’s open mouth…. “AAAHHHhhGGGGRRRRRRLLLLLLLLllllllllllll…………………” and started fucking the bitch’s mouth… “See… that’s better…..”, the blond said. She kneeled next to her sister and started rubbing her clit. The redhead immediately climaxed.. “GGrrRRRRrrrlllmmmmmmm………..” Her body convulsed… I pulled my cock out of her mouth, so she could breath a bit… She was too far gone to notice any difference. She only responded on the poundig of the dog… “UUgghhhh….. UUUgghhhhh…. UHHggghhh…… ” I think she was orgasming continuously…… The dog started whining, a sign he is coming…. I could see the dog jerking…. He was shooting his load into the redhead’s poor cunt. The dog jumped off the back of the redhead. I don’t think he could of got his knot in this tight cunt…… “Okay….. One more time…….”, the blonde said, and stepped behind her sister and jammed two, three fingers in her cunt.. The spunk from the dog gushing out.. “This is one hell of a lubricated pussy….”, the blond said, and started to work her other fingers in that cunt.. The redhead could only say, “Aaaooooohhhhhhhh……..” I grabbed the redhead’s hair and pulled her head up. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Do you want this……?” She could only nod her head… And I jammed my cock in her mouth and throat. The view I had was magnificent… The redhead impaled by my cock and the hand of her sister in her snatch… Her sister pumped her hand in and out of the poor cunt. With her other hand she was working on her clit. She jerked a few times on her sister’s clit piercing… “AAAGGGGGGHHHHHRRRLLlllllll………….” This caused another violent orgasm… I could feel her choking on my cock… This took me over the edge and I came…. Spurt after spurt I shot my load straight into her stomach…. I withdrew my cock quickly.. The redhead was gasping for air. Her sister pulled her hand out and showed it to me.. It was covered in slime and dog spunk.. With a devilish smile she said, “I think she is ruined forever now….. I don’t think her husband can give her that……” She stepped to her sisters face and offered her her hand.. She pushed a few fingers in her sisters mouth, which started to suck on them. “Good girl…. clean your own mess now….” When her hand was clean enough, she looked up to me and said, “You think you have enough for me……? She laid down on the kitchen floor and opened her legs. “Come…. fuck me now.. My sister can have a good look this way…..” Al tough I just had a great orgasm, my cock was still rock hard… This can take a while, I thought… but still I kneeled down and started fucking the blonde. “OOOhhhwwww yesssssss……. fuck me…. give me your spunk….. I will feed it to my sister….” Fucking hell, what a horny bitch was this !! The thought of that made me hornier than ever and caused me to fill her up in no time… I was really spent…I got up and untied her sister. “Come on down here sis…. Eat my pussy and make me cum…. ” The redhead crawled between her sisters leg and started to eat her pussy out. The blond grabbed her sisters head and just used her face to have her orgasm… She managed to ask me, “Can I come on her face….?” I just nodded my head and she started to orgasm… “AAAAhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……… Yesssssss…… cummmmmmmmiiiingggg….!!!!!!!” They were still laying on the kitchen floor when I walked to the fridge to get some drinks. “Come on girls…. time for a refreshment !” and pored some glasses. The slowly got up, the redhead could hardly walk…. I laughed and said, “See, that was a good fuck, wasn’t it..?” The redhead smiled at me, “Wow……. I never of thought doing this… but it was sooo horny… I think I orgasmed a dozen times……..” She kissed her sister on the lips and said, “Thank you….” and continued saying, “How the hell will I go on now..? My husband could never satisfy me like this…… I want more than straight up and down sex.”The blond answered her, “Come to us…. We will give you what you need…. Or maybe we can sell you to someone for some kinky sex…..” The redhead flushed beat red… “NO! I could never do that….. Maybe a weirdo will hurt me… I could never trust someone else….” Her blonde sister looked at her, “Don’t worry.. We will take care of you and your.. eeuhh… needs…” and kissed her full on the lips. They put their arms around each other and really started kissing. The blonde stopped for a second and looked at me, “I’m still feeling horny… Can you finger me and make me cum, while I kiss her…?”They where sitting on two chairs next to each other, I walked up to the blond. She started kissing her sister again and opened her legs for me. I reached between her legs and pushed two fingers in her cunt with ease… It was soaking wet..I teased her by flicking her clit piercing and rubbing her clit. “MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm………….” was all the sound she could produce… Still kissing her sister I worked on her wet cunt. She was that horny, within minutes she was on the brink of an orgasm.. I got her big clit between two fingers and started ‘wanking’ it, like a small dick.. She came uncontrollably, I could see her belly contracting. They kept on kissing each other for another minute or so. Then they hugged me and kissed me. “Thanks for being with us….” I turned myself to the redhead and reached for her clit piercing and gave it a little pull. “AAaahmmmmmm…… my pussy hurts…..” I gave it another tug.. “Your what….?” Her face looked like she was in pain.. “Eeeuuhhh…. my horny eeuhh… cunt hurts…” “That’s a lot better.. First…. we’ll have to clean up, you need a shower to get that filthy cunt cleaned up again… I want to fill up that cunt before your husband arrives, but I don’t want it with that filthy dog spunk…” She was really ashamed and did not dare to look me in the eyes… Her cunt betrayed her… juices were dripping along her legs.. “Come on.., let’s get a shower first..”The shower was really refreshing and after the shower we had a drink on the patio, The girls did not bother to put their clothes back on. They both looked gorgeous, you could tell they were sisters. I was amazed how these two lovely women got addicted to sex… They both loved it, as long as I didn’t push them too far.. But we’ll see how far I could get them…The redhead was still wearing her special chain, that lifted her breasts.. I asked her if she wore it with her husband.. “Nooo, he would not understand it…. He is a bit old fashioned. I would love to wear it all the time, it makes me feel so fucking horny….” and she laughed. I told her she looks lovely when she laughs.. She came up to me and got on her knees between my legs. “Let’s see if I can get it hard again…” She started to lick my dick from the head to the base. She pushed my legs open and pushed her tongue in my ass… “Wow… fuck… this feels terrific…” My dick responded immediately… The blonde walked up to me and started kissing me. This was too much for any man to withstand, and in no time my dick was rock hard again.. The redhead took my whole length in her mouth to make it nice and slippery, she came up and straddled me. “It’s time to fill up my p… cunt..” she said, and lowered herself on my dick. It was not as tight as usual, but still… “OOhww… fuck… it’s still sore…. but who fucking cares…..”, she said laughing. The blonde kissed us alternately, her tongue exploring my mouth, and than her sisters mouth. This was so erotic… The redhead was working with her cunt to get my load.. “Give me your spunk… I want it in me…..” She grabbed her own clit piercing and started jerking on it.. “OOOhwwww…. fuck…. I’m going to cum in a minute…”, she squealed.. “Can I..? Pleeeasseeee…?” “You can cum….” When I said that, she came… Her cunt was milking my dick.. This was more than I could take and shot my load deep in her womb… Her head resting on my shoulder, she said, “I will fuck my husband when he comes home, with your load in me…. That is so fucking nasty…, horny…….” I finished my drink, “We better get dressed, before your husband arrives….” We went inside and got dressed. I gave the girls a last kiss and jumped in my car to go home. This was a good start of the day…. I went for some shopping first, when I got home half an hour later I looked on my phone and saw a message from the redhead… She had sent a few pictures… When I opened them I couldn’t believe my eyes… She took some pictures of herself fucking her husband like a cowgirl… What a horny little bitch… That didn’t take her long to get her husband in her bed…. I forwarded the pictures to the blonde, within no time I got a message back… ‘She can’t get enough of it…’ Another message..’Like me…. when are you coming..?’ OMG….. how to manage such hot bitches… maybe it’s time again to take a blue pill…. I would have to think of something to keep them satisfied….. I messages her back, ‘Give me a break…. I’ll be around later..’It was a warm afternoon and I planned to go for a drink somewhere I went to this nice little bar at the seaside, not too far away from where I live.There where about a dozen people, enjoying the sun. I got myself a nice beer I message the blonde the address with a picture of myself. Within 10 minutes I could see her car arriving. When she got out, she looked amazing. She wore a white cotton dress with nice black pumps. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss. “That didn’t take you long to get here…?” and I pulled up a chair for her. When she sat down, I couldn’t see any outline of any underwear….”You really look stunning in that dress ! Wat are you drinking?” She ordered a cocktail and sat back relaxed in her chair, enjoying the sun.She pulled her dress up a little to get some sun on her legs.”Why don’t you open up your legs a bit…?”, I asked her. She lifted her sunglasses to look at me.., “What… here..?” I could see she flushed a little. “Yes here… give the people a peek under your dress, I noticed you don’t wear any panties…. ” She put her sunglasses back on and opened her legs a bit and sat back. We spoke softly, so other people couldn’t hear us. “You like it when you’re on display…. so open up your legs a little bit more….” She hesitated for a moment, but she opened .her legs a bit more. “I have to go to the ladies first, why don’t you order an other drink for me..?” When she got up and walked inside I had a perfect view on her ass, wiggling her ass she looked really stunning. I noticed a guy eyeballing her… While ordering an other pair of drinks, I turned her chair in the direction of that guy… It didn’t take her long before she got back. When she wanted to sit down, she wanted to turn the chair back. “No, leave it like that and sit down… You have an admirer….” I could see her cheeks flush a bit, but she sat down and leaned back in the chair. “See that young guy sitting there..? Show him a little…” I told her. Almost unnoticeable she opened her legs a bit and took a sip of her drink. “Come on…. lift your dress a bit, like you just did…” She acted like she was enjoying the sun. I could see the guy looking down her dress every once in a while. “Open up your legs a bit more… give the guy a good look at your horny pussy…..” She did…. I could see the guy’s eyes almost popping out… He had a bulge in his pants. “I bet this makes you horny… doesn’t it…?” She looked at my direction and said, “Yes… it makes me feel horny.. Why don’t we go somewhere, so you can give me a good fuck..?” I sat back, relaxed.., “No…. not yet… You have to give this guy a good show first….” The waitress passed and I niğde escort ordered her another drink. By now, the alcohol must have relaxed her a bit more, because she moved her hand to the direction of her cunt. She slid her finger along her cunt and pushed her finger in her mouth…. “MMmmmmmmm…… ” By now, the guy openly stared at her.. His eyes were locked on her pussy.. “See that bulge in his pants…. I bet you want to suck that big cock of him…?” She suddenly turned her head my direction.. “Are you mad…? I wouldn’t dare….” She was really flushed by now. I didn’t take any notice of her embarrassment and continued, “I bet a young guy like him would want a nice blow job from a good looking lady like you… You’re dripping wet…, aren’t you…?” She looked very embarrassed now… “Yes.. I’m always horny….for you……. but I couldn’t do such a thing…” I said with a stern voice, “You’d love to have a cock in your mouth right now…. The area around this bar is secluded…. when we stand up, you have to get that guy with us…. ” I called for the waitress and payed our bill. “Come on, let’s go for a walk….” I took her hand and we walked from our table, passing the guy’s table.. softy she bend over to the guy and almost whispered, “Coming….?” and we walked on. I looked back and saw the guy paying his bill and following us.. We walked around the back to a secluded area surrounded with some trees. I turned her around with her back to me. I lifted the back of her dress and drove two fingers in her pussy…She moaned, “OOOhhhwwmmmmmmm………” The guy had walked up to us and was standing there, and just looked at her. “This horny cunt wants to give you a blow job…. Do you want one..?” The guy laughed, “Who wouldn’t want a blow job from a lady like that…?” and unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I pushed to blonde slut in her back and she bend over at the waist. “Open up your mouth and release this young lad from his load…” She opened her mouth… The guy stepped forward and offered his dick. I kept on fingering her pussy, “OOohhhwmmmmm…….. Euuhhhh…….. mmmmm……” She closed her lips around the cock and started working on it. “See…. the slut likes it… why don’t you pump her mouth..?” The guy grabbed her blond hair and started fucking her mouth. She was spreading her legs a bit more, so I could finger her cunt more easily. I gave her a push…. The guy’s cock entered her throat… “GGGrrrrgghhhhhhhllllll………” was all she could say… The guy’s eyes opened wide, “OMG…. I never felt something like this before…. “OOOHHW….” He really started to pump her throat… ” Every few strokes he took his cock out to give her some air. I could see on the guy’s face he wouldn’t last very long.. “Come on, should your load in this horny bitch…….” The guy pushed his cock all the way in…”OOOOHHHHWWWW… Here it comessss….. ” he almost yelled… I could see his body jerking when he shot his load down her throat, straight into her stomach….” He kept his cock into her mouth for a few seconds before he pulled it out. She was gasping for air…. The guy put his cock back in his pants and zipped up. The only thing he said was “Thanks…” and turned around and walked away. I took my cock out and slipped it in her cunt and started pumping her. With one hand I started to rub her clit.. “AAAhhhwmmmmmm……. I’m… cummmmingggggg………”, she yelled… I could feel her cunt spasming around my dick. This took me over the edge and shot my hot load into her pussy… When I withdrew my cock, she got up and pulled her dress down and turned around. “OMG…. I can’t believe I just did that…. How could you make me do this….?” I did not say anything for a few seconds, “Because you are a horny woman… You can’t control yourself, you came without permission…” She looked down, “I know I’m sorry, it will not happen again..” I smiled at her, “We’ll see about that…” I took her hand and walked to the cars. When she got into her car, I could my sperm running down her legs… “Don’t clean it up… go home and give your husband a good fuck..” I gave her a kiss and closed the door.Driving home I was thinking how to take this a little further….The next few days everything was business as usual, nothing special happened until one day I was driving home and the blonde slut called me.. She told me she was having some difficulties with her husband. Her husband was asking the whole day what she was doing, calling her from his work to check her out.. “I don’t know what to do about it… Maybe he will find out we’re screwing each other….” I was thinking for a minute.., “The only way to take care of that is… let him screw your sister…….” She went quiet on the other side.. “What do you mean….?” I told her to stay calm and not have sex with him for a few days… “He will get hornier and hornier.. Than ask your sister to screw him… That will shut him up…” Then ask him what he was doing with your sister… I laughed out loud. “Your sister doesn’t have a choice in this, she has already sold herself once, so I don’t think she can refuse it.” The blonde told me her sister was coming around that afternoon, she would ask her. “I was planning to cme around this afternoon, maybe I will see you two…”When I got to the farmhouse that afternoon, her sister’s car was parked on the yard. When I went inside, they were drinking coffee. The redhead looked a bit nervous.. I asked her if something was wrong.. “My sister just asked me to screw her husband.. but I don’t like the idea of screwing around…” I slowly walked up to her and grabbed her chin and looked in her eyes, “So, you don’t want to help your sister..? Your sister is always helping you…. Besides that… You already are screwing around.. Remember you sold yourself, not too long ago….” She turned beat red in the face, but didn’t say anything. “What would your husband say when he finds out his wife is a whore…..?” Suddenly she looked vey scared..”You’re not going to tell him, are you..?” I started laughing… “Nooooo….. he will find out.. because you cannot control yourself… you need more than some ordinary sex like you have with your husband… It will be a matter of time, before he’ll find out himself..” I continued.., “I know you… You like to be treated like a whore… you like a bit of humiliation… You need some pain to get off…” She looked down and with a low voice she said, “Yes….. You’re right… I can’t help it anymore…. If I can’t get good sex every now and than, my marriage will not last… “In a way this was very erotic…. The blond looked at it in disbelieve, but did not say a word…. I was still holding the redhead’s chin. With my other hand I opened my zipper and got my already growing cock out… “Open that mouth…. I will use it as I wish….” I pushed my cock in her mouth, “Now suck it as a pro… ” I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her head on my cock, until she gagged.. I pushed a little more until I could feel my cock went into her throat. I started fucking her throat.., “Now listen carefully… You will screw your brother in law… you give him a blow job like this, screw his brains out! Let your cunt be used be him. Understand..?” She could only say a “HHMMmm.. HHMmm… ” I looked at the blonde, “She will screw your husband, let him think he is betraying you….”The blonde just smiled at me… “I will give him a hard time…” In the meantime the redhead was giving me a good deep throating.. I didn’t even have to hold her head… she was doing it herself.. Just to humiliate her, I didn’t want it to last long… Just use her mouth and finish.. Within a few minutes I shot my load into her stomach… When I was finished I pulled my cock out her mouth and told her to clean it. She obeyed without any protest. When she was finished licking it clean, I put it back in my pants and zipped up. “Remember to give him the fuck of his life…. I don’t know how you two want to set it up… but just get it over with…”Driving home I was wondering how these two would manage it..A few days later I got a message from the blonde ‘I told my husband I was going shopping the whole day, my sister is dropping by….’ It didn’t take them long to set this up… I hope the redhead could get him to fuck her.. I send the blond a message, ‘Be sure to buy some slutty clothes… I have some plans with you…’ She did not return the message…The next day I went to the farm, I thought nobody was around, but found her husband working in the stables. After a polite hello I started to clean out the stables and attend the horses. From the corner of my eye I could see the blond entering the stables. She asked her husband, “I see my sis left me something, was she around yesterday..?” Her husband looked up, “Ohw yes, she brought eeuuhh.. something for you.” I could see he did not look up to his wife.. “Did she stay long..?” Her husband began stuttering..”EEuuh…. not eehh… really… Maybe.. eeuhh… ten minutes…” He is not a great liar, I thought to myself. The blonde was leaving the stables, “Okay… I will give her a call, ask how she is doing..” and she left to the house. Ten minutes later she came back. “I spoke to my sister and she told me she was here for about an hour, waiting for me…. Why did you lie about that..?” Her husband turned a bit red… “Ohw well eehh… I gave her a cup of eeuhh… coffee… Forgot eeuuh… the time…” The blonde looked at him, “Why are you so flushed..? I hope you don’t have any other “business” with my sister…?” I could see her husband was having a hard time… “Noo… what eeuhh… do you think of me…?” The blonde raised her voice a little, “Well….. I don’t know…. you are acting a little strange lately… Always calling me from work… Asking what I am doing….”I thought it was best for me to leave… so I excused myself and jumped in the car and drove home. I laughed in myself.. what a fucking bitch… she was giving her husband a real hard time… I had to find out if her sister was successful screwing him… If he did screw her, I don’t think he would ask his wife anymore questions…. Well…. I might take a detour home and see if the redhead is at home… She was.. I could only see her car near the house. She opened immediately, and kissed me on the mouth. “I came to hear your story… Tell me… did you fuck your brother in law?” She looked at me, “Of course I did… or don’t you believe me…?” I told her I did not need proof and I believed every word she said. “Tell me how you did it..” She told me she just said to him she was incredibly horny and she always fancied him. In no time he got in her panties. “I am a naughty bitch now… I should be punished… ” I grabbed her around the waist and took her to the kitchen and I sat down on a chair. “Come here over my lap.., you need a good spanking..” She immediately bend over my legs and I lifted her dress… She was not wearing any panties and I smacked her on the buttocks.. “OOhhhmmmmmmm……….”, she squirmed. I smacked her a few more times, her buttocks were getting pink now. “Oohhmmmmmmmm……… mmmmmmmm……” She was grinding her pussy over my leg. I hit her a little bit harder… She started panting.., “AAhhhhhmmmmmm…….. fuuuuucccckkkkk…….. If you go on…. I will cummmmmmmm……” I stopped and told her to stand up. I lowered my pants on my knees and sat back in the chair. “Undress yourself and get your pussy over my cock..” Her dress was gone in no time and she straddled me. She guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself. When my cock head was between her lips, I hit her hard on her left breast.. “Aaahhhhhhhhh………….” I grabbed both nipple piercings and pulled them down… As usual her pussy was very thight, but she impaled herself in one movement on my cock… “AAAAAHHHHHHHHwwww…….. OOOHHHHH…… FUUUCCCCCKKKKK…….” I let go of her nipples and reached with one hand behind her back. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards. She had to go backwards, her tits pushing to the ceiling.. I started to hit her tits with my other hand. Smacking them one after the other.. “Ahhhhhh……. Ahhhhhhhhh…… OOhwww… Fuuuccckkkkkk…… I’mmmm…. gonna cummmm………..” Without even touching her clit, she was coming….. Her orgasm ripped through her body. I could feel her cunt contracting on my cock. Fuck, this is one hot bitch!When she calmed down a bit I pinched a nipple.., “Come on.. fuck that cock like a pro… Let me see you’re a real whore” She stood up and my cock slapped against my belly. She turned around and bend over, showing me her wet cunt. She spread her legs and grabbed my cock, guided it to her cunt and pushed herself on my cock. she grabbed her both buttocks and pulled them apart, showing me her asshole.. I could not resist myself.. I dropped some spit on her ass and pushed a finger to thr first knuckle in her ass. “Ooohhww….. yesssss…… mmmmmmmm…….” I pushed more and more of my finger in. She moaned out loud and started fucking herself on my hard cock, I finger fucked her ass in the same rhythm..With my other hand I slapped her ass.. “AAHHHHhhhhhhhhhh……. OMG…. YEsssssss………. hit me…….AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh……… ” I slapped her ass real hard on could see it turning red. This was too much for her and she started orgasming… She almost collapsed and had to hold herself on the table. I pulled my finger out of her ass… “Ohhhwmmmmmm…….. ” Her knees started to tremble and she came down, my cock went up to the base in her tight cunt.. “OOOhhw… Fuuuckkkkk….” I reached for her tits and took the nipple piercings between my fingers and pulled them down… “AAAAAAAHHHhhhhhh……… fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk….. commmmiiingggg……….” Again I could feel her cunt contracting around my dick….. “Now…. you start fucking me !” She was still orgasming when she started pumping my cock… I held her nipple piercings tight in my fingers, so everytime she went up, her nipples were pulled… Her hips were rotating, pushing and pulling on my big rod. I think she went into a kind of orgasmic state…. She was panting, moaning and her breating was irregular… “Oh..OOOOHHHwwwww…. Ahhh……” Her legs were trembling, but she kept on fucking me….I let go of her nipples and grabbed her hips, lifted her up and pulled her of my cock… “OOhhhh…. Noooooo…..”, she whimpered… My cock was covered in a thick layer of juices… I guided her a bit, so my dick was aiming at her asshole… Then I pushed her down a bit… My head pushing against her but hole… “Ohhhhhhh……. ” I pushed her further down, my cock went in another inch….”AAAaaaOooooohhhw…………..” I grabbed her nipple piercings again and pulled her down… “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOhhhmmm… Fuuuuckkkkk……. Agaiiinnnnnnnnn………” She was coming again… I kept on pulling on her nipples.. Inch by inch my cock disappeared in her tight asshole…. She couldn’t hold her weight anymore, her legs gave away… She was sitting on my cock with all her weight.. Another few inches to go… I got hold on the back of her knees and pulled her legs towards her breasts.. Her whole weight was now on my cock… By now she was only murmuring.. “Ahhhhmmmmmm…. Grrmmmmmm……” Inch by inch I moved her down, until my cock was completely in her tight hole… I started lifting her up and down a bit, the feeling I got was fantastic…. Every time I impaled her on my steel hard cock she moaned.., “Fuck….. fuck…. fuck…” I lifted her almost the whole way up, untill only my cock head was in, then I dropped her.. “AAAOOOhhhwww………” Again and again I repeated this.. The whole length of my cock I slid in and out of her asshole.. Soon I felt I was close to my own orgasm and started slamming her on my cock. My balls contracted and my spunk erupted in her bowls…. She must of felt it, because she was crying.. “Commmmmmingggggg……. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………….” She collapsed totally… Still I was shooting load after load in her ass…. Finally I dropped her, luckily she could hold herself by the table, otherwise she he dropped on the floor… She just stayed like this, totally spent… I don’t think she had the strength to get of my cock.. After about a minute or ten she came back to life… “OMG…..!!! What a fuck…..” Slowly she got of my cock, my cum just gushed out of her ass, running down her legs. She was standing next to the table, holding it, and looked back at me.., “How I needed a fuck like this…… ” I got up from the chair and pulled my trousers back up. “You’ve done a good job… Yesterday you fucked your brother in law, today you were a good little horny whore… I’m proud of you…” She just smiled and said, “I can’t wait for the next time..” I walked up behind her and turned her around and started kissing her. “Maybe next time I will get all your holes filled….” She looked puzzled.., “What do you mean…? I hope… you don’t mean…eeuhh…. at the same time…?” She flushed beat red.., “I couldn’t do that….. What if anybody would find out…?” Then it hit me… She wasn’t saying no, the only thing she was worried about was her reputation….. “I will get you somewhere nobody knows you, don’t worry…. I’ll organize something for you….” She just started kissing me again. I broke off the kiss and told her I had to get home. “I wish you would stay… I mean… I wish you were my man.. I would be the luckiest, horniest housewife….I’d fuck you whole day long….” I walked to the door and said, “You ARE the horniest housewife I have ever met, but your husband doesn’t know…. yet….”

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