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Watching MomThe mom was a slut and tramp. She went out every night and brought a man home for all night fucking. She was a sex nympho and never could get enough. She did not care that her young daughter was in the next room while she fucked strange men all night.The daughter had her secret too as she would go stand in the door to her moms room and watch her mom letting the men use her body. Tonight the mom was with a huge man and the girl watched as they got naked. The man grabbed her moms nipples and began to twist on them before he sucked then bit them. The girl could see the man suck the nipples as he chewed them leaving his teeth marks on the huge mounds. As he sucked her moms tits his cock grew in size. She loved to see the huge cocks on the men at night.He then pushed the mom to her knees and aimed his cock at her mouth and the mom began to suck his cock. He had a big long thick cock and as the mom sucked the man grabbed her hair and rammed her mouth up and down over the cock. Sometimes the cock would gag the mom but the man did not let up and used her mouth to fuck his cock. He then pushed her head tight against his cock and held it as he filled her full of his cum and watched her swallow every drop. He then told her “You are a great cock sucking slut”. “I love cock fucking your mouth.”He then pushed her on to her back and said “spread those legs and let me see that pussy of yours before I fuck you till you scream.” the mom spread her legs then used her fingers to spread lara escort her pussy lips for the man. He ran his fingers over her pussy and down to her hole. He pushed two fingers in her love hole as he twirled and played with the thick clit. “You have a great cunt. You are made to be fucked and used as a street slut.” He then lined his cock up to her cunt hole and pushed inside her. He had a big thick cock and loved seeing it stretch the women he fucked. With all nine inches in her cunt he then lifted her hips and began to fuck her fast and hard. In and out he rammed his cock. He showed no mercy and for close to an hour he fucked her hole. She moaned and came several times as the cock fucked her and she covered him with her wet juice.The young girl watched the big man fuck her mom. As she watched she got a tingle down in her stomach as his cock invaded her moms hole. She watched her moms big tits bounce as he pounded the moms cunt. She loved to see the mans ass as he fucked her mom also. She loved mens asses as they fucked. She wanted a man to fuck her some day like they did her mom. She was now starting to grow titties and they were getting bigger each month. She hoped they got huge like her moms big firm ones. She wanted a man to suck them and bite them.As the man came, he pushed his cock deep into her and held it there while he emptied his sac into her. The moms hole was wet and dripping from her cum and the big man. “Wow bitch, you handled my big cock with ease.” “I am escort lara going to fuck your cunt all night.” “I love a great cocksucking slut who loves to be fucked.” “Now lick my cock clean till I get hard and then I need to ravage that ass of yours. See how your ass takes this big fucking cock.”The mom licked his cock and balls getting him cleaned up as his cock again got hard. “Now on your hands and knees with that round ass in the air so I can ram my big rod all the way in your fucking ass.” The mom laid with her ass high in the air as he pushed the big cock to her round butt hole. “You have a nice ass hole bitch.” “I bet it likes to be fucked by a big cock like mine.” “I am going to cock fuck your ass for an hour or longer watching my big shaft stretch it as I push in clear to my balls.” He then began to push in her ass slow but steady. He did not care that it was tight and very uncomfortable to the mom. He only cared that he was going to cock fuck that ass. He held on to her hips and kept pushing into her wanting every inch deep in her before he fucked her ass hard and rough. He loved to pound an ass and feel it around his monster cock. He soon had every inch in her as he slapped her ass several times. “I shall fuck your ass as I spank you and watch your ass stretch as I make the ass cheeks have my hand marks on them. I love a spanked fucked ass,” “Tonight your ass will feel royally cock fucked and ass spanked till I fill you with my warm cum.” He then started cock fucking lara escort bayan her ass as he spanked her. He rammed his cock deep and hard in her ass. He would pull almost out then plunge back in till his balls slapped against her. She was able to take every inch of his monster. “Your ass was meant to be cock fucked you dirty slut.” “I have it stretched over four inches wide and nine inches deep.” “You are a great cock slut.” “And the ass looks good with my hand prints covering the cheeks. “You are a dirty horny nympho.”He fucked the ass for over an hour pounding her and talking dirty to her. He called her a slut, bitch, and cock sucker. But he loved fucking her. As he got ready to fill the ass with cum he rammed in deep one more time. Cum was running out of her ass and down her legs. The big man could drop huge loads of cum many times a night.”Now bitch, lick your ass off my cock while I decide which hole to fuck again.” “I want to fuck you all night and when I leave your holes will be so sore just like you was gang banged.” “Soon as you clean my cock, lay across my lap as I am going to spank that white ass for being such a dirty slut.” “You will not sit on that nasty fucking slut ass tomorrow.””Now lets fuck more as I am coming back tomorrow night for round two with your nice slut body.” “I plan to fuck your cunt till you beg me to stop.” “But of course I will not stop,”The daughter watched the man with the huge cock fuck her mom several times all night long. She could not wait till she could grow up and be a dirty slut like her mom and fuck the big cocks. She then went naked back to her bed and played with her tits and pussy like the man had done to her mom.more to come………..

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