The Developing of Emma Part Five

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The Developing of Emma Part FiveAs Kurt caressed Emma’s sweetly pronounced bottom, she realised she had never felt so feminine before, despite her newly freed cock standing stiff in nervous anticipation. She looked at the powerful male and the leering male audience; the few females there would now witness her being used as a woman. Kurt’s large stiff cock rubbed against her belly as he moved her round to a large and convenient futon, stroking her soft and slender hairless arms as he savoured the sweetness of her. He had her kneel in the middle of the futon, and then pushed her forward, the soft fabric seemed to engulf her, making her feel helpless, her pretty round bottom up in the air for all to see. Emma shivered as she waited expectantly for the harsh intrusion of his hard manhood; she gasped as a warm tongue lapped at the back of her balls, then lapped softly at her anus. Emma’s cock stiffened like never before at the sensation; she was really enjoying the feeling and beginning to feel at home with being watched by so many people, she could see many of the eager males watching her intently from the circle, balıkesir escort working stiff cocks which she had excited. She then felt Kurt’s arms about her newly slender waist; her bottom tingled and tensed as she waited to be penetrated for the first time. She gave out a little cry as Kurt’s hand grabbed her stiff and dribbling cock, much to the delight of the men in the circle who murmured their appreciation. As he stroked Emma’s cock she felt the warmth of his masculine body move against her soft bottom; he squeezed her waist.“You’re mine now sissy, I want you to squeal nicely for the gentlemen; one of them is going to buy you when you’ve become a complete sissy. This is just a taste of what you can expect.” Emma did not need to be prompted to squeal at his next action; she cried out in very girly fashion as Kurt thrust his stiff cock deep into poor Emma’s sissy pussy without warning. Though Emma had worn a butt-plug and become accustomed to it, there was no comparison with the thrusting, living thing that was pushed a good four inches into her tight little rectum without warning. Kurt escort balıkesir sniggered as the sissy he held so firmly wailed in pain until her little bottom eventually loosened its natural grip on the invading cock. Tears flowed from Emma’s soft brown eyes as Kurt probed deeper and deeper with each muscular stroke. Then, as her anal muscles relaxed and accepted the rigid phallus, she tingled all over in sissy heaven as she began to enjoy being fucked for the first time.As Kurt eased back and forth he lifted one hand from her tight girly waist and began to stroke her cock, which had become just a little flaccid with the shock of being penetrated. Emma’s little cock soon stiffened as she felt Kurt’s hot breath on her neck, and she began to bask in submissive pleasure as she was pumped like a bitch and saw the viewing gentlemen pleasing themselves as they leered at her.Emma pulled her arms back on the futon, in complete submission to the cock which now stroked relentlessly back and forth, right up to the hilt. Emma was ready to come as she felt hairy masculine balls slap hers as the muscular balıkesir escort bayan male grunted with pleasure on top of her, owning her. He felt her little cock pulse and knew she was close to complete submission. Kurt squeezed her waist and her cock and grunted his command.“Come for me now sissy, if you don’t come before I do, I’ll have Elaine thrash you in front of our guests.” The thought of being caned by Elaine in front of so many middle-aged men was almost worth holding back for, but the thought of the buxom women humiliating her also pushed the sissy beyond the point of self-control; Kurt’s stiff and eager cock now slipped sweetly in and out of her newly created pussy, his large hand manipulated her buzzing sissy cock which now went into a spasm of pleasure. She was his, owned, used and abused, watched by a crowd of men and a handful of dominant women. She viewed the wicked perverted smiles of the men as she moaned uncontrollably and shot her cream all over the futon; again and again she spurted as she wallowed in submissive heaven. Kurt released her cock and gripped her waist after she had drained her balls. He made her shudder as he groaned loudly and bucked fiercely, pumping his seed deep into the soft sissy’s pussy as she lay, used for the first time. She sighed softly as she heard many of the men in the crowd grunt as they too enjoyed her first fuck.

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