Virgin used by the nurse

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Virgin used by the nurseI was on detention at school, I had been told to empty the litter bins an clean all the blackboards in the classrooms it wasn’t hard just took up a lot of time walking back an forth to the big bin outside to empty the rubbish into. As i walked along the corridor an past the gym i seen the after school netball class was just starting so i peeped at the sixth form girls, who where a year older then me as they done a quick warm up. I could feel myself getting hard an needed to have a quick wank, not wanting to be seen i slipped into the nearest i walked in i took a deep breath an inhaled a smell which was new to me like perfume mixed with something else,something musky. That’s when i looked around an discovered for the first time i was in the girls changing room.The uniforms where just tossed on the benches.BY now i had my cock out an was slowly rubbing it, still sniffing the air trying to find what the smell was an wondering why it was making me more horny than usual. I went over to one of the girls tops an smelt it, perfume an a hint of sweat under the arms, That’s when i seen them, Panties. just left on the side by all the girls bags, they must take them off an put on gym knickers i thought.I had never had sex so i had never smelt pussy an my dick was dripping with excitement as i looked at all the different types of panties,Some thongs an some big,some Lacey an some cotton.I picked up a pair of Lacey thong ones an took a beep breath the smell was intense as it seemed to make my head spin an the feeling went straight to my balls,i was about to instantly cum..FLASH followed by what do you think you are doing in her. It was the school nurse, she had seen me come in an got a camera from her room.Well explain yourself boy she demanded . Nothing i said as i tried to put my cock away. She walked towards me, doesn’t look like nothing she replied as she took the thong from my hand at the same time her other hand went for my cock, she darıca escort grabbed the end between her thumb an finger, the tip of my cock was still oozing as i normally wank often but had not done it today an my balls where full, i was sure she moved her cold hand to to the base of my penius an back up again an made little circles over my throbbing helmet before giving it a hard pinch which made my cock soft an made me feel intimidated an embarrassed.My office now she shouted . i walked nervously to her room which always smelt like a doctors surgery an stood facing her I know what you where doing when i seen you go in there that’s why a got a picture for proof, now this can go two ways, i tell your mum an the head of the school an you get shamed an expelled or you can have detention here with me until i think you have gotten over your little pantie problem.I felt i had no option so i opted for the detention.Sit down she said i have some questions for you first to see why your so filthy.ok i said as i sat in the examination chair, ok what she shouted . ok nurse i muttered back to her.i was a little nervous as she explained that she should be treated with respect an i was never to question her an do everything she told me to or she would put the pic of me sniffing knickers all over the school.Now how often do you need to masturbate she asked as she stood over me .she was about 45 years of age an tall with black hair tied tightly into a ponytail, her boobs where large an it seemed to me she had undone some buttons on the white nurses outfit she wore as i could see a bit of her bra,black with red, it looked shiny ,she had a full figure too, not fat but strong an firm.well how often she asked again as she put on some lipstick in the mirror.about 5 or 6 times a day nurse i replied, i will have to put a stop to that first, she came close to me have you had sex she whispered, no nurse , she giggled as she walked to her storeroom to get some thing.was embarrassed escort darıca at my answer as she came back with a box an opened it on the floor,this will stop you masturbating but i will have to clean you up first an give you a quick medical . i froze as she undid my pants an removed them an my underpants in one go , she took my legs an put them in to the stirrups an fastened them in. No need to worry this is just routine she said as she put on some latex gloves an picked up a thermometer. i Felt the cold glass enter my ass an i seen she also had a ruler she put it to my penis an wrote the size down an remover the thermometer from my ass. normal she said an picker up something that looked like a big plastic syringe full of liquid, do you know what this is for? no nurse .. it’s to clean you with she told me as she she penetrated my hole for the second time, she pushed the top and my belly filled up then got a bucket put it under me an removed the empty syringe placed a had on my belly an pusher down firmly,the liquid sprayed out into the container an she wiped me roughly around my exposed ass an balls, then she took some soap an a brush an brushed the soap over my pubes an shaved them all off.there all clean she smiled do i get a thank you? thank you nurse i replied.she had took some photos too as she examined me but this one she took with no pubes made me feel stupid .she picked up something with a tube with a ruler printed on it which was connected to a pump. first she took some oil an rubbed it into my balls an bum it made them tingle a bit i was sensitive from being shaved an i could feel her nails scratching over my ass hole she put the pump over my cock an began to have a big penis for your age she said an it swelled to a size lager than normal with all the veins filling with blood an precum dripping out of the end. she released a valve an removed the pump an put her hand a round my cock an moved it very slowly up an down i felt i was about darıca escort bayan to burst when she pinched the tip again an made me soft, you have no self control have you ,no nurse i said breathlessly,then i will give you something to stop you touching yourself you dirty pervert, she picked up a metal cage from her box an also the pump but this time put the pump over my balls an sucker them until they grew bigger then took the cage and placed it over my cock an tightly around my balls then locked it with a small key which was on a thin chain round her neck an fell between her large boobs. You see how it works? no nurse i answered . Well it stops you touching you penis an if you try to remove it the ring around you balls will get tighter oh an no matter what you can not get an erection unless i remove it for you an to prove it to you here is the thong you liked so much . she put the thong on my face an started to rub a finger over my bum hole she then knelt down an i felt her hot tongue lick my ass an over my balls then she pushed one finger of her gloved hand into my bum , it felt thick as i gave a little cry out as it hurt..mmm to tight for now but it will soon be ready for what i have in mind.she she said as she let me free an told me to get dressed an go home. Now that you have had your medical you treatment or should i say pun ishment will start tomorrow you understand? yes nurse i said my legs shacking an my bum feeling funny.You will get to school at 7 o’clock an come an see me , you will come here at dinner time an after school an remember this is between you an me an it’s me you will thank when you have some control over your self. yes nurse thank you nurse i said . when i got home i looked at my cock in the mirror my balls full with cum and my cock still oozing out precum in it’s cage , i was confused an frightened but also horny as i needed to cum and i couldn’t get the feeling of the older nurse with her gloves on touching my cock an the feeling of her licking my ass but all i could think of when i was trying to sleep was her words “to tight for now but it will soon be ready for what i have in mind” well i might find out tomorrow when i gt to school early for my detention

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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