Teaching Colin

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Teaching Colin“I think Colin is a bit bi-curious,” Jean said. I looked up at her reflection in the mirror.“What makes you say that?” I asked. She had a wistful expression on her face and she just tilted her head to one side .“I just know it, that’s all.”“But he’s well into Shelley isn’t he?” I said. “She’s a bit wet but they seem to be OK together and I’m sure he’s fucking her.”“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t fancy a bit of cock.” she looked back at me in the mirror, her eyes twinkling. “Takes after his father, I suppose.”With that she thrust the strap-on hard into me and made me moan with pleasure. Pulling it out she rolled over onto her back and unfastened it.“Now fuck me you queer bastard,” she said spreading her legs wide. “It’s my turn for some cock action.”I moved between her very shapely legs and guided the head of my cock between the wet, pink lips of her golden thatched cunt. She sighed as I stroked it along the length of her, stroking it over her clit and then finding her hole and sliding it in. I stopped it at that point where it stretches her entrance muscles and she laughed. She loved the feeling. Her hands went to my hips and her green eyes fixed on me as she pulled me forward so that the length of my cock slid all the way up inside her. Her long legs curled around mine and her arms came round my back. I had my hands on her hips and began thrusting.“That’s right my little prick loving baby,” she was whispering in my ear. “Now fuck mummy like a good boy. Make Mummy’s cunt sing.”We have been married for over thirty years and of all the role plays we love this the best. She’s my mummy and she’s teaching me to fuck properly. And I love the way, as her orgasm builds, her language gets filthier and filthier and her imagination gets wilder and wilder. We both remember the night Colin had been conceived. We know the exact night because I’d been on duty for a couple of weeks and during that time she’d had her period. I was suddenly posted abroad for three months and it was during that time she found she was pregnant and we’d only managed to have the one night together. She was rampant and we both knew the possibility of me not getting back so we made it a memorable one.Anyway, over the years we’ve developed our fantasy world and in that world nothing is verboten! The strap-on was actually her idea although I had thought about it a few times but I didn’t let her know that. She just asked what it was like to have a cock and fuck someone and I tried to explain and out of the blue she suggested we get one. It came (pardon the expression) in the post three days later and I took it up me that night. It was bloody tight first time and I loved every inch of it.Now she was whispering in my ear that I should perhaps teach our son the pleasures of sodomy.“He’d love his arse reamed by his dad,” she said. “Imagine ramming it into his tight little virgin hole and filling it with all that rich, creamy spunk. Imagine pulling out and spreading his buttocks and gazing as it oozes out. You could lick it all up for him.”“And you could too,” I said in short spurts as I rammed my prick into her.“Not while I’m sucking his cock I couldn’t,” she said and her orgasm hit her. It was as if the words just ripped it from her, Hardly any build up it was just there and she was bucking and thrusting back at me and calling me all the fucking bastards under the sun as I exploded my cum deep inside her belly. Her sweet belly that had felt so much of my spunk and stretched around our son and still felt like a teenage virgin’s.I collapsed onto her knowing my weight was restricting her breathing but didn’t move. She loved that and her arms were around my back holding me to her. I was gently kissing her ear but my mind was racing. Finally I asked her.“Why did you say that about Colin? Do you know something?”“I kütahya escort heard him talking to Shelley,” she replied. I rolled off her and we lay, sweating and panting and happy in that post-copulating glow. I would be going down on her in a few minutes and she was laying on her side, her legs tightly closed so that none of the delicious juices would drain out before I could get to them. Her soft hand was stroking my cheek as she carried on.“I came home from shopping and went upstairs to change. His bedroom door was open and they were well into a fuck and didn’t hear me. I stood just outside and watched…”“Fingering your cunt, knowing you,” I said, interrupting her. She smiled at me.“Fingering my cunt.” she acknowledged. “And I hear him say he’d often wondered what it would be like to have a man up his arse.”“And what did Shelley say?”“She said, and I quote. ‘I’d love to see some big pricked man fucking your arsehole and making you his whore.’ and she started to cum.”“Shelley said that?” I asked in disbelief. “Little ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ Shelley.”“Butter’s the only thing that wouldn’t melt. She’s a little whore on the quiet.”“Never!”“You think not? After he’d shot his load she turned round and gobbled him like a pro.”“Turned round?” I said.“He was doing her doggy.”“Oh I would love to see her taking it like that!” I said and could feel the old member standing to make himself known. “You’d just like to see her naked,” Jean laughed. “You’d like to see those tiny little tits and that tiny blonde triangle of hair and her shaved pussy lips.”“I would and you’re letting your imagination fly,” I laughed. “Unless you saw a lot more that day.”She smiled and picked up the remote for the TV. She aimed it and pressed a button. After a short war-up I was looking at a picture of my son’s girlfriend. She was naked on the bed with a very come-hither smile and her legs spread. As I watched, picture after picture of her in all sorts of poses and close-ups passed across the screen and it was obvious they’d been taken before and after sex. Then pictures of Colin came. Horny pictures. Pictures of him standing proud and wanking and cumming. Two of him licking his hand and I knew what he’d just eaten. Then pictures of the two of them together. Not many. Obviously taken on a tripod which is fiddly to say the least.“Where the fuck did you get these?” I asked.“Off his computer,” she said. “He left it on one day and I had a good look.”Well,” I said, still a little shocked. “I would never have believed it of either of them. Especially Shelley.““Fancy her?” Jean asked with a wicked smile.“Against you, my sexy darling?” I said and went to kiss her on the cheek.“Cut the fucking crap, Bob!” she said. “Do you want the little whore?”“I wouldn’t say no,” I said still hedging my bets.“Neither would I!”It was the first time Jean had looked at a picture of a naked girl with so much lust in her eyes and I just knew what she was thinking because I was thinking the same.“How do we go about it?” I asked.“Leave it to me. He’s at that age when any hole is something to be fucked and I know he’s been peeking at me getting undressed.”“He has?” I said and must have sounded shocked.“And why not? she asked. “I’m not that unattractive.”“You’re bloody attractive,” I said hastily trying to re-group. “But you’re his mother.”“And I’m a woman with a nice bald cunt and easily seen. And I make sure I stay easily seen.”She laughed.“I’ve been stripping in places he can easily spot me and I can, because of our love of mirrors, see him watching. And her too.”“Ok,” I said. “O bloody K!”Work! The curse of the hedonist managed to get in the way for about a week but now it was Easter and a four day break was looming.. My job was boring. Accountancy is not renowned for its spirit of reckless adventure, escort kütahya and any break away from it is good. So I was driving home feeling full of the joys of spring and the day was living up to it. Beautifully sunny but with a nip in the air to make it deliciously fresh. I had taken the Thursday afternoon off and as I drove along the M4, I was idly stroking my cock. I often get it out on the motorway. I know! It’s fucking dangerous! I know! But I love it. If Jean is with me in the car she’s usually holding it for me but today I was solo and feeling really randy. I was hoping the Colin and Shelley were out because I was in the mood to bend Jean over the table and fuck her as soon as I got home.It wasn’t long before I was nosing the car into the driveway. I hopped out and went to the door with a randy spring in my step.As I walked to the door, keys in hand, it was opened and my mouth fell. Shelley was standing there, stark naked!“Hi, Bob,” she said. “Glad you’re home. Jean said it was you.”I was dumbfounded. She was totally at ease and her pert little tits stod proud with hard nipples jutting out and I had a raging hard on.“Er, Shelley,” I said. “What are you doing?”She closed the door behind me and put her arm around my waist.“Jean has been telling us about your fantasy so we decided to help out.”“What fantasy?”“About Colin,” she laughed and opened the door to the lounge. Jean looked up from an armchair.“Hello, Darling,” she said. She always looks beautiful naked and today was no exception. “Drink’s prepared.”I walked into the room in a daze and stopped dead. My son was also naked.“Hi, Dad,” he said. “I’d get up but as you can see…”He was bent over the back of a dining table chair. His ankles tied to the back legs and his wrists bound to the front legs.Jean came over to me and placed a large G&T in my hand as I gazed at the scene.“Nice arse, isn’t it,” she said. “Shelley and I have been getting it ready for you.”I realised that another pair of hands were around my waist and my trousers were being unfastened. It took hardly any time and they fell around my ankles. Shelley was not the little innocent I imagined. She was bloody good and her hands were passing over the very brief underpants Jean loves to see me wearing. The hands were stroking the bulge of my erect cock and balls and then her fingers hooked into the waistband and eased them down and fully down my legs to join my trousers. No sooner were they down than her hand was between my legs and cupping my balls and gently squeezing them.“Good, isn’t she,” Jean whispered in my ear.“Mmmm,” was all I could say.“You wait til you see the video we shot of her working on me.” Jean cooed. “You’ll cum over and over. Colin has.”“But now we want you to fck your horny son,” Shelley said. “His arse is nicely oiled for you and he’s looking forward to it.”“We haven’t even penetrated it, “ Jean added. “Thought you’d love his virginity.”They finished stripping me and Jean took my prick in her hand and led me forward. Shelley stood beside Colin and parted his buttocks as Jean guided my cock to the tight little puckered hole. It glistened with baby-oil and looked ready for it.“You OK with this, Col?” I asked.“Oh yes,” he said. “Fuck me! I’m gagging for it.”I pushed forward and felt him push back as far as his bonds would allow. Jean’s fingers spread some of the oil from his arse onto my knob to ease they way. I eased further forward and felt him open. His tight arse resisting me for a moment before he realxed it and I felt the muscles ease. I watched as it stretched and my knob eased a little further in. Pulling back to ease more oil onto my prick, I then pushed forward. He moaned and I felt the muscles really open and there it was, I was in. I was sliding my cock up the tight tunnel of my son and he was panting kütahya escort bayan a little and I was feeling delightful tingle through my prick. I could see Shelley almost salivating with lust and Jean’s breath was coming in short pants.. I gripped Colin’s hips and began to shag him.“Oh fuck!” he said. “That is so fucking good.”“Isn’t it,” I agreed.Jean had moved and was taking pictures on the video camera. Shelley was ecstatic at seeing us fucking and Colin was urging me on to shoot my load up inside him. It didn’t take long. I felt the surge build and it came like a flood. He cried out as he felt the hot spurt inside him and Shelley laughed and grabbed his buttock again peering close. Jean was next to me with the camera focussed on critical area as I slowly withdrew. My cock coated in oil and his arsehole almost gripping it as it withdrew. Then the knob eased out and the tel-tale smear of spunk showed. I was thrilled with the size of his hole. It had stretched. I knew it would soon be a tight pucker again but now it was wide open and my cum dribbled out of it.“Oh, Colin, lover,” Shelley said. “Now you’re a man-whore too.”Two of her long, slim fingers had probed into him. Jean, not to be outdone, held the camera in her right hand and used two of her fingers next to Shelley’s. Colin moaned.“Well you came out of one of my holes,” she said. “It’s good to get into your hole.”“Come on, Bob,” Shelley said. “You’ve had your prick up there. Get some fingers up him too.”“I’d never get mine in there too.” I said. The girls laughed and pulled and Colin moaned but there was enough room for me to get a finger in there also. The girls then pulled theirs out and I was finger fucking my son’s arsehole and feeling all the spunk I’d shot up there. It was getting me up again and I probed deep inside him.“Oh no you don’t, Tiger,” Jean said noticing how aroused I was getting. “It’s your turn now. Before Shelley and I part our legs for either of you, we want you well fucked.They released Colin who stood up a little stiffly. His muscles I mean, His cock had been standing stiffly for a while. He turned to me with a smile on his face.“Well, Dad,” he said. “Guess it’s your turn to be buggered.”He put his arms around me and pulled me to him and kissed me. Not a peck, a full mouth open, tongue wrestling kiss, his hands exploring my bum and I did the same with him.“Bed, you two,” Jean said and we all moved to our bedroom.We have a super king size bed and I was soon spread-eagle, face down on the bed and could feel Colin behind me and between my legs. His cock probing between my buttocks. I raised my hips and felt his hard cock probe me.“Want some baby oil, Dad?” he asked. I nodded and after a few seconds felt his cock back, this time slippery and easy. I looked at the giant mirror we have behind the bed and saw Jean filming once again and Shelley peering over her shoulder. She was caressing Jeans beautiful tits and I guessed that they were preparing for their own session. Hen the pressure of Colin’s cock into my arse took over and I revelled as it slid easily into me. Jean and her strap-on had prepared me but this time I knew I was going to get a creaming and I squeezed my anal muscles and revelled in his thrusting. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt his thrust hard and his knob seemes to swell. He grunted and I felt the hot rush of spunk deep inside my arse. I knew the girls would soon be thrusting their fingers up me and Colin would join them. He was a quick learner.I turned onto my back and was surprised when Colin moved up my body. His prick, still pretty hard, was dripping the last remnants of his spunk, was close to my mouth.“Suck it, Dad,” he said. “Suck me off.”I opened wide and felt him inside my mouth and that was all I needed. I sucked and licked. I squeezed his balls and felt the bed move. I turned and Shelley and Jean were next to us, Kising and fingering each other.Colin laughed.“We’ll fuck those whores later,” he said. “But for now, suck me off, Dad. I want to shoot another load and I think you want me to also.”“He WAS a quick learner!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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