Shoplifter Punished

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Shoplifter PunishedI don’t know why I did it, but I was starving, I was on my home from college when I went into the newsagents to get a bar of chocolate or something, once I got in there I realised I didn’t have enough money in my purse to pay for anything. I noticed that the asian shopkeeper was busy re-stocking, so I picked up a bar of chocolate and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans.I looked up again and he was still busy, I then walked towards the door and went outside. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, oh shit! it was the shopkeeper. He lead me back inside. “turn out your pockets” he said in an angry tone. I was so frightened, I had never done anything like this before.I thought honesty would be the best policy and took out the chocolate bar.’I call the police” he said, I pleaded with him not too.He looked me up and down, “I punish you yes?” he asked me I nervously agreed, to what I did not know.The shopkeeper, locked up the shop and lead me through to the storeroom, ‘what else have you stolen” he asked me, and told me to hand him my jacket, which he looked through the kastamonu escort pockets’now your jeans” he said, pointing at them. Shyly I took them down and removing my shoe’s so I could take them off and hand them to him. He again checked the pockets but found nothing, he looked at me in only my t-shirt bra and knickers.”I punish you” he said again.”Take off your t-shirt” again I was so scared and did what he asked. He smiled at me, as he had a good look at my 17 year old body.”Take off your bra” he said. again I did as he said and bared my breasts to him, he smirked and took hold of one of my nipples and twisted it till it started to hurt, he then did the same to the other, both my nipples were now erect in front off him.He pointed at my knickers, I knew what I had to do. I shyly pulled them down, exposing my hairless pussy to him, as I had only shaved myself the previous evening.His eyes lit up, he moved forward an touched my pussy, probing a finger down the crease of my slit. ‘I spank you” he said and told me to bend over the desk in the middle of the room. I made myself escort kastamonu as comfortable as I could, keeping my legs together as to hide my modesty.I then gave out a yelp as his hand came down hard on my bare bottom, and again soon after. This guy was some kind of sadist I was sure.I pleaded with him not to spank me again and that I would do anything.His eyes lit up again. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed me to the floor.As I looked up I noticed he had removed his trousers and underpants and I could see her erection bobbing up in front of me.”Suck it” he pointed at his cock and pulled the foreskin right back, exposing his swollen glands.I looked up at him, hoping he would take pity on me, But he looked angry as I hesitated. I moved closer and though I should just get on with it. I closed moy mouth around his foul tasting penis, he kept pushing it in my mouth making me gag every now and again. I started to think that if I could get him to cum quickly my ordeal would soon be over.I sucked as hard as I could and licked my tongue up and down his shaft hoping that kastamonu escort bayan this would do the trick. I even started to fondle his tight balls to get him to cum. But he seemed to have a lot of staying power and was getting the blowjob of his life.He then pulled his cock from my mouth and grabbed me by my hair again and bent me over the desk for a second time. He kicked my legs apart and pushed a couple of fingers up my pussy and probed his thumb against my anus.He also spat on my ass to lube me up.he then pushed his cock up my cunt and started to fuck me whilst pulling at my hair and calling me a dirty slut. After a good five minutes of screwing me in my pussy, he pulled out and this time pressed his cock against my virgin anus.He pressed hard and eventually I ass opened up for him and heslowly thrust after thrust eased his cock up my arsehole until I could feel his balls slapping against my wet pussy lips.I was hurting my asshole was stretched to its limits as he buggered me.Suddenly I felt a burning deep within me as he shot his spunk deep inside my rectum. He stayed buried deep inside me as his cock went limp.He pulled out of my sore arsehole and to add insult to injury he made me lick his cock and balls clean of his spunk, tasting my own ass in the process.He gave me my clothes back and told me next time I would not be so lucky?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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