Yo! I banged your friends mum…

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Yo! I banged your friends mum…As a barely 21 year old, my chances of getting into an “Over 28’s only” night at a club were pretty slim…I invited a few of my “older” female friends down to distract the bouncers from checking my ID. It worked. I walked into the club, observing all of the cougars with their loose skin flapping about on the dancefloor. **Note: Not all of them were in bad shape. These were just the first onces I noticed.After observing this, I decided to dedicate myself to a night of heavy drinking.I put down as much scotch as I could, as quicky as I could. And then my dancing legs kicked in. Drink in hand I decided to take to the dancefloor and try it on with some older birds.I danced on practically everyone who’d take it…I then noticed a petite little thing dancing with her friend just to my left. My friends and I made eye gestures at each other, as we both noticed this girl at the same time.She had a low cut top on, which gave me a bit of boob to look at.I knew that if I was gonna hook in with this chick, I had to get on good terms with her friend. Turns out her friend was a drunken idiot, so this proved to be extremely easy.I then went and got them each kayseri escort a drink at the bar (thanks to my free drink cards I’d scored). Come on now… You didnt think I was actually going to waste money on these girls did you??My reward, was a big, old (no pun), dirty kiss. She grabbed my hand and we exited to the smokers area outside.(I dont smoke, but I’ll tag along if it’s gonna get me some tang)We sat outside and had a bit of a chat. Her age lines were a little more visible under lights. (Which just made me feel more awesome for picking her up). She told me her name, which I pretty much forgot instantly. I told her mine, and she paused………. She stuttered a little and said, “I think I know who you are…”My mind was racing! I thought, “Who the fuck is this chick and why does she know who I am?”So I asked her, “How do you know me? Did you google me?”She laughed and enquired about my sister. Now shit was gettin weird.She was then certain she knew who I was. But refused to tell me how she knew me.So I dismissed it and told her we should go dance. And just then she told me.Turns out she was the mother of one of my sisters best friends from school.And escort kayseri when I discovered this, I knew I had to bang her. It was my mission….We then went and danced, sucked a bit of face and felt each other up.Unfortunately, I’d have to wait a few days before I could see her cesarean scar up close, as her friend had to leave and she was playing TAXI for the evening.I danced the rest of the night, knowing I’d laid down the foundation to build something fucking epic.I messaged her the following day to test the water…. She was still gagging for it. We then began arranging a time to meet, so her 3 k**s wouldnt bother us. We ended up meeting at her house one evening. In my sober state, I didnt really know how to approach it. So we watched tennis for an hour. I then decided to take control of the situation and get a bit of touching going on. She then mounted me. I slid my hands down her pants. And just then, her 18 year old daughter walks into the room, not prepared for what she was going to see. Needless to say, her jaw dropped. I re-introduced myself to her. In response I got an awkward, “Hi”. She then quickly left the room.Not discouraged, I picked up where kayseri escort bayan I left off.Our clothing was soon tossed on the floor. And the amazingness ensued. The first thing I noticed was that her boobs were much more perky when supported by a bra. I didnt care really. She had 3 k**s for fuck sake.And her baby scar, stretched across her tiny torso. And at that moment, I felt like a king.Surprisingly tight, I forced my way in. I’m no John Holmes by any means. But I felt like I was when I was with this tiny chick. It was great.She was flexible like a gymnast. At one point I had her legs bent up behind her head. The view was fucking spectacular. I gave her a good 90 minutes of pounding that night. After I’d emptied out, I couldnt contain my excitement. I had to get home to tell my sister about my conquest. So at 2am, when I got home, I burst into my sisters room.”HEY!!! GUESS WHAT I JUST FUCKING DID!!!!???” “What the fuck? What did you just do?” she responded”I JUST DESTROYED YOUR FRIEND’S MUM’S BOX!! GIDDY UP!!!!” “You’re fucking disgusting” she informed me.lolI continued to fuck this MILF for maybe a month. She then told me she had feelings for me…. I then fucking bailed…..I still see her out every now and then. Pretty sure she hates me. hahahaha!http://www.rockyourtees.com/files/imagecache/product/files/hunter.jpg&sa=X&ei=MaivTfiEI4yCvgPIzryCBw&ved=0CAQQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNH3GAaFPTBRUyKqfkeiSS4nIeaoPQ”>

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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