Sundance Lust

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Sundance LustSundance LustThis is made up, the only real thing is there is a rest stop near Sundance Wyoming and I have been there on my travels across the US. I have never witnessed anything like this in any rest stop but suspect it does happen. This is a gay story, hopefully I did it justice, if not be kind and tell me what I missed.My cock was so hard in my trousers from listening to a recording of gay men talking about their first time with another man I thought I would explode. I pulled into the I-90 westbound rest area near Sundance, WY to stretch my legs and maybe relieve the stiffness in my cock as well. I was 19 and on my first cross country road trip and loved the freedom I felt. I had no definite plans I was just getting away for a summer trip before college.I had downloaded music to my phone as well as these audio pieces from a porn site that I thought would help pass the time. Some of the stories were disturbing with their first partner being rough with them while others were quite sweet. But nearly every one of them was simply, meet a stranger, share a hand job or blow job, and never see them again.The rest stop was completely empty, not a truck or car in sight. The last two stops I made were busy with over the road truckers and tourists. I walked into the restroom and took the end urinal. I pulled my hard cock, such as it was, out of my fly and pulled on it. I felt like a few strokes and I would shoot my load onto the porcelain, then pee, and continue west. I felt this was a bit risky being it was a public restroom but that was the mood I was in. I had hidden my desires for so long and now perhaps I would have the chance to act on them. My hand was a blur as I stroked my 5 inch erection and just as I predicted I felt myself reach the point of no return.I felt weak in the knees as my first contraction shot a stream of cum straight against the white porcelain and I moaned with the second. I imagined I was one of those first timers and that some guy had just jerked me off. “What would it feel like to have someone else stroke my cock and make me cum,” I thought as I felt the rush of my orgasm start to fade. Then I heard something rustle and standing right next to me was a middle aged guy. He had taken the urinal right beside me even though there were four others free. I had no idea how long he had been there and I realized I was so wrapped up in my lust that I had been observed.He unzipped and pulled out what looked like the 1 pound summer sausage that I had in my cooler in the car. My spent cock stayed hard as I stared at that huge cock, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. He stroked it slowly and it got hard and pointed straight up.“Hard to pee when it is like this,” he said turning towards me and stroked his entire length again. When his hand was at the base of his cock there was at least another 4 inches of thick red meat pointed right at me. “Would you like sincan escort to touch it?” he asked. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat and felt my cock harden again in my hand. The ear buds continued to play the recording, two guys were talking about shared first experience and how one had fucked the other in the ass behind a building. He stroked his length again and I saw a clear droplet of pre-cum form on his tip. “Damn I love being hard on a road trip,” he said, “Especially if I find someone to help me out.”I had never done any more than look at classmates in the gym shower and wonder what it would be like to touch them, to make them hard, and wondered what it would feel like to have them cum in my hand. “Would it feel like when I spurted my hot semen into my fist?” I would often wonder. But I realized that being from a small town in the Midwest meant that taking this step would put me in the center of attention.One guy in my class had to be this big when hard, his cock would swing side to side as he’d walk to and from the shower. I would need to turn towards the locker to not display my puny little erection from looking at his huge tool. I was barely 5 inches long when erect and this guy had to be 8 inches or more. Now not a foot away from me was a cock as large as the guy I had fantasized about.“I think you want to touch it,” he said as he wagged it back and forth, “come on, we’re alone here, it won’t bite.” I forced my eyes to leave his monstrous cock and looked at his face. He had to be 40, clean shaven, and looked like he was someone’s dad on a vacation. No biker or trucker look on this guy, just every day run of the mill sort of person you would expect to see driving a minivan full of k**s, dogs, and a pile of luggage on top.My cock was so hard it was throbbing and I had just shot my load. I didn’t turn towards him, but did reach out with a trembling hand and held his knob. This was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock. In fact this was the first time I ever touched anyone in some sexual way. If felt just like mine, except his was huge and so hot.I had not dated through high school. Something inside of me told me that I shouldn’t start something with a girl because I felt no attraction to them. I tried to tell myself I wasn’t gay either but some days all I could think about was getting back to the gym class locker room where it was bunch of bare cocks to be observed. I told myself I was just checking others to see if I was like any others. And yes there were others just as small as me, but I felt so inadequate compared to the cocks men that strutted their stuff so proudly.“That’s it, I love being touched that way,” the stranger said, “now slide down the shaft and feel the ridge of my head, I love when fingers detect each detail of my cock.” He said as he put a hand on my shoulder and turned me towards him. I did as he asked and let my hand escort sincan slide down that huge cock. He let go of my shoulder and using both hands unhooked his belt and opened his trousers holding them down a little.“Now cup my balls, you may need two hands,” he said. I followed his instructions and he was right, his balls had to be the biggest I had ever seen and were hanging low in his pants. My hand went back to his shaft, my eyes never left the tip of his cock with that pee slit looking like an eye winking at me. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck him but was too timid so I started moving my hand up and down that piece of man meat. I saw his piss sleet seep some clear liquid and stopped a second and rubbed my thumb across it.The liquid was so slick and made his tip slippery. “Taste it if you want,” he said as he watch me smearing his pre-cum around. I shook my head no, I didn’t think I could form words and as much as I wanted to taste it I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I went back to stroking his shaft, I should have used two hands, there was room for both of them along his length.I felt him move with me, thrusting into my hand. He said nothing more, neither did I. I just stood there in that public restroom at the edge of Wyoming and gave a total stranger a hand job. The skin on his cock was so smooth and his gray tinged pubic hair told me he was older than he looked. “Could I make him cum?” I wondered. “What will I do if he starts spurting on me?” I had so many questions in my mind and no answers.And then the recording voice said, “his cock was so hot it nearly burned my hands and I could see his tip swell and knew he was going to cum,” and I broke the trance of the recording to concentrate on this wanton act of gay lust that had burned inside of me since I was a boy. I was going to make another man cum, I had his cock in my hand and he was under my control.My hand became a blur, my cock throbbed begging for attention, but he did nothing but stand there watching my hand on his cock. Then his hands went to my shoulders and I heard him groan and he pushed hard against me and shot his load all over my shirt. My hand was around his cock and pressed thgitk against me, I could feel each spurt as it shot out of him.Thick white ropes of a strangers cum blasted out of his cock and soaked my shirt. He moaned each time he shot cum and as he finished I felt his hands drop from my shoulders. I thought he would touch my cock still hard and throbbing. But he didn’t, he pulled away as if nothing had happened and turned towards his urinal. He cleared his throat like he was going to spit but didn’t. I heard him grunt and groan, forcing his piss past whatever valve we have inside of us and then I heard his piss hit the porcelain and knew this was over. He stood there ignoring me as if I was nothing more than some tree or fence post that he shot his cum on.Just like the recordings sincan escort bayan I had been listening too, no emotion, no love, just raw lust played out between two consenting men. I got my erection back in my pants and ran into the end stall. His cum was all over my shirt, soaked into the front and clammy against my chest. I tried to clean it up with that flimsy toilet paper provided at these rest stops, it was useless.I heard nothing outside of the stall, except the automatic flush valve when he stepped away from the urinal. I waited, counted the second, 10, 20, 30, I didn’t want to face him. I had no idea what I would say. He was older and I followed his lead, “would he try to explain why we did this?” I wondered. “Would he go back to his minivan full of k**s, dogs, and luggage and pretend he didn’t just get a hand job from a guy young enough to be his son?” I wondered. I had no answers, but in my mind there was this thought that I had at least stepped out of my little closet long enough to see what it felt like.I screwed up my courage and left the stall, the stains on my shirt made me feel creepy in a way. I imagined someone seeing and wondering, “how did he get so wet on the front of his Star Wars t-shirt.” The restroom was empty, the stranger had left, I didn’t hear water in the sink or the horrible electric hand dryers that did nothing but move air. I washed my hands, his cum had gotten on them but for some reason I wanted to feel his seed.I wished I had tasted it. I watched as the automatic faucet washed the final remnants of his orgasm off my hands, erasing the evidence that I had masturbated an adult. I had jerked off a man old enough to be my dad. I had felt his cock surge, swell in my hand, and the only personal part of it was when he pulled his cock against me, marking me with his seed.I looked in the mirror, my ear buds looked stupid hanging out like little white twigs stuck in my ear. The voices continued telling their stories of their first gay sex. “Would I someday want to tell my story,” I wondered. This rest stop doesn’t have an entrance door, just a curved entrance to block the view from the lobby. I heard footsteps and voices. It was a dad with his young son, “take the end stall,” he said, “no one will see you, hurry up your Mom is waiting.” The boy hurried to the stall where I had tried to clean up, I could tell he had to pee really bad.“That boy always waits until it is a crisis,” the guy said as he passed by me and stepped to a urinal. I felt guilty for having jerked the guy off in such a public place, “what if that little guy had come running in when I was jerking that guy off?” Could this stranger tell I had just jerked a guy off? I wiped my hands on my jeans and left. I kept my head down as I went to the car. The air was cool and dry, no wind, just cool dry air. I got into the car knowing I should change my shirt, I could smell his cum on me.My cock hardened again, “it was amazing,” I thought. “He got hard because I was there and I made him cum,” I said aloud, started the car and headed west. As I drove I thought, “No regrets, what happens in Sundance stays in Sundance.

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