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TasteTasteChapter One”You seem like a cool girl.”The teenager nodded tearfully, trying to cover her nakedness with her elbows and knees.”I’d really like to get to know you,” said the man in the shadows, “but I don’t think we have that much time.”He stepped out of the shadows. Cigar smoke drifted up and past sunglasses which were propped on a long angular nose. He stepped in close with a confident stride like a leopard and the girl had to tilt her chin up to look at him. The man crooked her chin with a gentle forefinger.”I heard from a mutual friend.. that you sure are appreciative when someone gives you one hundred dollars,” the man practically purred, “and I must say that I agree. That friend has impeccable taste Miss… What was your name again, sweetheart?”The girl’s teeth were chattering as she mumbled, “Ch-Ch-Charlie.””Short for Charlene I’d imagine,” the man observed as his fingers ran along her cheek and down the side of her neck. “Well Charlene I’m a john but you can call me Joe.”Joe laughed at his own joke and then he took off his heavy, expensive jacket and laid it across the arm of a nearby chair. He sat down on the bed and motioned for the girl to join him. Charlie sat stiffly beside him. Her striking green eyes stared straight ahead now. She knew the drill.”What did you do for that hundred bucks?” Joe asked as he laid his hand carefully on her thigh and traced lazy circles there with his thumb and forefinger.Charlie was still staring straight ahead. It wasn’t hard for her to remember the first man. She doubted she could ever forget him. If she thought about him too hard she could still taste him on her tongue.”I pr-pretty much l-let him do whatever he wanted,” Charlie said woodenly.She folded her hands in her lap and tried not to shudder as Joe’s thumb began stroking the back of one of them. She couldn’t aydın escort stop herself from jolting slightly, however, when his warm mouth touched the side of her neck. He kissed her throat and then her chin, marching slowly but surely towards her girlish, pouty lips. Only he stopped there instead and slowly poked his tongue between her lips, teasing his way through. She was stiff and uncompliant at first but quickly submitted.”If he got whatever he wanted…” Joe breathed once he pulled away. “For one hundred dollars… What am I going to get for two hundred?”Charlie forced herself to look at him levelly. She knew exactly what her part of the script looked like. She needed that money and this was just like any other job. She had to work hard for it.”Anything you want,” she said and she even managed to smile. “Anything.”Joe leaned in to kiss her lips again while his fingers crept along to explore between her legs. He smooched his way down her chin to her throat and then fastened his mouth around one of her tiny nipples. Charlie bit her lip against an almost involuntary moan as Joe’s experienced tongue teased her nipple erect.”Let’s see how you taste,” she heard him mutter as his tongue left her nipple.It ached for his return while Charlie fought back revulsion. The warm path of the tongue ran down her flat belly slowly, seductively. Again Charlie had to fight back a gasp of pleasure. She could feel herself getting moist. His fingers were still working on her gently, his thumb running in circles while his other fingers probed and stroked.Charlie opened her eyes and saw him looking up at her as he sucked her juices off his fingers. Her reflection in the dark lenses of the expensive sunglasses made her want to hit herself. She made herself smile as if she was enjoying this show of appreciation. It was supposed escort aydın to be seductive. That was part of the script.Once Joe’s tongue went to work between her legs the script was out the window. Charlie laid back on the bed and couldn’t suppress a gasp this time. Her hands twitched, wanting to go to her breasts. She wouldn’t let them. One of his hands reached up and did it for her.The next thing Charlie knew she was lying on the moist bed staring at the ceiling and gasping for breath. Joe looked up from between her legs with a wolfish grin. He licked his lips.”You taste fucking delicious,” he murmured.Joe crawled up on the bed beside her and kissed her lips gently to let her taste. She was still too dazed to fight him much. The fingers of one of his hands ran back and forth through the little tuft of brown hair between her legs.”It’s your turn,” he instructed her in good time.Joe rolled over onto his back and Charlie sat up slowly next to him. She took off his belt with stiff, wooden motions. She slipped her hand inside his underwear, grabbed him and Joe sighed. Charlie clenched her eyes shut and braced herself before laying her head between his legs. His organ poked her face, warm and pulsing, demanding. He was a lot bigger than the other guy.Charlie took Joe into her mouth. She tried not to shudder or gag as she breathed in his musk at the same time. His hand on the back of her head pushed her further down the shaft and she did gag; she couldn’t help it. Joe seemed to be into it though and she hadn’t puked yet so Charlie forced herself to relax.”Tell me where you want me to finish,” Joe crooned from above her.Charlene surfaced for air and gasped a few lungfuls down. Spittle and God knew what else dribbled from her pursed little lips.”Where?” Joe repeated, smacking himself against those lips.Charlie composed aydın escort bayan herself and looked up into his eyes as seductively as she could manage. Not two weeks ago she wouldn’t have even known what a man’s penis looked like, let alone what it felt like in her throat or where it should ejaculate.”I want you to cum on my face,” she said with as much enthusiasm as she could muster and licked her lips.”Yeah baby,” Joe murmured as he laid his head back on the bed and closed his eyes, “on that cute little teen face…””Cute little teen face,” Charlie echoed numbly.Her mouth returned to its work and Joe’s breath came more labored by the moment. His hands were running through her hair so intimately. Charlie fought back the urge to bite down — hard! — on the sensitive flesh between her lips. She focused on the goal of making him finish as quickly as possible so that she could acquaint herself deeply with a bottle of mouthwash. Suddenly his hips bucked against her shoulders and Charlie quickly popped her mouth off of him.Joe struggled up to his knees with his organ twitching in her face. And then just like that her face was covered in his seed. Charlie forced her tongue to slide out and slowly lick a thick blob of it off of her top lip. Joe was a big fan of that.”Go to the bathroom, get a towel,” he ordered her with a lazy smile, “take a shower, and clean your face off. Then come right back here because we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot.”Charlie obeyed without a word and padded into the hotel bathroom on bare feet. She was trying to stay calm but as she washed her face clean of him, her fingers trembled.”How did I get here?” she asked her reflection without meeting its eyes.She looked down at the track marks on her slender arms and remembered why. A slow smile crept over her lips despite what they’d just done.”Hurry up in there,” she heard Joe call out, “or it’s a hundred and fifty instead of two hundred.”Charlie scrambled into the shower and turned on the faucet. Fifty extra dollars — given or taken — made a world of difference to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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