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Used WifeI would like to tell you how I turned my loving wife in to a cock sucking, cum drenched whore. She is aged 46 size 14/16 with a voluptuous figure, long legs and lovely tits. She has hazel coloured eyes and long brunette hair.I have always wondered what it would be like to watch her being used by another guy or a group of guy’s. She would never agree to what I had in mind unless I sprung it on her or it just happened. It did happen!So here is our story.One evening as I travelled from a pub just outside Guildford it was late I stopped to take a leak at a public toilet which was out of the way and open which surprised me. As I stood there pissing I started to read the usual writings on the wall, some were quite graphic. There was no one around so I thought what the hell I will add my own. I reached inside my jacket for my pen and wrote “Wife to use. If interested be here tomorrow night between midnight and 1am”. As I drove home I knew this would be my chance to see her being used, that’s if anyone turns up, if not I’ll just fucking use her myself.The following evening when I arrived home from work I said to my wife Sue that I was going to take her out later and that I wanted her to wear something for me. Sue replied that will be nice where are we going. I said it was a surprise and that she was to wear the following for me. Black satin bra, black sheer pantyhose with black satin panties on the outside of her hose and a half black satin slip. A White blouse with buttoned front a black business suit with a tight pencil skirt and black patent high heel shoes to finish.When she came down stairs in her clothes she looked stunning. The white blouse was a good idea because you could see her black satin bra and lovely tits clearly through the material. I told her to hitch up her skirt so that I could see her pantyhose legs and black satin panties stretched over her lovely round bum. Time was approaching, time for us to leave to make sure we were at the toilets before midnight just in case someone was waiting. Sue asked why I needed the digital camera and where were we going out so late during the week? I told her it’s a surprise! I said oh and bring a bin liner and you’ll need a long overcoat. Sue looked very puzzled but did as she was told.I pulled in to the toilet car park at five to midnight and it was empty much to my disappointment. Sue said “my god were not going dogging, I’m not çankırı escort doing that!” she screeched. I said shut the fuck up and get out the car. Sue looked shocked but did as she was told. We entered the gents where I had left the message on the wall. Sue followed me in looking very nervous. I called her over to the wall with all the disgusting messages on them. Sue started to read and then I pointed to the one I had left. Sue looked shocked and turned to leave. I grabbed her arm and told her that if anyone turned up that this was going happen. With that we heard a car draw to a stop in the car park. Footsteps across the gravel towards the gents. Sue said what if it someone that has not read your filthy message? Too late.A black guy walked in and immediately looking at my wife said “is this the bitch that wants cock?” Sue looked horrified. I said yes you can use her but on a couple of conditions. 1) No fucking. 2) I get to film EVERYTHING you do to her, deal? The black guy said deal. I took out the camera and started filming. With that another older skinny guy walked in obviously looking for the same, to use my wife.Sue stood still as the black guy walked around her eyeing her up. He ran his hands over her ass. “Right bitch lets get to work” he said. With that he grabbed her wrist and dragged her in to a cubicle. Placing both hands on her shoulders he forced her to her knees. The skinny older guy had his cock in his hand already watching the black guy man handle my wife. There was my wife on her knees in a public toilet cubicle with her long nylon legs poking in to the next cubicle with her face directly in front on this guy’s zipper. “Unzip me bitch” said the coloured guy. Sue looked at me and I said “do it NOW” Sue started fumbling for his cock finally releasing his semi hard dick. He started to rub his bell end all over her face at the same time as gathering her long brunette hair in to a tight handful. “Suck it bitch” he commanded pulling her hair. Sue took his cock and started to suck and lick. “That’s it whore keep going” Sue’s mouth was really stretched as he jerked her head on to his cock, face fucking her. The skinny guy moved in to the next cubicle where my wife’s nylon legs were poking through under the divider. He took his cock and started to rub his pre-cum over her black patent high heel shoes. The skinny guy put his hand under the divider straight up my escort çankırı wife’s skirt rubbing her black satin panties and pantyhose. Sue was trying to stop the skinny guy and get his hand out from under her skirt at the same time pushing the coloured guy away. The coloured guy had pinned Sue’s head against the divider and was face fucking her hard. Looking down at my wife with his cock in her mouth he suddenly grabbed her white blouse and tore it open sending the buttons s**ttering across the floor exposing her lovely tits and black satin bra. Squeezing her bra proved to be the tipping point holding her in place by her hair he pulled his cock out of her mouth aiming it straight at her face gave a loud grunt and jizzed all over her. Spunk in her eyes, hair, cheeks, dribbling down on to her bra and tits. He wiped his cum covered cock on her jacket and said “thanks bitch”. He zipped himself up nodded at me and left. My wife dripping in a strangers cum looked up in to the camera and started to clear the cum away with toilet tissue from the dispenser. As Sue still on her knees started to clean up the skinny guy shuffled in to the cubicle and dumped his load all over her black bra, white streaks of cum splattered all over the satin material and Sue just let him!What a sight my wife being used as a cock sucking cum drenched whore. The skinny guy left and Sue stood up assessing the situation with her covered in now drying cum. Just when I thought about leaving 3 guys walked in and said are they too late? I said no just use the bitch and I started the camera again.Sue looked tired and put up little resistance. One guy told her to walk over to the hand basin and bend over. Sue did as she was told. Bend over and lift your skirt up you fucking slut. Her skirt was tight and she had to wiggle to raise it over her lovely round ass. This exposed her lovely satin slip, black panties and nylon legs. One guy took his hard cock out and slid it between her panties and pantyhose and began to simulate fucking her from behind. The other two wanted some of the action and jostled next to him. Sue disappeared behind this trio getting themselves off on my wife’s underwear.One guy said he wanted to jerk off with my wife’s black satin panties and peeled them off her. Quickly wrapping the warm silky material over his cock he started jerking hard. Another wanted her satin slip to jerk in to and he tore çankırı escort bayan it off her as she bent over being very compliant. The third guy just rubbed his cock all over her pantyhose leaving pre-cum streaks on her ass and legs. Sue just stood there bent over the basin holding on to the taps whilst these 3 strangers masturbated with her underwear. The guy with her panties said he was close to Cumming and said he had something special for Sue. Taking the panties off his cock he placed them on Sue’s head with the gusset under her chin leaving a nice “target” area of black satin over her face. Pointing his cock at her panty covered face he exploded a mass of spunk all over the satin panties shoving his cock in to her mouth making her take in spunk covered material as well. This seemed like a good idea to the guy with her satin slip as he jerked himself and jizzed in to her long hair turning the side of her head in to a spunky gooey mess. I told Sue to take the cum filled panties off her face turn them inside out and lick the cum off them which she did in a shell shocked state. The only one left now to use her was the guy pantyhose rubbing my wife with his cock. With Sue still bent over he pulled her skirt back down. Placing his cock up under her skirt he grabbed her hips and told her to cross her ankles thus making her pantyhose thighs tight under her ass. He positioned his cock on her nylon pussy and began to nylon fuck her from behind. His thrusts got quicker and quicker before suddenly stopping. I assumed he had just spunked all over my wife’s nylon pussy. I knew I was right when we saw a torrent of spunk slip below the hem line of my wife’s skirt all down her nylon legs to her high heel shoes.The guys left and it was time to turn the camera off and head for home. Sue picked up her spunk covered underwear and got back in the car. When we got home I told her that everyone else had used her now it was ‘my turn’. Sue looked shocked. I said get on all fours, take you’re cum covered panties lay them in front of you now lick them clean! As she complied I started to film her. I took my cock and wanked at the site of my wife being such a slut. My turn to cum. I stood over her and filmed myself shooting wads of sticky hot spunk all over her back and in her hair. I told her how much I had enjoyed watching her being used as such a fucking slut and that we should do it again. Sue said that it was the first and last time she would ever do that again. I said if she did not do what I wanted and be ‘used’ by strangers I would post the video on line for everyone to see. She called be a heartless bastard. Here is till the next time.

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