SSBBW Encouter – Part 7 – the plan executed

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SSBBW Encouter – Part 7 – the plan executedPart 7, the plan executedI took her hand and led her up the stairs and indicated for Tom to follow. I could sense her nervousness as we slipped into the bedroom, her eyes were cast down, and she was moving hesitantly as she kicked off her shoes. I pulled her into my body, kissing her face, then I whispered in her ear, “this is all about you, sweetie. Tonight you will have pleasure like you’ve never known,” I could feel a faint shiver run through her with my words. I kept up the steady banter into her ear, but looked over her shoulder to catch Tom’s eyes and motion him to us. As I covered her face with kisses, Tom moved up from behind and pressed against her. I felt her stiffen, but he as he began to kiss the back of her neck down her spine, I could feel her relax ever so slightly. He reached around her and started to fondle her colossal breasts, squeezing them in against her chest, massaging them. I felt her breath on my face as it quickened and I continued to kiss her face, trailing down to her chest until Tom was feeding her magnificent tits into my mouth, just as I had previously done for him when we were on the sofa. She rolled her head back into Tom’s chest as he lightly bit at her ear, whispering to her about how hot she was, how sexy she was, how he wanted to make her cum over and over. Her eyes were closed as I continued to suckle hungrily at her nipples. Tom moved his hands across her abundant flesh, rubbing her soft belly, and then slowly unfastening her pants. He tugged at her her tight jeans, fighting to pull them over her hefty hips. As he did, she started to say something in protest, but I quickly moved up from her tits to suck the words right out of her mouth. Nothing came out but a muffled mmmph sound as Tom pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles, then carefully lifted one foot then the other to free her of the last vestige of her clothing. Her enormous ass spread before his face. She stood there between us, totally naked, Her soft skin was so pale and the bulk of her flesh billowed between us like an enormous body pillow. I felt my cock start to grow. Tom stepped back briefly to admire the voluptuous form before him. I could see that he was becoming aroused, too. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head as he, too, kicked off his shoes and socks. He stepped forward once again. This time, I definitely felt her shiver as his flesh met hers and he continued nibbling on her neck and spine again. I know that she had to be aware of the bulge in his pants, no pressing into her behind. I took both of her hands and pushed her back towards Tom and the waiting bed. Tom stepped aside as she sat on the edge of the bed. As I let go of her hands, Tom was on his knees and in between her immense thighs in a flash. His face nuzzled his way to her fat snatch as he pushed his face in from side to side, digging his way through her flesh to his reward. Her thighs opened and her sex perfume filled the air. Tom gave a groan as he took a deep breath and dove into the depths of her fleshy fat cunt. She was dripping wet and slick. She leaned back onto the bed and pulled her feet up to the edge of the bed, opening her hulking, quivering thighs as wide as she could. With his hands, Tom pushed the heft of her belly up and dove deeper into her cunt, licking and sucking. I leaned against the wall and took in the sight in front of me. My hot BBW, spread before my friend, getting the pussy licking of a lifetime. Without thinking, my hand rubbed along the shaft of my hardening cock through the cloth of my pants. The scene was just so fucking hot as she thrashed her arms on the bed while her pussy was sucked and licked. I could hear her building rapidly to a climax as Tom never stopped his relentless attack on her pussy. Tom would only pause for a breath before diving in again, his entire face engulfed in her colossal pussy. Her cries became louder and louder with every lash of his tongue until at last, she came with a wail that rattled the windows. Tom did not let up, but instead, drove his fingers deep into her hatay escort tight hole and pushed her orgasm higher and higher as he sucked at her pussy and furiously finger fucked her BBW twat. She was screaming with every wave of ecstasy that shuddered her huge body and sent cascades of cum into his mouth. She was dangerously close to hyperventilating and she was backing away from his mouth to try to ease the assault on her cunt. As she moved her ass onto the bed, Tom jumped onto the bed, stood over her, and dropped his pants, kicking them to the side. His rock hard shaft sprang from his pants. Her eyes widened as she gasped for breath, wildly looking at his cock, then looking around for me. Tom placed his feet on either side of her face and stooped to feed his cock into her gaping mouth. I moved around the to the head of the bed for a look from a different angle. Tom’s cock was not as long as mine, but extremely thick. He plunged it into her mouth and down her throat, holding it there for just a little bit, until her body convulsed with gagging, then he withdrew it. She didn’t have a chance to draw a breath when he plunged his thick cock into her mouth again. Her eyes were watering now, and she looked a bit panicked. I moved to her head and reached out to softly stroke her hair. She looked so hot, her throat filled with his fat cock, looking at me through teary eyes as he fucked her mouth as savagely as he had licked her cunt. I looked up at Tom, his eyes glazed over with sheer pleasure, and I said, “I want you to fuck her, fuck her pussy like you are fucking her mouth.” Tom stood up and moved to a position between her gargantuan thighs. He lifted her feet and pushed them up into the air towards her head. I grabbed her feet, holding there while he took aim, but motioned for him to hold up for a minute. By now she had caught her breath and was squirming under my gaze. “Do you want him to fuck you?” I asked. She bit her lip, but nodded yes. “You want him to fuck you with his big thick cock?” She nodded again. “Well, ask him,” I demanded. She didn’t hesitate as she did before but said, “Fuck me, fuck my pussy with your big cock.” As she spoke, her eyes drifted down and I shook her legs, “Look at me. Open your eyes and don’t take them off mine.” I gave Tom the go-ahead and locked her gaze in mine. As I looked into her eyes, holding her legs for another man to fuck her, she had never looked sexier. Tom slowly started working his cock up and down her fat pussy, pushing it through the cushioning into the wet hole that he had made. He rubbed the head up and down her slit until his thick prick was slick with her cum. Slowly placing the head of his cock at the entrance to her hole, he began to enter her with very small thrusts, just the head, in and out. She cried out in anguish, but her eyes never left mine. I saw her pupils dilate as she became more and more aroused. Tom was now fucking her slowly and rhythmically with just the head of his cock, pushing it in, then pulling all the way out. The sucking sounds of her sloppy pussy sounded so wonderful. My cock began to strain at my pants. Her cries turned to little whimpers as he teased her with the head of his cock. He withdrew, then paused for a bit, then very slowly started pushing his cock into her pussy, past the head, deeper and deeper, slowly stretching her wider and wider until she was impaled on the full length of his shaft. She squealed with delight at the feel of his cock splitting her pussy in two then he began to withdraw it as slowly as he had penetrated her. The next plunge was slightly faster and then faster again until he was fucking her with a steady slapping rythym, his hands braced against her upraised fat thighs. She was cooing with pleasure as his hips pulsed in and out, in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were glazing over, but she held her gaze on mine. Tom moved up onto her round belly for a different angle. His hands were now pressing her legs up onto his shoulders, compressing her fat body into rolls, undulating with every thrust of his cock into her pussy. I let go of her legs, hatay escort bayan and looked away from her to watch his cock slide in and out of her wet pussy. When I looked back, her eyes were seeking mine, seeking my approval. I gave her a smile, sat back and stripped off my shirt. As I unfastened the fly to my pants, she heard the zipper and watched as I freed my raging hard on. I knelt on the bed near her face and fed my cock into her waiting mouth. As I fucked her warm wet mouth, Tom started pounding her pussy hard, the slapping of his loins against her ass and thighs sent shudders through her fat body, her mammoth tits shaking and flopping across her body with every thrust. The slap, slap slap of his body on hers was matched by the fucking I was giving her mouth. She gagged slightly and tried to draw back and I grabbed her face by the jaw and held her there while I stuffed her sweet swollen lips. She whimpered and Tom upped the pace, grabbing handfuls of her huge tits to pull himself into his pussy as deeply as he could. I let go of her face, grabbed a tit and told him, “Slap it.” He gave it a somewhat timid pat. “No,” I shouted, “Slap it hard! She loves it!” and to demonstrate my point, I slapped across the nipple hard. I felt her convulse beneath me. Her huge tit flopped to the side as I let go and grabbed her face again. “You like being fucked like this, don’t you,” I stated more than asked since her mouth was full of my throbbing cock. Tom was pounding into her pussy, now and started to get rougher and rougher with her tits, pulling and squeezing them, slapping them across her chest as he furiously fucked her pussy. She started heading for her next big orgasm of the night. I pulled from her mouth and commanded her, “Look at me” as I grabbed her chin and gave her cheek a slight slap. Her eyes flew open at the sting, but her breathing became heavier and faster as Tom’s fat dick plunged in and out of her pussy. She locked my eyes with hers and started saying, “Fuck me, oh God, fuck my pussy, fuck me, fuck me!” Tom was like a jackhammer now, pounding her pussy, his whole body slapping at hers, and as she started to cum, her voice began to wail and cry out, “Oh my God, I’m coming, fuck me harder, fuck me, oh my God, oh my God!” Her pussy dribbled her cum as she screamed over and over. Tom was slowing his pace but I was stroking my cock, so hot from the sight of her big soft body quivering from the mad crazy fucking that Tom was giving her. He slowly withdrew and she gave a brief cry for more. He lay down on the bed beside her quaking body, his thick cock still rock hard. He pulled at her body and motioned for her to climb on top. I nodded with my approval and she heaved her body over and sat up on her knees. As she got hesitantly to her feet to straddle him, I reached out to help her balance with one hand as she guided his thick cock into her pussy with the other. With a little adjusting of her fat thighs, she finally pushed onto his cock, up to his balls, her round belly resting on his. She started slowly grinding her pelvis into his. She leaned over to brace herself with her hands, and her enormous tits swung in his face, covering it with their weighty mass. He started moving his head, nuzzling her tits like a calf at a cow’s udder. He groaned with the sheer delight of being smothered in her flesh, her jugs in his face and her tight twat over his cock. She rocked with a steady rhythm on his cock. I slid off the bed. Stroking my cock with my hand, I moved around the bed to get a better view. Her huge ass was shaking with every thrust of her hips. I slowly stroked down her back, then gave her ass a small smack. She squealed a bit and thrust harder as her flesh rippled from the slap, the print of my hand clearly visible on her creamy white skin. I softly traced the print of my hand. She looked so fucking sexy, rocking her pussy on my friend’s cock. I traced down the crack of her ass, still wet with her copious cum. My fingertip found its target and I heard her gasp. “Do you want to try?” I asked, leaving the question incomplete. She escort hatay nodded, speechless once again. I climbed onto the bed and straddled her ass. Her motion slowed to a stop as she felt me spread her ass for my cock. I rubbed it into the crack of her ass and coated it with her juices. I leaned over her and hissed into her ear, “I want your ass.” I pressed my stiff cock to her asshole and finding no resistance, slid into her up to the hilt. “That was easy,” I exclaimed. The entry may have been easy, but her ass was tighter than ever since her pussy was still filled with Tom’s thick prick. I began stroking in and out of her ass, feeling my cock slide past her cock-filled pussy. I thrust my hips harder and harder against her big white ass. The sight of her quivering asshole stretched over my cock was so fine. I loved the feel of humping her huge ass, hearing her little cries of pleasure as I fucked her harder and harder. Just when I needed to slow my pace, I felt Tom thrust up into her. I pulled her up to sit up against me, my cock buried in her ass, while Tom continued to thrust into her cunt, his hands now kneading her soft belly while I squeezed and pinched at her swollen nipples. She started getting worked up now, and I whispered in her ear, “You’re so sexy. I love seeing you fucked like this. I love your big tits and my cock in your ass. I want you to cum for me, baby. Feel my cock deep inside of you. Cum for me,” I encouraged, “That’s my girl. You’re my little slut. I love feeling you cum. That’s my good girl. Make that hot wet pussy cum.” And as I encouraged her, she came once again, more intense than before. She started screaming and waving her hands helplessly in the air. I could feel the pulsations from her pussy to her ass as she succumbed to the relentless invasion of her body, stretched to the max by our two cocks. As the throbbing of her pussy subsided, I slowly pulled from her ass and pulled her off of Tom’s cock. She rolled to her side and I pulled up and placed her between Tom’s legs. I told her that I wanted her to suck Tom until he came, just as she had first sucked me off. She engulfed his cock like she was suffocating and his balls had air. I continued to talk to her as she bobbed up and down on his cock. “That’s such a good girl. You like the taste of your pussy on his cock. Suck his cock baby, suck it good and make him cum.” I knelt between her legs and pushed her knees apart. With my hands, I spread her ass and pussy before me. It was such an incredible sight. Her pussy lips were swollen, hot pink and puffy. She glistened from her ass to her twat. I reached down with my hand and gave her pussy a few sharp slaps, right across her super sensitive clit. She screamed through her closed mouth but never let go of the lip lock on his cock. I started to rub my prick up and down, from her pussy to her ass. She was so hot from all the fucking friction, and it felt like a wet inferno on my sensitive glans. I slid slowly into her hot swollen, fresh fucked pussy. She was so incredibly tight through all that soft flesh. I started stroking her faster and faster. I reached forward and grabbed those hanging milkers as I slammed into her fat cunt. She also started twisting and bobbing faster and faster on Tom’s cock, the drool from her mouth dripping onto his balls. I heard him groan that he was getting close, so I slapped her ass and told her to suck him harder. As I spoke, I saw Tom spasm, thrusting his hips into her mouth. She gagged, gasped, and I saw his come drip from her puffy lips. I continued to fuck her ravaged pussy as Tom’s cock deflated from her face. She turned to look over her shoulder at me, her mouth agape and dripping with his cum. She ran the tip of her tongue over those cum filled lips and I felt my body start to shake as I began to cum. It rocketed up and out of me, blasting deep into her hot cunt. My body shuddered as I filled her trembling pussy with my seed, packing it deep against her with a final convulsing thrust. I pulled from her abused pussy and saw my cum dripping from her gaping hole. She rolled over and lay next to Tom and I collapsed on top of my big soft human fuck pillow. Everyone heaving a big, contented, fresh fucked sigh. I rolled to her other side, kissed her softly on her swollen lips and smiled. Everything had gone according to plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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