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SUGAR AND SPICE‘Ohhh!’, sighed Karen.The water was hot on her skin and the last lingering waves of her climax were easing away. She smoothed her hands over her breasts and felt the tight hard nubs of her erect nipples under her palms.Karen had been divorced for over two years and had not made love with a man since. Two years was a long time but after sixteen years with John the idea of being with another guy didn’t appeal anymore. It wasn’t that he was mean or abusive or a bad lover and ruining her for life that way. No, something down deep just never felt quite right during that time together and maybe that in some way also contributed to the end of the relationship. During her marriage she never masturbated. Somehow, that too just didn’t sit right in the relationship and her husband should be enough. At the time that sounded okay to her. But after he was long gone and she was on her own once more she started the practice up again. It was most enjoyable and some of the most powerful orgasms came from those quiet sessions late at night in bed while her daughter slept. More than once having to press her face hard into the pillows so not to wake Sara in the next room. Karen was loud. She never was with John, only when she did herself was she letting go and crying out in ecstasy.Sara had just turned eighteen a few months earlier and was enjoying the summer before going to college with friends and working two part-time jobs to help out paying for school. During the day Karen had the house to herself and this time in the afternoon was hers and hers alone. Completely alone.Her quiet sessions would start out the same way. Undressing in front of the mirror and admiring her body. It was shapely and did show signs of aging but she was still young and had Sara when she was young. Her hair was wavy and short, above the shoulders and dark brown. Her face was round but by no means chubby. Her breasts hung lovely and full and her nipples lay dark and small. She would touch her skin and caress down her sides and up to her hair and face. Stroking every inch of her body slowly and moving bare foot to the edge of the bed where she would pull and play with her nipples and her hand traveling down over her belly to between her thighs. The teasing game would begin and Karen would touch lightly at the edges of her lips and watch in the dresser mirror at herself touching herself. This aroused her more than she could have imagined. The very first time she saw her own hand, her own fingers embedded up in her pussy she came. She massaged her inner thigh as the other hand rubbed and stroked gently over her sex. She had started shaving there too. It felt amazing self-pleasuring a soft smooth pussy. This is when she would allow her fantasies to wander across her mind. Eyes shut and only feeling what her hands were doing. A stranger’s hands now and not always of a man. More often than not Karen was thinking of a woman’s touch. She had never thought herself a lesbian or even bisexual. But the sensations of these images aroused and pleased her so much she allowed them all the time now. She thought of a woman down there licking, caressing and sucking her clit until she exploded and her most erotic fantasies came when she thought of returning the favors to her lover. Her fingers were inside now and rubbing the roof of her pussy hard. She was trembling and whimpers escaped her lips.‘Oh yesss, please…. mmmm fuck me there. Lick my sweet pussy darling… oh my darling love. Kiss my nipples. Bit them…oh yes yes, oh oh there, sweetie…. Fuck me!’ Karen spoke aloud knowing that she was alone in the house. Sara was at work.Karen brought herself off thinking of a girl she invented in her mind. Young, soft, pretty, and sexy. The orgasm grew and slowly she let it overtake her thoughts and she was on her knees on the floor finger fucking her pussy harder. One hand massaging her breast and pinching a nipple making her cry out alittle. Her lover kissed her there hard and nipped at her nub in her passion. Her lover touched her and was fucking her deeply now. ‘oh! Oh god…mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnhhhh hhhh hhhhhhhh hh!’ Karen screamed.‘OH! Fuck me my sweet girl…ooooooowwww Sara…mmmmmmmmm.’ She thought louder in her head. The image of the young girl was so clear as her climax came and she fell back against the side of the bed in exhaustion.Karen, panting and spent moved to the bathroom and erasing the image of her daughter from her mind turned on the water in the shower and tested it with one hand as she held her hair out of her face with the other. ‘Sara, god…. Could I be that bad. Me fantasy lover is her!’ Karen thought aloud as she stood in the heat of the spraying water. She absently started to lather herself in scented soap that she enjoyed and Sara always gave to her at Christmas. Soaping her breasts the tingle began again and she fell back into fantasy. Her hands caressed and touched her wet skin. Exploring down again to her swollen pink folds and rubbing her clit with soapy fingers. The arousal grew as the water hit her body and massaged her nipples and throat. She wet her hair and fingering her pussy lightly began to masturbate again. This was heaven. It was going to be a wonderful session. Her moans built up to a fever pitch again and she was crying out and breathlessly çankırı escort whispering encouragements to her invisible lover.‘mmmm suck my nipple, oh yesss, harder sweetie…don’t be afraid of hurting me….oh how I love your kisses. Mmmmm put your hand on my pussy, touch me there…mmmm’ she muttered.The sound of the water and her own moaning drowned out the sound of Sara coming home. She dropped her bags at the bottom of the stairs and called up to Karen.‘Mom! You home?’ Sara kicked her shoes off and climbed the stairs. She went into her bedroom and heard the shower in the adjoining bathroom, which they both shared. ‘Mom, I’m home.’ She said to the closed door. There was no answer but the moaning was loud enough for Sara to hear. Right off she knew what was going on in the shower. The idea of her mother masturbating had never really crossed her mind. She wasn’t sure that she even thought about it before at all. She did it, about any time she had the house to herself so Sara smiled and knew her mother was doing just that.She turned without listening at the door and then as she got to the bedroom door she couldn’t help herself and stepped slowly and quietly back to the bathroom doorway. She listened to the pleasured moaning and cries and the muffled words. It was the moaning that got to her the most. As she leaned against the doorframe she could easily over hear the sounds of pleasure. Sara felt that tingle and as she listened to the door she started caressing her breasts and her cheeks. She felt flushed and her pussy twitched and ached. She stroked herself between her legs and pressed the door open a crack to hear better. She felt so quilty then but couldn’t turn away or close the door. It was too late to ignore the urges within her young body now. Her fingers down in the elastic of her panties and exploring the wet lips of her pussy. She listened to her mother coming and then the thing that sent her backwards.‘Sara, oh…my darling…. Fuck me harder lick me suck me…oh yess yessssss.’ Came from inside the hissing shower.Sara heard her own name and stumbled backwards. Karen opened the shower door and stepping out saw the open bathroom door on Sara’s bedroom’s side.‘Sara, are you there?’ Karen called.There was the longest silence and then she heard,‘Mom, yeah, um I’m here.’ Sara said very quietly.Karen wrapped a towel around her body and walked into Sara’s room to find her sitting on the floor. Her panties around her knees.‘Sara, are you okay, did you fall?’Sara caught her breath.‘um, yeah. I tripped getting undressed for a shower.’ She lied.Karen looked down at her blushing daughter and knew better. ‘So did you cum yet darling. Were you listening to me in there?’ Karen asked and sat on the bed, her hair wet and clinging to her neck.Sara scrambled to get up and pulled her panties up. It was obvious that she was caught listening in.‘Um, well…okay alittle bit. I never thought you did that sort of stuff. I couldn’t help it and well I got turned on a little. I’m sorry mom.’ Sara sighed.Karen thought a moment and patted the bed as a gesture for Sara to sit with her there.‘How much did you hear?’ Sara sat and shuffled alittle nervously. It was enough that she listened to her mother fingering herself but then to hear her name like that. Sara didn’t know how embarrassed she should be at that moment.‘I heard you…well coming. I kinda couldn’t help that huh.’ She smiled.‘Loud huh…. Well can’t help that. It just happens that way. I get caught up in my own body and wow…. You know.’ She nodded.‘You do it Sara? Masturbate?’ she asked.Sara didn’t speak for a minute. All she could do then was nod her head.‘Do you fantasize at all during it? I mean I do and sometimes they get pretty erotically charged.’ Karen added.Sara nodded again.‘Mom…I heard you at the end. I heard my name. Were you, I mean were you…god I can’t say it!’ Sara looked her mother in the eye.‘Yes, it was you I was thinking about. I know it is bad huh, but there was this woman in my dreams and only was it this afternoon that she came clear to me…it was you darling.’ Karen said softly and put her hand on Sara’s back and rubbed up and down in a slow motion. This always calmed her daughter and she hoped it would work again now.‘So, um, what was I doing in your fantasy…. I can’t believe I just said that.’ Sara giggled. It had become obvious that this was going to be a weird afternoon.‘Do you really want to hear all about this. I guess we should now that it is out in the open. Well, it starts with us cuddling Sara, then kissing softly. I ask you to suck my nipples like you did when you were a baby and then it kinda goes on from there. It is just touching and kissing and we love each other, well make love to each other.’Sara stood and looked at the wall. She walked to the dresser and sat for a moment and looked at her mother in the mirror. She was beautiful and shapely and sexy. This was the first time Sara had seen her mother as a woman.‘Mom, I’m going to have a shower and we can talk more after, OK.’ Sara said and began to undress.‘Do you want me to so you can get undressed sweetie?’ Karen asked.‘No, you can stay. You’ve seen it all before, right. Anyway, I’ll be right out.’Karen sat and thought about everything she had told her daughter. He heard the water escort çankırı running and the image of Sara’s bare ass moving into the bathroom stuck in her mind. After a few minutes she got up and went to the bathroom door and stuck her head in just as Sara was getting out of the tub.‘Here…let me dry ya off sweetheart.’ Karen offered and started patting Sara’s hair with a towel.‘Mom. I was thinking in the shower and…well I have to tell you something.’Karen paused and looked at Sara standing covered only alittle by the bath towel.‘What is it?’‘I was thinking about what you told me before and I know you have been alone along time since dad left and…. It would be our little secret okay. Your fantasy about me. I know you love me and would never hurt me at all.’ Sara paused and dried herself and stepped passed her mother in the doorway and put on her robe.Karen turned and they looked at each other for some time.‘Sara?’‘Mom, if you…um, want me to. We could have a cuddle. It would be okay.’ Sara said softly in a little voice. She turned and closed the door behind her. Karen went into her own room and sat on the bed and in the late afternoon light the room was cast in shadows and was peaceful.She brushed her damp hair and sat at the dresser thinking of all the things that had happened and been said when there was a light tap on the door.Sara entered and took the hairbrush and brushed Karen’s hair gently. She felt the soft strokes down her hair and against her neck and felt warmth all over. Sara’s hands stroked her hair as well and that felt amazing too.‘Sara, darling would you come over to the bed with me?’ Karen asked sheepishly but the lust was growing at the thought of following through on her fantasies.‘OK, um.your hair feels nice mom. Would you stroke me hair too?’ Sara asked.They climbed onto the bed. Karen from one side and Sara the other. They met in the middle of the big bed and propped up against the pillows. Sara leaned onto her mother and Karen stroked softly and lovingly at Sara’s long brown hair. It was longer and straighter than her own and felt like silk after it was freshly washed.‘mmmmmmm’ Sara sighed.‘Do you like that my darling Sara?’‘Oh yessss. It feels nice.’Sara wrapped one arm across her mother’s body and hugged her.‘Mom, tell me more about that fantasy of yours.’ ‘Do you really want to hear about it or feel it.’ Karen said feeling more bold.‘um, feel it. Tell me what to do for you ok.’Karen hugged Sara close and kissed her cheek. She caressed Sara’s hair and face and lifted her from under the chin.‘Just touch me sweetie. Your hands are so soft I think about how soft they are darling.’Sara sat up and reached across and stroked at one breast through the fabric of the bathrobe. Karen closed her eyes and felt the light touch. Her hand moved back and forth and underneath so she could feel skin. Karen moaned softly as she felt the caress across her full round breast and the rubbing over her nipple.Karen sat up and opened her robe revealing her breasts and Sara touched at one nipple.‘Suck it darling. Be my baby girl and suck my nipples. Sara lay on her side and cupped it in her palm and kissed around the nipple and listened to her mother’s moans. It was so weird to be doing this and feeling aroused as well. Sara touched lightly on the nipple with her open lips and dragged her upper lip over the nub sending Karen into trembles. Sara felt hands in her hair stroking and holding her in place. She sucked alittle bit and heard Karen ask to be nibbled too. She nipped gently at the hard nub.‘Oh that’s it yesss harder darling, suck me!’ Karen moaned.Sara continued her love making at the breast and felt her mother’s hand on her own and guiding it to her other breast and closing her fingers around it. The hardness of Karen’s nipple against her tongue was more exciting than she thought it might be. Sara felt aroused and guilty at the same time. The calming strokes at her hair by her mother’s hand made it all good and pleasurable. She felt she could do anything for her now. ‘Oh baby girl…. You are making me so…mmmm would you like to touch my pussy?‘OK, is that part of your fantasy mom?’ Sara whispered as she raised her mouth slightly from the nipple she was enjoying.‘Oh yes my darling.’ Karen sighed.Sara took little time in doing what her mother had asked and let her fingers creep down over her belly and onto a thigh. There she caressed and stroked lightly and listened to the warm moans coming from Karen. Her index finger moved up along the edge of her slit and Karen jumped up and let out a whimper.‘Mom, are you all right. Should I stop?’ Asked Sara.‘No sweetie, you can do that all night if you like. Mmmm’ Karen settled down and let the finger just caress over her smooth flesh.‘Can I give you a kiss Sara darling. Oooww keep doing that okay.’ Karen moaned.Sara lifted her head and felt with her eyes closed the soft touch of her lips to her mother’s. They had kissed before but not like this. Not an intimate lover’s kiss. It was just a soft light caress. Upper and lower lips brushing gently across each other and then more solid contact. Warm and wet and soft. The kisses became passionate and her tongue easily slipped between her mother’s lips. Her hand not rubbing fully on Karen’s pussy and she was shaking çankırı escort bayan and moaning. Karen broke from the kiss and panted soft and low.‘Oh Sara…thank you…I know this is strange. It is for me too. We can stop now if you want to.’ She insisted but not all that enthusiastically.Sara looked up at her in the low light of the bedroom. They had been in there cuddling for over and hour and it was getting dark outside the window.‘No! We can’t stop. But maybe we can light a couple of candles. Its getting kinda dark in here don’t ya think.’ Sara said with a smile.Karen, surprised by this reaction only nodded as Sara got off the bed and before searching for the matches in the dresser drawer, let her robe fall to the floor. Karen watched her daughter pad around the room nude and as she looked on she caressed her slit. She was wet. Her inner thigh damp with her juices brought out by Sara’s loving touches. She got up as well and took off her bathrobe and joined Sara at the mirror as she lit one candle there.‘You are so beautiful, my grown up little girl. Do you think I am pretty Sara?’Sara turned to face her and smiled.‘Of course I do, god you are so amazing!’ Karen stroked down her body with one hand and touched Sara’s breast with the other. She kissed her lightly and touched her face and hair.‘Sara, have you made love to a boy yet? It is a personal question I know, just curious.’ Karen asked.‘Sara smiled and told her that she had been with a boy. The year before she had sex with her then boyfriend Jonathan.‘Really, he was cute. Was it okay?’‘Yes and no, ya know…. I was kinda glad just to get that over with if you know what I mean.’ Sara said and stepped away.‘Sara, darling. Would you kiss me here.’ Karen pointed down between her thighs.Sara looked there and up to Karen’s eyes. She saw the need and lust there and also love. Sara nodded and lowered to the floor, as Karen stood open-legged for her daughter. First she only kissed one thigh and Karen urged her to kiss her pussy.‘Please Sara, please, kiss me there.’Sara did just that and Karen jumped as she felt the heat of Sara’s mouth pressing onto her slit. It was a soft kiss that led naturally to licking. Sara instinctively knew how and this surprised her. She wasn’t sure if this was the right way but as she found out there was not wrong way to lick your own mother’s pussy. Karen’s hands were on the top of Sara’s head and she moaned so wonderfully that Sara grew bolder in her pleasuring and inserted her middle finger up into the open wet folds. Karen was beside herself then in ecstasy. ‘Oh baby girl, suck my clit. I need that so badly. It’s been so long!’ Karen was nearly crying it felt so good. So good in fact she almost forgot who it was fucking her.She exploded inside when Sara sucked her clit between her lips and flirted with it with her tongue. Flickering back and forth and rubbing her thumb against the side of it while she finger fucked her. Juices flowed freely down Karen’s leg and on Sara’s face. She cried out loudly in her orgasm and the wave that rushed through her body were enough to cause her to stagger a little weak kneed.Karen moved over to the bed and Sara got up and followed and sat beside her.‘Oh Sara, that was so amazingly good. I came so hard! I never thought it could feel like that.’‘Did I do things okay…really?’ Sara smiled a little and still tasting the cream on her lips.Karen answered her with a little kiss on the mouth and moaned, as she tasted herself there. She held Sara close and kissed her a little more. She looked at Sara for a long moment.‘Lay down on the bed darling Sara. Would you like mom to make love to you?’Sara gazed blankly at her and those words were not the words she would have ever imagined hearing. But so far things were so weird that they didn’t really surprise her at all. After all there was no going back now. Sara felt like the only girl to have ever done what she had done but would learn later that wasn’t so. All she knew now was she wanted to feel it too.‘Yes…will you, um lick me.’ Sara asked.‘I will do more than that, you’ll see my little girl.’ Karen said with a wink. Then she had Sara lay back on the bed with her head on the pillow. She began by kissing and sucking hard on Sara’s small nipples. Sara moaned and cooed like a dove and just lay there still as she was loved.‘Does that feel nice Sara.’ She whispered.‘UN huh’ Sara moaned.Karen raked her fingertips over the small dark mat of hair and let her fingers stretch down over Sara’s slit and massaged her there lightly at first but then much more intensely. Sara arched her back and let out a moan and felt herself being opened and entered by two fingers. Karen watched her daughter writhing on the bed and then moved down to lick at her pussy. It didn’t take long to awaken Sara’s clit to life and Karen attacked it with her tongue and Sara was wriggling and kicking at the sheets now. Her loud moans echoed her mother’s pleasured sounds and Karen sucked harder on the swollen sensitive nub. She brought Sara near climax before slowing down and letting her daughter recover a little then without warning nipped her clit and sucked it in her mouth and thrust faster with her fingers. Sara screamed and let out a series of long low moans. As she came Karen kissed her pussy lightly and licked her clit just enough to prolong the affects.She moved up on the bed and lay with Sara and touched her slender body with even strokes of one hand and kissed her.‘Thank you little darling Sara’ Karen said softly. ‘It’s been so long.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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