The Lodger

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The LodgerThe LodgerEve was a petite woman with a fantastic shapely body, she had nice full breasts, and she has a nice rounded bum that wiggled nicely when she walked. She would often walk around in a long dress that showed off her figure and sometimes I think she was naked underneath as her nipples had the habit of poking through her dresses and tee shirts and I could not always detect any visible panty line.One evening I came home fairly late and as I went to my room I noticed that Eve’s door was slightly ajar and the light was on, through the crack in the door I saw Eve lying on the bed dressed in a black and white Basque with suspenders holding up black stockings a tiny matching pair of panties. Eve was reading a book and her hand was groping and squeezing her covered breasts. I watched for a while hoping she would not see me, Eve was getting turned on by whatever book it was because her hand moved down to her pants and delved inside, I watched as her legs parted and her hand and fingers began to play with her pussy.I watched her frig at herself then she pulled aside the crotch of her panties exposing her wet pussy lips and then push a finger deep into her damp cunt Eve finger fucked herself then she began to tease her clit she squirmed as her little love button grew and she rubbed it. Her hand and fingers were a blur as she brought herself off to an explosive orgasm. My cock was so hard that it was bent in half in my jeans, I knew that I would have to do something about it very soon or I would cum where I stood, I went to my room and stripped off, got on the bed with my cock standing up erect pointing to the ceiling, there was the blob of pre cum oozing from the eye. God I would love to fuck Eve and suck at those gorgeous tits and best of all I wanted to lick that pussy. I began to stroke my cock gently working my hand up and down the shaft just brushing against the tip of my cock with my thumb smearing the blob of cum around the bell end. I felt so fucking horny after watching Eve pleasure herself that my spunk was about to blow gradually I increased the speed and pressure until I shot my load out and up in the air, landing over my chest and belly. Fuck me that was some cum I thought, I shot more spunk than I have ever done before.One Day Eve, One day, I thought to myself. I will spunk all over you, in your mouth and your wet cunt and if you want in your pert ass. A couple of weeks went by without any further episodes, until I came home again late one Thursday night. All the lights downstairs were off the dogs were put away to sleep so I went upstairs Eve’s bedroom door was open and the little nightlight on, Is that you Mike she called. Yes I said. Come in here she replied I konak escort walked into her bedroom Eve was on the bed dressed in a Pink ¼ cup bra that pushed her firm tits up and out matching pink thong with a split crotch and pink suspender belt holding up black stockings. Come and sit there she said pointing to the already positioned chair. I did as I was told, sat with my mouth and eyes open wide. You didn’t have a good view last time so I thought I would give you a better one, so sit back and watch.With that Eve started to play with her tits folding out a nipple Eve pushed it up to her mouth licking it with her tongue then rolling it in her finger and thumb then did the same with the other. Her nipples were glistening in the dim light. Eve squeezed each breast in turn giving slight moaning sounds Mmmmm I love my tits being played with especially my nipples if its done right I can cum with just them being played with. Mmmmm Eve writhed on the bed one hand caressed down her body to her covered pussy she parted her legs a little to run a finger along her slit, Ooohh she said I’m so wet. You sitting there in front of me watching me play with myself is really turning me on she said? Turning you on I said. My cock is bent in half it’s so hard. Take it out then Eve suggested I want to see what I have done to you. You can play with yourself while I amuse myself or is that abuse she laughed. I undone my jeans and released my cock it sprang out like a coiled snake. My Eve said we are horny aren’t we. Stroke your cock for me she, show me how you play with yourself she demanded. I ran my hand up and down my shaft slowly closing my thumb over the tip on the top of each stroke. I bet that feels good Eve said as her finger pulled away the thin strip covering her neatly trimmed bush. Then with the other hand rubbed a finger along her moistening cunt, Ooohh this is so wet I think I could put anything in there tonight. Eve reached up under her pillow and pulled out the big rabbit I ‘ll use this for starters then we’ll see what happens after that. Eve switched on the rabbit it buzzed loudly, much more than I remembered. But then it was under the duvet and stuck up her love hole.She toyed with her lips stroking it up and down then inserted the tip into her wetness when the rabbit ears touched her clit Eve moan aloud Arghhhh that’s good, My clit is so sensitive to touch I love it being sucked and teased, I didn’t know if that was a signal or not but I just stayed sitting in the chair. Eve parted her legs wider and plunged the whole length into her pussy. Ummm she moaned after a couple of minutes of the ears buzzing on her clit she came. Her knees clamped together just like last konak escort bayan time and the toy was whipped out. Oh fuck Eve gasped that was good. I was still stroking my stiff cock, a little pre cum was oozing making it glisten also, Do you like the taste of your cock Eve said. I don’t know I’ve only tasted the pre cum dribbles, I’ve not tasted my own spunk yet afraid I can’t get my head down low enough to lick like you do on your tits. Eve laughed. She played with her wet fanny by squirting some lube over her gaping hole, then reached up under the pillow and pulled out a thick courgette it must have been two and a half inches thick in diameter, Eve smothered it in lube then started to tease her pussy with it, then with both hands holding it pushed it into her cunt, slow but deep strokes inching it in deeper with every thrust, Ooohh that feels good Eve moaned. I sat stroking my cock faster now watching her push that big imitation cock into her wet cunt, she was soaking with cunt juice that it slurped in and out. Eve looked at me are you going to cum yet are you gonna spurt your seed, Yes I said hoarsely I’m nearly there. Then said Eve when you do, cum in your hand. I want to watch you lick it off your hands and fingers I want you to taste your own spunk while I fuck my wet cunt with this.I was too far gone to in my lust to ignore her demand, wanking my cock faster I emptied my load into my hand as requested. Eve looked at me Now lick it she said let me see you slurp your spunk, taste it on your lips and tongue swallow it. I obeyed her bending my head down to lick my cum from my palm, it had a pungent smell and tasted a bit salty but nothing too unpleasant, I lapped at my finger while looking at Eve, Her eyes was transfixed on me as I cleaned my hand and fingers with my mouth and tongue. Yes that’s it lick it all up, lick all that spunk up you dirty man. Now you’ve done that I have another surprise for you, take all your clothes off and get on the bed, I stripped in double quick time and got on the bed. Eve slid the courgette out of her pussy, got up and went to the little case on the floor, I want you to get on your hands and knees and put you head in the pillow. Again I did as I was told, I heard some rustling around then I felt hands on my hips. That’s it you good boy bend down like that I had my bum in the air then I felt the hot breath of her as she kissed my bum cheeks her finger ran along my crack to my bum hole , I flinched when it touched, there’s a good boy she said and continued to tease my butt. Then I felt her tongue flick over my ring Eve lapped at my puckered ring dribbling her saliva. Fuck I thought I’ve never felt a sensation like that, it escort konak sent my nerve endings around my arse into raptures I pushed back trying to sit on her face Eve had both hands on my cheeks. Now for your surprise she said. I felt something soft and runny drip onto my crack and then a finger smeared it all over then something pushed against my arse, it was not big but I knew it was going in with hands on my hips I could feel Eve pushing, thrusting her hips towards me , my head was spinning. Shit, I was supposed to fuck her not the other way round I was meant to stick my cock in her, not have her fuck me. Eve worked on her rhythm easing whatever it was into my arse. At first I didn’t like it as it was strange and I didn’t know how to take it but now my muscles relaxed and it slid in a lot easier, it felt good. My cock began to twitch again and stiffen. Eve felt around me to grab at my cock, Ooohh are we getting hard again she said. I want to make you come again can you do that she asked I don’t know but in getting really horny I replied. Eve carried on banging away in my bum my cock now rock hard Eve felt it again Mmmmm that good she said. She pulled the thing from my arse, Now I want you to fuck me with your hard cock I want you to spunk in me I want to feel you shoot your cum in me Eve said and knelt on the bed like I did, legs wide apart fill my cunt with your cock she hissed fuck my pussy, I didn’t need telling twice I knelt in between her stockinged thighs and nudged my cock into her wet gaping cunt that’s it big boy she said fill me up. I rammed my cock in up to my balls. Yes she cried Yes fill me up Eve’s hands pawed at her tits squeezing them , squeeze my nipples pinch them she moaned, dipping my hand down I took each nipple in turn rolling them gently pulling at them Oooh that’s it, not too hard just like that. I teased her tits. Eve was grinding away at my cock as I thrust in with long strokes followed by five or six short ones just to tease het cunt lips. Mmmmm I’m gonna cum she gasped and shook her body I banged at her pussy for all I was worth my spunk was rising in my cock faster and faster I fucked her until she went stiff as she climaxed, a second after she did, I emptied my spunk into her. Yes I can feel it, I can feel your spunk in me she whispered in my ear. Eve hugged me, Thank you for that she said you don’t know how long I fantasised about doing that to you she said. You’ve fantasised about me I said I’ve done nothing but fantasise about you, I’ve wanked myself silly over you. I know she said I wash the sheets remember.I was absolutely fucked now, my arse was tingling, my head spinning as to what had just happened.Off to bed Eve said off to your own room, I’ll see you in the morning. I picked up my clothes and headed to my room still wondering what the fuck had happened. I lay on my bed, was this a one off or would Eve want a repeat I thought to myself. I’ll find out in the morning I suppose. And promptly feel asleep.

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